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So I want to do an RP based on this prompt:

The hero shows up at the villain's doorstep one night. They're shivering, bleeding, scared. There's also a slightly dazed look in their eyes– they were drugged. They look like they were assaulted. They look up at the villain, swaying slightly as they're close to passing out, they mumble, "…didn't know where else to go…" Then collapse into the villain's arms.

I want it to eventually lead to romance, and i really would prefer it to be gay. I'm good with being either the villain or the hero, though i would prefer the hero.


  • all of Andrew's rules apply
  • This will deal with dark, heavy, mature themes
  • It may become steamy, if so we will take it to PMs
  • There will be cussing
  • No one liners, please be descriptive and have good grammar/spelling
  • With that said, please be active more than once a day. I understand if you have something going on, just please let me know so I'm not left hanging!
  • I reserve the right to say no to requests to join
  • if you have any ideas to add drama/suspense/angst to the RP, throw them out there!

I will post the template and my character when someone joins.


(I don't like doing multiple RPs with the same person, usually, unless I've already gotten to know them a bit more, so since we're already in one OxO RP, plus a group one, I'm going to say no for now. Sorry! If no one else shows any interest, then I might change my mind, but for now it's a no. Sorry again, but you're welcome to stalk if you want, or unfollow and I'll tag you if I change my mind)


(ack i kinda forgot about this one lol. But yes I do! I think we're only in one that's actually active, so yeah, if you wanna join you can! Altho i gtg to bed in like ten minutes, so template probably won't be up until tomorrow)


(That’s fine with me. See ya tomorrow then.)

(See ya!)

(I LOVE being a villainess character!)

unsure how to respond to this?



Age (I'm thinking between 18 and 22):
Looks (preferably no links, please. If you use a link, please describe it as well):

Yeah the temp is rough, just so we have an idea of each other's characters but csn develope personality and stuff as we RP. I have a few questions for you about it, as well.
Do you want it to take place in a world where it's more superheroes/supervillains (Incredibles, MCU, etc)? Or more of a fantasy or sci fi? Either way is fine with me, so you can decide


(We can do a superhero/villain world.)

Name: Jade Crowe
Age (I'm thinking between 18 and 22): 20
Gender: female
Alias?: (don't have one yet but open to suggestions)
Powers: super intelligence, especially with technology.
Looks (preferably no links, please. If you use a link, please describe it as well): Caucasian, 5”5’, gray eyes, short strawberry blonde wavy hair,
The costume is a slick one-piece ninja-like suit in all black but with a thin polychrome stripe running up the sides of the arms, legs, and body. The hands are covered by matching fingerless gloves with the stripe turning into an electric board type pattern on top of the glove that had a small circle over each knuckle, and on the palm is a two ringed circle, almost like Iron Man’s repulsion beams. The black shoes had a similar pattern with the circle on the sides and the circuit board on the top imitating laces. (think Tron if it helps)
Other: Hero


(alright cool. I like her!)

Name: Killian Blackwood
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Alias?: None yet, leaning towards "Hex"
Powers: Magic
Looks: Killian is tall, with black hair. His hair is cut short, and is straight. There are a few lines of white in it already. Not silver/grey, white. He is about 6'2", with a slim, well-defined musculature. His eyes are…well. They change colors depending on what his dominant magic currently is. Typically, though, they are bright green. They sometimes change color according to his mood, though only when he's either very pissed off or really happy. His costume/suit is just a simple thing. Sleek dark grey, with hints of blue in it. Paired with a long cloak, and a half mask over his eyes.
Other: villain


Everything hurt. Her gait was far from the controlled fluid movement she used when in costume. Her arm was on fire, she couldn't tell if it was broken or if it was just from… She had to get there. He had to be able to help her. Jade dizzily raised in her hand knocked on the door.