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So uh
If you ever read the Lezhin Comic 'Head over Heels'
you would understand. lol

The main thing for this.

This is basically how it goes. One dude is like a hectic yandere for the other, and the other is a sadist. Pretty much a sadist and the masochist in love.
Muse A meets Muse B, blah blah blah,
Sadist dude bullies the poor Short mAsOchiSt,
and then they oddly fall in love, so what the sadist proves to himself is that he goes out with the others 'friend' and walks around, as Muse B, the masochist, follows them.
Muse B gets angry, and well- tries to kill the other-

I would prefer to be teh bOtTom-
Yeah! Have fun~!

also, heres my character that im using and the character template-

Name: Kailen andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)
Age: 19
Height: 5'4
Appearence: Picrewの「ウチュウジン日記」でつくったよ! #Picrew #ウチュウジン日記
Personality: Very, very protective of his lover- Hes also a femboy. Kind to those who understand him.
Other: ….

@furetakunai ac_unit

(sorry it took so long~)

Name: Koeru Vico
Age: 19
Height: 171 cm (uhh I believe conversion is ~5'7")
Appearance: because describing is wack.
Personality: Keeps up an outward appearance of being charismatic and sweet, usually sees to helping others and making others smile. At least, that's what people seem to believe. Though behind closed doors, people could describe him as something of a menace. If he doesn't like something you have to say, you can 100 percent expect a refute to it. And an insult to go with it. But never for even half a second could someone argue back to him. They'd likely get full on back-handed or just blown up at. Though typically after doing stuff like this, he walks away with a blush on his face. No one can pinpoint why, some believe doing it embarrasses him, some think he's just kinda into that shit, some thinks it stresses him out. Who's really to tell? Him. He is.
Other: Dunno what to put here~

@lxvender_darling language

and here be my character-
Name: Kailen andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer).
Age: 17.
Height: 5'3.
Personality: Outgoing and kind, very generous, some people think the poor kids insane at times due to mentioning something to do with his parents/or making fun of him. He's sensitive, but rude, and thinks is fun to get into fights- Well, I mean duh-
He likes to get hurt.
"And it's weird."
Others said that, and they were not to be seen again.
Other: ,-, he likes chocolate.
(Now- i gtg- ill be back in about 30-45 mins maybe-)