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Lesbian romance between mermaid and siren? Haha! You BET-

In this rp, a siren catches the gaze of a beautiful looking young woman who lives by the ocean. The siren can’t help but want to lure this woman into the water. Have her for herself. Unfortunately, when the siren attempts to lure in this young maiden, nothing seems to work. In fact, the young woman laughs at the siren’s attempts…calls them cute! Little does the siren know…this young lady is a mermaid.

Now…the siren is determined to get this woman all to herself, but keeps failing to do so.

Andrews rules. If there’s any spicy moments, we take it to pms. Be nice.

Warning: sensitive topics will be mentioned and probably described.

No one liners if you can help it.

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(ooh she's cue I like her! Here is my girlie)

Name - Kieryn
Age - looks around 24 but most likely closer to 300 years old
Species - siren
Appearance - Kieryn has near translucent pearly skin, blue veins stark against her skin. Her hair is cropped short to her scalp, the little that is left grows red when she lets it. Her features are sharp, almost skeletal yet still beautiful in only the way a siren can be as a mysterious creature of the sea. Her upper torso is human, most covered in opalecdnt scales that neatly transition into her tail. Spines and frills decorate the spine of the tail, the thin membrane between also almost transparent. Small flecks and scars are scattered along her body from being caught in netsand from other encounters with humans and sea life alike.
Personality and backstory - Kieryn is solitary, has been most of her life. Gifted with the voice and looks of an angel, you would have thought she'd be easier to like. Funilly enough she had never really had a liking towards men. Unfortunately women didn't seem to be attracted to the ocean as much, even less daring to approach her. So Kieryn usually kept away from human town, only going when she needed to feed or for entertainment. She's snarky and alluring, figuring men liked a bit of bite to women and are more likely to dumbly get closer to her to "show her her place" or whatever that meant. They often didn't last long enough for her to find that out. Aside from her fiesty demeanor, deep down Kieryn wants a deeper connection, one that allows her to be something more than just a survivor and something to de desired.
Likes - her home, she come to appreciate every creature and aspect of her ocean life. The smell of roseson the rare occasion a sea side market would appear. Stormy weather
Dislikes- being alone despite her being used to it, having not control or unable to escape.
(This Kieryn so far!)


(Thank you! I do have an idea if we want them to immediately meet but I don't know if you want flesh out the characters first?)

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Anaitis hums a soft tune as she walks onto her porch, barefoot and holding a little watering can. She smiles and sings softly as she starts watering her plants. “There we are~” She says sweetly, still singing to herself. Her long, curly dirty blond hair flowed in the salty wind as she tended to her plants. Her perfect skin seemed to glow in the sunlight as she relaxed. Everything was perfect. She smiled and took a deep breath, taking in that ocean breeze. She considered herself lucky she was able to find such a perfect spot to live. Right by the ocean in the perfect cottage. Everything she could ever want was here for her.

Her cottage was nestled by huge palm trees, bushes, foliage and moss. A simple transition from grass and moss to sand made the whole place looked like a fairytale landscape. The cottage itself was the perfect size for Anaitis. Not too small, not too big. Just right. The roof was a pleasant green color, and so were the poles leading to the porch. The porch was decorated with plants, and a little bench swing with a table in front of it. The swings cushion was a soft pastel green and purple with blue spots here and there. The door had cute little designs on it. Mushrooms, flowers, different types of insects. The handle was in the shape of a golden rose. Gold vine like decorations lined the rest of the door and outlined the small window.

As the girl finished tending to her plants, she set down the watering tin and made her way down to the beach, feeling the sand in between her toes. She loved the way Mother Nature grounded her. Kept her in reality. It was all so wonderful…so peaceful. She hoped it never changed. Well…she should have known that not everything stays the same. Not for long.

As Anaitis wandered down the shore, she spotted something out in the distance. She squinted to see what it was, tilting her head to the side. Her long flowing hair brushed off her shoulder, catching in the wind as she watched the thing get closer and closer…


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Kieryn was powerful. Not in the sense of being a monarch or having control over others, but more in herself. The way her lithe body cut through water, any twist or bend and her body would follow smoothly, the oceans bending to accomadate her. It was invigorating ot be so free and wild. Admittanty being free meant she didn't particularly know where she was going, the ship she had managed to escape from unfamiliar to her regular captives, but then again times were changing.

Arching over a boulder, Kieryn found herself diving into a sink in the ocean floor, surrounded by jagged rocks but not deep enough for light to be absent. Just close enough for her to stay hidden to prying eyes. The perfect home and resting place. Now all she had to do was find food.

Cautiously, Kieryn swam to the surface and poked her head our of the water, surveiling the surrounding ocean until her gaze caught on the faint outline of land a bit away. Tilting her head curiously, Kieryn made her way towards the shore, occassionally breaching the surface, letting her scales catch he light. Humans liked shiny things right? they were so easy to please, or at the very least, naively lure in. Kieryn smirked to herself as she spotted a small cottage, small yet comfortable and more importantly, isolated. No one would pay any mind to the dissapearance of someone this far from the villages.
Kieryn stopped shy of just reaching the shore, pulling herself up onto a nearby slate of rock jutting out from the shallows.

She took in a deep breath and started to sing, a mournful and gutteral song, some story she had created long ago of some tragedy or another, completely fabricated but it seemed to pull at the right heartstrings on most people. Usually that or her mere appearance would lure men in jsut long enough fir her to yank them down to the depths of the ocean where she could feast. Usually. She had expected a lonely husband or curious young lad to come out of the rustic abode but instead, a young woman came over to the shore. Kieyn's eyes widened ever so slightly in surprise as she took in the girl's appearance and her familiarity. Kieryn knew she didn't know the girl but something about her called to kieryn from deep within. She slid down from her rock and snaked up to the shallow pools along the beach, softly muttering 'ocean's daughter' and 'girls of sea foam' outloud, to see if something sparked in the girl to garner some attention.


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The young girl smiled warmly as she listens, yet she didn’t step any closer. She even…giggled. Once the girl heard those words, she seemed to have no reaction apart from her pleasant little smile. “You have a beautiful voice.” She murmurs, crouching down onto the sand, then sitting gracefully onto her legs. “I must say…you are quite beautiful as a whole.” She murmurs. The young woman’s voice was like silk as she spoke. Her deep, doe-like eyes seemed to only pull Kieryn closer as the young woman looked into her own.

Though, no matter how much the siren sang, Anaitis never seemed to react. She just kept that small, joy-filled smile on her lips. “What is your name?” She asked after a moment, tilting her head ever so slightly. The girls aura seemed to glow with a rare kind of purity and loveliness. At a closer look, her skin seemed almost flawless apart from a smear of paint on her cheek, and a few nicks and scars on her otherwise flawless skin. One could tell this maiden lived her life to the fullest. At least in what she wanted to do.

Anaitis seemed genuinely curious about the creature in front of her. Not mesmerized…just…curious. A hint of familiarity shining in her brownish hazelnut eyes. It was faint, but this girl seemed to know exactly what the creature in front of her was. “Oh! You must be hungry. Would you like some food? I’m sure I can bring something for you. It probably won’t be what you’re used to…but pork is a very nice taste.” She smiles comfortingly.