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The year is 2041 and the country of Vuscaoya is divided into two groups. There is those who support the Vuscagoian government and then those who support the Purple Infantry, otherwise known as the revolutionaries. The Vuscagoian government is seen as a very powerful one and well respected internationally, but below the surface, is absolutely terrible. They control the media, serve themselves, supress the people, and so on.

Despite going up against a dangerous government, there is a group of revolutionaries who dare to defy them. They're called the Purple Infantry, named after the purple berets and face coverings they wore when they were created. To the government, and the rest of the world, they are labeled as a terrorist group despite their goal of taking down the current government and replacing it with a better one. A key-figure of the group, known as Mister C, was recently assassinated; the culprit is unknown.

A works for the National Secret Services (NSS) as an black ops secret agent. After coming home from completing a mission in Alesar, A is immediately given a new assignment that may just be the most risky one yet.

B is an actress and also the owner of a club called Elyasia. Her father is Mister C, but no one, aside from the Purple Infantry, knows. B is secretly apart of the revolutionaries, typically using Elyasia as a place for revolutionaries to meet or get information.

NSS suspects B of being a revolutionary and wants someone to get close in hopes of "finding information" or getting secret intel on the group in hopes of bringing them down. A is given the task by going undercover as B's personal bodyguard, and he intends to make his mission successful by any means necessary.

Extra Information

Setting: Esperon, Vuscaoya
Vuscaoya is a big country that borders Alesar (north), Chaean (west), Plaeze (west), Usonon (south) and the Asmor Ocean. Esperon is the capital on the coast. (The city takes inspiration from NYC, Barcelona, and Seoul.) More information about the country/world will develop as the RP goes on.
Date: May, 2041
Purple Infantry: A "loosely" organized revolutionary group in Vuscaoya with the goal of taking down the current government. The group was created by five people, including Mister C, on June 2, 2029. Some of the organization's activities include protesting, illegally printing newspapers, destruction of government property, killing, and more.
NSS: The chief investigation agency of the country tasked with gaining information both domestically and internationally. They employ people to fulfill a wide range of jobs from desk workers to secret spies. Ones who are spies work both in the country and other parts of the world. People call them "Ghosts" as they are always hidden in plain sight and never leave a trace.
Genre: Action, Thriller, Romance with a pinch of sci-fi


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This is an excerpt from another roleplay I did. I'm Charlotte :)

She was fighting. She was fighting so hard. She was a second away from shattering and letting 9 years worth of pain come flooding out. That wouldn't be good for anyone. "Don't push me please." She wasn't sure who she was talking to. Herself? Her mind? Rick? Axel? Whoever it was had one hand out, ready to shove her off the edge of the cliff, and she wouldn't survive the fall.

[Rick was starting to realize that Charlotte's dam was set to collapse no matter what. He chose his next words very carefully. "I ain't pushing you anywhere, Charlotte. If you want…I'm here to lean on when other things push you too hard. That's all."]

"Don't." She was getting quieter and quieter, smaller and smaller as every single fragment of pain she'd ever tucked away met in her heart, filling every inch of her body. Maybe it was because she was tired. Maybe it was because the very real fear that they were going to die was bringing back the memories.
Whatever it was, pushed her, and she freefell. One tear, followed by another, and another. They fell and she wasn't moving or making any move to stop them. Gathering courage, a few more salty tears pushed their way past her wall, and before long her face was drenched.

[Rick was at a loss. He wanted to try and comfort her….but she'd already clearly told him to back off, twice. He knew he probably wasn't the best person to help her through this–he was essentially a stranger to her, after all. But on the other hand, it seemed like someone needed to be there for her right now….
Eventually he decided to remain silently where he was and let her process her grief in relative privacy. If she wanted his support or a listening ear, he'd supply it.]

No one came. No support. She hadn't known before then how much she needed people.
And that was what the final chink. She wasn't as strong as she'd always told herself she was. She let out a sound, a scream drowned and twisted by the crying, and she tried to stand. She couldn't. Her body was shaking too hard, too full of the hurt to do anything but cave in on itself, and she fell into a fragile ball of what she'd always told herself she'd never become.
The pain won the battle and bared its teeth to the last shred of pride she had left; the latter cowered away and pain beat her down, unleashing the rage and hurt and terror and hate and every emotion that now held this woman turned child in the palm of its hand.

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Other: (quirks, specific notes about the character, etc.)

