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In a realm where the ethereal plane of angels intertwines with the shadowed realm of demons, an unexpected celestial phenomenon occurs—a rare solar eclipse known as the "Union Eclipse."

During this celestial event, when the sun and moon align in perfect harmony, the boundaries that separate the angelic and demonic domains momentarily blur. Within this ephemeral convergence, two entities—one angelic and the other demonic—feel an inexplicable and undeniable connection to each other.

Throughout eternity, the angels and demons have been embroiled in a perpetual cosmic conflict, locked in a struggle for dominance. The angelic realm represents light, purity, and divine order, while the demonic realm embodies darkness, chaos, and temptation.

In the midst of this ancient enmity, the angel and demon find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other, their souls tethered by a magnetic force they cannot comprehend. As the "Union Eclipse" ensues, they communicate through a celestial medium—an ethereal dance of light and shadow, a language of emotions beyond words.

As the eclipse concludes, the connection persists, setting in motion a chain of celestial events that challenge the very foundations of their realms. The angel and demon embark on a secret journey to uncover the origins of their extraordinary bond, seeking ancient tomes and cosmic sages for answers.

Their quest leads them to discover an ancient prophecy that speaks of a love so profound that it could mend the schism between the celestial realms. It tells of a love that transcends darkness and light, born from the purest essence of compassion and forgiveness.

-I am looking for experienced rpers. 18+ please.
-This is rated M for mature. There will be violence, swearing, and dark themes.
-Any smutty scenes will either be taken to PMs or faded to black.
-At least 2/3 paragraphs responses are preferred.
-At least one response a day. I understand life happens so I'm not looking for a crazy amount of replies but I'd like to keep this going for a bit.


(Absolutely! I’ve seen your writing before and I love your style so I’d be happy for you to join!)


(cool! Mind if i take demon? I have a character that I want to flesh out a bit plus I have too many rps with my angel boy so I wanna change things up a bit XD I can to either one if you feel more comfortable plot wise with one over the other as well.)


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Name: Faybian Asteros
Age: infinite but looks around 26
Gender: male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Appearance: Faybian stands around 7'2 in demon form. While still humanoid he's more lanky and hand Langer limbs that look slightly off. His facial features are angular and sharp. His eyes are a deep violet almost seeming black. His skin tone is silly pale, near translucent. His hair is blck, wavy and typically unkept. Bony wings with what looks to be feathers potrudr from his back.
In his human form, he keeps most of his features the same save for his eyes which become closer to brown, he now stands 5'11 and his skin tone is less sickly looking.
Personality: faybian is very flippant, not really careing how anyone percieves him. He's confident in himself and anything he does, usually. On the off chance he's around someone he can tolerate for more than five minutes he can be relaxed and more honest.
Backstory:Faybian wasn't always a demon. He had been human once. A young man during the turn of the 18th century, eager to start a life on his own as an aspiring scientist. He loved academia and loved life even more. Whether it was purposeful or by random chance, Faybian's life would come to an abrupt end when he was caught in a building fire. He doesn't remember much but the pain and yelling for help but he has the vaguest of feelings someone had set him up but without proof there was nothing he could do. For the joyous life he had lived, Faybian was offered heaven but ultimately refused, wanting to find his killer if there was one and exact revenge hence making him a demon.
Likes: His job as a demon dealer, peace and quiet, his partner
Dislikes: Talking about when he had been human, any sort of physical or emotional restraint


Name: Remiel
Age: Appears to be in his late twenties, but being an angel, his age is beyond mortal reckoning.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: Remiel is a strikingly handsome angel with an ethereal aura. He stands tall with a graceful and lithe figure, approximately 6'2" in height. His long, flowing hair is a radiant shade of platinum blond, cascading down his back like strands of spun stardust. His eyes, a captivating shade of silver, hold a depth of wisdom that seems to span across eternity. Remiel's attire consists of flowing white robes adorned with intricate patterns, a testament to his celestial origins.

Personality: Remiel possesses a calm and composed demeanor, his celestial presence imbued with an air of wisdom and serenity. He is known for his deep compassion, showing great empathy for both mortals and other celestial beings. Despite his immense power and knowledge, Remiel remains humble and approachable, always willing to guide those who seek enlightenment. He values knowledge and seeks to understand all forms of existence, promoting harmony and unity among beings.

Backstory: His origins trace back to the celestial realms, where he serves as a high-ranking angel. He is renowned for his role as an archivist, responsible for recording and preserving the events of the cosmos. Throughout the ages, Remiel has witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations, the ebb and flow of life, and the struggles faced by mortals and immortals alike. Yet, amidst his tireless work, Remiel found himself yearning to understand the experiences of those beyond his reach. He longed to comprehend the intricacies of demon life, to witness the struggles and triumphs of beings bound by time and space that parallels his own existence. This curiosity continues to stir within him, prompting the beginning of his first string of reckless decisions.

