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Hey guys,

Feel free to create your own rules for each RP. However, I want to include a few global rules for everyone:

  1. Be respectful and courteous to everyone you're roleplaying with. You can still be respectful while your character dislikes another character. Lets keep all personal attacks out of it, though.

  2. No racial slurs or other offensive phrases, unless explicitly approved in the thread's first comment laying out the rules. While worlds can be incredibly diverse, I want to make sure we fully envelop ourselves in them instead of letting any real-life bias or issues creep in.

  3. For the time being, lets make sure all RPs are R at most, but ideally around PG-13: in other words, no explicit sexual content, please. If you're going to include explicit violence, please make a note that it's OK/accepted at the start of the thread.

  4. When possible, it'll help your fellow roleplayers get a sense of the world and its content if you include a link to your character page, location pages, or other things being talked about. This'll also help establish a sense of shared world for you to freely RP within.

I think these cover everything for the time being, but I'll leave it up to thread-makers to make more specific rules for their thread. I'll also be moving all the existing roleplaying threads into this section to make it a nice resource for anyone looking to join or start an RP. Enjoy!

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