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Vampire X Werewolf.
Doesn’t matter which role you play, ive got characters for both of them. I had one like this going a while ago and it was really good but the user ended up leaving notebook and i would like to reboot this. I loved it so much. <3

Here’s a link to my own google doc

Idk I haven’t gotten up a doc about them yet. They take foreverrr
Anyway, just some basic rules if you play the werewolf and you can make up the rest.

They’re blood has silver in them which is what allows them to shift. No, I haven’t done some sciencie crap with that and this is just for the roleplay and stories. I’m not gonna be 100% right with how silver works.
Silver kills vampires but it doesn’t kill Werewolves. Damascus steel does though. Look it up its pretty cool lookin.
They can eat what humans eat too, their diet isn’t strictly raw meat. They have a wolves diet, or even a house dog. You can do some research on that. But anyway, they can eat what humans eat too lol
Yes, they can shift. Two forms
purely human. They blend in they just have sharper teeth. And purely wolf. There can be in betweens, like some anime girl doggo or whatever. Your choice lol
Vampires and werewolves dont have the same amount of strength. If you read in the vampire doc it would have told you. If you want to be the werewolf, i advice you still go into the vampire doc.
Anyway, vampires, the ones in packs, are about as strong as one werewolf. One v one with a vamp and a wolf, its an equal and fair fight. The loners are more dangerous and can take down quite a few werewolves before being ripped to shreds.
They can naturally heal faster too, but so can vamps.
Any other stuff i can explain in the roleplay, i dont want this to get too long and overwhelming. Sorry.


Ask before joining please
If I haven’t seen you around ill want a sample of your writing please. (With the samples. Don’t take something from like one of your best pieces or something really old. Don’t try to impress me. I just want to see how you write regularly in a roleplay. Chill XD)

I can say no if i want but i prolly wont.

I prefer it to be straight, sorry

Don’t be jerks please. If you are, i have the right to kick you, so just be nice.

Characters can be jerks to other characters, i dont care about that. If anything its welcomed. Because character development!!

Please no super short replies. Give me something to work with and we’re good. I dont want novels though when it’s unnecessary. I get short replies if nothing much is going on. Thats fine. Just at least two lines thanks

Good grammar and spelling please

Please be relatively active if you join. At least like 1 post a day, more is very welcomed.

Here’s the template <3

Appearence: (links are very welcomed but if not, be descriptive)


(Dude this title had me before I even read how detailed your vamp description is. I'm so down, if you'll have me that is!!)

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

Thanks! It took a good while to type up! I’m glad you appreciate it as much as i do!!
So could i have a quick sample of your writing? Sorry i don't think I've ever seen you around before!


I hope it was ok?? Yeah, awesome!! I'm really fine with either but I have a feeling you're more attached to the vampire character!

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

Okay wow I didnt expect that lol
I must admit I am XD
but hey you can be the vampire if you'd like!
Whoever you decide on, you can go ahead and get your template filled out and posted! I'm gonna head to bed (but I'll be up in about 3 hours)


That's not healthy you poor thing! Get some good sleep tho :) and will do!
I, uh, actually love Werewolves more, so we're the perfect pair.
I'm not sure what gender your character is so I guess (seeing as you want it to be straight) I'll make two up haha.
Sweet dreams!!

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Okay first of all, this is working perfect XD
Second of all, ive requested access to the document, i cant currently get into it now without permission
Also, yes please!! Ill have to get mine up once ive replied to all of my other roleplays so take your time!! <3


Yeah, we already fit well haha! I've approved your access so it should be fine now!!

Name: Daciana Sallow
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearence: Daciana Sallow
She's 5'6 feet, blue eyes and white dyed hair that is always braided with flowers woven into it (complimentary of her little twin sisters). Light olive skin with cheeks sprinkled with freckles.
Her wolf is not at all womanly or typically soft which she knows is a disgrace to her family. Her wolf is slim, with short fur and strong legs, it’s a natural fighter. Her human body is like that too.
She's got a quick temper when you find the very few things that make her mad, her fangs are more visible because of this. She feels more comfortable in her wolf form as she has been raised and when she is in her human life she spends most of her time sitting in the washing machines. Generally dubbed introverted by her human friends because of this. She likes to read and laugh at all the crazy things humans think up and feels very distant from her family. She keeps her place in her pack as a quiet, high-status women but her true colours shine through at school.
Sleeping as a wolf whether or not she's with the pack in the mountains or at her human house. Going out on hunting nights that her brother sneaks her into (as said, her wolf is manly enough to be mistaken as a hunter). Reading in the laundry-mat washing machines.
Her role in her pack, being forced to be a human while the rest of her friends run amuck in the mountains and specifically lamb meat.
Her family is well-respect as three generation long leaders of the second most powerful clans on the continent (before that another family led the clan but could not provide a male heir so they took over).
Her Father (Silas) is the leader of the pack but is only stone-faced when other clans see him, to his clan and family he is a reasonable, easy-going leader. Her Mother (Rhea) is a gorgeous silk white wolf that spell-binded her father and climbed her way through the ranks of a different clan through this. Her older brother (Kalyke) is the inheritor to the throne and often confides in his sister about the tremendous responsibilities and knows she'd do just as well as him. She has two twin sisters who cause havoc all throughout the clan (Heather and Maeve).
Her Great Grandfather sustained their pack originally by this massive line of laundromats which was perfect because they didn’t have to be there all of the time to get the money and therefore no risking random breakouts of fur and shit.
As the pack leader's family, she has to balance a life between the wolf state all of her pack is in and the human form they use to blend in with humanity and keep an income of food and information.
Ever since she was little, all the higher-status families in her pack have tried to get their kids to befriend her. A marriage to her would gain anyone’s family a high position as she is the second born.
She doesn’t necessarily want to fight, but she’s not up for destroying her body just to breed. She can’t imagine just sitting around at home with kids while everyone else gets to hunt and scout. She's worried she is a failure and won't be able to complete her duty.