Likes: Knowledge, meditation, stargazing, exploring the mysteries of the universe, and the pursuit of truth.

Dislikes: Ignorance, injustice, the misuse of power, conflicts born from prejudice, and those who seek to exploit and control others.


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As the celestial realm stirs with anticipation, Remiel readies himself for the momentous event that is about to unfold – the eclipse. In the heart of the celestial library, he stands before a massive ornate tome, its pages filled with prophecies and cosmic revelations. This particular tome holds the secrets of eclipses past, and Remiel knows that its wisdom will be crucial in navigating the upcoming celestial alignment.

His silver wings shimmer with a faint luminescence, reflecting the celestial light that bathes the library. With every movement, the soft rustling of feathers creates an ethereal melody that seems to resonate with the very essence of the cosmos.

Remiel gently turns the pages, absorbing the ancient knowledge inscribed upon them. He immerses himself in the prophetic verses, decoding their cryptic messages and seeking patterns in the celestial movements that herald the eclipse.

With meticulous care, he takes notes in a celestial script, capturing the wisdom of the tome in his own celestial parchment. His quill glides gracefully across the pages, guided by the hand of a celestial scholar well-versed in the language of the heavens.

In preparation for the eclipse, Remiel also consults the vast array of celestial charts that adorn the library's walls. Each chart maps the positions of stars, planets, and celestial bodies at specific points in time, offering glimpses into the cosmic symphony that will play out during the eclipse.

As the celestial event draws near, Remiel feels a sense of duty and responsibility. He knows that the knowledge he gathers and preserves will shape the understanding of celestial beings and guide their actions during this critical juncture.

With celestial grace, Remiel takes flight to higher realms, seeking counsel from fellow celestial beings. As the archivist angel, he is a respected figure among his celestial peers, known for his wisdom and ability to decipher the most intricate of cosmic enigmas.

In the celestial council, Remiel exchanges insights with other angels, drawing upon their collective celestial wisdom. Their discussions echo with profound understanding and reverence for the celestial order.

Back in the celestial library, Remiel combines the knowledge gleaned from both ancient tomes and celestial counsel. He creates celestial maps and charts that foretell the movements of the heavens during the eclipse, leaving no detail unexamined.

As the eclipse approaches, Remiel's heart swells with both excitement and solemnity. He knows that the cosmic alignment will unveil celestial truths and influence the destinies of worlds and beings.


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Faybian glanced behind him, a sharp grin slowly spreading on his lips as minor demons tried to pass through one of Hell's gates, a gate Faybian was slowly backing away from. He tilted his head in intrigue as the scrawny little monsters groveled at the gates, begging Faybian for help as they began melting, began burning alive? or he supposed second life but he wasn't too worried about particulars right now, considering he was trying to make an escape. Faybian had learned long ago being a higher demon came with its perks. He wasn't neccesarily a demon lord, nowhere near Beelzebub or Asmodeous but he had a few demons lords favor here and there, thus making him a higher demon by default so long as he kept pleasing the lords.
While of course Faybian wouldn't do anyhting to displease his lords, he wasn't above causing a bit of a ruckus on their behalf in the human world, after all what fun would hell be without a bit of turmoil from their biggest supplier of corpses? So with a pretty little wave to the suffering demon fledgelings, Faybian snapped his fingers, morphed himself into his human form, cracked a few bones back into place and ascended to the human realm.
While most of the time Faybian came up to Earth to do his laords bidding, kill a few stubborn humans here, make a few deals there, tonight was for his own personal business, as it was every few hundred years or so when his dead little heart gave an unsuspecting thump of life. At first, Faybian didn't know what it was and had ignored, believing it at the time to be some sort of defect on his part for going to the human realm for too long on odd jobs. But then in one century he had been in the living realm while the eclips was happening and that had seemed to lessen his condition. It was still present but it seemed the muted that when he had been in hell. So ever since, when he felt that familiar tug of past lives on his person, he would make up some dumb excuse for his lords and be sent to Earth for a few days until the eclipse past, always promising to do a bit of dealings for them as an exchange for his days away.
This time, Faybian hadn't told any of them. He had gone on his own accord for once without warning. THis time he wanted to find what was making his heart beat with life and find an end to it for good. He didn't need this interfearing with what he accomplished now or ever. Human feelings and emotions were for exactly that. Humans. Faybian had been human once, as had been most demons save for the ageless lords but that life had never been his to hold onto for long it had seemed. He was a good demon, better demon than the human he had been, someone too soft and outwardly loving, too trusting and naive. Becoming a demon had allowed his to shed his human form and become someone to be feared, to never be taken advantage of again, and to live a life of his truest desires. But he couldn't fully do that, not with a still beating heart every century or so reminding of all that he had lost. So into the human realm he went, to put a final stop to whatever was slowly bringing his humanity back.


