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Not necessarily :>
I tend to like fluff and angst and found family stuff though aha
I'm also generally better at roleplaying male characters ^^

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Hm, we can do a fond family rp with lots of fluff and maybe with some angst? If you want that is.

Ah okay! Sometimes I'm better at roleplay male characters, and other times its female characters. I guess it really depends on the day.


Yeah, sure! I play a lot of younger characters as well lol
Do you like fantasy or realistic? I can work with either, or anything really :>
Like an apocalyptic scenario could be interesting with a smol boi and an actually competent adult (assuming you like roleplaying adults anyway, or at could do two kids if you like that better aha)


Alright! I'm happy with either as well tbh aha
I'll probably play a younger character either way, so you can do whatever you like
I think fantasy could be fun but I'm open to anything πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ


Name: Mordechai Menthi
Nicknames: Mori
Birthdate: October 17th
Species: Human?
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Appearance: (Extended) He's about 3'4 and very light, but he has soft features. He often wears a bird mask, and tends to wear only neutral/white colors. He also likes wearing a hat.

Personality: He's very quiet; almost eerily so sometimes. At least until he gets to know someone, and then he likes chatting with whoever he's with about anything and everything. He sometimes says strange, cryptic things, and seems to be hiding something. Despite his attempts to seem older than he is, he's very much still just a kid, and tends to cling to older people to feel safer. He's also pretty curious about most things, sometimes to the point of endangering himself.
Likes: Nighttime, Rain, Warm/soft things (blankets, general warmth, etc)
Dislikes: Being cold, being touched (without permission/warning), Bugs, Being alone
Hobbies: He doesn't have much free time for hobbies, but he does like climbing trees and finding various ways to survive in the dangerous world (like building little contraptions to collect rainwater and such)
Background: Mori has never known his parents, or at least doesn't think he has. He actually lived with his parents until two years prior to the present time. They were killed in an accident that he inadvertently caused, and he has repressed the memories to the point where he no longer remembers anything from his past other than vague, foggy snippets from time to time. These flashbacks are painful (not physically, but emotionally) and he doesn't like to talk about them. He has practiced magic and while his abilities are pretty Volatile and not entirely reliable at the moment, he has the potential to become formidable.

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Name: Ximena Lexi Mercury

Nicknames: Xime, Lex

Birthdate: February 24

Species: Human? (She herself doesn't even know)

Gender: Female

Age: 35

Appearance: Ximena has somewhat pale skin, which she got from her father. She has light blue eyes and curly pinkish-reddish hair that reaches up to her shoulders. Or at least she used too. Due to the lack of hair dye, her hair returned to it's natural reddish color. Her hair is significantly shorter, but on the front, she has one piece of long hair and then a peice of short hair. On her right arm, she has a mark, that she has had since birth. It looks like a tattoo, but something tells her it isn't. It's only visible if she wears a short-sleeve shirt or a tank-top. She’s about six feet tall and two inches tall and has quite a few old scars from fights she got into when she was younger and some recent scars.
Completed image
Completed image

Personality: Ximena is generally a nice and friendly person. She doesn't really trust the other adults, seeing as they always seem to be cooking up some sort of scheme. She has a soft spot for children and will shower them with all the attention they deserve. She's very loyal, and when someone threatens her or someone she has gotten to care about, she gets violent. She tries to solve things in a calm manner, before taking a different route.

Likes: Making weapons with the materials she finds, the sunset, night time, staying awake for as long as possible, snakes, sheep and horses

Dislikes: falling asleep (she believes it makes her vulnerable for attacks), insects & bugs, sand, super bright colors

Hobbies: She likes going outside every single day in search of materials to create weapons she can use in case of attacks. Ocasinally, she draws on whatever possible. Some of her drawings can be seen on old broken buildings that are located near her house.

Background: Ximena doesn't really remember much of her childhood. She sometimes gets vague memories of people who she presumes are her parents, herself, and a girl who looks a lot like her. She doesn't know if those people are dead or alive and the people she grew up with, seem to know something, but refuse to speak about it to Ximena.