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probably not the last one if we're being honest 🫠

//TW for blood, gore, violence, drugs and other mainly cyberpunk-y elements//

The year is 3121. Plant life? Not the way we know it. Fauna? Of a sort. Weather patterns? Well, they exist. . .

Most of the world is an irradiated wasteland, filled with strange, deadly mutants and even deadlier anomalies. Body modification is the norm, whether for utility or appearance, the the latter is reserved for the Powers That Be of this devastated lump of rock. Nobody is safe, not even with the confines of the Glass Castle, a supposed "metropolis" of hope and dreams. A city that stretches miles into the earth's crust and miles into the lower atmosphere, to house those who are left.

The cruel reality is that their is no hope, no dream, that can be seen or attained. At least, not by legal or moral means. The city is overcrowded, infrastructure is starting to crumble and corruption runs rampant in both electronic programs and politics. The electricity is out on the lower levels more than half the time, and the times it is on is when the most violence happens. Even on the upper levels, gang violence is rampant anjd drugs are commonplace, the most notable of which is Skip, which allows you to blank out for the entirety of your worday and not have to worry about "the customer is always right" scenes.

Nobody is safe in this world.


But that's where Character A comes in.

A Streetrunner. Gutterkid. Cyberpunk.


A strange fusion of human and tek, the synthetica are a unique caste within the Glass Castle that are hated by most and worshipped by a few. The synthetica represent the dream that the Glass Castle once had and then lost, the shining example of perfect harmony between nature and machines.

There is one hated more than the others. A is a reviled figure in the city of false hopes, showing up to take out one target at a time in the upper echelons of the dystopian society of the Glass Castle.

Through some unknown series of events, A ends up at the very bottom layers, injured, where the Sludgers, Coolant Bunnies and Redfreaks go to hawk their illicit wares and get high, where only the poorest of the poor "survive." This place is a large natural cave system that has been repurposed after being discovered on accident by a hopeful trying to escape the clutches of the Cyberrippers.

They end their laborious journey upon the doorstep of Character B, a slightly hopeful - not very, just enough to take in one unfortunate soul - mostly un-cyberized human. They help A get better, and in return, A gives them financial help.

Slowly, though, B finds that they want to know more.

Who is this person that they'd helped? What do they do? And can they help?

In the process of finding the answers to these questions, dark secrets are revealed, with even darker consequences. . . can this pair help save the Glass City from itself, or will they watch as it falls? Only time will tell. . .

if you haven't noticed it's a cyberpunk roleplay lol; i'd like to be A, and if this could be FxF that would be fantabulous

andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s Rules!
Cursing and stuff is fine, and is in fact encouraged (i'll provide a link to homemade cyberpunk insults/slang during the course of the first few pages lol)
Don't be rude OOC; IC, anything goes!
Smut will either be FTB or PMs lol

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Nicknames (Optional):

Hair Color & Length:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Face Claim (Optional):
Voice Claim (Optional):

Basic Traits:
Political Lean (Optional):
Motivations (Optional):


@lord-of-the-carnival group

Name: Aveza Adalhaid
Nicknames (Optional): N/A
Age: 19
Ethnicity: Synthetica ⎮ Nationally speaking, she'd be of Germanic descent
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian Greysexual

Hair Color & Length: Synthetic white (think paper), close cropped
Eye Color: Arctic white
Height: 6'4 2/3"
Weight: 321.34 lbs
Skin Color: A slightly tan vanilla color
Body Structure: Narrow shoulders and hips, flat chest and ass, and overall very skinny
Facial Features: Think of her features as that of a porcelain doll's except sharpened
Markings (Optional): Starting at her left breast and the end of her left shoulder blade, her skin is living metal - it carries blood and has nerves and everything, but is, for all intents and purposes, tungsten carbide - and this stretches down diagonally across her chest and runs all the way around her right arm, the bottom most portion of it ending at her right hip. It also stretches up her neck slightly, ending just below her right earlobe. More of this living metal can be found can be found halfway down her left thigh, covering it from that point on. Her left eye is also some sort of living metal or stone, and seems to contain a multitude of nanometer thick wires that lead to the pupils.
Face Claim (Optional): N/A
Voice Claim (Optional): N/A

