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I would love to do a Phantom if the Opera rp But FxF. I don’t really like the initial coupling in the original so I’d like this to be whoever plays Christine’s character with Phantom’s character. I think I’ll be following the same plot as the movie and play

They say a ghost resides in the Opera house. A ghost with a silk mask covering the scared and mangled side of her face. No asked questions, they all saw her a monster. So she’s be what they thought. A ghost among the shadows, a creature of the night, never to be seen, only to be heard through her voice.


  • no NSFW, we’ll skip if it get some near that
  • I’ll put up a template soon
  • please let me know if you decide to leave so I don’t bump every five minutes, or let me know if you don’t want to continue, I won’t be offended
  • please at least a paragraph, I get it if it’s a slow bit but give me something to work with
  • i’d like to be the phantom character but I can be convinced otherwise
  • please know the general story of POTO
  • have fun


(Here you go)

Graham chuckled a little bit, "I can certainly understand that. But I wouldn't take it from you, after all, wouldn't that be rude? I have more than enough for myself, so why horde? Especially if you enjoy it this much, or anywhere near as much as I do, which I must admit is quite a lot." He said with a smile, acting a lot less like his normal, sort of snobby self. "But about the boys, I do agree that perhaps it isn't the best idea to have them caught, at least with my hand in it. I can see how that would be traumatizing, and earn me another enemy. Which at the moment, is the last thing I need. Because currently, I have you, Storm, and practically every civilian and hero in the city." His smile turned into a frown as he thought about what he had said, "Oh wow, I didn't realize how many people in this city actually hated me. . . Oh well, I hate most of them back, so I guess the feeling is mutual." He took another sip of his apple juice, a smile on his face once again, "I'm glad you enjoy it, I had been workshopping it for a while, kind of just using it as a hobby, but when I destroyed your bike I decided that it was time to that bike to good use. Have you figured out all the features yet? I added some with your specific powers in mind, but I'm going to tell you how to find them, that's for you to do yourself." He smiled with satisfaction of his hard work and started to think about something else he could possibly invent. Maybe a bike similar to the one he made for Asher?

Then he heard Asher's voice bring him back to reality. He looked over at the other boy and sensed that perhaps he was feeling guilty or something of that nature. "You don't need to feel guilty for what you've done to me. It isn't your fault that I decided to use my powers for evil. Well, I'm not using them for evil, I'm using them for I think is right, if that makes sense. I'm having my own sort of fun and playing jokes or whatever against the people who control this city. I'm doing my own thing, and so are you. You shouldn't feel guilty for doing what you believe is right, as you can see the other hero's don't. They think that we're the bad guys, that we're scum, and if in their eyes that's true, then in their world and in their conscience it's true." He stopped and took another sip of his juice, "Does that make sense? If you're doing what you believe is right, then you're not doing the wrong thing. At least, in your mindset, you aren't doing anything. So, if you truly believe that I am a villain, then you shouldn't feel bad for beating me up or whatever." He said with a sigh, "Although I will probably sound like a masochist or whatever, I don't exactly mind the beatings or whatever, I've sort of gotten used to the pain and the threats. I don't know how many times you've threatened to either drown me or freeze me, and of course, there are the other heroes who have actually attempted it, so I think you're fine." Then, when he fell silent, he realized how weird that must of sound, "Wait, no no, I mean, well, in my opinion, you're not as bad as the other heroes here, so if anything you can stay the others can leave." Then, he sort of got an idea, "If it makes it any easier, perhaps I could possibly try being not as bad of a bad guy? I mean, although my body is somewhat used to the beatings, I can't go on like this forever." His eyes lit up as the idea he had been trying to grasp at finally formed in his mind, "What if we tried to take down Storm together! After I heal up of course."

