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Three freshmen college students following different majors and career paths all meet at the Beeman University library to study and fall in love. They don't know they've all fallen for each other though, so hijinks ensue.

Beeman University: An astounding school that offers great curriculums for all majors, medical, art, history, literature and many many more. They pride themselves on their low acceptance rate, so only rich and/or the best of the best get in.

My rules:

  • Andrew's rules
  • Minimal angst. No suicide, SA or self-harm.
  • Experienced writers. If we've never rped together I need a sample.
  • No single sentence responses.
  • 16+
  • Be kind to others.

Character Template:
Age: (19-22)
Sexuality: (must be m-spec)
Appearance written description (may include picture):
Backstory: (Including why and how they got into Beeman U)

@The-Dyonisia group

Name: Paolo Immanuel Aldabi (Some friends just call him Manuel or Manny)
Age: 20
Gender/Pronouns: Trans Male (He/Him)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Major: Filmography and Literature
Appearance written description (may include picture): Dark brown skin with dyed green short curly hair. He has an athletic, tall figure (5'11) and has a lot of body hair, including thick eyebrows a mustache and stubble. He has plump pink lips and big ears, but a small nose. He generally has a sort of frat boy style, with sleeveless t-shirt and gym shorts and such, and his favorite color to wear is yellow.
Personality: Sweet and bubbly, which is expected from somebody who looks like him, but he's also surprisingly intellectual in his way of speaking. Being a literature major he has become great at critical thinking and personality analysis, so he is very analytical as well. He's generally not very sensitive, but when he is, anything can trigger his sobbing responses immediately.
Backstory: He comes from a rich family, and when he was smaller his family just wanted him to go to college, get a doctorate in a STEM class and become a doctor and marry wealthy man, like they had when they were younger, but he never liked the sciences, instead, he was interested in reading and writing, especially in writing plays, which later on lead him to want to become a movie writer and possibly even director as well. His parents, though not too happy with how he turned out (y'know, instead of a woman in STEM, he became a man in writing) were supportive of his decision and decided to pay for his college career in literature and filmography. Though this is true, his father said that if he did not get a doctorate in literature, he would be very disappointed.
Other: His dad is South Sudanese and his mom is Brazilian. He hasn't come out as pansexual to his parents yet (they think he's straight). He has diagnosed ADHD.

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Name: Romeo Văduva
Age: 19
Gender/Pronouns: Male (He/Him)
Sexuality: Omnisexual
Major: Biochemistry with a minor in psychology
Appearance written description (may include picture): Romeo has jet black hair that goes just below his ears. It is long and pushed back, but he does put it up in a half ponytail sometimes. His eyes are jade green and his skin is warm ivory. Even with being over six foot two, he has a relatively lean build. His facial features are sharp and sculpture-like. Generally, he wears preppy dark academia-esque clothing. It is rare to see him wear anything that isn't black, dark gray, crimson, and white. He does wear glasses since he's nearsighted.
Personality: When it comes to Romeo, one should not be deceived by the infamous Shakespeare character or by the young man's looks. Ninety-nine percent of the time he has on a cold or stone-like expression, though do not let that fool you too. He is a very chill and laid back person, but his apperance and words sometimes gives off a callous energy. He loves to help and teach others as much as he loves to learn. Speaking of which, Romeo loves giving others affection as much as from wants affection. While he can come off as mean, he does not do it on purpose and tries to look as nice as he intends. Usually his actions are warmer than the rest of him. He is a great listener and if you tell him to keep something a secret, you won't have to worry about anything after. Though Romeo's outlook on life and mentality is bleak, he does his best to keep others warm.
Backstory: Romeo comes from a more than well-off family. He has an older brother, Stefan, but they rarely saw each other until their father remarried. Even when he met his older stepbrother and sisters, he still went off to his room to play with his toys. Romeo preferred to be with his mom; he looked up to her for everything. She made everything seem much brighter than it was. They usually went to Romania every summer before she passed away.