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That's totally fine!! I love her!! I appreciate how much work youve put into the document and the template!! Thank you so much!!

I'll get my boiyo up later tonight!! Hes an angsty one but has always worked so perfectly as a vampire in roleplay XD


Yay!! I'm really glad you like her!

Tbh it was soooo much fun! I'm really excited to see him haha, but take your time hun!

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Name: Min-Hyuk Youn

Gender: male

hes shut in, a closed in person who suffers from schizophrenia. He can get really overprotective and he can get mad easily but only if its for someone else's sake (unless you really make him mad) once you get to know him (if you're a nice person) he's super sweet and loving. Hence why he's overprotective. He can get super sarcastic and bossy wen he wants to be, but he's also super smart and witty. (like if he were in an escape room he’d get out in no time) straight A’s and although it seems like he's not paying attention he totally is. He has an extremely dark sense of humor and talks to himself so if you hear him saying threats or something dark just ignore that. He's extremely paranoid about the smallest things. He always thinks of ways to kill/ or get out of every situation he's in. also every single person he meets. He finds out there weakness and finds a way to kill them or to weaken them just in case they betray or do him or his loved ones wrong. He's always prepared for the worst. He's not a pessimist he's just a major realist. It's very hard to be optimistic about things. People often get annoyed with him and leave him although he avoids people some people just force themselves onto him and he just accepts it. He doesn't fight for himself but for others he would die for. He doesn't accept people very easily and on that topic he is a little pessimistic. He always thinks they're going to either betray him or let him down. He's a sad boy with a lot of problems but he's nice i swear!


I made a Pinterest board for him, hope you like it. Sorry this is so….much

okay so he's Korean and 5’11. His face is kind of triangle is round (due to his korean genetics) he has a very prominent jawline, though not very pointed per say. He has droopy sad looking eyes and usually has dark circles under his eyes, though he's lucky they don't show a lot. They’re quite big though, as well as his sisters. His skin is almost crystal clear with no blemishes. He got that from his moms side obviously. Wears a black mask covering his nose and mouth every now and then. (Look in the photos lol) He has long black eyelashes with black and grey eyes and if he looks into any form light they'll run white and silver with specks of black in them. (super pretty) he has a freckle (beauty mark ig) on the bottom right corner of his right eye. He has a black lip ring on his bottom lip on the right side. It's like a crescent moon shape with a spike on either end. Earrings on both of his ear. Just a black stud in the shape of a square, and the other a triangle. Then on his right ear near the top he has a black cuff going around it, that's actually pierced and right below it a tiny little black diamond. A scar on his upper lip from when he has a bad habit of biting it too much. A prominent scar on his right eyebrow, Which he covers up with his dark thick wavy hair. It's so dark that sometimes when he goes into the sun (which is rare) is almost looks like a dark blue. He's quite pale and his facial expressions can come off as super mean. (he doesn't mean it, wait sometimes he totally does, okay most of the time XD) on a daily basis he wears Sweatshirts (that often say rude or semi vulgar things on them) and skinny jeans, and he usually just wears converse. He's actually kind of muscular, more than you would think when you see him
Likes: flowers, snow, the color red. His motorcycle, his best friend, his little sister, his mother and taking walks in the forest behind his highschool and coffee shops along with black coffee. Dark dark chocolate. He loves it and will forever. Even if he cant eat it anymore (sad day)

Dislikes: BUGS he hates them so much. Animals, especially dogs and cats. Cake

Background: tbd. Hes a mystery until he opens up to you lol

Family: his little sister, abusive step father, biological fathers dead, and abused and hospitalized mother.


He's adorableeeeeeee. I seriously love him!! That pinterest board gives me SERIOUS jungkook vibes (bts guy if you didn't know haha). Couple of questions/comments: I love that he hates dogs xD not awkward at all. Is schizophrenia the same as MPD or slightly different?? I love that I get to learn about his past as we go! So cute!!

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

(Oh definitely know Jungkook. Love him so much ugh XDD)
Okay so first of all, I’m so so glad you like him!! I was hoping you would but i was a bit. Nervous!!
Anyway, so Schizophrenia isn’t like MPD at all.
Here’s a definition of schizophrenia:
a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.

So uhm…yeah. Haha hes a bit….messed up. But i love him so so so much


Awww I'm glad you're so passionate about this character! If we're being honest as soon as I saw his name I went: Oh, thank God! He's asian! (I was very worried he'd be a typical Edward, boring white guy). He sounds wonderful, flaws included, it makes him seem more human (except he's not lmao)