His usual smirk of self-satisfaction reappeared on his face as he waited for Asher's response, Maybe I just solved this problem, actually no I solved two, and if this works three, and if all of this comes together possibly four, and you know what? What if I solved all of the problems in the world? What if I just solved world hunger!?!!? He shook his head a little bit, thinking about the last one, No, that might be pushing it a little bit, but if it works, who knows! Then he looked down at the plate of food, realizing that he hadn't eaten too much of it, "Oh, uhm, you don't need to worry about that, when I finish, I'll clean up after myself, or at least I'll try too. I don't really eat too much, to begin with, so I don't want you to have to wait for me once everything is done. That wouldn't be fair to you, to have to wait on me hand and foot, especially since I'm not in the hospital, and you're not being paid for any of this." As he studied the boy's body language and words, he got the feeling that he wasn't alright, and was still thinking of himself in the wrong. So with all the strength he had, he pushed himself off the bed and walked over to him. Wincing in pain, and biting his lip to keep the grunts of pain to himself, "Asher, please don't feel bad about what has happened, or what you did. You were trying to protect yourself, and your identity and that's alright. I scared you, and I really should have left you alone. Please don't think that you aren't the hero, to most of the people in this city, you are on of the top tier heroes, and you should continue to think of yourself in that way, at least in my opinion, you should."


(XD it is a bit but I do love the detail and writing style! This will work great! Here’s the template)
Physical appearance
Bit of history


Name: Adelia Mannox

Age: 24

Sexuality: Lesbian, but very closeted

Personality: She's rather quiet on a day to day basis, and normally just keep to herself, avoiding other people. But when she enters the stage, she seems to light up completely on stage when she sings. But she never truly has a chance to do so since she's just one of the dancers, as she likes to put it. Other than that though, she appears to be a rather cold person, due to the fact that she normally avoids most people, but once you truly get to know her, you see that she is very kind and loving, just too scared to show it.

Physical Appearance: Adelia's skin color is a deep caramel shade, with a light blush on her cheeks that never seems to leave. Her eyes a dark shade of brown, nearly a black as she has been told oh so many times. She's rather slim with a sort of pear body shape, although she believes that she's overweight. Her dark brown hair hangs in loose curls down by her waist, although she normally keeps it in a bun or an updo, unless she is performing.

Specialty: She loves to sing and in a way, she lights up whenever she does. She is just so happy to do what she loves.

Likes: She loves to sing, and in her personal time, she will be found in her rented room reading or just relaxing.

Dislikes: She dislikes spending time with others, and she gets very stressed when around others that she doesn't know. And she gets very annoyed with others who are just sort of rude for no reason.

Bit of history: (I'll get to this)

Other: She's a leftie?


(She’s cute! I like her a lot!)
Name - Genevieve Thorne
Age - 25
Sexuality- pan
Personality - She’s very close does off and distant from most people, mostly die to her history with interacting with others. She does eventually open up but only to a very select few people. Other than being isolated, She’s very passionate about her job, which consists of keeping the Opera house in shape and keeping the art of classical music alive
Appearance - lean figure that’s around 5’11. She has raven black hair that stops near the small of her back in thick waves. Her eyes are deep green with flecks of gold. The right sidebar of her face is smooth a pale with the left is scared over and blistered over from the abuse she endured as a child and the fire. Her normal attire consists of mostly white blouses and slacks, something both comfortable and functional. She rarely wears dresses or anything too fancy. She almost always keeps a mask on. They range in colors and shapes but mostly all cover her scared left side of the face.
Likes - roses and macabre settings. The night time, classical music, singing (mostly opera since that’s what she’s grew up hearing, and playing her beloved violin
Dislikes - most people, talking about her childhood or past traumas. Pitch darkness, being alone
But if history - Genevieve grew up as a normal child until 4 years only when a fire devastated her family’s farm on the outskirts of France. She was the only one to survive the accident but she made it out half burnt. She was found by a few passer bys and was sold off to a freak-show. She was given the name “Phoenix Rising” by the ringmaster And was put on display in a large birdcage where she mostly lived for 7 years. She was severely beaten and abused while at The freak show, causing most of her dislike for people that she has now. She knows how to survive, no matter the cost of others. Now she resides at the Opera house, roaming its hidden passageways and halls, only known as a phantom.
Other - She’s likes to read, sometimes stealing some books from the Opera house archive.


