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The statues from the Greek and Roman ages have always been praised for how lifelike they are, for the stone that looks soft and supple, almost like a true living person. One day, at a museum, you joking say to a friend that they look like people dipped in plaster, showing them a picture of someone who had covered their fingertips in the substance. It looked just like the statue before you.

Little did you know how true it was. For in the next moment, your friend shoves you, only to knock the statue over and release a very much alive, and very much naked, person.

Hello, I'm back at it with another romance. I'd prefer slow burn but hey, if it gets fluffy fast I won't mind. I do ask for three sentences, but it's no requirement (lord knows there will be days I can't). I'd prefer for it to be gay, male x male please.


Age/ How old they look:
- Eyes:
- Hair:
- Face:
- Body:
- Skin tone:
- Height:
- General Weight:
- Clothes:
- Distinguishing marks:



Name: Sevrin Whiteman
Nicknames: Sev
Age/ How old they look: 23, but he looks like he’s in his late teens
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Not sure yet
- Eyes: A beautiful hazel-y color, with green and brown and a little bit of gold in them. Always warm and friendly, and very expressive.
- Hair: Short, but still somehow messy. A warm brown color, like hog chocolate. Slightly curly, although you could only tell that if it was longer.
- Face: Kind of cute. Not handsome, but not ugly, either. He has one of those faces where it looks good until you put him with better looking people, slightly above average. His lips thin, and his nose is of average size.
- Body: Slender, like a swimmer or a dancer. Still has muscle, but it’s not like those weird buff guys who are working out all the time.
- Skin tone: A warm tan, from being out in the sun
- Height: 5’10”
- General Weight: About 180lb. He’s pretty light and agile
- Clothes: Jeans and T shirts. Anything casual. Sneakers. Sometimes a hoodie, although he has a pretty good tolerance for the cold.
- Distinguishing marks: He has a tattoo of the letter K on his left ankle. It was the first initial of his first crush, which ended terribly. It’s a reminder that he should never judge a book by its cover.

Personality: Sevrin has a decently low self esteem. He often thinks that he’s worse than he really is, and the closer someone is to him, the less he believes them when they compliment him. He’s friendly and kind, and loves to crack jokes… ones that are kind, at least, not picking fun at someone else’s expense. He loves to have fun, and is hardworking and loyal. He will do the right thing till the end, even if it kills him. He has a very strong sense of justice, and loves to meet new people.
Likes: Being around friends, making jokes, singing and playing the guitar, talking with people, being around the people he likes, most art.
Dislikes: Assholes, bullies, the color pink, people asking him how he is, no one caring about him. Most of his family.
Strengths: Playing guitar, showing people that he cares, kindness and compassion. Playing games and winning them, and earning money. Fist fighting.
Weaknesses: Animals, cute kids, tight spaces. Getting hurt, being insulted, and being bullied.
Powers?: He can talk to animals, and is an empath.
Links: Nopity nope
Other: N/A

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Name: Alexander Hayashi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Dead Name: Alexandra
Nicknames: Alex
Age/ How old they look: 419/ 19
Gender: Trans male
Sexuality: Gay
- Eyes: A soft silvery color, with flecks of ice blue when the light hits them just right
- Hair: A metallic silver, cut just below the ear in a playful, boyish manner
- Face: Heartshaped, with soft lips and dimples when he smiles. Thin eyebrows, light freckles, soft cheekbones and a button nose.
- Body: Slim, with faint curves he tries to hide. He looks graceful, thin arms and long legs.
- Skin tone: Pale, with just hints of a tan on his shoulders and chest.
- Height: 5'8"
- General Weight: Around 150 lbs.
- Clothes: He prefers baggier tops, even after top surgery, favoring grey sweater shirts and softer fabrics in general. He wears jeans most days, and a pair of red Converse.
- Distinguishing marks: Scars from top and bottom surgery, as well as a small birth mark on his inner right thigh shaped like a four leaf clover. He calls it his lucky mark.

Personality: Alex is all sunshine. He loves to always focus on the positive, even when it seems like there isn't anything to be positive about. He's very clingy, attaching to someone once he's comfortable around them enough and just not letting go. He'll always come up with an excuse. He had a pretty good life before the incident, but he's seen how much other people have been hurt. He's made it his job to help everyone be happy and feel good about themselves.
Likes: Cuddles, hot chocolate, singing, spending time with friends and family
Dislikes: rejection, being yelled at, people being hurt
Strengths: Cooking, a decent fighter, finding the positive
Weaknesses: hates confrontation, can often ignore the bad in people so he doesn't really know when he's getting in too bad of a situation.
Powers?: He's a telepath, and seems have a bit of precognition. Nothing much, just a general feeling of when not to do something he was planning to do, mostly when someone would get hurt
Links: n/a
Other: He's a soft boy, please be gentle. He can take it, but he doesn't want to deal with anything bad qwq