He does not like talking about his mother's passing nor does he ever plan on doing so. All that is known was that she was killed when he was ten while he was spending at her home. Her death is the reason why he became interested in forensics later on. Afterwards, Romeo excelled in all of his classes. He participated in a few clubs, but spent most of his time either tutoring some close friends or at the library. At sixteen, he came out of his family as omnisexual and they didn't really care. Well accept for his two stepsisters, Stefan, and his uncle, they were very accepting and happy he told them.

When it came time to look for colleges, Beeman University was one of his top choices. He knew it had an excellent science department and some forensic classes. There are other reasons like being able to study in Romania for credits, being at least two hours away from home, and such that led him to go there.
Other: Romeo is that kind of student who is always asleep during class but gets A's without even trying. He is prone to panic attacks, but always hides whenever one happens. On another note, he knows a lot of trivia and can remember even the tiniest of details. He can cook too, just ask him to make you something and he'll do it.


Name: Lotus (Lot) Blossom

Age: 19

Gender/Pronouns: Afab Agender (They/Them preferred)

Sexuality: Panromantic Demisexual

Major: Computer Science and English

Appearance written description (may include picture): Lotus has shoulder length straight light brown hair that they often keep down or slicked back into a ponytail. They have pale skin with a few raised scratch/scar marks on their upper arms. They're eyes are pale green in color and the rest of their facial features tend to be thin and sharper giving them a bit of a resting bitch face which has served them well. They stand at about 5 foot and are more thin and wiry in figure. They tend to wear a lot of blue or denim clothing and cover up as much as possible. When working on a computer they were a very cheap pair of bluelight glasses to help with eye strain.

Personality: Lot has and always will be a goal driven person. They let nothing get in there way when they have something in mind (including eating and sleeping which tends to cause some problems). They end up coming off as stand off-ish to a lot of people becuase if you aren't there to help or hurt them, they don't really care about you. The reality is that Lot doesn't know how to talk with people, they were always so focused on programming and studying they didn't have a social life in high school. So they avoid social situations as much as possible in fear of either a) having a panic attack or b) accidently saying the wrong thing making a person anger at them and THEN having a panic attack. But once they warm up to someone (or someone warms up to them) they're a very sweet and kind soul who just tends to be a bit more exasperated then they really need to be.

Backstory: Lot comes from a poorer family that lives near Beeman U. Originally they wanted to go to MIT or some other computer school willing to take up other jobs if it meant they could afford it. Low and behold they were instead offered an almost full ride to Beeman for their programming skills and ended up going there instead due to prestige and opportunities they would be able to get. (Their parents also hoped that they might meet a possible partner so that their child could move up in the world.) They decided to major both in Computer Science (which was required by the college) and English becuase, well, they've always enjoyed writing as a hobby and figured if they were given a golden opportunity such as this why not make the most of it. To help save with the remaining costs they live off campus with their parents and younger sister Myrah along with working freelance jobs whenever their classes lighten up (which is like never).

Other: Lot should be diagnosed with anxiety and autism, but due to having no funds for the test, they aren't. Becuase of this they have a lot of weird habits they can't explain such as scratching their arms repeatedly, the weird noises they make in conversation, the amount of time it takes for them to 'recover' from the day, and other weird little quirks.

@The-Dyonisia group

Paolo stared at the pages of his pre-calc textbook as the words all jumbled around in his brain. He understood nothing. This is not what he signed up for when he went into filmography, but apparently, it was a requirement either way. He groaned in agony. Studying in the library at 3 am in gym shorts, a t-shirt and slippers was not the ideal environment for a film major, especially one who could barely read. He looked up from the book, which he had been staring at since he got there at 10. There were only, like, three other people in the library with him. They also looked to be studying. "Ughhhh" Paolo whispered "I'd rather read To Kill a Mockingbird than this" he sighed, putting his head down for a second. He needed a break. Looking around again, he spotted an interesting looking guy. Long dark hair, glasses, good sense of style. He was cute too, which was sort of a plus. He decided he was going to talk to him. Maybe he could help with the math work. Or maybe he would distract him enough that it wouldn't worry him as much. Either way, he got up and walked over, pulling out a wooden chair, flipping it and plopping himself down "Soooo… you up to your neck in homework too?"

