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I’m remaking this because two players in the original rp abruptly deleted their accounts. Pausing a moment to cry. So, yeah. A note to those that were here previously, I will most likely be using the same starter as before.

@The-Dyonisia, @Mere_Hufflepuff, you two want to rejoin? You can use the same characters if you want.

@BalanceEternal, take a look.

(Update: The two players have returned and rejoined, so now it’s absolute chaos! Lmao!)

This is based loosely off of this song-
The King Welcomes You to Avatar Country- Avatar
(Looking up the lyrics might help to better understand it, but nonetheless)
(Also, this rp is not based on the story of the song, it just references it)

Read Below Please. I update it constantly

There exists a prophecy of great evil that will come, and only a warrior, a chosen of the gods, can stop it.

An ancient evil approaches the Kingdom of Ethrin, but the monarch doesn’t know how to stop it. Lo and behold, a foreigner enters the kingdom, drawn by an urge they can’t describe. This foreigner bears a birthmark that signifies them as the chosen warrior, though whether they even know how to lift a sword is a different question.

• This may be really goofy or really serious, I don’t care.
• This has magic, fantasy creatures (dragons, goblins, vampires, etc.), and medieval technology. In other words, High Fantasy.

Ethrin is a fairly large kingdom of forests and grasslands with two major rivers, the northern Barzin River and the southern Zavrin River.

Capital City: Cavorin, large city with the king’s castle.

Northernmost City: Avergard, an ancient citadel/fort, a very militant place

Easternmost City: Mezern, a city built around and within a massive tree, home to many mystics.

Westernmost City: Folthaen, home to the largest plantations in Ethrin

Southernmost City: Vared’nē, a sprawling city of tents and markets, one of the largest markets in Ethrin.

Northwest Village: Vordine, a quiet village that is best known for its painters and musicians.

Southeast Village: Krii’dēn, a market village, best known for its weavers, source of the tapestries in the King’s castles.

North Central Village: Aiker, a village against the Barzin River, known for its abundant clay and the pottery that comes from it.

Beyond the borders of Ethrin-

Far north is the Alyiin Mountain Range, a dark and frozen place, often home to creatures of evil.

Far east is the massive Zaim’nzu Jungle, a strange place of magic and enigmatic riddlers.

Far west is Boriv Coast, a peaceful place of farms and fishermen, next to the Borovine Sea.

Far south is Mai’djēn Desert, home to a culture of circuses, belly dancers, and vibrant colors.

Adon’mūar: God of Shadows, Tricksters, and Souls, often depicted as an emaciated, 8’ tall creature of shadow with eerie solid white eyes, dressed in dark robes with the iconic jester’s hat and holding a scythe. He is the guide of souls, is a riddler, and is harsh but reasonable.

Seida’faen: Goddess of Sunlight and Magic. Typically depicted as an angelic woman with blue eyes, gold feathery wings, a gold halo, and a white gown. She often carries a scepter. She is kind and gentle, but can be fierce and stubborn.

Halūn’zūvar: Triple Deity of Time and Creation.
God of Time- Depicted as an old man with a cane and a small sundial. However, he acts like a man less than half his apparent age, and is actually quite fast. He is quiet and observant, usually unaffiliated with mortals.
Goddess of Reality- A female centaur carrying a dagger that can create logic/understanding where it is stabbed and a spear that destroys all sense of reality/logic where it is thrown. She is all-knowing but understands nothing. She exists outside the realms of logic.
Deity of Maelstrom- A strange being that constantly shifts in appearance. It controls law and chaos, creation and destruction, life and death. Or so it says.

(Two i’s like this- ‘ii’ are pronounced like ‘eye’)
Cavorin (Calve-or-in)
Avergard (Av [like have] -er-guard)
Mezern (MEH-zern)
Folthaen (Foal-Thane)
Vared’nē (Var [like ‘bar’] -ed-knee)
Krii’dēn (Cry-dean)
Aiker (ii-cur [rhymes with ‘hiker’])
Alyiin (Al-YIIN)
Zaim’nzu (ZII-min-ZOO)
Mai’djēn (Miid-JEAN)
Adon’mūar (Add-on-moo-are)
Seida’faen (Say-da-fane)
Halūn’zūvar (Hal-oon-zoo-var)

andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)’s rules
• Must have good grammer/spelling
• No one-liners. A paragraph or two is preferred, at the least.
• There will be cursing. Graphic violence and death are very possible.
• Romance is optional. Anything explicit goes to PMs, just let the rest of us know if that happens. (I write m/w pairs, but mostly not explicit. Ask in case)
• Let me know how active you are (the more active, the better)
• Let me know if you have any triggers
• Ask before you join
• I reserve the right to say no.
• You can play either as an OC or an rp-specific character.
• Ideas are welcomed
• There shall be no instances of sexual assault or self-harm.

