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Have you ever played Pokemon Sword/Shield and you're like "Huh. Could be gayer"?
Welcome to the place for you lol
Basic premise is kinda like Hop and Victor being childhood friends, but like, OCs and also very gay
(I made another because I can, okay)


  • Swearing is okay! Our characters are kinda young though so probably nothing too crazy
  • No NSFW! Normally I'm chill with this but again, our characters will be very much underage. Kissing, hand holding, lots of cuddles and that sorta thing is all fine!
  • I don't expect you to be perfect, but please be literate! I prefer at least two or three lines, but one line is okay as long as it's possible to reply to and detailed enough
  • No Gary Stus! Our characters probably won't have any pokemon that are super powerful yet, but they may later on
  • !! Please be pretty active !! (I tend to be a little impatient oops-)
  • I have the right to deny anyone for any reason! Please don't bitch about it hh
  • I may add to this list if I think of anything else
  • This will be based in the Galar region, so keep that in mind

Here's a template! If I'm not familiar with your writing style, I'll ask for a writing sample :>

Age (13-15 probably):
Gender: Male

  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Hair color:
  • Hair style:
  • Eye color:
  • Body style:
  • Picture (optional):

Pokemon Team (nothing too OP ofc):
Number of Gym Badges:

And my character if you want to go off of him!

Name: Rowan Mulbright
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Personality: Rowan is a huge sweetheart and always tries to encourage his friends despite his own skills. He's always happy to help anyone who asks for it, even if he has to go out of his way to do so. He tends to be a bit of a hopeless romantic as well and crushes on people pretty often. He's really infatuated with the idea of having a real relationship and he's very emotionally sensitive. He's very close with his mother, so he came out to get as soon as he found out he was gay.

  • Height: 4'10
  • Weight: 75 pounds
  • Hair color: Platinum blonde
  • Hair style: Basically neat emo bangs lol
  • Eye color: Light blue
  • Body style: Small and lithe
  • Picture:

Backstory: Rowan grew up with a single mother who always treated him well, and especially coddled him when his father left when he was around three. He doesn't remember his father much and he tries his best not to let it bother him.
Likes: Pokemon, Camping, Spicy foods, his mother, b o y s
Dislikes: Bitter foods, Cold/Cloudy days, Bug types
Pokemon Team: Inteleon (Ludwig), Noivern (Bebop), Boltund (Nimbus), Ninetales (Ramen), Leafeon (Sprite), Rockruff (Rory) (from a trip to Alola a year ago)
Number of Gym Badges: 4
Other: Always wears a hat (usually a beanie), often has his pokemon out of their pokeballs, not the most competitive person in the world (mostly here to have fun) but is always up for a pokemon battle if he's asked


I made he!! I made him a bug-type trainer but he's very aware that a lot of people don't like them. I think the ones he would have out the most often would be his Crustle, Clay(big, but doesn't really look like a bug-type so he's less freaky) or his Ribombee, Regina(she's just cute and she knows it).

Name: Colby Norwood
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homoromantic Asexual
Personality: Colby is very outgoing and excitable. He's normally very optimistic and never puts in anything less than 100% for anything he does, but he tends to burn himself out if nobody's there to help him pace himself. Despite the fact that he loves a good love story, Colby can be very oblivious. He can't stand to see someone down on themself and will do his best to cheer them up.

  • Height: 5"9
  • Weight: 158.9
  • Hair color: Pastel pink
  • Hair style: Short-ish and wavy
  • Eye color: Yellow
  • Body style: Tall and slim-but-muscular
  • Picture:

Backstory: Colby grew up on a ranch with his three older siblings and one younger brother. Despite things being a little crowded, they were all rather close. They were all very supportive of him when he came out. Most of his siblings joined the Gym Challenge solely for an excuse to battle with their cousin, Milo, and then drop out, but Colby wants to see his Gym Challenge through to the end. His goal is to impress someone enough to get a shot at becoming a Gym Leader himself one day.
Likes: Sweet foods, Pokemon battles, family, friends, bubble tea, honey, flowers
Dislikes: Bitter foods, being alone/being in a crowded area with strangers, rain, cold places
Pokemon Team: Fiona(Butterfree, F), Vincent(Vikavolt, M), Lacey(Galvantula, F), Clay(Crustle, M), Regina(Ribombee, F), Penny(Wimpod, F)
Number of Gym Badges: 4
Other: Since Colby uses all bug-type Pokemon, he's pretty used to people being weirded out by them and only keeps them out of their Pokeballs when he's around people that aren't bothered by them.


