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Character A is a very energetic one indeed. They seem to be doing anything. Especially thrill seeking. They are loud and obnoxious…but deep inside…they’re trying to distract from the trauma they’ve faced.

(Character A can literally be anything. Pop star, street performer, street fighter, daredevil. Make them active.)

Character B is the exact opposite of A. They’re quiet, shy, timid…and will do anything to avoid attention. Unless of course, they’re showing others their passions. B suffers trauma as well…but handles it differently than A.

(B can also be anything! But not TOO outgoing. Maybe a soft spoken street singer, fashion designer, etc.)

The two meet under the most unlikely circumstances and slowly fall in love. A depends on B to ground them…and B depends on A to get them out of the house and live.

You can pick which one you want! But I’m thinking let’s try to get these two to have a LOTTA trauma who both deal with it in different ways. This also can be a fantasy since those are always more fun. Also I’d like this to be a mlm kinda situation but its up to you ^^


Try not to have one liners unless there’s back and fourth banter.

Try to be active please. One post a day minimum unless you need a break or are busy.

Andrews rules apply.

Absolutely no godmodding. If there seems to be any, it’s most likely cause we discussed it in a pm.


Mentions of sensitive topics

May contain graphic scenes.

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Hey!! I’m sorry for not responding to our other rp, I’ve been burnt out lately and trying to focus on other projects to cope. But could I join??

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Name: Voltage Vienna
Age: 26
Gender/Pronouns: Trans man, he/him
Orientation: Bisexual
Appearance: Slim, with well defined muscles, tall, as well as fairly tanned and with wavy-curly dark hair and freckles to match. Voltage has dark brown eyes that sparkle when he smiles, dimples, and many scars and callouses on his hands from his acts. He is 6’0”.
Wardrobe: Brightly colored leotards, flowing capes and skirts and robes, borderline lingerie style outfits with highest of high heels, or sparkly flats or boots in more dangerous situations, among many other gaudy and brash outfit choices.
Personality: Very sunny, with a smile for everyone and a happy look every day. Deep down, he’s dealing with like… a lot, but he manages to keep afloat via repression and too much caffeine.
Role/Occupation: Acrobat
Theme song(s): The Moon Will Sing (Crane Wives), Teen Idle (Marina and the Diamonds), Heartlines (Florence and the Machine)
Other: Has a brother named Valentine, who he both despises and looks up to that works as an acrobat as well in their twin act.

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(Oh, idk?? What would you prefer?? Also I totally forgot to give them powers, Voltage can control electricity and energy and Valentine can shapeshift.)

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(Oooooo nice. Also I like the mix of modern and old fashioned. So like there’s places that are completely modern, some that are Victorian, and some that are a mash of both. It’s really fun and chaotic all the same time)

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(To start?? Uhhh you maybe? A bit busy on my end rn but I’ll get a response up when I can, starting is a bit much rn tho)

@Eli-the-transboi group

Luca hadn’t specifically enjoyed going outside. In fact, he usually avoided it whenever possible. But this day was one of those days where he was forced to go out. He had ran out of most of his food, and hated when he had to worry about what to eat next. So, he gathered his little basket and looked down at his dog.

“Come on boy…this hopefully wont take too long.” He gently pets him, then takes a deep breath and steps out of his cozy little cottage. His cottage was at the very rim of the village near the forest. He was the type of guy who hated going out into society. Even when he was singing. He just hated it. The only reason why he went out was to get necessities, and sing. He sung for two reasons. The money he would collect, and the smiles he’d put on others faces. If he didn’t benefit from anything he did, he wouldn’t do it. That was also probably why he only went shopping once a week or so.

The town square was bustling as usual with people of all ranks. He would always have to weave through crowds, take detours behind shops, and even jump up onto the huge fountain in the middle of the square to avoid people. Teddy was probably way better at this than him, because from time to time, he’d accidentally step in the fountain and soak his shoe. This time however, he luckily didn’t have to do such a thing.

As the boy walked into the town square, he noticed that the circus was right next to the shop he had usually went to for his food, clothes and other necessities. Probably a business deal. Luca gulps as he walked closer to the loud music, animals and the roar of people talking and cheering. He shuddered and cringed as he kept his head down and hurried to the front of the shop.

The shop in question, was a small family ran shop filled with all kinds of goods. From fresh produce to baked goods, to handmade clothing. You were guaranteed to get an amazing deal for your haul. At the entrance of the shop set beautiful rose bushes with purple roses. A rare yet beautiful sight to see. He himself had planted such roses at his own home. This was probably why he liked this shop so much. It had a sense of home. As Luca hurried to the doors, he accidentally bumped into a tall man covered in bright colors and glitter. He squeaked as he looked up at the man, his eyes wide. He stuttered an apology as he stiffened up like a wooden plank.

“I-I am so sorry, sir- please excuse me. I-I didn’t mean to-“ Luca’s face went red as he looked down in embarrassment. Teddy, the dog next to Luca’s side, woofed up at his owner softly and leaned into his leg in attempt to comfort him.