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The small town of Fairdale has been rocked with a murder. Lauren Greene, 16, disappeared after a party. Her body was found dead three days later, and while residents don’t know the cause of death, they know it was murder.

The local police force is doing their best, but, small and overwhelmed, has had to call in for assistance from the FBI. There are no main suspects, but there are a few persons of interest. The main person of interest? A young man named Steven Wilder, who, at least in the eyes of the town, is already convicted of the murder. With a rap sheet already and a probation officer he has to keep in touch with, along with a shaky alibi for that night and a father in prison for a similar crime, the whole town has turned against him. When the news gets out that the jacket found at Lauren’s body was his, well. That only turns the tide further against him. Innocent until proven guilty? Not for him.

(Name) is Lauren’s twin sibling, and is desperate to track down their sister’s murderer. The police are floundering, and even the FBI have hit dead ends. (Name) is sure that they can be the one to find a clue that was missed. The problem? Their only lead, their only clue, is the boy the rest of the town is already saying killed her. Steven. The rumors circling town, too, have not left their sister’s reputation better; they are saying she was cheating on her boyfriend, David, with Steven. That she was pregnant with Steven’s child, and so Steven killed her so no one would find out. Or that Steven tried to force himself on her, and when she resisted, he killed her. Or that they were hooking up and it went too far. Some are even saying that Lauren, known for being a little wild and fun-loving, may have somehow deserved to die. But (Name) approaches Steven, asks for his help. (Name) has doubts that Steven really did it; after all, Steven has always been cordial to them, and was a good friend of Lauren’s. They aren’t sure that Steven would have done it, even if some of the evidence seems to point towards it already.

So they ally with Steven, and the two begin their search for the truth of that night. The truth of what happened to Lauren. As they work, (Name) finds out more and more about Steven and what happened that night, things that the police may never find out. Along the way, too, (Name) and Steven begin to fall for each other, going from uneasy allies to friends to something more.

But can they catch the murderer?

Basically, small-town murder mystery where the victim’s twin teams up with the suspect, who may or may not be guilty of Lauren’s murder, and oops they fall in love while trying to find out the truth.

I will be Steven, you’ll be (Name), whose name, gender, and sexuality is up to you (only requirement is that they’re interested in guys, because, uh, Steven is a guy lmao). You can change the last name if you want to, I just used Greene as a placeholder. I would prefer (Name) and Lauren not be identical, since it would be rather awkward, considering the plot. So.


  • andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)’s Rules apply
  • Smut will be taken to PMs
  • This will probably have some very dark parts, so please be aware of that. Do not join if death, murder, blood, alcohol, addiction, drugs, assault, or abuse of any kind trigger you. If you do have triggers but want to join, discuss them with me so I can figure out if the triggers may occur in RP. If they occur, I likely will not accept you, simply because I do not want to harm anyone’s mental health
  • LGBTQ characters are welcome (obviously lmao)
  • Three sentence replies minimum, thank you, one-liners will not be accepted
  • I reserve the right to say no

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(The little girl turned around. Immediately Jo saw that where the girl’s eyes should have been was filled with thousands of black spiders. Jo froze in terror, her docile smile replaced by a grimace as she realized just what this little girl really was. The girl smiled a dreadful smile as the spiders all consecutively looked at Jo, and the girl’s mouth opened “You’ve finally taken notice of this terrible web you’ve spun for yourself.” Jo, still paralysed in fear, began to quiver. “That’s right, I am one of the fair folk, and you have wounded the ties between my world and yours. Because of you, our once beauteous realm has been shriveled into these unsightly grounds you see around you” The girl’s face began to morph as Jo thought maybe she should have never torn the gate between worlds “ So you understand why I brought you here.” She bellowed, now towering over Jo, taking the form of a tar black, winged giant “ I must make you feel the pain me and my people have endured” and she lunged forward in a flight of oily blackness.)