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(No, that's a good template. Again, Phalakros looks like a cool character. ;))

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Name: Sylvia Forest

Age: 23

Race/Species: human

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Hair Color: Black with silvery white streaks

Height: 6’0

Weight: 135 lbs. (idk?)

Basic Personality: She is very outgoing and is very emotional. She usually lets her actions speak louder than her words. At first, she may come off as seductive, villainous, and maybe insane, but she is really childish inside.


-She lives alone in an abandoned, hidden castle in the forest, that she rarely leaves. She loves collecting and using weapons and loves experimenting with potions.

-Her powers are creating and controlling plants, reading minds (sort of), controlling pain and healing, communicating with snakes, levitating, and can shapeshift into a black cobra with aventurine green spots. Snake Pic

-Pic of Sylvia (both of the girls shown are Sylvia)

-She wears a golden snake collar on her neck, that can become a real snake. (She named him Sylvester.) Snake Collar/Sylvester Pic

-She had to fix her voice after accidentally messing with a potion that made her voice sound high pitched and obnoxious. (Kinda like a female villain from a nickelodeon kids show.) She lived with it for a while but grew tired of people (and snakes) mention it. After getting many treatments and potions, she now has a seductive voice and has an occasional lisp (kinda like a snake hiss, it mainly shows whenever she says something with an "s")

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(Fun Fact: Sylvia was originally one of the first villains that I made for a play with my friend two years ago. Her high-pitched voice is a reference to how I performed her when our group of friends performed it.)

(Ngl, it was one of the cringiest plays I have ever written, but Sylvia is my favorite character from those plays. I just want to build on her a bit in this rp.)

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(Sure, if you want to. Also, is it okay if I mess with your character? (hurt him remotely?))

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(Like, are you okay with my character hurting your character?)

@Serpentess health_and_safety language

(Sorry if it’s vague. I’m half asleep writing this)

Phalakros wandered through the trees, his eyes flicking around repeatedly. Every noise made him jump, and every corner or crevice seemed to hold more shadows than they should. The moon didn’t even help, instead making things worse.

The sensation of something watching him haunted him. He hated the feeling, but it persisted for seemingly no reason.

He wanted to get out, out of the strange trees, out of the nighttime shadows, out of the terrifying unfamiliarity around him. A whisper in the distance caught his attention and he whimpered. He couldn’t tell if it was real or imagined.

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(Don't worry, it's fine. Mine looks pretty rushed too, ngl.)

Sylvia walked through the forest she knew and loved, humming a waltz she heard a while ago. The young lady loved how the moonlight shone eerily through the trees. Suddenly, Sylvie heard a rustling of bushes and twigs snapping a few feet away from her, she turned her head.

She didn't see anyone, but she turned on her magic, "Anyone who is 1,000 yards or less away from me," she whispered to herself. She placed her palm on the first tree she saw; the tree glowed a vibrant green aura as she touched it.

Sylvia then unsheathed her sword and stabbed the tree, anyone 1,000 yards or less away from her would feel as if someone had stabbed them in the stomach internally. She pulled out her sword and stabbed the tree again, for good measure. Then, she levitated a few feet off of the ground and listened carefully for the sound of anyone shouting in pain or even falling to the floor.

@Serpentess health_and_safety language


A green light caught his attention and Phalakros froze, shaking in terror. Then, piercing agony shot through his gut and he gasped, doubling over. Before he could even recover, the pain hit him again and he whined, collapsing to his knees.

Maroon tears welled in his eyes and he curled up, arms wrapped tightly around his abdomen. He whimpered occasionally.

He didn’t know how, or why, he was in such horrible pain. Nor did he know what to do about it. He was helpless, utterly, utterly helpless. And, it terrified him even more.

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Sylvia turned her head once again; she heard something, or someone fall not too far away from her. She withdrew the magic from the tree and changed into her snake form and carefully slithered through the bushes.

Once she reached the victim, she lifted her head and tilted it. She had never seen this kind of… creature before. The creature looked like it would be slightly taller than her human form, but the poor thing was on the ground in absolute pain and terror. Sylvie quickly assumed it was harmless, for now.

The black snake tried to talk to him, only to realize that he would just hear soft hisses. She cautiously approached the terrified creature and instantly changed into her human form, "Um, hello?"