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This roleplay will contain a bunch of mature and/or triggering themes. I suggest keeping well away if you are sensitive to: gore and graphic violence, vulgar language (i.e. lewd messages, cursing), mentions of sexual assault (though actual depictions of such won't happen); other triggering themes include stalking, death threats, mentions of abuse and/or mentions of suicide and/or self-harm.


Here we are.

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Basic Info

Nicknames (Optional):
Gender (Biological):
Gender Identity:


Skin Tone:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Body Type:
Identifying Marks (tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc.):
Usual Outfit:


Basic Personality (descriptive terms, such as "calm" and "kind" can work instead of a full personality description):
Physical Conditions:
Mental Conditions:
Backstory (optional; only write until they get captured, please):

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(sorry for taking a while, i also wanted to ask if you were okay with postponing this for a bit? I'm not doing too well both physically and mentally but if not, that's alrighty, I still appreciate your willingness to make a separate rp for me :) here's the character page just in case you don't mind waiting for a while)

Basic Info

Name: Vixen Colburn; Formally known as Patient 02-L, "Lyra."
Nicknames (Optional): Vix, Vicky
Age: 21
Gender (Biological): Male
Gender Identity: Female
Pronouns: She/Her, will also respond to They/Them


Skin Tone: Ivory/Beige, though has a few dark patches on her skin that look like freckles in some parts but are not, it is just the work of hyperpigmentation
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 136 lbs
Eye Color: Sea Green
Hair Color: Coal Black, two decently big chunks of her hair having turned a dark blue over time though it kind of blends with the black
Hair Style: Middle part, very wavy and decently long
Body Type: Ectomorph, boxy and thin

Identifying Marks (tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc.): Has a thick short scar on one side of her stomach from getting stabbed by one of her boyfriends in the past and a thinner scar on her face that's just a straight line in a slant on one side of her face being near the mouth (not connecting) and ending near her left eye but stops before getting there, also done by the same person. It's a bit of a story.

Usual Outfit: Outside of the facility she gravitates towards oversized sweaters on the bad days, dresses, skirts, and short sleeves on a good day. She rarely wears pants, but when she does she usually pairs them with the oversized sweaters. Loves cool colors and very simple/easy on the eye colors/clothes.


Basic Personality (descriptive terms, such as "calm" and "kind" can work instead of a full personality description): Fearful, Anxious, Pushover, Sweet, Caring

Sexuality: Straight

Fears: Getting extremely physically hurt, The thought of dying alone/or while being tested on, Astraphobia
Hopes: Gaining enough control over the abilities she has and using them to help others who are in her same situation, Escaping (though it's very low on her list of hopes), Going back to school and leading a normal life
Motivations/Goals: Mastering her abilities to near perfection (if possible), The idea of traveling one day to somewhere far away from where she is now, Getting married and having a family
Hobbies: Taking walks at night/Running in the rain, Road Tripping, Dancing, Poker
Talents: Comforting others, Listening, Memorizing things, Gambling

Physical Conditions: Addison’s Disease
Mental Conditions: Depression, Anxiety

Backstory (optional; only write until they get captured, please): Vixen was born to parents who were never married and split shortly after she was born. She never got to know her father as he left when Vixen was three. She has an older sister, Blake, who worked in an unknown job when she was younger.

Vixen was raised by a single parent, her mother, who struggled to bring in money and keep the three of them fed- that was until her eldest daughter started working and helping with paying off bills. Even though Vixen had a loving sister and mother, she still felt very alone as a kid because her mother would be at work and her sister at what they called a "special school" that would keep her away from home, sometimes for days at a time. Vixen also attended school, but it was a normal public school. She grew up lonely in daycares and at home by herself most of the time as sometimes her mother didn't have the means to pay someone to look after her.
Making friends at school also came hard for her as she was singled out for not being "normal" due to the way she wanted to identify.

This seemed to deeply affect her later on as she developed more of a people-pleaser personality to keep people around her more. She would also go on to choose the worst of people to date simply because she wanted to be loved and not be alone, these less-than-ideal people also gravitated towards her as she was seen as "easy prey".

Other: (in case you want a better feel of her)