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ayo i had an idea so uhhhh

He stood in front of the Queen, defiance in his eyes. "I will never bow down to you. Never."

She only gazed down at him with her amber eyes and responded calmly, "Oh but you will, dear. I'll make you."

anyways. stuff you'll have to put up with if ya wanna join:
- i'm not always super consistent with my replies.
- sometimes i forget about nb for a day or two.
- be willing to help discuss the potential plot/direction of the rp with me

- i reserve the right to say no
- andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s rules ofc
- at least three lines when you replies please
- character sheets are a must
- i may ask for a writing sample if i don't know you
- can be fxf or fxm i don't mind. i'll be playing a female either way



Leo slapped the paper down on Leah's desk.
"Suck it," he said slyly, the large A clearly visible on the top right corner.
"I passed, I passed, I p-puh-puh-puh-passed!" He chanted, dancing around in a circle.
Leah beamed at him from below, in her place in the desk chair.

"Good job, loser." She said teasingly, her smile vibrant and stunning. "All that studying actually paid off."

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yea ty!!
so i was thinking like queen betrayed the other person or something.. or perhaps the queen just recently came to rule and the other person doesn't rlly like how she rules.. idk. rlly depends. what do you think?

@saor_illust school


the queen recently came to rule, as a result of her father's death and her being an only child. though she has done her best to rule fairly, she's also brought several laws into the kingdom which many people disagree with. however, most people are too afraid of the punishments that may be imposed on them if they speak up. so instead, they resort to complaining quietly amongst themselves. one person, (i may wanna play this chara if you're okay with that) is FURIOUS. how dare the queen impose these laws on her people? does she not know how they suffer? so they go to see the queen, almost brute-forcing their way to see her. and when they get there, they try their best to argue their position, and fail, losing what advantage they had to emotion.

unexpectedly, the queen does not throw them in prison. she does not sentence them to execution, or even publicly defame them. instead, she threatens him. "a game," she says. "let's play a game. let's see how long you can resist my rule before i break your will."

does that sound interesting?

alternatively, i also wrote this while i was in class yesterday. an interesting twist on the original prompt. idk if i like it better or not

an angel and his/her goddess

"i serve the people now," the angel said. "i have seen how it is down there. you are not my god. i will not bow down to you. never again."

"but oh, my dear, you will," purred the goddess. ""or i'll make you."

@saor_illust school

name: sloan


species: angel

appearance: standing at 6’5, sloan is taller than the average human. she has white hair with long bangs covering the right side of her face and mid-chest length hair. her lips are pale, but her eyes are a bright blue, and she has dark, tanned skin. in typical angel fashion, she sports a glowing yellow halo which floats above her head, although it cannot be seen by mortals. she wears a sleeveless light pink dress with a heart-shaped window above her breasts which comes down mid-thigh, mostly opaque black thigh highs with garter belts, light pink arm sleeves which wrap around her middle fingers, and gold wide 4” tall heels. her arm sleeves are of varying length: her left sleeve doesn’t extend past her elbow, but has a small bow on it, while her right sleeve comes halfway up her forearm, with a red ribbon tied around her wrist with the excess length hanging free — it marks which goddess she responds to. around her ankles are a pair of decorative white wings attached to a gold fabric which wraps around her ankles, and there is a strange pattern on her dress.

personality: sloan tries to keep a straight but compassionate facial expression at all times. under her arm sleeves are tattoos of birds in flight, which she got when she was a young angel to symbolise her yearning for freedom. as an angel, she must be devoted to the god or goddess she serves, doing their bidding. she has a compassionate soul, wanting nothing more than to create freedom, peace, and happiness for all in existence, even striving to reverse the immortality of those who no longer wish for everlasting life. through all the years and decades she’s lived, she rarely gets excited anymore. in fact, she often thinks to herself, there are few emotions an angel is capable of having: obedience, betrayal, and contentment. this conclusion is, of course, wrong, but most other emotions are prohibited. after all, emotions only create issues. among humans, though, it is one of the many things she admires about them. how freely they feel their feelings and usually without major consequences. someday, she hopes to create an everlasting paradise, even if it isn’t possible.

likes: observing humans, peace, helping others, staying unbiased, the idea of eternity

dislikes: the restrictions on her freedom as an angel bound to her goddess, authority, lacking control over a situation or person(s), being touched (as it creates unfamiliar feelings and she doesn’t like that), change


other: i have a ref sheet for her actually. i drew it in class LOL
as of 02/09, i also have a digitalised, coloured ref sheet for her too. it lacks the strange pattern on her dress, however.