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Name: Crown Prince Dominic Algeron
Age: 24
Gender: Cis male, he/him

Appearance: Dominic stands at 6'9– he's a very tall man with a very well-built and toned body. He has strong muscles with defined abs and biceps, and broad shoulders with strong veiny hands/arms. He has dark almost black hair, slightly curly with what would be something similar to curtain bangs that frame his face. He has golden skin that looks as if he were to be kissed by sunlight. The man has strong, defined features, a chiselled jawline, and a sharp nose. His eyes are golden, honey brown, the type that looks dark in shadows but are as bright as gold in the sunlight. Long lashes, soft pink lips with strong brows. When he does smile it is charming, though can come across as forced but when he is smiling from the heart his features light up in a way that deems him almost magical. He is clean-shaven pretty much all the time because he can't stand the feel of facial hair on his skin. Dom has a tattoo on his back, and a tattoo on his left arm. He also has an array of scars across his body, ranging from small slash marks across his wrists/thighs to a large jagged scar right down the centre of his chest. The prince tends to wear black pants with combat boots and button-up shirts mainly in navy blue with gold accents/embroidery on the collar and sleeves when it comes to casual wear– sometimes he will pair this with a vest. When he is dressing for an event he'll wear a suit with a sword dropped to his belt.

Personality: The crown prince is a fierce, hardworking young man who is feared by many due to his short temper. He is quick to rage, quick to ready his sword and quick to argue. Dominic loves an argument and would be ready to drop everything if it mean fighting it out in order to win. He is stubborn yet determined, loyal to the bone and would fight tooth and nail for his people. He comes across as an asshole, not wanting much to do with people unless he has to because most of the time, they only annoy or anger him. But being the crown prince means that he has to deal with advisors. He loves his people, only wanting what is best for them no matter what. Nothing could get in his way when it comes to the man getting what he believes is best for them. Underneath all of the rage, the scowls, the fights and the sharp insults, is a man that only wants to be loved. A proper, true love that melts his heart and has his head spinning. A love with someone who would care for him through and through, be there to kiss his wounds and tell him that it would be okay. He is a man with deep-rooted insecurities and fears, not that you would be able to tell from the demeanour that he puts up, often seeming cocky and arrogant, yet under the surface, he craves a deep, real connection.
Likes: Fighting/physical training, getting his hands dirty, he loves anything to do with nature and would love to spend all his time outdoors if he could (secretly an avid gardener), horses, cats, astrology
Dislikes: the quiet/silence, people who treat him like an idiot or speak down to him, grapes, the cold
Hobbies: horse riding, hand-to-hand combat, archery, gardening

Fears: Being alone forever, the dark, his father
Conditions: Dominic suffers from depression. He often is very good at hiding this because if anyone found out they would surely cast him aside and look for a 'healthier' potential ruler. Has suffered with it his whole life. Extreme self-worth issues. Has survivor guilt.

Background: The Algeron family has ruled Verillia since the kingdom was founded. The line has been passed down from father to son (with one exception when there were only daughters born) and they have ruled and thrived. The kingdom is wealthy and well-known, and they do good to continue to make their people feel loved and cared for.

Dominic was the eldest of three, having two younger siblings Ezra (the middle child) and Otis (the youngest). His mother was a kind soul, too pure for the world and his father is a raging dickhead behind closed doors and is the reason for Dom's mental illnesses and the reason why he is how he is to this day. The reason for this is that his mother and his brothers were killed in an assassination attempt against the family when Dominic was six years old and this is the reason why he has a large scar across his chest– he nearly died that day. His father changed with the loss of his wife and other children and, when Dominic was healed from the physical wounds of the attack, his father began treating him differently. He was cold, harsh, closed off. He didn't seem to care for his son's feelings only that he became a warrior and the best prince he could be in preparation for becoming king. The abuse was physical and verbal, and even though he is older now, his father still likes to engage in some of his old ways when Dominic is 'misbehaving.'

Dom spent his teen years becoming the warrior that his father wanted. A soldier. A prince. Often he wonders what life might have been like had his mother and brothers been around but knows that is a foolish thought.

Other: he has created a little hideaway in the attic of the tallest tower in the palace that is his safe space. No one knows about it and often at night he retreats there for some alone time where he listens to the night and watches the stars.

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(Holy fuck, I love him! And… he gives me hellacious déjà vu vibes. De’Tearion had very similar mannerisms until shortly before he meets Mileena. Basically, De’Tearion is a broken/shattered version of Dominic… I have no idea how, lol)
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Name: Mileena Hemeksi

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: Princess Mileena

Race: Human

Age: 19 years (thereabouts)

Gender/Sexuality: Female/Heterosexual

Description: 5’6”, 184 lbs, hazel eyes with green flecks, long/straight brunette hair, soft fair skin with a subtle tan. Lithe body with a curvy hourglass figure. Very faint scars on the left side of her slender neck, near her shoulder, from where De’Tearion had used his proboscis to feed on her. She typically wears a sweet lavender perfume. She almost always wears long, elegant dresses in her kingdom’s colors (red/gold) with long white gloves and tan colored sandals. She sometimes wears a pearl necklace with matching earrings, but this is typically for more formal/celebratory occasions. She has a sweet and gentle voice.

