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In a poignant tale of sacrifice and love, a siren yearns to be with a captivating prince on land. Desperate to trade his fins for legs, he strikes a deal with a sea witch, surrendering his voice for the chance to walk on land. However, every step becomes a painful reminder of the price he paid, and with only a month to make the prince fall in love, the merman faces the looming threat of transforming into sea foam if he fails.

Hi guys! I'm just trying to do as many rps as I can to further strengthen my writing for my big book. For this rp, it will be a pms rp.

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(Heyyyy if you're still doing this I'm p interested, idk if you'd want a writing sample or smthn.)

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(Cool cool, ignore the fact that this is a spiderverse thing 💀 I'm a fan what can I say)

Earth 230243 is dark and rainy, the neon lights that highlight almost every nook and cranny of the city surrounded by a haze of colored water droplets. The dreary weather doesn't quell any of the cities activities, however. The sound of cars racing against wet pavement, horns honking and music playing from nearby apartments.

It's around midnight, but Parker still can't sleep, which isn't too uncommon. Especially for Spiderman. He keeps coming back to his police scanner but nothing seems to be happening tonight, apparently the only things the rain can drive away are villains and burglars. He kindof wants to leave, use the watch and go visit someone- but knowing his luck, as soon as he leaves something bad is going to happen and he'll have to rush back. So he's just sitting on his couch in the living room of his apartment. He'd go to M.J and talk to him but he's sleeping over with a friend, so Parker truly has nothing else to do than twiddle his thumbs and sit on his ass until he's either bored enough to go to sleep, or something happens. Maybe he should go touch up on his hair dye.. yeah, he's been meaning to do that. He stands up from the couch, making his way towards the bathroom. But halfway there he stops, turning to look at the front door and squinting his eyes as his spidersense tingles at the base of his neck and makes the hairs on his arms stand on end. What the fuck could possibly be happening now.