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There truly is nothing like watching a video on serial killers while completing a summary for a chemistry lab at three in the morning. Romeo preferred to listen to videos on true crime-related topics while working on assignments. It is something for his mind to focus in in case it tries to wander off from his studying.

He walked into the library around one since he could not fall asleep. Thanks to the wonderful thing he calls his brain, Romeo has the worst possible sleep schedule a person his age could have. He was practically asleep in every class except for his chemistry lab. All of his other assignments were finished though; he just needed to finish a couple things in his lab notebook.

Before he could even hit the spacebar on his laptop, he noticed a guy setting a chair down in front of him then sitting down. Romeo could not help but quirk a brow as he observed the other for a moment. Curly green hair, mustache, a warm aura, and an athletic body type. In a way, the guy reminded him of some of the jocks he tutors except more wholesome and bright. The guy does look way better than them too.

Just before the other asked, he pulled out his earbuds then put them in their case. He leaned back into the chair, staring at the guy. "Up to your neck….." He repeated the phrase while squinting his eyes. Glancing down at his notebook, he shrugged, "No, but guessing by your gaze and the question, I'm guessing you are though. Yes?"


Lotus had lost track of time determined to get their paper done that night. It wasn't due for another week, but they were on roll and they wanted to get it done. Their sight had gotten a bit hazy from staring at the tiny words on their screen and the book they were currently referencing, but it wasn't anything putting on their glasses could fix. They slipped them on and glanced around the empty library to give their eyes a bit of a break. There weren't many other people there, just them and their laptop, some dude with dark hair, and another one approaching him with green hair? Those two along with another rando or two also trying to finish up their assignments. They let out a sigh and, finally, looked down at the clock on their laptop. They swore under their breath before letting their face fall on the table. Of course it was 3 am. There were no buses running at this hour and now they had no way to safely get home. Guess they were spending the night in the library, again.

@The-Dyonisia group

Paolo closed his eyes again "Yep. Stupid pre-calc has got me up at three am. Kinda glad I only take afternoon classes now haha." he laughed very anxiously, nervously tapping on his math book "So, what're you working on?" he asked, dropping the laugh suddenly. "You look like you've been working hard and… ooh is that a video on serial killers? I love true crime shows!" he said that last part a little too loud, calling the attention of not only the few other people there, but also the librarian, who was just a high senior student who needed volunteer hours had been startled awake. "Shhhh, dude, I'm trying to work off this hangover" he reprimanded silently, which made Paolo giggle a little, glancing around to see other's reactions. His gaze then landed on another person, a small brunette, who he noticed had been looking at him a few moments before. They were now laying their head on the table. "Psst, hey, you alright?" he called. He was really doing anything to avoid doing his work.


Lotus's head shot up when they heard a louder voice in the library. Why would anyone be loud in the library at 3 am? Then they realized that it came from the guy with green hair and it was directed at them. They made eye contact with the guy for a second before looking at his nose because it was too much for their sleep-deprived brain to handle. They found themselves responding to the guy even though they really didn't need to, "Um, yeah 'm fine. Just a little annoyed and frustrated at this, uh, paper that's all." After Lot spoke they went back to their laptop to get back to work. If they were stuck in the library all night, they might as well make the most of it.

@knightinadream group

It took Romeo a couple of seconds to process everything that was just said to him. Then the raise in volume in the guy's voice made him jump out of his seat. His lips turned down into a frown before he took a deep breath. Maybe his energy stopped peaking and is now plateaus. He really hoped not.

