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The world has finally fallen. The gods of the Earth were given free rein to cull humans, to heal the land. Many souls were taken or destroyed, no longer able to be reincarnated.
That time was bloody and chaotic, as almost two-thirds of the human population was destroyed.
That was three hundred years ago, though. The ruins of cities are overgrown with nature, hidden beneath the grass and trees. The gods walk freely as they once did so long ago. Now, they protect humans from themselves, keep them distant. Separated. So they may never rebuild to what they once were.
The world is beautiful, but so, so lonely.

I just want some soft apocalypse vibes similar to what you see in things like Breath of the Wild. I'm willing for either this to be a one on one or for just a couple of people, but not more than that. Life sucks, and I can't handle more.

Rules? Just play nice, yeah? This is to be fun. Ask before joining, I reserve the right to turn you down for any reason or ask for an accurate writing sample of what you regularly are able to post. No fancy stuff that happens once in a blue moon, if you do just a couple sentences at a time just send that. I don't look for length, but I ask for someone who can move the plot forward in a meaningful way every time.

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  • Eyes:
  • Hair:
  • Face:
  • Body:
  • Height:
  • General weight:
  • Typical Cloths:
  • Work clothes:
  • relaxing cloths (if applicable):
  • Distinguishing Marks:



Name: Victoria Birdwhistle
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 27
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Race: human
Eyes: large and round, golden brown
Hair: gingery red, wavy and comes down around her shoulder blades, bangs
Face: heart-shaped, small nose and thin lips
Body: hourglass shape with milky skin
Height: 5’7
General weight: 152 lbs
Typical Clothes: a green cotton dress with a straight neckline and puffed sleeves, leather anklet with colorful, detailed patterned ceramic beads.
Work clothes: white tunic tucked into brown high-waisted capris
relaxing clothes (if applicable): dark green tank-top with beige shorts
Distinguishing Marks: a birthmark in the shape of an arrowhead in the middle of her spine
Personality: generally a very sweet soul, Victoria is kind and empathetic, always willing to help someone in need. She’s usually pretty quiet, however, and tends to enjoy her own company. Practically minded, and enjoys simple physical activities/ getting stuff done. If you dare threaten her son, however, mother instincts will kick in and she will gladly fight you tooth and nail before you could lay a finger on her baby. She’s also rather clever, but she isn’t really known for her intelligence.
Background: Victoria had a quiet and isolated childhood, living with her parents in a small hut between the overgrown forest and the meadow. She was daddy’s girl, as her mother worked in the garden a lot and sometimes verbally abused her. Not that she shouted or got angry, but she would give harsh scoldings or express disappointment in her daughter, usually when her father wasn’t around. Victoria, isolated and innocent that she was, just simply rolled with the punches and tried to be as obedient as she could, but even that wasn’t enough sometimes. Her father was often the one who cooked, brushed her hair, played with her, educated her, etc. and he shared his love of photography with her. He had an old camera from a few centuries back that was still somehow in pretty good shape, and Victoria often liked to use it to take pictures of basically anything she saw. Eventually, when Victoria became an adult, she had to leave her family. It was tradition to let the child out of the house once they turned 18, otherwise the gods may forcefully separate the family, or worse. At first, she took shelter in a small cave, but over the next few months she was able to fashion it into a functional home. She planted her own garden, and during the winter she learned to follow the wolves and take what was left of the animals they killed. There were also many apple trees in her area, so she often harvested them when they were ripe. There were times when travelers came across her cave and stayed for her hospitality. She even made a few friends who would return to visit her. One night, a traveler came along and asked to stay the night. As always, she agreed. Later that night, she woke to find the traveler r*ping her. She experienced her first instance of disassociation, and passed out. She awoke to find the traveler nowhere to be found, as if he had never been there. Unbeknownst to her, the traveler was a god in disguise. At first, Victoria felt rather numb and inside her own head, unsure how to deal with what had happened. Then there were days where she spiraled into fitful sobs or unwanted/ hateful thoughts, then the nightmares and flashbacks. Sometimes she had slept outside her home to escape the pain and fear. At one point, one of her friends, a woman named Charlie, came to visit her. Seeing her distress, she offered to stay with her so she wouldn’t be alone. Having Charlie there made things easier, but there were still some rough days, of course. A few months later, they found out that Victoria was pregnant. Charlie, wonderful friend that she was, stayed with Victoria through all of it, even though she had never been a mother herself. What was strange though was that when Victoria’s son was born, Victoria didn’t feel the level of pain that she thought she would. Her mother used to complain about how painful childbirth was, but this didn’t seem like the same thing. Granted, it was still the most painful thing she’d ever experienced. This is how she discovers how high her pain tolerance is. It has now been 5 months since her son Joel’s birth, and Victoria and Charlie still live together, now inseparable after all they have been through.
Likes: cats, pasta, the color green, reading, sewing, photography, peace and order, feeling productive, etc
Dislikes: alcohol, chaos, rats and bugs, creepy people, abrupt change, etc
Strengths: supportive and loyal, hardworking, observant, practical, multitasker and planner, photography
Weaknesses: tends to repress her feelings, a little too selfless, procrastinator
Fears: losing her son, nightmares, creepy men
Pets?: No, but she does have her son Joel. But he doesn’t count as a pet, now does he?
Powers?: has some degree of super hearing, very strong pain tolerance
Other: has PTSD, depression, and experiences dissociation.