Basic Traits: She's kinda chill, preffering to step down from more verbal confrontations, though she does deliver some stunning one liners when needed. When it comes to physical violence, however, she has a fiery temper, and any attempt to back down will only make the hospital bill worse. She absolutely hates it when people see a woman and think that they'd be an easy target. Hell, she hates people who look at anyone and see an easy target. She likes knocking the cocky and wealthy down to the lower ranks of society, but more often just knocks them out of life entirely.
Biases: She hates politicians and businessmen, but enjoys spending tome around kids and people of her age, and people of her social status or lower.
Political Lean (Optional): N/A
Motivations (Optional): Either reforming the Glass Castle or shattering everything, for the betterment of everything
Flaws: A bit too quick to jump to physical violence.
Hobbies: Reading, parkour, street fighting, causing the collapse of influential political/economic figures, technology
Talents: Augmenting herself and others, parkour, fighting ⎮ guns, knives, fists, feet, elbows, knees, skull

Augmentations: Several structural enhancements such as a more durable ribcage, a heart aug that improves blood flow and heart rate, tools fitted into her hands and arms and other things. Other augmentations include a cyberized brain, adapted to constantly give her a feed of nearby surveilance systems and the personal info of anyone around her; improved cognitive thought and reaction speed to make midair calculations easier; improved muscle fiber/strength to increase jump height, grip strength and other such things; rubberized ligaments and cartiledge, and some bones, to improve flexibility; and more

@lord-of-the-carnival group

(no lol; if ypu'll check a lot of my other rps you'll see some of em' aren't very far but that in the intros i have no real issues besides incest and similar stuff to that. otherwise do whatever! [plus it is a cyberpunk world; the baseline is probably gang member in these lower levels lmao, so that's a pretty good idea of stuff too])


(so sorry for the wait and also the lack of detail but uh :') )

Name: Solas Nightingale
Nicknames (Optional): Sol
Age: 20
Ethnicity: Mostly Italy and Greece
Gender: Cis woman, she/her
Sexuality: Lesbian

Hair Color & Length: Dark brown, very wavy, hangs just past her shoulders
Eye Color: Gold
Height: 5'6"
Weight: (I'm bad at doing the math for this kinda thing so uh)
Skin Color: Sol is white, and pale, as the sun doesn't really penetrate this deep into the city
Body Structure: Sol is curvy, with a pear-shaped figure. She is fit, with a slim form with a decent amount of muscle.
Facial Structure: Heart-shaped, with big eyes and rosebud lips
Markings: Tattoo of a bar code on her left shoulder, which she often covers up with either a bandana or long sleeves. Left pinky and ring fingers are both cybernetic.
Face Claim (Optional): n/a
Voice Claim (Optional): n/a

Basic Traits: Sol has a sharp tongue and a quick wit, but has learned how to bite that back and keep quiet and controlled. She knows how to make herself seem smaller and quieter, so that she doesn't get hurt. Will defend herself, but tends to keep to herself and turn a blind eye. She knows what she needs to do to survive, and does it, and that's it. Does not often go out of her way to help others, since she knows how dangerous that can be.
Biases: Detests any of the mob/gang members that she meets, and the ones she recognizes are the few people she would actively pick a physical fight with
Political Lean (Optional):
Motivations (Optional):
Flaws: Closed-off and doesn't really help people unless she thinks she can gain something from it.
Hobbies: Gardening (what little she can do, she does). Writing. Making things (usually useful things, usually tech related)
Talents: Making things. Figuring out how to fix things.

Augmentations: Pinky and ring fingers on her left hand are cybernetic. Those are the only augmentations that she has

Other: When she was a young teen, her family was deep in debt to one of the gangs. She was taken in "payment", and got out at the age of 18 and a half. Has been living alone for nearly two years now. Has not had contact with her family, and refuses to

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Aveza was wounded.

It came as a quick shock, really. First the sting of the bullet hitting her skin, then the twisting sensation as it bored its way through her. Then the burning pain hit and knocked her off balance like a tidal wave. Not that she'd know what a tidal wave was.

She stumbled and then used that momentum to leap backwards, turning a flip and firing a couple last shots of her own, hearing the thuds as the bullets find their target's skulls. She smiles then lets herself fall, ocassionally grabbing handholds to slow her fall, but she was still falling fast, and the only solid ground was miles and miles below.

