forum The darkness consumes all. (Small group rp. Two players welcome.)
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Hello lovely’s! This rp is based on the games little nightmares. (I’ll also be using back rooms pictures for some of the areas we’ll be exploring) If you don’t know what that is, please look it up or don’t join. Everyone who joins, please try to be active. I don’t want this rp dying so quickly. It’s ok if you’re going through something or just need a break. Just tell us and we’ll pause.

Your job is to make one monster, and one child. If needed we’ll make more monsters.

Just like in little nightmares, there will be little creatures like the gnomes or glitches. You can make your own little friends! My character has light sprites. Your creatures can be anything from spirits, gnomes, glitches, birds. Anything ^^ just make it small.

I’ll also be adding music playlists to get you in the creepy mood. This is a horror based rp so there will be warnings and such below.

Rules and regulations!

Monsters must NOT be op. There will only be one op monster that will be a rp ender and we will make a group effort to write that monster.

Children are a stronger version of themselves in the real world. No your character cannot and will not have powers unless they turn out like six or mono and so on.

Be nice. I’m serious. There will be no need to have any biases here in character or out.

Try to post at least once a day. (That’s unless you’re busy or something. Then you’re fine.)

NO GODMODDING! It’s my pet peeve. Ask someone before you do.

Andrews rules apply.

Exit rules:

You must do the following:

Character escapes. Create their exit scene where they escape off into the distance.

Character is never seen again. Your character gets separated from the group and is never seen again.

Character is killed. Your character dies by something.

Character turns into the correlating monster. Your character stayed too long…went insane…turned into the monster they tried to run from.


There will be blood, gore, violence, mentions of any other sensitive topics and horror elements. If you’re not into that, please do not join or stalk.

Please be a good writer. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just good enough.

Anyways. Sorry for the scrambled intro- ;-; if there’s any questions, pm me and I’ll clear those up for you. I’ll be posting my character, monster, and music very soon. :)

@Eli-the-transboi group

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