The creaks in the woomboards and soft howling from the windows had always felt like a sort of symphony to Genevieve, something she found comforting to her lonely nights. Well, not so lonely now. She glanced down at the scraggly cat padding beside her as they both walked the halls of the empty opera house. “You mangy thing.” Genevieve whispered with a sweet smile, pressing close to a door, listening for any sound behind it. “Quiet now,” She said, peeking inside to the library and waving the candelabra around the darkened room. It was after hours now, well into the late hours of the night, well after most if not all of the dancers had gone home or had him gone to sleep within their rooms while they performed for the year. Perfect time to be in the library. Genevieve set the candelabra down in the center of the room and turned in a full circle, a bright smile graced her features as she gazed upon the velvet covered cushions and lightly dusted shelves full to the brim with books. She had never really known why a library was in an opera house but she wasn’t really complaining. She roamed around for a good hour, picking up a few books here and there. Once she had a good stack, she settled on one of the plush couches next to her cat friend and started her reading adventure for the night.


Adelia had been delayed slightly, and by slightly, she had had to spend a few hours, cleaning up the dressing room she shared with the leading lady of the current opera. The woman had spilled some of her powder in her room and had had Adelia clean up the room. Now it was extremely late, and the woman was exhausted. She padded through the halls, holding a candle in her hands to light up the dark halls. As she walked, she hummed one of the arias from the opera, before she began to sing it quietly, just trying to make herself feel less alone as she walked through the halls. Eventually, she came to the exit of the building and sighed quietly as she looked out into the night. I guess it'll be a long walk tonight. She thought to herself, as she began to walk out into the night, shielding her candle to the winds of the night. Finally, she made it to her boarding house, climbing up the stairs to her rented room. The mistress of the house and the other boarders had already gone to bed, and it seemed as though the only thing that was still awake was the fire in the kitchen, burning a warm ember as it heated the house. Silently, she pushed the door open to her room, smiling a bit to see her home. She quickly changed into her nightclothes, then washed up before climbing into her bed, curling up into the warm blankets falling asleep.


Genevieve awoke with a gasp, her eyes widen and full of tears as she managed to sit up from the couch. She glanced around and slowly set the book she had been clutching to her chest down. She pulled off her mask and wiped away the tears.
cover that up girl, no one wants to see your ugly side
She nodded to herself and put back on the silk mask, covering her burned and scared skin. She took a moment to breath before standing and taking a hold of her Candelabra. She could see it was still night time outside, though a few rays of sunlight could be seen creeping over the hills. “Come now, we have not a moment to lose.” She said to her feline friend, setting the book back in its place and striding off to her underground fortress. Over the past 10 years since she’s had found the abandoned Opera house, she had made herself at home in the tunnels. She had been forced to stay in the tunnels once real estate agents came to claim the opera house as their own. Little did they know the girl already residing there would make it a living hell for them to sell. No one wanted to own a haunted opera house. Well, that’s what she thought until the two most recent owners did. At first she had indebted to drive them out like she’s did the rest of her visitors, but she wasn’t I trugued by the fact that they would revive the opera house instead of tear it down into housing or property to be sold off again so she allowed for them to stay. The first few years were fine until an older woman had found her secret tunnels and eventually found A young Genevieve fighting for her life in The dank tunnels. She was 16 though she’s looked closer to 11 or 12 in her physique. The headmistress Offered to take care of her and even a place in her choir and ballet. When Genevieve refused, the headmistress was confused but offered an alternative. She would take care of her if she didn’t cause trouble for her choir or ballet. And that she was welcome anytime to join if she so chose. Genevieve accepted the offer at the time, seemingly to Be left alone by the older woman as soon as possible, but now she’s was grateful. The headmistress was one of the only people Genevieve considered a friend, considered a parental figure. Since then, she had mastered her own art in classical opera singing and violin playing, as well as some sword play, though it was more theatrical than useful.
Genevieve day at her desk across from her lavish bed, which she had always thought a bit too extreme for her taste, and began writing a note on black, charcoal paper and gold ink.
i look forwards to seeing your choir and ballet tonight. I’ve been listening from afar. They all seem to be doing very well, though please keep the one with the snobbish attitude towards the back. She’s been messing with the one to her right a bit to much for my liking. I’d love to hear the girls voice more pronounced as well. I expect my seat to be left empty as always.
With great gratitude, Phantom


