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Plot is:
An arranged marriage. Basic heir to the throne stuff. Neither of them are willing, but neither have a choice. Character A is an heir from the kingdom B's family is at war with. They hold a personal animosity towards each other, but decide that the only way that they will get out of marrying is to run away. As they run away, and are on their own, they realize that they miss the other, and that they can't make it alone, for what A lacks, B makes up for, and vice versa. They reunite in the place they split up, and return to their kingdoms to reclaim their birthright.

character A: AnxietyGremlin
character B: @ScotchTapeWorm
Character sheet:


Here's my character

Name: Circe Monroe (Pronounced sirsy)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Circe has long silver hair that goes down to just above her waist. She has pale skin, with almost white freckles, She wears round glasses and a black skirt with a white blouse. She has small scars any and everywhere on her body from living in the woods. She has a large scar tracing from her jaw to the middle of her left cheek from the war.
Personality: She's calm and sweet. She's a night owl, as she specializes in Lunar magics. She
Powers: She is a Lunar witch, so she does all magic at night. She is capable of doing magic during the day, but her powers are significantly weaker, and it drains her of her energy to do so. She can do healing magic, necromancy, and lunarkenisis.
Likes:She is fond of woodland creatures, and understanding people. She will do whatever it takes to make a person under her care feel safe,wanted, heard, and understood
Dislikes: Swords (daggers are okay but large swords are not) , Large crowds, and Overly loud noises
Other: She has bad insomnia, and rarely sleeps, but when she does she sleeps like a rock. she also has mild PTSD from the war.

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Name: Myriil Camoran (pronounced my reel)

Age: 57 (For his species he's about a young adult, mid-twenties they mature slower than humans)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: Long golden blonde hair, kept in a thin ponytail down the back, with similarly golden-brown skin. He has leaf-green eyes is very thin, with a lithe build. He was made for speed and distance, rather than strength. Myriil has eyebrow slits on the right side, two thin lines. Large scars on the shoulder and forearms. The shoulder wound looks like a burn mark and the forearms look like wounds from animal teeth or rock marks. Thin jagged cuts in random spots.

Personality: Myriil is an intuitive and creative person, with a very easy amiability about him. He's trained in the social graces and knows how to hold an interesting conversation. He's quick-witted and amusing, but somewhat flighty about important topics. Some of his friends call him aloof, and flighty might be the best adjective to describe him sometimes. He cares deeply for his people. A bit of a mischief maker in his free time.

Likes: Painting, hunting, socializing, and scheming.

Dislikes: Fire, raised voices, and people who pry too much.

Other: He can command animals a few times a day, also has mild PTSD from war (yayyy). He gets very jumpy if someone manages to sneak up behind him.

(Here's his character page for more info if you're curious. I won't use all of it for this rp, cause hes kind of lore heavy sometimes T^T)

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(I like him! I think that he would have a very interesting dynamic with Circe. It could provide reasons to love each other and hate each other. I think he's perfect for this. Want me to post the starter, or do you want to?)

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Circe threw herself on her pillow and sighed heavily. She was an appreciative person, and grateful for most everything she had and her parents got her. But THIS. Anything but this. She just got word that she would be moving in with Prince Myriil of the neighboring kingdom, as she would have to marry him to dissolve the tension between his kingdom and hers. But not him. Why did it have to be him. She hated him with a firey burning passion. He was snobby. He was manipulative. He was stupid. He was so annoying with his dumb jokes that she just couldn't stand him.
They had gone to a highschool for royals when they were a bit younger, and her best friend had a crush on him, and she never shut up about it. And now she was going to have to marry him!? Nuh uh. No way.
"why?" she groaned, drawing out the Y as she sat up. She was leaving the very next day, so she supposed she had better get packing.
She packed a bunch of dresses, her hygiene stuff, such as her brush, tooth brush, and other necessities. She packed some shoes and some of her favorite possesions. She was told she needn't pack much, as her servants would be bringing the rest of her stuff after she was settled. She set out an outfit worthy of her parents approval for a first formal meeting with Myriil as fiances. It was a white dress, with black flats, a black poncho with stars on it, and her crown. She rarely wore her crown when she didn't need to, but tomorrow was what her parents deemed a 'special occasion' and she didn't want them to be disappointed with her outfit choice. It was getting late at this point, so she got ready to sleep, and threw herself in her bed once more. "Enjoy it" She said to herself, knowing this was the last time she'd ever sleep in this bed.

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Myriil sat up straight, as a prince should. His room was entirely empty, and quiet too. As far as a moving tree city could be quiet. The capital of Valenwood was on the back of a graht-oak, the moving city of Falinesti. The young wood elf sat looking into a mirror, staring into the distance with a vacant look in his eyes. Married? Him? He blinked, trying to shake the daze off of himself. It was such a foreign concept.

He'd heard of the woman before, certaintly. He studied all of the foreign nobles, and this one especially. The elven kingdoms didn't particularly 'get along' with others. But the hostilities had been particularly hostile with the Monroe's kingdom. It was a smart, practical plan. Marriage alliances were historic after all! It made sense.
Or atleast that was what Myriil kept repeating to himself. Circe? The mousy, quiet thing from school. He'd never particularly noticed her, writing her off as someone of no consequence. The young prince tipped his head back, chuckling ruefully. Who knew he'd end up marrying her. He shook his head again, then, glancing about to make certain no one was around, pinched his arm.

The sting told him this was no dream or nightmare. He sighed, running a hand through his hair. He had one more day of peace, just one more day to himself, before his bride-to-be arrived. His parents and some of the staff were handling all the preparations, he was told he just needed to look after himself and not worry about the wedding. Which left him more time to worry. He stood up suddenly, startling his hunting falcon, Desri. He paced over to the bird, petting him absently.

"Desri- I'm getting married?" Myriil still said it as a question, his eyes wide and startled. The bird looked up at him and chirped, which wasn't particularly helpful, but atleast Desri was trying. Even his room had been changed, moving his things from his normal room to a one that was connected to a separate bedroom.
All things considered, the rooms were beautiful. The walls had a beautiful marbling grain in the wood, even a window or two grown out of branches that circled it gracefully. It was sterile, and he hated it. It was clear no one had ever lived in them. Myriil sighed, ruffling Desri's feathers again.

His whole world was turning upside down, and he wasn't sure what to do about it anymore. He paused. It would probably be worse for Circe, she was leaving her homeland to an unfamiliar people, to marry a man she'd spoken to.. What.. Maybe once? Myriil suddenly felt a stab of guilt, but quickly did his best to squash the emotion. It was their parents decisions, not his. He had no reason to feel guilty. Still.. Maybe he should help with the preparations. It shouldn't be too hard to import some things from her kingdom right? It might help with the homesickness…

The prince continued pacing, his free hand rubbing the scars on his forearm as he thought.