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Name: Agent A (though he calls himself Antony)
Nicknames/Aliases: Adrian Lee, A, Teddy
Age: 27
Gender/Pronouns: Male (He/Him)
Sexuality: Bisexual (leans towards women)

Apperance: Antony has short dark black hair that he tends to keep neat despite it trying to become messy; he parts it to the right. He has very dark brown eyes and ivory colored skin. His heart-shaped head contains well defined features. In terms of his build, he is fit but also has a rectangular body shape. He stands at roughly about six foot two.
Clothing: Antony does not have a particular style. He usually wears a black suit with a white dress shirt and matching shoes. In his left suit jacket pocket, there is a pair of sunglasses. On his left wrist, he wears a silver watch.
Personality: No matter what disguise he is in, Antony is a strange yet interesting person. Stoic yet soft. Impulsive yet cautious. Very stone-like, but actually highly protective. And yet, many find him to be transparent; that is because of the "layers" he has. Sometimes he'll take back a layer while other times he'll add on more. Beneath all the layers is something that he fears to know. He controls his emotions and never let's it be the other way around.
Background: One can say that Antony has been a ghost from the beginning. Nobody doesn't know where he came from, in fact, even he does. Being born in a lower class family, Antony ran away when he was six due to his parents having troubles. Since his parents weren't able to register him up till then, there wasn't any documents to prove his existence. For a year Antony was living on the streets till he was taken in by Mister Justus Sachs, a regular agent for the NSS. Mister Sachs raised and trained Antony to become a ghost agent for the agency. But Antony enlisted in the military after graduating high school. He served as a marksman till being discharged after fulfilling his four year requirement. After being discharged, he officially was named Agent A of the NSS. Most of his missions were in other parts of the world, his current one is his second domestic one. Antony came home after spending a year in Alesar, only to be given a new mission and the name Adrian Lee.
Other: He enjoys watching symphonies and also has the habit of flicking both of his wrists every now and then.


Name: Dorota
Nicknames/Aliases: Solene (Solehn) (the alias she uses at Elyasia)
Age: 23
Gender/Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Pansexual
Appearance: Dorota has deep brown skin and hazel brown eyes. She has mid-thigh length, frizzy dark hair that she keeps down as much as she can, though when it gets in the way she ties it up in a rather large bun. Her defined jaw and slightly rounded features make for a face that can either intimidate or welcome. She stands at around 5'10 with a full, curvy figure. Though many assume she lounges around at the club, she's actually quite strong when she needs to be.
Clothing: She usually wears form-fitting patterned or colourful clothing, and is not afraid to show skin. She does loves an occasional long flowing skirt. She wears a lot of small golden jewellery. Despite dressing boldly, she remains elegant and demands respect. Equally, she knows when to dress down and keep to the shadows.
Personality: Dorota was born for the stage. With her grand gestures and rich voice, she commands attention and awe. In fact, she loves attention, and is skilled at manipulating her audience's attention to her will. She has a sharp mind and humour, and loves to taunt. She's honest, sometimes to a brutal extent. At times she can be calculating, and always seems to be studying her environment. Although she takes risks, she's always thought them through.
She's not afraid to sacrifice things for what is good; her main priority will always be the people she serves. When her defences finally drop, it's easy to see that she radiates good intent despite being profoundly lonely. However rarely it happens, when she loses her temper nothing can get through to her.
Background: Her mother was quick to separate herself from Dorota and her father, Carlisle, the minute he expressed political opinions that could get them into trouble. Dorota therefore grew up hugely dependent on her father, and until she turned 18 he accepted her dependence and trained her hard in combat and politics. He taught her everything she knows.
When she turned 18, he retreated from her and very quickly started sending her out for missions on her own and letting her figure out the brutality of the Purple Infantry's work on her own. Although it was extremely painful for her to not only to basically lose her father so suddenly but to have to discover the work they were doing on her own, it made her as strong and capable as she now is.
The death of her father hit her very, very hard. She blamed herself, almost, because she felt like she failed him. Although the power within the Purple Infantry bounced between a few people, she quickly claimed it as her own. Now, she's angry and ready to do whatever necessary to protect her people and finish her father's work.
Other: (quirks, specific notes about the character, etc.) She speaks multiple languages. She's an extremely anxious person and picks at the skin of her lips a lot. Despite acting being a cover, she actually absolutely loves it, it's a passion.

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Antony kept his eyes lowered as he sat in the lobby of the management building. His watch read two-fifteen, only a few minutes left till his new mission begins with meeting his new "boss" Dorota. Sitting on his lap was a metal clasp envelope holding his resume and credentials; all with his disguise name, Adrian Lee.

An older man wearing a navy blue cap walked by and took the seat next to him. He did not pay much attention to the older man till he noticed him offering a bottle of water.