Adelia awoke late the next morning to a knock on her door. She stretched a little bit, mumbling a quiet, "One moment," before pulling on her dressing gown. I wasn't expecting any visitors, and the performance isn't until this evening, I do hope it hasn't been canceled, or that I've been removed from this performance. I know that Victoria has been complaining about me a bit, and well, she is a much better singer. The girl thought with a sad sigh, tears filling her eyes as she began to walk to her door. Pulling her robe tighter around herself, she opened the door, only to see the mistress of the house at her door. "Adelia, you've been sent a note from the opera house, you're to come in a bit early this morning."

The woman nodded, taking the note from the woman, before glancing up from her, "Mrs. Griffiths, the not has been opened." The landlady just gave a shrug, before walking off. Sighing once more, Adelia closed the door behind her, before turning away and getting dressed for the day. She sat down at her dressing table before looking herself over in the mirror, then pulled out her hairpins. She preferred to let her hair loose and hang by her waist, but the "fashions" required a woman's hair to up and pinned, as Mrs. Griffith loved to say, "A woman must no be seen out without her hair pinned up, it's simply improper to not do so." Well, the woman loved to deem anything that she wouldn't do as improper, accenting the sentence with a sniff at the end, and although that could grow a bit tiresome she was kind and loving, and she never truly bothered Adelia, besides reading her letters from suitors or other things.

Once she had gotten dressed for the day, she went downstairs for breakfast and was glad to see that Mrs. Griffiths had made sure there was a plate left for her. She didn't exactly want to be around the other girls today. Most of them were friends of Victoria, and well, they disliked her because the other girl did, and so she tried to avoid them as much as possible. She quickly finished her food, before going back up to her room, cleaning up a bit before heading out towards the opera house.

Since rehearsals didn't start until much later, Adelia decided to go window shopping, browsing from window to window, admiring the dresses and hats on display in the windows, before eventually going into one of the shops to try on one of the hats, after a few minutes of turning it this way and that, she held it in her hands looking down at it. This hat was gorgeous, but she didn't have enough money for it. The shopkeeper quietly approached her, saying that he would be able to hold on to it for a little bit so that she could perhaps purchase it at a later date. Smiling she hugged the man, thanking him for that, about to leave when she saw Victoria and a few of her friends enter the shop. Seeing the hat in Adelia's hands, she snatched it away from her, "What do you think you're doing trying on a hat like this, it's a shame to see you think that you can afford things like this. This type of thing only goes to leading ladies, like me." She said, trying the hat on before, waving the shopkeeper over, "I'll purchase this hat, sir." She said, her voice so sweet and kind.

Adelia watched silently before exiting the door and walking down towards the opera house. She tried to fight back her tears as she entered the building, rushing to her dressing room dabbing them away. Once she had regained her composure and was dressed in her proper theater attire, she headed towards the headmistress's room, knocking on the door.


