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Hello. Welcome back.
I have a cinnamon roll boy who neEdS sOmEboDy. He’s moderately timid, a bit of an idiot, but a pretty good actor, and really sweet. If anyone has a character that would fit with him, bring em on over :D. Plot, too! I have a cold one I can explain real quick, but holes would probably have to be patched up.

  • Character A is a spirit, and they’ve been living on the cusp of the real world for an extremely long amount of time now. They aren’t fully dead, yet not fully alive. Sometimes it’s difficult to see them. Other times, they’re as clear as day. The only issue is… they’re living in Character B’s apartment. And Character B is falling hard… As is the ghost.

(I would probably like to be Character B, but arrangements can totally be made.)

That’s about it :D however, let’s set just a small bit of rules:


  • Please have at least ok grammar. I get that sometimes people don’t— heck, I don’t most of the time— but please try.
  • Please respond with actual content, I don’t want to have to keep the story going myself. Have your character act more than react.
  • Have fun, buddy. It’s your rp as much as it is mine. Take it by the horns, derail it, smack it back on track, whatever you want.
  • Please don’t control another person’s character, unless for very domestic actions
  • Whatever you’re comfortable with, do it

I’ll get templates and storyline out once someone joins :). I will ask for a writing sample if I haven’t seen you around.


(most of mine are dudes so this is gonna be bxb then Do you have any triggers you'd prefer I avoid?)

@PaperHats business

Nope, not any :) What about you?

And here’s the temp (take as much time as you need)

Full Name:
Species(?): (ghost/human)

Physical Appearance:
Usual Apparel/Clothing:
Other Defining Features:

Mental Age / Maturity:

Background: optional
Family: optional

@PaperHats business

Full Name: Hiroto Akira
Nickname(s): Akira
Gender: Male h/h
Age: 18
Species?: human

Physical Appearance: Pale skin with reddish/pink undertones and a few tattoos among it. Otherwise, he has barely any complexion imperfections. His body is relatively toned, and in contrast to his pale skin, he has dark shaggy hair that he styles every morning, but by the end of the day it normally fluffs up and disobeys his tireless efforts. It falls in his eyes and is cut shorter on the left side, swooping toward the right. His eyes are a beautiful shade of light blue, fitting his composure quite nicely. He stands at about 5’8 and is relatively fit.
Usual Apparel/Clothing: He likes wearing more casual clothing, and his favorite style still is a graphic T-shirt with a brightly colored long sleeve beneath it, accompanied by some plain black or grey pants and deck shoes.
Other Defining Features: He has a tattoo of what look like bands around his left arm. They have lines through them, but they’re just slightly off. His other tattoo is a cursive signature that is almost unreadable, located just below his right collarbone. He also wears two chip earrings on his left ear.

Personality: He is just a good boy. He can be slightly socially awkward but when he wants to, he can act completely suave and chill. His personality is kind of all over the place. When he’s alone, he can be sarcastic, bubbly, and almost silly. He also tends to talk to himself often. However, when he’s out with a group, he can be much quieter and more “brooding,” almost. When he really cares about someone though, he can be protective and super sweet, the bubbly him shining through quite often.
Mannerisms: Tugs at the bottom of his shirt when he’s nervous. Gets quieter when he’s angry or worried. Talks to himself.
Mental Age / Maturity: Regularly immature and impulsive when he’s by himself, but composed and mature when he’s out.
Hobbies: Listening to music / writing (he’s a big writer)

Background: Don’t know the extent of it yet, so I might leave it tbd. Although I do know he doesn’t have the best relationship with his parents, which is why he is now living on his own, in a supposedly haunted apartment.
Family: tbd


(Sounds good! Do you have a specific time period in mind for my character to be from? And where does this happen? (England, America, etc?))

@PaperHats business

(Id say America, or just not specified. And no, don’t have a time period, but probably your character would have evolved speech/thinking because they’ve been around since the time they died? Or you can do whatever you want)


(Alright. I'm…unsure what you mean by evolved speech/thinking but I didn't mean caveman by time period. I'm thinking someone from the 1920's?)


(dheudgge I hate to ask all these questions but: I've got a Necromancer character. Can I use him? If not, I'll just cut his magic out, no biggie. Two, can it take place in New Orleans? That's where my character is from)


Full Name: Fio LeTour
Nickname(s): None
Gender: Male
Age: Looks 21, was born in 1902
Species(?): Ghost

Physical Appearance: Fio is about 5'9", with a slim form. He is actually rather androgynous looking, and isn't explicitly masculine or feminine. His skin is a golden, rather caramel-y color. His eyes are a tawny, reddish golden color, that almost seem to glow in the darkness or when they're caught by the light in the right way. He has tattoos arching around his back and torso, and snaking down his arms and around his wrists, and down his legs to twine around his ankles. Most are in black ink, some are flecked with white ink as well. He's got piercings in both ears, and a wide, easy smile when he feels like showing it. His hair is dark brown, and a little bit long, though not very. It's more of…untrimmed.
Usual Apparel/Clothing: Honestly, it varies. Tends to wear looser stuff though
Other Defining Features: The tattoos are it, really

Personality: Very easygoing, but can be vicious when someone threatens him or his family. Extraordinarily protective of those he cares about, and would easily get in a fight to defend them. He can be a bit of a jokester, and enjoys telling jokes even when no one else gets them. Can be a bit of a flirt, but won't take shit from someone, no matter how he feels about them. Has a good head for the laws, and often helps out with that sort of thing.
Mannerisms: Tilts his head a little when he's confused. Gestures with his hands when he talks sometimes
Mental Age / Maturity: Uhhh good question, it really depends on the occasion
Hobbies: He's a necromancer, so raising/speaking to the dead? Drawing. Reading

Background: Will come out in RP as necessary, I suppose. He died in an accident when his muscles locked up and he couldn't move. He was killed by someone who had a quarrel with his family.
Family: His parents are dead, as are both of his siblings (he was the oldest of triplets)

Other: Has periods of time where his body doesn't listen to him and won't move; his muscles lock up and he just stands or sits still for a while, Usually no more than ten minutes, but it's been getting worse. Also occasionally has what he calls "attacks", where he has things similar to seizures. These are rarer than his "freezes", but when he has one, he often freezes afterwards.