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Personality: Tender-hearted and compassionate, she cares deeply about everyone in her kingdom and aspires to be a benevolent queen. She is a very patient and empathetic woman. She tries her best to encourage people to not be afraid to show their soft sides, to be good and kind even in the face of any danger.
~~However, she is actually quite naive, gullible, and easily spooked. She has been sheltered from the harshness of the world, and only starts to realize that when De’Tearion arrives and tries to eat her. But, she is stubborn, and can be quite defiant at times, especially when she wholly disagrees with something.
~~She is also terrified of Forestfolk (like Goliathans), but her time with De’Tearion is slowly breaking that fear.

Backstory: The only child of King Agustin and Queen Consort Denora, she was doted on since birth. Alongside being treasured by her parents, she was also well-educated in all things, especially anything that would contribute to her eventually becoming a queen.
~~Close to her 17th birthday, De’Tearion entered her life. He tries to eat her within the first week of being in the capital city. Technically, she does die, but the now established Feeding Bond revives her.
~~After healing from that, De’Tearion tries to eat her two more times. The second time puts her in a long coma, the third time a somewhat shorter coma. She becomes quite wary of De’Tearion, but senses that he’s a haunted individual and tries to help.
~~The fourth time they meet, he frightens her, but later apologizes. She accepts his apology and they hang out, this time without De’Tearion feeding on her. However, she is kidnapped by Captain of the High Guard Livinski, a man she considered like an uncle. De’Tearion rescues her, and it’s revealed that De’Tearion and Livinski have a past. After a short battle, Livinski is taken by other Forestfolk and De’Tearion nearly dies from blood loss while leading Mileena home. But, Nwalan, an old friend of De’Tearion’s, appears and heals De’Tearion.
~~Mileena is pleased by Nwalan’s help, despite being creeped out by the Vanisher. She is also immensely grateful for De’Tearion rescuing her. But, now she is quite torn between her confusing feelings for De’Tearion and her duties to her kingdom and parents (who both hate De’Tearion and still consider him a serious threat even after he saves her).

Powers: Technically none, but she is connected to De’Tearion via a Feeding Bond, which has given her a minor oracular ability that allows her to see De’Tearion’s full/beast form in her dreams. It’s an involuntary ability, and one she is only barely aware of.
~~Also, because of the Feeding Bond, De’Tearion can track her, as well as call her to him. She is unaware of this though.

Skills: Has basic training with many weapons. Can ride a horse. Loves reading, sewing, stargazing, and gardening.

Other: She has nerve damage in her left shoulder/arm. She also has a tiny fracture in her left clavicle, though it’s somewhat healed. Her physicians have been unable to figure out what is wrong or what caused the damage. It is actually from De’Tearion’s multiple feedings on her, and he fractured her collarbone during the first feeding.
~~She also has anxiety due to her inexperience/naïveté.


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Crown Prince Dominic Algeron had been training to become King of Verillia since the day he was born. He had always been expected to one day take the lead, he just had not been expecting his coronation to be held off for as long as it had been. He was nearing twenty-five and was still crown prince, his father refusing to let him take the crown and the throne until he was 'ready.'

At this point, Dom didn't think his father believed he would ever be ready until the day he died. Or at least made it through a week without earning himself a beating from the king. Negotiations, battles, Dominic was practically leading the kingdom already yet the formality and the coronation itself would never arrive. He had given up hope that he would maybe one day earn the title, or at least that his father would still be around to see him crowned. But the stubborn bastard wouldn't hand over the reins and so Dominic was stuck doing his dirty work.

He should have been used to it, considering he had been in that boat practically since his family had died, but somehow his father still managed to find ways to surprise him. Whether that be springing a task on him that would be impossible to complete, or sending him away for negotiations with foreign kingdoms in hopes of mending relationships or beginning civil trade routes. The latter was exactly what Octavian had sent Dominic away for then.

The crown prince had travelled far from Verillia to make it for the meeting with King Agustin. The human prince was less than thrilled to be meeting with a man who had a reputation on him that clashed with his own. He had been handling the negotiations between royals of different peoples for years, or at least been present, but they had all been on the main continent. Never before had he have to travel by sea in order to meet with someone. Quite frankly, he was nervous, but he didn't let it show.

No, instead, as his ship docked into the port, the Crown Prince, clad in blue and gold, had his signature frown plastered over his face. Displeased, unafraid, unmoving. Nothing would move him or sway him. He was here on business. Hopefully, he wouldn't have to be there long, he could only hope that this Agustin was a man who was straightward. As much as he didn't want to be home with his father, Dominic certainly wasn't one to enjoy travelling into the unknown without much preparation. He didn't know nearly enough about these people to feel comfortable, but he was there now, and there was nothing he could do as he descended the plank, his boots clicking on the wood as he left the safety of his own ship.