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I love her so much 🥺
Now, plot talk- what all are we thinking of doing? There's more than one pantheon of god in this world, meaning I have my main gods that I'll be using, but there's also any other god you might want to use for this
I also know several of mine are going to be… interested, when they find out there's a new demigod. There's also world mechanics I could tell you about if you'd like to hear some of the things I have set up.


Thank youuu I love her too 🥰
Ok yes I would like to hear about the world mechanics! Umm for some I don’t want to use any real-world pantheons, but I’m not the type to create them either, so idk. If we do use real-world ones though, then I think Greek or Celtic would be most interesting here.

@ElderGodSwimwithGamers group

Got it! If need be we can just create random gods as they're needed aha- it's how I've developed my pantheon at least. As with real-world, I know more about Greek than I do Celtic but I must agree both would be interesting.
Now, mechanics! Here's a 'quick' summary of all the working parts that will be most relevant to the story. Ah, sorry if it gets a bit rambling at times this will be the first time I'm going to be writing this all down in one place.

As to my pantheon and this world, souls are the vessels in which memories are stored during a lifetime, and the blueprint for basic personality traits comes from. When someone dies, their souls are sent to through the two other, godly, realms where through a process that can be elaborated on further if you wish to know the memories are taken to be stored and the soul is prepared to be sent on to the next life. Souls are present in all living beings, be they plants, animals, or humans, though the degree of sentience depends on the species the soul resides in. The vast majority of souls were either destroyed during the war or barred from becoming human.

Claiming is the act of one of my gods, of which in world are referred to as simply the 'Gods of Belcor,' takes ownership of a soul. This results in the mark of the god appearing somewhere on the soul and appearing on whatever form the soul becomes. The god takes control of every part of the soul, which can be exercised in several ways- form manipulation, thought-reading, planting, and manipulation, body manipulation (like puppeteering), size manipulation, etc. Many souls that were not destroyed were claimed, though through the cycle new souls are being slowly reintroduced, thus not all souls are claimed.

The Gods
There are several different levels of gods. The Elder Gods are the highest, most secretive gods who simply observe the ongoing of the worlds as a form of entertainment. The next is the Founder Gods. They are the direct creators of the worlds, created by the Elder Gods and creators of the next level. There were once many, but during their own war, only one was left. She calls herself Mother. She is the owner of all the worlds and the direct creator of the Nine Gods. The Nine Gods are my pantheon. Three reside in the Heavens: Astral, god of the Sun; Marcos, god of the Moon; and Celeste, goddess of the Stars. Three reside on Earth: Derlik, god of Chaos; Ethal, goddess of Bloodlust; and Brutus, god of war. The last three reside in the Underworld: Halm, god of Souls; Serna, goddess of Rebirth; and Fale, goddess of Eternity. Under them are various minor gods, created when a soul reaches maturity at 500 years. Only minor gods cannot Claim souls.

There are three main demigods born to my pantheon: Andro, child of Astral; Kye, son of Derlik; Sage, daughter of Halm. These three were granted immortality by the Founder God, and became more powerful than the Nine. Demigods are are a rare occurrence to the pantheon, and when they are born they often are either killed or locked away. They don't interact much with demigods of other pantheons, however.

Anything else you would like to know?


((I think you got everything handled! But I’ll let you know if I think of anything. The only thing would really be the life times and cycles of the Claimed but I don’t think it’s really relevant at the moment.))

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Thanks! My friends and I have put a lot of time into fleshing this world out and I'm very happy with what we've come up with.
So, since there aren't any questions- do you have any plot points you'd like to do?


Hmm, I did have this idea of an inciting incident where Victoria’s home gets destroyed somehow, and she, Joel, and Charlie have to find a new one, but that’s it, other than demigod Joel shenanigans. I was sort of thinking he could be the son of Marcos, maybe.