Genevieve sat impatiently in the headmistress’ office, bounding her leg as she waited for a reply. She had decided that it would have been better to voice her concerns to the older woman instead of just writing a letter. “You know the girl has potential. You know she’s more capable than anyone else here. Especially Victoria. All I’m asking is you give her a chance. She deserves at least that much for the troubles she’s been through here.” She argued, standing from her seat and pacing around the room, her silk mask shining in the dim light, casting the rest of her features in shadows. She rolled her eyes as the headmistress gave her a petty excuse of ‘not being ready yet,’ or ‘not experienced enough to sing that part.’
Genevieve honestly didn’t care. Yes it was childish of her to argue over something like this but she had made it her duty to revive classical music and opera and she’s be damned if she let yet another talent go to waste because some snobbish rich girl took away another’s opportunity.
“All I’m saying is put her in as a solo for now. If you don’t like how it sounds, change it back and have the girl work with me. I’ll teach her. She doesn’t need to know who I am.”


Adelia waited for the door to open, knowing that the headmistress was there since she could hear her, although she wasn't sure who the other voice belonged to. As she waited, she began to listen to the conversation, although she was only able to pick up bits and pieces of what was being said, and she was sort of excited. Are they- they are talking about me? Was that why I was told to come in early? The girl thought as she began to walk away from the door when some of the other performers walked past. But who was that other voice? She thought as she began to walk to her dressing room. It sounds sort of familiar, but I just, I don't know if I've heard it before. Adelia sat down on the chaise in the dressing room, before going over the music for the night.


After an hour or so of discussing and arguing, Genevieve finally convinced the headmistress to give the girl, who Genevieve found out the name to be Adelia, a chance as the main singer, at least in rehearsal. She’s have to wait to see if the girl got the main lead later. “I’m glad we could come to a conclusion.” Genevieve said with a bright smile. She peeked out of the room to make sure no one was in the halls before departing the office. She glanced down as the cat joined her once again, seemingly out of nowhere. “I see you’re catching on quickly petite cher. she cooed, making a quick stop to the dressing room. He had never been in any of them, though she knew where they were, having heard the girls gossip and occasional drama about boys from other parts of France and such. She had considered giving the note to the headmistress, knowing it would get to the girl eventually, but she didn’t want them read by her first. So instead, today Genevieve’s would make her own special delivery. She eventually came to The hall of dressing rooms and found Adelia’s The only one not full of chatter and giggling. She knocked gently and set the note as well as her signature rose down before the girl couldn’t open the door. “One more.” She said softly, disappearing with the cat into a hidden alcove in the wall with nothing More than a pull of a book from a nearby book shelf.
I look forwards to seeing you perform tonight. I do hope you all the best. Pay no mind to those around you that wish you unfortunate. You’ll always have a friend here.
Best of all luck, a friend.


Adelia had begun to thumb through one of the books she kept in her room when she heard a knock on the door. She mumbled a half-hearted "Coming." Before standing up, and walking to the door. She placed her book down onto her dressing table before opening the door to let the person in. But when she opened the door, she was surprised to see no one there and glanced around looking for the person who knocked. Not seeing anyone there, Adelia started to close the door, then looked down to see a rose and a note down on the ground. She picked it up, before taking the two into the room. Who could have given me this? She thought with a sigh, lifting the flower to her nose, before placing it down onto her table. Then she sat back down onto her chaise, opening the note and reading it. "A friend? What friend?" She mumbled to herself, hiding the note when the girl who shared her dressingroom came in.


Genevieve glanced down as the cate gave out a low meow. The woman laughed and shook her head “You poor creature. Don’t worry, I’m doing nothing more sending a warning. I merely deliver the note. It’s up to her if I should change my tactics and deliver what was in the note.” She said, still smiling though her eyes grew dark. “Especially if this girl keeps harassing others.” She added on, her smile completely gone now. She turned sharply to the left and swiftly opened another doorway to The hall. She waited patiently, looking out into into the empty hall to make sure it was empty. She could hear voices behind the multiple doors lining this section of the dressing hall. She set the note down with no rose this time. She knocked hard on the door, her gloved hand hitting the door three times before Genevieve turned away and went back into her hiding place.
to the ladies who, for some reason, continuously harass the other girls in your group. You know exactly whom I speak of. If I see or hear any more of this behavior continue, I will personally take care of it. And believe me, I see and hear everything. You do not want to upset me.
A friend or foe, your choice.