As the world falls into a captivating celestial dance, Remiel stands upon the ethereal precipice of the heavens, watching the eclipse unfold with intense curiosity. The sun and the moon align in perfect symphony, creating a breathtaking display of cosmic beauty. Silvery tendrils of light stream through the darkening sky, and the celestial bodies entwine like graceful partners in an everlasting waltz.

Yet, amidst this cosmic spectacle, he feels an inexplicable pull, an unshakable urge that stirs something deep within. His luminous wings, adorned with iridescent feathers, shimmer with every moment, reflecting the cosmic dance above. It is as if the very fabric of the universe conspires to unveil a secret—a secret that draws his attention to another being.

A figure emerges from the shadows, concealed in the penumbra of the eclipse. The figure isn’t truly with him. It is but a mere vision, not real despite feeling so. Intrigued, Remiel focuses on the enigmatic being, their presence resonating with a powerful energy. It is as if the laws of the celestial realm bend around this mysterious entity, bending light and reality to their will.

With each passing moment, the magnetic attraction between Remiel and this enigmatic being intensifies. His heart, though celestial and immortal, beats with a new fervor. His senses become attuned to every nuance of the being's presence—the gentle ripples of energy that emanate from them, the celestial whispers that seem to escape their lips and resonate through the vast expanse.

Unfolding wings, Remiel descends gently towards the alluring figure, compelled to bridge the gap between them. As they draw closer, a sense of familiarity washes over him—a recognition that defies the boundaries of time and space. It is as if they have known this being for eternity, and yet, he has no idea who this blurred figure is.

As the eclipse nears its end and the sun's rays gradually reclaim the sky, Remiel is left feeling dazed and uncertain of what he just experienced.


Faybian found a nice and quiet secluded area, far enough away from any humans so as to not be disturbed while watching the eclips, watching and witing for the ever familiar tug on his heart towards something still yet unknown, but hopefully not for long. He leaned against a large tree, hidden among the shadows at least until the eclips began, ever vigilant of his surrounding even as Faybian knew he probably wasn't going to be found out by anyone for a long while. He glared up at the sky, one of the few times he dared look up towards the heavens and tilted his head as if challenging them to do something, anything that would somehow explain why his heart felt drawn skyward.
Faybian had always had a weird relationship with heaven to say the least, after all he had rejected them when he had died and descended shortly after. While he wouldn't consider himself a fallen angel, never fully becoming one in the first place, he still felt a connection to heaven in a way that separated himself from his fellow demons, an aspect of himself he was sure also drew the demons lords to him. As if in response his mangled wings ruffled behind him before settling agains this frame, a reminder of all he could have been. He shrugged off hte discomfort and slowly started forwards into the grassy plane as the the moon travled across the sun until he was standing in the middle of the field. As the world was shroud in darkness for a blissful few moments, Faybian thought he saw a figure standing on the far side of the feild in the opposite treeline, shimmering in white and silver, not completely solid but Faybian knew better than to dismiss the figure.
"Who are you?" He asked slowly, starting towards the figure but the pausing as the figure did the same. As the two got closer the pull on his heart increased but after centuries of not knowing why this happened, finally things started to make sense. Or at least very slightly as he still had no idea who or even what this ghostly entity was in front of him and why he felt so drawn to them.
He didn't like how comfortable he felt around the entity, nor the fact that he wanted to be closer, even as they stood directly in front of each other. The more he stood with his ghostly companion, the more compelled he was by them, the ethereal way spindles floated around and twined around Faybian's inky black fingers enthralled him.
The moment felt as if it would stretch on forever under the eclipse yet Faybian blinked and the figure in front of him faded with the return of the sun. Faybian grasped at the figure but it was intangible, frustratingly so when Faybian had come so close to finding the reason for these weird feelings and then now lost them just as quickly.


After the eclipse's breathtaking spectacle fades, Remiel, the celestial guardian, remains immersed in the lingering energy of the cosmic event. The images from his vision echo through his mind, elusive yet persistent, like the whispers of distant stars. Determined to unravel the enigma that the eclipse revealed, he retreats to a celestial sanctuary—a place of contemplation and divine communion.