King: @BalanceEternal~ Sílsthrïm (page 8)
Queen: @BalanceEternal~ Æsûē (page 8)
Commander of the Armies: @thetrue1~ Radiant (page 10)
Jester: @Serpentess (me)~ On’nyosh (page 1)
Court Sorcerer: @thetrueprimevil~ Vē'Êtherñøth (page 4)
Chosen One: @BalanceEternal~ Ëvêāhn (page 1)
Chosen One #2: @lizardwithwingsandfire~ Cassiel (page 12)

Evil One: @Serpentess (me) ~ Tiamat (page 1) [formerly placed by @/The-Dyonisia]
Evil One’s Second-In-Command: @Serpentess (me) ~ Geneviera (page 2)
[formerly played by @/Mere_Hufflepuff]

Nyx~ played by @thetrue1 (page 17)
Sanguis~ @orderofsilentknights (page 21)

• Additional character roles are optional.
• If few others join, I will allow those that are here to play multiple characters.

Just for the hell of it, height of characters-
Sílsthrïm: 20’
Æsûē: 20’
Radiant: 5’4”
On’nyosh: 5’11”
Vē'Êtherñøth: 3’4”
Ëvêāhn: 12’4”
Cassiel: 5’2”
Tiamat: 10’ (as the knight)
Geneviera: 5’3”
Nyx: 6’
Sanguis: 12’6”

Æsûē: AH-sooh-EH
On’nyosh: Ōn-yosh
Vē'Êtherñøth: VEH'EHTH-ehr-NYOHTH; the ' represents a similar thing to French, like t'adore t-ahdore.

Note: New Characters are on Page 24

Character Template


Aliases/Nicknames, if any:







Notable Powers/Skills:


Deleted user

(I would like to join, if that's okay! I have no triggers, to the best of my knowledge.)

@The-Dyonisia group

(Nice, I'm def rejoining, Here'sthe big bad guy [Not evil though])

Name: Tiamat the Leviathan

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: The Leviathan, The End of Times. Oh Promised Darkness (By its followers)

Race: Primordial Being

Age: Unknown; Possibly alive since the beginning of time

Gender: none. (It/They)

Description: Their true form is a black mist with a pulsing deep crimson red core. The forms they prefer to take when presented among humans are the following: When explicitly presented, it prefers to show itself as a 10 ft tall knight, with an armor made of pure darkness. It's eyes and the center of It's chest glow red. When dormant* it will take the form of a melanistic bleeding heart pigeon. When in dormant state, all Tiamat does is listen.

Personality: Near all-knowing. Wills to lead the world into a future where nobody feels anything. No sorrow, no pain, but also no desire and no joy. They believe that emotions have wrought all of society, and they seek to destroy such things. Doing such a thing requires it to destroy society and possibly even people as a whole. It hasn't decided yet. As such, it is a Neutral Evil/Lawful Neutral type character.

Backstory: Came into existence at an unknown point in time, but has been the driving force behind all natural disasters on the planet.

Notable Powers/Skills: Can make people feel no emotion at all, can also make them feel every emotion at the same time. It can do things the simple mortal mind can't imagine. It can shift through space in an instant. It can bring back shades of those long past and worst of all, it can bring your deepest desires to reality… with some conditions.

Other: Their dormant state is "like" sleeping for them, except it doesn't actually ever lose consciousness. It simply functions at a lower rate and frequency, but it's power remains. And of course, their weak point is the red core.

Deleted user

Name: Grey Mist

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: Grey, Mist

Race: Unknown Elder race

Age: Ancient

Gender: Unknown


Also, they have a small, jagged white mark on the back of their right shoulder.

Personality: Mysterious, mystical, interesting.

Backstory: They come from the Alyiin Mountain Range.

Notable Powers/Skills: They can cast powerful magic, are immortal and can use telepathy/telekinesis.

Other: They rarely use human words, and need no sleep. They need sustenance, such as food and water, however.

@The-Dyonisia group

(WAIT @BalanceEternal , you wanna discuss our character dynamics? Being ancient beings created to oppose one another can be so fun. Like Raava and Vaatu from Avatar lol)

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(Grey: Where is everyone at? Why is mine mind the only one active now?)
(Me: I'm not letting you loose quite just yet, Grey. Shoves them into a bag of holding, then throws the bag of holding inside a portable hole There we go, now you can't escape.)

@The-Dyonisia group

(Tiamat: It is for the best, humans only make everything worse anyways)
(Me: Hey Bailey, can I put Tiamat in there too, immortals seem to be incapable of shutting up)

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(Me: Yes, please do! I'm not exactly capable of shutting up Grey, besides this very effective solution, which should keep Grey and Tiamat busy for a bit.)

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(Me: Lol! And no, you have not missed the party, On'nyosh, unless you want to be thrown into a pocket dimension with two extremely pissed Elders.)

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(Me: Yeah, that's true. Either way, On'nyosh would be screwed. Unless, of course, On'nyosh were an Elder himself, which I find highly unlikely to be the case.)

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(Me: Only one way to be sure! Grabs On'nyosh Tell me, how old are you? I'll know if you're lying.)