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Hnnng I'm gonna do my best to explain this in a way that makes sense?? Anyways basically a cinnamon roll x mafia/gang leader RP. Like. smol cute cinnamon roll x big deep voiced mafia/gang leader that likes to Fuck Shit Up. The romance is maybe a little toxic but that's ok. The whole "I would kill anyone who so much as looks at you" leader and the "aww look at the butterfly" kind of dynamic?? 'n maybe some possessiveness and protectiveness and all that fun stuff

I would be the "cinnamon roll" and you would be the mafia/gang leader. This'll either by MxM or MxF, because I just,,, I have a need for the gang leader to be strong man with deep voice. I cannot explain it. I just,,, yeah. Lemme know whether you'd prefer MxM or MxF or no preference.


  • Andrew's rules apply
  • Smut will go to PMs
  • Due to potential for mature material, 16+ please
  • Three sentences minimum per reply, please
  • Swearing is welcomed, just don't go overboard lmao
  • Like I said, a little toxicity might happen, but please no outright abuse or I'll drop the RP
  • I reserve the right to say no


(You also, apparently, didn't read the entire description, where I clearly stated that the person joining would be playing the mafia/gang leader, so I'm gonna turn you down too)


Benjamin had watched the window of the car roll down and the driver stick the tip of a pistol out the window, but that was all he remembered clearly, the events before were blurred, like a Van Gogh painting that someone had tried to wipe away with their hands. "What—" He muttered out loud, as his vision slowly went from blurry and faded, to blurry around the edges and eventually to normal. His ears were ringing loudly. What he saw in front of him made him freeze both in shock and in fear. Delilah was laying on the ground, a pool of blood near the middle of her body, her dark hair laid around her head in all directions, touching the concrete briskly.

"Delilah!" He screamed as he rushed to her as fast as he could possibly go, or possibly even faster. Things must work different when it's your best friend lying on the ground dying in front of you. He scrambled for his phone and called emergency services. He told the dispatcher what had happened as shortly as possible and she had told him an ambulance was currently on the way, he kept the phone call going, pressing the button to make the call switch to speaker phone. He sat the phone on the cracked concrete of the empty parking lot beside him and looked over Delilah, lifting her head as she gasped for breath and gargled as if she were choking. He lifted her head into his lap and smoothed the hairs that hung loosely, from her forehead. He cupped her cheeks shortly and felt himself begin to cry. Tears slid down his cheeks hotly and quickly. And he felt his lower lip tremble. "Delilah?" He asked her "can you hear me? Please don't die, help is on the way, please just be okay. I need you." He sobbed as the sound of the sirens hit his ears. Benjamin laid his head on Delilah's chest and he heard her heartbeat, he couldn't help but smile, he felt a pinch if guilt at this, smiling when your best friend might be dying, but at least she was alive for now. I should have thought to check for a pulse in the first place He thought to himself and lifted his head and cupped Delilah's face once more. "I promise if you live I wont ever make fun of you for being shorter than me ever again." He said shakily, as the sound of sirens came closer and the ambulance roared into the parking lot they were in.


also do you have any triggers? I have none

Nicknames: (opt.)
Age: (Between like,,,, 21 and 26, preferably)
Gender and Sexuality:
Personality: (can be as brief or as detailed as you like)
History: (same as personality; can be just a sentence, or three paragraphs, idc)

Name: Rowan Michael Kennedy
Nicknames: Ro
Age: 22
Gender and Sexuality: Trans man, bi with a preference for men
Looks: Rowan is pretty small, standing at 5'5". He is slim, and tbh just,,,, petite. He has scars on his chest from top surgery. Has a very sweet smile. His eyes are green. He has warm brown hair, which is cut to about three or four inches long. He almost always has ink or paint stains on his fingers. He is a little bit feminine, and occasionally will wear make-up and/or more "feminine" clothing, though only on days where it won't make him feel too dysphoric.
Personality: Sweet, in all honesty. He's kind and a bit of a softie, too. Empathetic. It can take a lot to rile him up. Tends to stick up more for other people than for himself, though he can defend himself, it just can take him a while to decide to. Can have trust issues.
History: Rowan was an only child. His parents were neglectful, and as he got older and was less and less the girl they wanted him to be, they became abusive. When he was 10, CPS took him and placed him with a foster family that eventually adopted him. This family was very supportive of him, and he is still close with them.
Other: Has a kitten


Name: Emmett Skavinsky
Nicknames: Em
Age: 24
Gender and Sexuality: Male, pansexual
Looks: Emmett is tall and muscular, standing at exactly 6 foot. He has black unkempt hair, which is to the tips of his ears, the rest below is shaved on the sides and back. He has thick brows the left having a slit near the arch. He has a define jawline and full, pink lips and golden brown eyes.
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Personality: Emmett is moody and always somewhere brooding. He has anger issues and is possessive over things he loves. His moods can change very quickly with things he observes. He likes to be quiet, and be the person that sits back and observes. He also has extremely high self confidence and a bit of a god complex. He shows no sympathy for others and hardly ever cares about their feelings, unless he is romantically interested.
History: Emmett has worked his way up from the rank of thug to the boss of thugs, and with this he can only thank his lack of sympathy for others and naturally violent nature when anger comes into the mix.
Other: Emmett has a pet parakeet. Arlo, who is a baby.


(I was thinking strangers or just, like, they've seen each other around before. Maybe they frequent the same coffee shop at similar times and so there's that vague recognition of "hey that's coffee shop guy" but nothing more than that?)