Sitting amid celestial crystals that refract light in a mesmerizing dance, Remiel closes his luminous eyes, seeking to bring clarity to the fragments of his vision. With each breath, he delves deeper into the recesses of his celestial consciousness, reaching out to the cosmic forces that have bestowed this vision upon him.

The images appear once more, shimmering like constellations in the vast expanse of his mind. Flashes of the stranger imbed themselves in his mind. Try as he might, he can't make out any of the details. He has no idea who this person is and why they are so important to him. With a furrowed brow, he paces gracefully upon the celestial grounds, seeking clarity amidst the whispering zephyrs of the heavens. The vision continues to haunt him like a gentle melody, just beyond his reach yet ever-present in his thoughts.

There are dozens of questions running through his mind. What is the exact path he must follow? Who is this stranger? What actions should he take to bring this vision to fruition? Doubt creeps in, clouding his mind. Remiel opens his eyes, gazing once more at the ever-changing canvas of the celestial realm. The stars above twinkle like ancient beacons, guiding travelers through the vastness of space.


Faybian stood in the glen, even as the world reluctantly went back to normal and faybian's companion completely disapeared, even as their encounter stayed clear in his mind, more than just a memory, a feeling. Relief, and wonder, and a sense of calming peace, even if this haf just an apparition, Faybian felt a sense of rightness when in their presence. Faybian couldn't even imagine what he'd feel when, if, they ever met. "We will meet again. I'll find you again." He whispered, not particularly to anyone or maybe it was to someone, whoever was toying with him and his heart. He'd find his mystery person and….well he didn't know what after. WOuld his heart finally stop? Would it miraculously come alive again. It didn't escape him the similarities between his apparition and the celestial aura they had given off. Perhaps the universe was toying with him, his own personal hell. He narrowed his eyes at the sky, slowly shaking his head, as if daring heaven to do something to prove him dreadfully right. Would they be so cruel as to make the one person Faybian felt anything for someone he couldn't have? Considering he had outright rejected heaven after his death, he didn't think them above such pettyness.
He eventually slipped back into the shadows, muttering to himself the very few options he seemed to have. His patron lords were out of the question. No matter how widely Faybian was favored among his lords, anything pertaining to any human feeling, especially with the sneaking suspcion of heaven in the background wouldn't boad well. They'd turn on him in a snap with no regard for the centuries of his servitude and loyalty. Heaven was obviously out of the question, he didn't even think he'd get to the gates before he was immediately surrounded by arangels at bladepoint. While faybian wanted to entertain the idea of fighting a few archangels, he didn't think itd help his quest in finding this mystery partner of his.
Faybian slumped against a tree, metnally exhausted at the whole ordeal. He watched the sky, nothing close to what his views were from Hell but still a nice change, more plain and simple. HUmas truely were missing out with all the light polution that seemed to blot out the stars. Hel was similar in the way that they didn't see stars either but at least to turmoil of smky clouds and industrial skies entertained just as much as natural balls of gas.
"I'm as close as I cna get, dear." He murmured to the night, glancing up and smirking. He glanced down at his charred hands, imagining the delicate tnedril of light that had wound around his fingers as they had stood frozen and amazed in each other's presence. Something so pure and light shouldn't have been anywhere close to something so dark but all Faybian had wanted to do was grasp past the ghostly figure to the physical person beyond and hold on to them, where he knew they were real and tangible, where he could guarentee he wasn't losing himself in a dream.


Remiel hovers high above the Earth, his wings spread wide as he gazes down upon the swirling blue and green expanse. His eyes, luminous and filled with ancient wisdom, fixate on a specific scene unfolding far below. A vivid vision had drawn him here, a fleeting glimpse of a person whose destiny now occupies his thoughts. The vision had been fleeting yet impactful, an image of a solitary figure, their face illuminated by a soft, ethereal light. Remiel's keen senses had captured the essence of the person—their quiet strength, and their unyielding determination.

As he hovers in the celestial realm, Remiel closes his eyes, calling upon his gift of insight to peer deeper into the person's life. The threads of fate and time can intertwine before him, revealing fragments of their journey—their moments of joy, their trials of sorrow, and the pivotal choices that have shaped their path.

His wings flutter gently as he seeks to unravel the identity of this individual. He sifts through the tapestry of humanity, searching for the unique pattern that matches the person in his vision. Names and faces flicker through his mind, each a possibility, yet none quite aligning perfectly with the essence he glimpsed. With a determined resolve, he descends closer to Earth, his presence cloaked in an aura of tranquility.

In the midst of his contemplation, a whisper of recognition tugs at Remiel's heart. A connection forms, a subtle resonance that resonates with the person's essence. Who? He isn't quite sure. He finds himself unable to pinpoint who exactly his soul is intertwined with.