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King Agustin had been anticipating a visitor from Verillia for a while now. There was a few issues he needed settled with their trade agreement, and the sooner the better. The Kingdom of Hēmalhim, Agustin’s home, was the only kingdom on Matatara Island to have steel. It was difficult to find iron on the Island, especially since all the mines were almost completely dried up. So, most of it had to be imported now.

Unfortunately, even that was difficult, because the Mainland was far, and the Island was surrounded by treacherous rocks guarded by aggressive sea creatures. Only Matataran ships could pass through without being attacked, which meant that the Matatarans had to send out ships to do any foreign trade.

Despite all that, Verillia had been a good source of iron, and trading half weapons and half coin for the iron had been a good deal. But, lately, Verillia had been sending less iron for a higher price. Agustin had let it slide for a bit, in case it was simply a temporary shortage, but it didn’t take him long to figure out that Verillia didn’t have a shortage at all. They were just getting greedy. He was determined to set things straight.

So, as the ship docked, Agustin was waiting. His red and gold cloak over his broad shoulders and his bejeweled steel crown on his subtly grey-tinted brown hair marked his identity clearly. Surprisingly, he only had a few guards around him, and there were no advisors or speakers in sight. Agustin liked taking care of things personally. He was also a war veteran, and never left home unarmed, so he didn’t feel the need to surround himself with a crowd. His carriage and escorts waited nearby though to take them home.

He nodded his head in greeting as he saw the Crown Prince depart from the ship. His expression was neutral, even calm. He seemed completely unfazed by Prince’s stern frown, like it wasn’t the first time he’d encountered such unfriendliness.

“Greetings and Welcome to Matatara Island, Crown Prince Dominic. I am King Agustin. We will be leaving immediately, as the Avrikeli don’t like foreign business being conducted on their lands. I have a carriage set specifically for you and your things. Though, if you wish to discuss business on the way back, you may join me in my carriage,”Agustin said politely, motioning toward the carriages waiting for them.

He then led to the way to them, indicating which carriage was his and which one was Dominic’s. The guards and escorts were doing their last minute checks of supplies and gear, a habit that was clearly routine to them.


When it came to trading, for the most part, Dominic was advised to let his father handle all the routes and deals. The man was still king, and even though it was the prince representing his kingdom at Hēmalhim on this occasion, he had been in charge of everything for the last few years.

Verillia was a rich kingdom. Large in size, with many agricultural sectors as well as many mining sectors, too. The land was rich for farming and possessed much iron as well as many other ores of value that other kingdoms did not possess. It was why they had grown so large, because they were the prime kingdom for resources that would be unobtainable to many others, whether that be on Matatara or on the main continent. Octavian had prided himself in the expansion of his kingdom.

It was one of the oldest, as well as largest, kingdoms that was still thriving. Dominic had been told the story of his ancestors many times as a child when his mother had still been alive. How they had fought tooth and nail for just a scrap of land, how his great ancestors had built the kingdom with their bare hands practically by themselves, had seen the value in the land they owned and created one of the most prosperous kingdoms of their time. Passed down generation by generation, king after king, Verillia had expanded until it became a force to be reckoned with, and now, a kingdom that many feared. However due to the amount of resources they had, many were forced to stay allied, even if they were terrified of what might happen if they were unable to uphold their end of the trade agreements.

Dominic landed on solid ground and was glad of it, his legs threatening to wobble from the change. As much as he loved the ocean, he was not a particular fan of travelling by sea, if only for the nausea that arose in his stomach on the first few days, and how walking on dry land became a struggle. Either way, he bowed low out of respect for Agustin when he was before him.

"A pleasure, Your Majesty," He said, and sidestepped to allow for his men to carry his belongings off the ship and towards the carriage, "It would be better to discuss business back at your palace." That way no prying ears or eyes would be watching or listening as they spoke.

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King Agustin noted Dominic’s wobbly footing, but made no visible reaction to it. Though, he actually somewhat admired Dominic’s walk. Agustin himself had only ever crossed a river via a big canoe. He’d never even set foot on a truly seaworthy ship. So, Agustin doubted he’d be anywhere near as steady as Dominic was. He’d probably fall on his ass fifteen times before actually getting a hold of himself.

He stepped to the side just like Dominic as the Prince’s men carried his stuff to his carriage. He then nodded at Dominic’s decision to wait before discussing anything, understanding the man’s logic completely.

“Very well. Once your belongings are loaded and the caravan checks finished, we’ll be off. If your men need help, you may ask any of mine to assist,”Agustin said.

He then headed off to help with the caravan checks. He also spoke with a well-dressed young man with a green and brown insignia on his shoulder. The youth appeared to be a liaison of sorts, and was most likely one of the Avrikeli that Agustin had mentioned earlier.