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The illegal underground station Revolution Radio is headed by the mysterious Liberty. She puts out songs by local punk bands, spreads information long before anyone else knows, and is hailed as the queen of the local underground. No one really knows more than her supposed name and her voice- through the very few people who have met with her have reported hot pink hair and a black masquerade mask. And she loves the anonymity-it gives her a safe distance from her old life. Except she feels herself falling for a girl, and people from her past are starting to pop up in the safe haven she's built around her- and this queen is letting her crown slip.

((Legit just wanna flesh out this story idea and thought it would make a fun rp. I don't have a set limit, but defo looking for a love interest and at least one person from her past))


Name: Martha L. Jones
Aliases: Liberty
Age: 18-22, she never reveals her real age
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Fair skin, bright blue eyes, and hot pink hair in a "Joan Of Arc" cut. She's fairly short, and wears a black masquerade mask in public to conceal her face.
Personality: Liberty is rebellious, loud, and extroverted, but she's also extremely secretive, and is far too good at keeping negative emotions under wraps
Other: N/A