forum Sadie and Elijah try to save a girl from the Underworld (An OxO with Lily, lol)
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Elijah glances around, confusion in his eyes. This was eerily similar to how it all had started, the mist, the goals. He turned to Sadie, his vision clouded with memories.
Charli's eyes, sun-stained and gray and torn and empty and dead stared back at him. He shuddered and blinked and gasped to fight the tears. And then, as suddenly as it had come, the image was gone and it was Sadie in front of him and he was asking her where they were and he was spinning and falling in his head but he was grinning and smirking and laughing with Sadie and everything was fine, fine, just fine.


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Sadie sees the vision, and knows. She grabs Elijah's hand tightly as they fell, looking at him with comprehension. We're going to the Underworld, like you asked.

But she couldn't get the words out, couldn't breathe, couldn't think as she fell, the phantom winds snatching at her consciousness, threatening to take her away and never let her go.

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The mists filled Elijah's brain and his fedora went flying and his hair was pushed back and he was struggling to breathe and he was not enough, he was failure and he was lost and he was the mist and the pain and memories and then he was still.
His feet slammed into the ground. Pain shot through his legs and he crumpled, vaguely aware of Sadie doing the same beside him.


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Sadie does her best to keep their souls tethered to their respective bodies, fighting the pull of her blood. And then she collapsed…. pain lances through her as her spine is jackhammered and her ankles, her knees can't hold her weight. She just lays there, gasping for breath.

It takes nearly 20 minutes for her to inventory her body, make sure nothing is too badly injured. She tries to stand, and nearly screams in pain: her ankle was broken.

"Fuck…" she sighs, exhaling sharply, inhaling raggedly. "I don't think I can move."

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Elijah pants for what might as well have been an hour. He pulls himself to his feet, watching as Sadie does the same. He hears her curse and catches her as she collapses. Her breath comes out broken.
"I don't think I can move."
Elijah looks around, unsure. He squats next to her.
"I have some salve that might heal it but it will take time. We need to be in a safe location first, as you won't be able to move it. while it heals."


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Sadie sits where she is for a moment, then to her surprise the pain just… stops. She tests the ankle.

"Huh." she chuckles. "Must have something to do with my blood connection to this place."

She stands quickly. "Stay close, I guess. Don't wander. This is not a place for the living."

Being a child of a death spirit, she was able to see the place as it truly was: a vast, reddish void, with odd, gibbering screams and whispers ehoing and rebounding off of nothing. She shivers.

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Elijah can feel himself shaking with anticipation. Every step closer, he was closer to her. The cold infected his brain, and he couldn't think, couldn't breathe. He would save her from this place these horrors. He would.

Next to him, Sadie shivers. Elijah does miss the way her eyes dart back and forth, the way her hands shake.
"You hate this place, don't you?"


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Sadie nods shakily. "Yeah. Bad, bad memories."

She feels the cold creeping up on her as well, but she casts a spell to keep it at bay. She does it to Elijah as well.

"Night will fall soon. We need to find shelter." she murmurs.

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Sadie's face was pale in the moonlight as she nodded. Elijah watched her for a moment, and realized they shared the same pain.
Those stained by grief recognize their own.
He adverts his eyes, glancing around. "How about there?" He points to a small roughly groved cave.


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As Elijah seems to come to his own conclusion, she comes to her own. He shares a similar past to mine.

Sadie checks it and nods. "Looks safe as anything can be down here."

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Elijah steps forward, shaking his head to clear away the cobwebs of thoughts within, chastising himself.
Charli. We're here for Charli, remember? The reminder lays heavy against his beating heart. He laces his fingers through the thin leather cord around his neck. Its metal crescent moon pendant slides against his chest and he releases the necklace as though it left him burnt.
He shuddered. This place, this hell, it brought out his worst thoughts.

Glancing back at his new friend, however, he couldn't help but smile. "Allow me to go first, m'lady, and ascertain its safety. It is, after all," he gave a swooping bow and winked, "my gentleman's honor to protect you."


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Sadie sighs, watching Elijah intently, looking for signs of the mist that hung around trying to claim him. She sees none, but that meant nothing to her. She notes the motion of him grasping the talisman at his throat, surprised but not confused.

Sadie groans, but aqcuises. Can't hurt. "Sure, go ahead. I don't sense anything anyways."

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Elijah grinned at her exasperation and winked once more, before slipping past her and into the cave. He leaned against the cool stone, fighting the memories that threatened to overtake him, the things he'd never spoken aloud. He gritted his teeth and took a heaving breath, forcing back the salt that begged to spill from his eyes.
After a moment, he glanced around the cave. "All's clear!"
He turned back to wait for Sadie and caught her eyes quickly, before glancing away. Quit being stupid, Elijah.


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Sadie sighs but laughs. He's very… something.

She waits as Elijah collects his thoughts, and murmurs an old poem to herself. She jumps when he speaks, having wandered into the labyrinth of her own mind. She nods and pads into the cave, keeping a respectful distance between herselfand Elijah.

She winces when he catches her eye, and sighs in relief when he looks away. "Okay… we need to get some rest. Come morning, we'll need all our strength."


Elijah falters as he notices Sadie's wince at their eye coontact. He kicked himself.
Idiot. You are here for Charli and she knows it. Focus on right now.

He paused, noticing her shiver. "Cold?"


"Hey, it's okay. We'll find her, I promise." Sadie murmurs gently.

She nods. "Yeah, but it doesn't affect me as much as it will affect you."


Elijah shuddered. How had she known?
"Here." He slipped his t-shirt off before she could object, leaving a thin, white, guy tank-top. He wrapped it around her shoulders. "Better?" He sat down agast the cave wall, pulling her with him.


Sadie yelps, tensing as Elijah takes his shirt off. "What-?"

When he pulls her with him, she nearly whimpers but stops herself. He isn't Roland, he's not like that.


Elijah slides over, making a few inches between them. His eyebrows creased and he could feel unfamiliar anger in his veins. Not at Sadie, never. At whoever had hurt her; whoever had made her cry out like that.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."


Sadie sighs. "No- it wasn't you. It's just- trauma. Bad."

Her words were strangely clipped.