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Character A is starborn humanoid person from the land in the skies, whomt became curiousabout tthe mortal world below. Their people always told Character A to stay away, to not consort with the lands below, but one day, they finally decided to just go down into the world, falling downwards very quickly.
Character B is a mortal, living in the mortal world. All other details are very undefined
Character A crashlands into Character B's house, and learn of the world through conversations, stories, and other stuff.

This has been an idea I've had for a while, so. This can be anything from an actual medieval fantasy world, to Character A falling into just modern day Ohio. Where it goes will probably depend on the ideas of whoever first pops in!

Some rules: Keep it PG-13 please
Try to stay active,
Follow all of Andrews Rp rules

@maglo-the-stressed-person language

Name: Andreas
Age: 19
Pronouns: He/Him
Height and Weight: about 5'7
Hair Color: Blue, same color as his skin
Hair Style: Curly
General Looks: Has dark blue skin, like a midnight sky. On said skin it is speckled with twinkling star marks, like mystical freckles. his eyes are similar to the stars on his skin, changing color and shape to match his vibrant emotions. He has a lean build.

Personality: A cheerful and curious young man who is kind to most. Wants to explore the new world he has landed in, eager to discover all of the things he's never experienced before.
Likes: Stories, books, staring at the stars, most food, especially sugary stuff
Dislikes: Being restricted, staying still, silence.
Background: Lived in the world of the stars, until one day he decided to break the rules, and come down to the mortal plane.