His eyes were glued to the guy in front of him, but he wasn't sure why. Romeo picked up on the strained laugh, the tapping, the change in volume, the giggling. Looking down at his notebook, he held it up so the other could see it. "Biochemistry. Organs and tissues," He said in a deadpan manner. "I'm just watching this since I got tired of watching the same five forensic analysis videos over and over."

Glancing over in the same direction the guy was looking at, he noticed the person at their laptop. To him they looked a bit tired for studying. While the guy was talking to the other person, he took the pre-calculas textbook and started to look through the pages that were tabbed.

Romeo listened in to their conversation while going through the problems in his head. "I can do it for you. I do not ask for much," He mumbled, setting the textbook down.

@The-Dyonisia group

He smiled at the brunnette "We're in the same boat then pal, I've gotta read a whole chapter- 80 somethin' pages, and I've read about 35" He groaned " I don't know how you STEM majors deal with this all the damned time" he spat, immediately taken aback by his own tone "Sorry, no offense… to either of you. I'm just a little tired." He smiled awkwardly, and then he heard what the raven haired guy said and sat in shock "Oh, you would- Really? Well alright, I just need you to explain the concepts in these pages… I haven't really been paying attention in that class, and we have a long assignment next week" he rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled "Could you do that?"


Lotus frowned at his STEM comment and later the implications that the dark-haired one made. They ended up moving a little closer to the pair in hopes to either set someone right in their thinking or maybe catch some cheaters that… They would be able to do nothing because they probably had their parents pay for them while Lot was a scholarship student. They had already moved though so they were stuck near them. They went back to working on their essay as they ended up responding to the green one after noticing which textbook they were having difficulty with, "80 pages isn't even that much to read. Nor is precalculus that hard."

@The-Dyonisia group

Paolo didn't flinch at the comment, mostly because he was oblivious to the tone of it "So I'm guessing you are a STEM major then! Could you help me too? I really just need some explaining is all." he answered back hopefully in a loud whisper. He then glanced at the person's assignment "Ah, a writing assignment? I wish I had one of those. Writing comes way easier than reading for me. Especially when it's reading about stupid math." his whispered answers were now more enthusiastic, a smile forming on his face. He was hoping he would make a few friends tonight.

@knightinadream group

Romeo gave a shrug before looking down at the textbook again. The guy's comments were quite something else; definitely a contrast of energy compared to his, but he didn't mind. He didn't care. It really wasn't anything hard. Then again, he was this stuff during his sophmore year of high school, but everyone goes at their own pace and math isn't for everyone. He didn't have enough energy to explain it so he just wrote down an easier explanation summary. While it was three pages worth, it might be easier for the guy's eyes. Hopefully his writing isn't terrible or he didn't accidentally wrote something in Romanian.

"Explaning it is going to be as useless are your efforts, so start somewhere before you end up nowhere," He said, putting the papers in the textbook and handing it back. "And you won't learn anything if you're tired, relax for a moment."

His eyes glanced over at the person with their laptop. Quickly, he nodded in agreement to their words and left it at that. "It really isn't, but oh well. There are plenty of people on campus who will not bother reading eighty pages. It's fine."

@The-Dyonisia group

"Oh my g- Really?! I could KISS YOU!" he whisper yelled at the guy sitting in front of him, getting up out of his chair. Immediately, he noticed that 3 am in a library is a very silent time and place. Even his whisper yell was heard among the crowd "Sorry" he apologized and sat down again. "I'll uh… I'll start reading your summary now… Probably best." he blushed a bit, biting his lower lip. "Thanks for the help" he whispered, this time extremely silently, as he began reading. He would definitely get through this faster, especially with the added motivation of making new friends.


Lotus hadn't been expected to be asked to help him out, but quickly dismissed the question as the other table mate gave him a summary. They rolled their eyes at some of the other comments and muttered almost angrily to themselves, "Those kids probably shouldn't be here anyways." They shook their head to get rid of those thoughts and instead went back to working on their paper and offhandedly responded to an earlier comment about the writing assignment, "I don't mind writing, but would much rather be writing a program instead. But I want to get this done tonight."