For anyone else this would be the end, but not for her. She couldn't let it be the end. Her vision was starting to blacken at the edges but she pulls out a syringe and rips the sleeve off with her teeth before shoving it into her thigh and pressing down on the plunger, and a couple seconds later her vision clears and a burst of energy shocks through her.

She grabs ahold of a ledge, impervious to the jerk and pop of her shoulders, only swinging herself back to the other side of the gap.

She repeats this.

A lot.

Only ocassional breaks in the distance between the walls or simply the end to a building kept her sane as she made her way down to the slums of the Glass Castle.

Aveza blacks out, and the next thing she knows she's on a doorstep, which leads down to a coolant canal. Weakly, she knocks, and hopes somebody's home.

Ironic. I spent a lot of time escaping this place, and here I am again. . . she thinks right before she's unconscious.


Solas usually kept to herself. Things down here were rough, and people who stuck their necks out, who drew attention, got killed. And she did not want that. She wanted to live. So when the knock came at her door, she set her cup of tea down and grabbed a gun, holding it in a way that hid it behind her pant leg. Defending herself came first. It wouldn't be the first time she had shot someone, and it wouldn't be the last, either, if it came to that.

She opened the door, gaze only taking a moment to find Aveza's prone form. Her eyes narrowed as she took in the amount of cybernetics on the person who lay on the ground, grip tightening on the grip of her gun. When the person didn't move, she frowned, crouching to take a closer look. They seemed to be alive, at least, but anything beyond that…well. Solas was not th emost experienced with dealing with cyborgs or their parts, but this person seemed injured. But could she help?

Her gaze moved upwards, to look around the streets. They were calm for now, but who knew how long things would be still down here? Who knew how long it would be before one of the gangs did some sort of sweep? But she already knew, just by looking, that she was not going to be able to lift the cyborg that lay before her. There was too much metal, too much inhuman parts, for the cyborg to be something she could carry on her own. She shook her head, holstering her gun in a holster that was strapped to her thigh, and tied her curly hair back so that she could crouch beside the cyborg. Perhaps there was a way to wake the person up. If there was a way to do so, then as lnog as they could get into Solas's house on their own, then Solas would be able ot help.

@lord-of-the-carnival group

Aveza's face shifts slightly, sensing Solas nearby.

She peels open her eyes and looks up at the woman above her. She notes the average brown hair and her gold eyes and looks a bit intrigued before her eyes close and she slowly but surely sits up.

"I need some help." she says quietly, voice weak from pain and the numerous scrapes that covered what parts of her that were still human and the bullet wound that was letting blood drain out of her. "Please. I can repay you however much you need. But I don't have the things to help with the gunshot."

Her eyes were still closed, and her voice by the end sounded labored and like she was forcing herself to speak.


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Solas frowned faintly, looking down at the woman on the ground. Her eyes narrowed faintly, and she took a deep breath. "I can help, but I can't lift you. I don't have that kind of strength. So if you want my help, you have to get yourself into the house first. Otherwise, there's nothing I can do, and I will have to leave you out here. If one of the gangs find you, they're going to scrap you for parts." her voice was low, and her gaze kept moving from Aveza, out to the road, and then back. "So you'd better get moving soon." she stepped back, pushing the door open a little further so that Aveza had room to get inside.

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(as am i lmao-)

Aveza smiles painfully.

"I know. Been trying to gather the strength to get up for a bit now. Besides, my cybernetics aren't stuff a gang can pull from my body, unlike the rest of the augs down here." she replies.

She slowly lifts herself to her feet and stands, nodding politely.

She takes her shoes off at the door and stumbles over to the couch, sitting on it gently, so as to not cause herself to spriing so many leaks she'd look like a punctured water bladder.


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Solas moved out of the way so that Aveza could get inside, closing the door quickly behind them. This area was never safe, ever, for anyone. She watched as the taller woman moved over to the couch, fingering the gun at her side. "Do you have a name?" she finally asked, keeping a wary eye on Aveza as she moved around her small home. The gun was still kept close, ready jsut in case she needed it. After all, she might have allowed Aveza in, but that didn't mean that she trusted the taller woman. No one could be trusted down here, including strange, augmented women that seemingly fell from the sky.