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In light of my of my rps being dead or dying, I have a high (higher) fantasy rp that I would like to try out that this heavily influenced by a book series I'm reading and some of my previous rps. (You do not need to have read the book for this rp). I will post the prompt if someone is interested because it is a lot to read through and I don't wanna make everyone read through it.

It's got magic and assassins and love and betrayal. And plenty if our favorite tropes for a nice slow burn romance.

-I am looking for experienced, older rpers. This is rated M for mature scenes such as violence, gore, assault, etc.
-I would like detailed responses. At least a couple of paragraphs. I'm not looking for pages upon pages but I would like some thought put into them.
-With that in mind, at least one response a day. I'm looking for good responses, not fast responses. And I understand we all have a life and jobs outside of online.
-In regards to violence and fights, remember that you're character is not immune to getting hurt. Please don't god mode.

If anyone is interest, just comment so and I'll post the prompt :)

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(I'm not particularly experienced, but I write well, and the best way to gain experience is to at least try. So if you'll have me, I would love to see where this goes. Of course, I understand if I'm not wanted, as I am a newer roleplayer. As for age, I am of a legal age to consent to sex at least, if that's what you mean.)


(I'm not particularly experienced, but I write well, and the best way to gain experience is to at least try. So if you'll have me, I would love to see where this goes. Of course, I understand if I'm not wanted, as I am a newer roleplayer. As for age, I am of a legal age to consent to sex at least, if that's what you mean.)

(Would you mind giving me a sample of your writing style?)

@Null-Gravity language

(The starter to my roleplay with Fenrir, for context.)

". . . and make sure he's well accommodated. We do not need him running off," someone is saying.

Some voice off to the left replies.

"Yes, Lord. He shall be taken care of," it's saying. It doesn't sound particularly human, but it's not quite monstrous.

Quite unlike the first voice.

The first voice is light, yet authoritative, the accent refined and quiet. It's the voice of a born leader and a seasoned warrior.

"Thank you. Dismissed for the night. You need a bit of rest before you start your little hunt," the first voice says.

The second lets out a hissing laugh.

"No, no. . . I am quite content to start the hunt now. The sooner, the better, after all," it replies after a moment.

The second voice can be heard shifting, standing up, then the click of boots against a granite floor can be heard as it swishes out of the room.

The first voice hums and chuckles quietly.

"Killian. . . Archeveist," the voice says. "I look forward to seeing you in person. I hope your journey won't too. . . uncomfortable."

Sometime later that night, the owner of the second voice has slipped into a house, and is waiting.

Watching for the right time to strike.

A silent, strong hand clamps over the human's mouth after a half hour.

"Do not struggle. Do not scream. My Lord is waiting for your presence." the voice hisses.


Ten years ago, the continent was at peace. Or so everyone thought. The kingdoms lived in harmony with one another, trade was established and borders opened. Magic was everywhere, even if it had begun to fade. No one had suspected a thing, which was why when Araniel invaded the surrounding kingdoms, no one had been prepared. They had marched right in and obliterated the monarchs and attacked magic. Venia was hit the hardest. They lied directly north of Araniel and had no neighbors, no allying kingdoms that could have gotten them in time, though no one ever did come.
They struck in the night. How they got passed the wards and soldiers without raising an alarm, no one knew. The king and queen were the first to go, their throats slit. Then they went for the children, one by one. But when they got to the youngest, they found she was not in her bed. She had fled out of an open window. How she had climbed down the side of the castle, they weren't entirely sure. But she was young and couldn't have gotten far. They found her running through the woods. They had chased her to Florine River where she had fallen in and been washed away. Everyone had assumed the currents had taken her and she had drowned.
One by one, each kingdom had been brought to its knees, but none suffered as badly as Venia had. The kings had seen the devastation and learned it was better to submit than try to fight. Because there would be no winning against the King of Araniel.
Two days later, magic disappeared. No one knows how or why, only that it did. But it didn't stop the king from releasing Soulhounds. They were something that had been
made. Made to sniff out those that had magic running in their veins, even if there was something blocking said magic from manifesting. Those that were smart learned very quickly that the safest place to be was in the capital of Araniel. Hundreds of thousands of people resided there. Scents mingled with one another and it was impossible for a Soulhound to sniff out the magic.

Lyanna Lavone had been fished out of the water and into the hands of the King of Assassins. Otherwise known as Eleric Yarrow. For over ten years, she remained in his service, as he broke and molded her into the most notorious assassin in all of Araniel. Perhaps even the entire continent. But as good as she was, she was still stuck in Eleric's hands. She owed a debt to him that would likely never get paid off. That is until a hit comes through on a courtier. But not just any courtier, Duke Karrington.
She is not who she seems. She is another person hiding under a new name and indent, even before she reached the court. The palace is one of the most dangerous places for her, for a multitude of reasons, including the stifled magic that ran through her veins.
Lyanna has to disguise herself as a woman of the court to infiltrate. But what happens when a certain warrior prince takes interest in her, for good or for worse? And what happens when she being to unravel the secret behind the disappearance of magic?


(I have so much worldbuilding that I wanna do and start on for this so I'll probably make a universe on here and share it with you that will help explain the different gods and important places and people. And I'll probably make a map too XD Going a little overboard I know. I have to go do something for about an hour but once I get back I'll post the template and then we can get started.)

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(Alright, thank you for the clarification. And. . . what are acceptable races? [I'm automatically assuming that I should be a human, I just want to know what the options are.])


Name: Lyanna Lanova is all you need to know.
Age: Twenty-Two
Magic (if any): She has fire that runs in her veins. Fire more powerful than anything that has been seen in a century. Fire that has currently been stifled for the last ten years.
Weapons: Lyanna knows how to use a wide range of weapons. Anything ranging from maces to staffs to swords. Her preference is the daggers she likes to strap to her thighs and a sword that hangs at her waist. But she will use whatever is necessary for her assignments.
Appearance: The thing that most stood out about Lyanna wasn't the curve in her hips or what she had been blessed with on her chest. It wasn't even her beautiful face. It was her hair, flaming red. It was bright and long and had given her away a few too many times. But she refused to cut it and she refused to dye it. It was the one thing she kept with her from her old life. It had an orange hue, almost copper. But it was beautiful and it was all hers. Her eyes were a pale shade of blue. Her face was sculpted and suited her well. Her lips were full and her nose turned up like a button. She might have been easy on the eyes were it not for the murderous glint in her eyes.
Personality: Lyanna could learn a thing or two about humility. She was a little too arrogant for her own good but she also wasn't the most feared assassin in Araniel for nothing. She's reckless and dangerous, and self-sacrificing (though she would never admit it). Not a very good mix for an assassin to have. But despite all of this, she still had a heart. She still risked her life to do the right thing when it was needed. When dozens of people were being shipped out to be enslaved, when a woman was being whipped on the streets for a crime so insignificant. She would step in and cause chaos. For chaos had become her best friend. It kept her grounded.
Other: Lyanna is not who she says she is. Lyanna isn't even her real name. No one knows her past, no one but Eleric. And that was dangerous. It's what helped her fall in line, most of the time that was.