Aaa I love he!! He's adorable :0 should we start them off with being friends or meet each other along the way? I think it could be fun to have a Hop and Victor/Gloria vibe to begin with ^^
I should probably put Rowan's pokemon's names as well lol


Yeah, sure! That's totally chill
Should we go ahead and start, then?
You're welcome to do a starter if you'd like to, but I can do it if you don't ^^


Rowan flopped down on a bench after he completed the gym at Stow-on-Side, looking exhausted. His Noivern stood beside him, trilling excitedly at him. "You did great… I'm glad I taught you some flying moves. You really carried us through there… now we just gotta wait for Colby to get here!" He grinned brightly as he pet the pokemon, which was far larger than he was. Thankfully, he trusted it, having raised it from a Noibat.


Colby, on the other hand, was not having a good time. He had challenged Allister "just so we could do different Gym Leaders and tell each other about it!" and…well. He was certainly glad he had trained as much as he had. Speakers blasted music as the Challenger retrieved his fainted Galvantula from the field. "You did great," he said as he put the Pokeball away.

"Aaaand Galvantula is out!" One announcer shouted.

"The Challenger managed to do some damage, but now he's backed into a corner! Man, that Venoshock is NOT something you wanna get in front of!" Another announcer put in. Colby's grip tightened around his next Pokemon's ball.

"Vincent, let's finish this!" he yelled, bringing the Vikavolt out. It had taken quite a beating earlier, but was still in fighting shape. Colby looked down at his wrist. His Dynamax Band, a gift from Milo, winked at him in the bright stadium lights. "Dynamax time!" And with that, he brought Vincent right back and watched the ball grow to at least twice the size of his head. "Alright, go! Max Darkness!"

~ ~ ~

"Phew, that was a disaster, huh?" Colby sighed as he received his Pokemon from the healing machine in the locker room. "But hey, we won! You guys did awesome!" With the quick adjustment of his bandanna, he was done. Though… Colby tensed upon seeing the sheer amount of reporters waiting outside the door. He'd been expecting more than in Motostoke, but this… wow. Kabu had really cut down the competition, huh? He quickly called Regina out–being in huge crowds was far easier with a familiar presence–and tried to make his way out of the stadium.

Once he was finally out and away from the reporters, Colby looked around. "Where is he… Oh! Hey!" He jogged over to where Rowan was sitting. "How was your battle? Mine was a little bit of a train wreck, but we pulled through in the end!" Regina buzzed in affirment and flicked her little scarf over her shoulder flauntily.


"Colby!" Rowan grinned upon seeing his friend, jumping up from where he was sitting so that he could hug him. "My battle went really good! Thank god I taught this guy Hurricane… he wiped Bea's team all by himself! I'm sorry that yours was so difficult, but… you still won! And that's what counts in the end, right? We should go out to eat to celebrate! There's a really good restaurant near here. I looked it up while I was waiting for you to finish and the reviews are really good! What do you think?" He asked, grinning up at his much taller friend. "This guy won't leave me alone. Keeps trying to steal my snacks…" He bopped the Noivern on the nose a bit when it started rooting through his bag again.


"That's great! I'm glad it went well for you!" Colby said, beaming. "Victory food sounds awesome right now, what's the place?" He laughed a little at Bebop's antics. It reminded him of how Vincent had evolved–the Grubbin, at the time, had snuck into Colby's bag and had accidentally bumped into a Thunder Stone.


"It's just over here! C'mon!" Rowan took Colby by the hand and started towing him along, leading him through the city until they reached a small, nondescript restaurant. "Here we are! They've got all sorts of food here. I think we'll both be able to find something that we like." He pushed the door open and headed inside with his friend.


"I think so! Mm… what should I get…?" Rowan looked up at the menu curiously, still not having let go of Colby's hand when they entered the restaurant. "Maybe curry…? But I make that all the time, so…"


If Colby noticed that he and Rowan were still holding hands, he certainly didn't seem to mind. He grinned, noticing the entirely separate Bubble Tea menu, but turned his gaze to the food for now. "Hm… I wonder if they're still serving off of their breakfast menu? The waffles look amazing…"


"Ooh, yeah! Maybe we could share something big?" Rowan suggested. "It would save money, after all, and the portion sizes here are huge anyway…" He hummed softly to himself and his Noivern trilled, clearly excited by the smell of food.