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That had been his question. Why did they have to follow Him blindly? Why could they not have an opinion? Why could they not voice their own concerns?

It was his downfall. Because he questioned blind loyalty he was cast from heaven. Lucifer. The Morning Star. The brightest of all the angels. It was even rumored that He loved Lucifer the most, more so than even Michael. Until he was cast out.

Now, Lucifer resided in the depth Hell, having made it his own home. His heart had grown cold, the betrayal changing him for the worse. His wings turned black. He had turned cruel and firm, so different from his original self.

There were too many souls to count, along with his army of demons. And yet, the fallen angel couldn't help but feel lonely. He had no one. He had his council yes, his guards. But he didn't have his brothers or his sisters. They no longer loved him. It left Lucifer with a giant hole in his frozen heart. He wished there was someone to fill in the gap.

This will obviously take place in Hell. I will be Lucifer. I'm curious to see Lucifer as a bottom but I can do either or a switch. We can discuss what your character is. This takes place at modern times so there will be modern technology even in Hell.

  1. This is for mature rpers only. This will handle more mature themes.
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