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Yoooo ya girl finally gave in and made one haha

~ ~ ~

The kingdom of Ovelia spans the entirety of its continent. It is a prosperous land, rich in materials both above and below ground. Despite its size, the population isn't particularly dense. Most of its people live in smaller towns, typically at least two days travel apart. The inhabitants of these towns tend to have extremely specialized skills. For instance, most people in one town may specialize in farming, and have rolling fields of wheat or potatoes, while the next town over has a sprawling mine that its people pull ores from to forge into weapons and tools and the like.

Though few people do so, there are some that live outside of these towns. Being too far from a town, especially by oneself, is exceedingly dangerous. Once the sun sets, things start to go bump in the night… and no one wants to be alone and without shelter when they do. But for some, the call of adventure is just too strong to resist. So they set out, usually with a group of like-minded companions, to explore the wonders of the world and uncover the secrets that their peers are too afraid to look for.

This is the way things have been for as long as any living Ovelian can remember. But a new development in the castle has caused things to change. The ruling monarch, King Remus, is reaching the end of his days. As such, there is much concern over who will inherit the throne. Typically, the next in line would be crowned upon their predecessor's passing, but His Majesty has announced a decree that turns this onto its head: Any adventurer who returns with a dragon egg, the prize earned only by defeating a dragon from another realm, will be crowned as the next ruler of Ovelia. Rumor has it that this decree was put in place to keep his son, Prince Malachi, out of power, but not many who are after the throne care about that bit. They're more concerned with finding a functioning portal to this other dimension, as almost all of them were destroyed in a time long past.

And rumor has it that one innkeeper may be the only person alive that has any knowledge on the matter.

~ ~ ~

So! Welcome to the RP! This could be either a small group RP or a one-on-one, I'm not picky. Your character(s) have heard a rumor that a group of adventurers seeking a portal found the location of one, stopped at an inn while they were gathering supplies, and were found a week later, several days travel from the inn and completely and totally dead. Now, people are after the innkeeper after finding a note tucked in one of the adventurers' bags saying that they had sworn not to tell a soul of its location. After all, that innkeeper may be sworn to secrecy, but there are… other ways of getting the information one needs, should they prove difficult.

(If it's not clear, I'd like to play the innkeeper.)

I do have some rules that I'm gonna set, please read and follow them!

  • andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s rules, obviously.
  • While I don't mind romance, sexual content is not allowed. It'll upset the baby. I'm baby.
  • Violence is fine though lmao
  • On that topic, if you have triggers/sensitive topics, please let me know so I can avoid them! If you'd rather tell me in DMs, feel free.
  • LGBTQ+ is loved and welcomed here!
  • Typical Minecraft stuff. Blocks shrink down when they're broken, monsters spontaneously appear at night, the usual.
  • Your character can be a wizard/witch/sorcerer/magical person, but no outright powers. If it ain't a spell or a potion, they can't do it.
  • Please don't be super OP, and don't hurt/kill anyone else's character without their permission.
  • Please keep your responses more than two lines long! I totally understand that it's difficult to write a whole lot sometimes, but one-liners are kind of frustrating to see.
  • For the love of Philza Minecraft, the creator of Minecraft, please have decent grammar. I'm not asking for perfection, just something better than "uwu i run up 2 ur char n pnch them in da FaCe with my big scary fists rawr" please I'm begging you
  • Also tense is kind of a pet peeve of mine? And pov? Third person past tense, please. ^^'

If you've read all that and want to join, welcome aboard! Sorry it was so long dklsavn


Alright, here it is!! By the way, do you guys want me to close this now or see if anyone else is interested in joining?



And here's our inkeeper!! Sorry this took so long kdnav

Name: Philip Hall Merchant
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Personality: Philip startles very easily and is not fond of actually going to new places, though he knows quite a bit about the world. He tries his best to be helpful, but his jumpiness in uncomfortable situations tends to hinder this. Kinda blanking on things to write down right now but I promise he has a personality dksavl
Backstory(optional): You'll find out :)
Other: He has a dog named Mina and she's a Very Good Girl.

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(it's alright)

Name: Eric
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pan, possibly can-sexual
Personality: Eric is close to being considered talkative and always tries to listen to what others have to say He is a person who always tries to make sure he doesn't get on anyone's bad side since he has trouble defending himself in a fight. When he is in an argument he would think to himself if the argument is worth his time, then he would either argue or just say "Ok. You're right." He tends to get messy and slow from time to time
Appearance: He has light brown skin, black hair, and brown eyes. He always wears glasses with black frames and a grey jacket, but his usual attire is shirts with logos on them (or tie-dye shirts), cargo shorts, and sneakers.
Backstory(optional): This Will be revealed in the RP (because I'm too lazy to write it at the moment)
Other: He's a pig whisperer

@SpookyScarySnoteleks group

Name: Teigi
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Personality: Teigi's very friendly and talkative, but has trouble with social cues. He always carries a journal with him, as he loves to write. He thinks with his emotions more often than not, which has gotten him into serious trouble in the past.
Appearance: He has pale skin and freckles, green eyes, and messy, ash-brown hair. He usually wears plain, solid-color shirts and jeans, with tall boots.
Other: He has an orange cat named Ren.