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Alex was running. His eyes were squinted, trying to see through the tears. Why was this happening to him? He'd come across something he shouldn't have, and now he was going to pay the price. Alex was fast, but the dogs were faster. He let out a pained cry as he fell to the ground, curling up and doing his best to protect himself. He felt hands grabbing at him, so he swung out, trying to get away. This earned him a swift hit to the gut, and his breath left him as he bent over. He was dragged away, brought back to that place.
The sculptor's. What a horrible term. They didn't sculpt anything at all- they murdered people, using them in their sick work. He'd seen them do it, kill the person. That's why he had been running. He was strapped to the same chair, eyes closed as he waited for the knife to slit his throat.
"You're not going to die," said the gruff voice of the sculptor. "Not yet. You'll get to after we've covered you in plaster." The man laughed cruelly, knocking Alex out.


Sev was wondering what on earth had possessed him to say yes to his friend.

Michael was a pervert, through and through. Sure, he was funny and a good man at heart, but his idea of quality entertainment was going to an art museum to see a new display of naked sculptures. He had asked Sev to come along.

He was starting to regret it. A lot.

He wandered through the isles, looking at the same style of person over and over and over and over and over. Did the sculptor even have one ounce of creativity in him? It was a bunch of naked people. He could have done something interesting instead, like the scene of a battlefield. But noooo.

“These are awesome!” Michael said, coming over to stand beside Sev.

“They’re just people dipped in plaster,” Sev said, trying to make this place fun… even though it was the exact opposite. “See, look! They look the same.” He pulled out his phone to show his friend a picture of fingertips dipped in said substance. “It just looks like bodies dipped in plaster.”

Michael made a face. “Then was the creator of these sculptures a psychopath who liked to dip his victims in something like that?” He asked. “And only a true love’s kiss can awaken them?”

Sev snorted. “Totally.” He rested his hand on the nearest carving. It felt oddly warm beneath his fingertips, and he frowned.

“What’sa matter? You wish he was your lover?” Michael grinned and shoved Sev… who was still touching the sculpture. It tipped, and fell to the floor.

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The sculpture fell, cracking. It wouldn't have been so bad, if it wasn't for the fact it was moving.
Alex gasped and sputtered, coughing up plaster dust. He started trying to get it off of himself, eyes tearing up from the plaster. His skin was on fire as he pulled the plaster away, and he let out a little pained whimper. He could only continue so much before collapsing again, energy sapped and still half covered in plaster. He was crying softly, unable to think and completely blinded at this point.


What the fuck is happening? The sculpture had broken, and an actual, living person was inside! Sevrin wasn’t sure who was more shocked, him, Michael, or the other people in the museum.

But the guy who came out was completely naked. Sev couldn’t see a poor guy laying there on the ground, exposed. Although this was strange and completely out of the ordinary, he was going to help. Because that’s what he did.

Sev knelt down next to the man, pulling off his jacket and laying it carefully over the newcomer, who seemed frightened. His eyes weren’t even opened, and he was crying.

“Are you okay?” Sev asked softly.

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Alex shook his head a bit. No, no he wasn't. He curled up under the jacket, hands gripping it and pulling it more around himself. Every time he moved, more plaster peeled off of his skin, leaving it red and raw. He did his best to open his eyes, trying to look up at the man who was talking to him. He tried to open his mouth to say something, but was cut off by body racking coughs, more paster coming out of his mouth as he trembled.


“What is even happening?” Michael asked in a strangled voice. “This is all a dream, isn’t it? I’m in my nice warm bed, sleeping… that statue did not just come alive…” he was whimpering to himself. The other people there had gathered in a crowd. There were several screams and shouts, and everyone seemed petrified.

Sev scowled. “Somebody, call an ambulance!” He called. “This man needs medical attention.” He laid a hand on the guy’s shoulder. “It’s okay. You’ll be alright soon.”

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Alex looked up at the man with wide eyes, breathing labored. He shakily raised his hand, putting it on the one on his own shoulder. He coughed weakly, holding tightly to the man's hand. He seemed to be the only one who was actually trying to do anything to help… He scooted closer to the man, shrinking away from all the staring eyes.


Finally, the crow somehow cleared away, after the security guards at the museum came to the rescue, herding the gaping people away.

The ambulance arrived, and they brought the man from the sculpture to the hospital. Sev stayed with the strange man, who didn't seem to have anyone else to help him. He paid the hospital bill, too. Because he was just a nice person like that.