"Are you ready, Adrian?" The man asked him, still holding out the water bottle. Antony gazed down at it, noticing the character for 'relax' written on the label. He forced a tiny smile while pushing it back.

For a second, he hesitated to answer. While his composure showed no signs of worry, he could feel the adrenaline rushing. "I have a bad feeling about this," He finally admitted, glimpsing over at the man. "I'll be fine though. As they say in Alesar, 'É cosí'."

The two said nothing after that for awhile. He looked down at his watch again then at the door next to the lobby desk. The man also stared in the same direction as him and got up to fix Antony's tie.

"Ready as always, huh? Good. You'll do great, just let your shoulders drop for once," The man chuckled. "Everything doesn't need to be rigid, remember that." He pulled on the knot of the tie, loosened it a little, then left for the entrance door.

Taking a deep breath, Antony nodded. This isn't anything new to him nor will it be anything worse than before. All he has to do is stick with the plan and adjust accordingly. It's easy or at least, that's what it should be.


Dorota sat at her father's desk.
Just two weeks after his death, here she was, having taken over every single aspect of his life. She couldn't help but wonder if he'd be happy with his replacement.
Inhaling deeply, she pushed off from the desk and let the chair roll back into the wall with a gentle bump before getting to her feet. She smoothed out her long skirts, turned to the mirror, and smiled at herself. Get this right, she thought. There's no room for mistakes.

She squared her shoulders and pulled the door open into the hallway. It was bustling with people, all executing her orders. She had to admit that, however daunting, the power felt nice. She started down the hall, gradually working her usual saunter into her walking. She got the end of the hallway to the lobby door. A man sat there, alone, staring intently ahead. Nervous, probably. She wrinkled her nose slightly– did she really want a nervous bodyguard?

She shouldered open the door and let her heels click loudly as she walked out into the lobby. "You must be Adrian?" she called lightly.

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Only one minute left. He let himself take a moment to breathe. The words from Saschs replayed in his mind. Memories of files and photos flashed in then out. Once he noticed the seconds were counting down, he realized that it wasn't worry causing adrenaline to flow through him. It was eagerness.

Suddenly the sound of heels rang in his ears. It stood out from the sounds of people talking. Immediately, he got up and turned to see a tall woman with long hair wearing a flowy skirt walking over. 2:20 VST, Target walks into the main lobby. The mission has officially begun.

With the envelope tucked under his arm, he took a few steps closer towards her. Antony made sure that the distance between them was perfect. His feet were placed together while he held a strict posture. Not a single crease or wrinkle showed on his suit.

"Yes. Adrian Lee, bodyguard from the Duval Protection Agency, at your service ," He nodded. After giving a quick head bow, he straightened himself and let his shoulders drop. His eyes staring directly into hers. "Thank you for this opportunity, Boss."


She stopped and tucked her hands neatly in front of her. She let the silence between them settle for a moment, examining him in the meantime.
He stood differently now that he was stood up. He seemed rigid, strict, and his suit was pressed to perfection. She bit back a comment about the suit, instead dropping her gaze to his feet planted firmly on the ground.

Upon looking back at his face, he bowed his head and stared right at her. She held his gaze. A gradual mocking smile drew itself across her face.

"Boss? Right." She cocked her head slightly and let the smile drop. "Just Dorota, actually. Solene if we're outside of this building or around other people. Though, I'm sure you knew that," she added, letting it hang like a question.

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Antony maintained his stare, instantly taking in everything he could see right in front of him. She appears the same as she is in the photos and everything else he looked at. Though her grin was something that oddly stood out to him. Never had he seen such an expression before.

His left eyebrow quirked up yet he managed to give another nod. Every other target did not mind being called "Boss" at first. Although his notes did point out the name "Solene". How interesting.

"Of course, Dorota, my apologies. Mister Duval advised me to call you 'Boss' first. I am sorry," He said, offering an apologetic bow.

Again, he took another step. This time he removed the envelope from under his arm then held it out. "I believe you already have seen my documents, but I prepared a copy for you. Resume, references, licenses are all there," He explained. "If you have any questions, I'll be much obliged to answer them."


She instinctively reached for the envelope while the wheels in her mind turned.
Boss was what people called her father, and already felt on edge. What a good start to the relationship.

She thanked him for the envelope and gestured invitingly towards the door from which she came in, before turning on her heels and heading that direction.
As she walked she mulled over the exchange. He was polite, excessively so, and behaved the way her father would have loved; he behaved like a servant. Despite it being slightly uncomfortable for her, she realized it was probably a good thing to have a near-robotic bodyguard. As a question of safety, he seemed very very competent. She smiled to herself.

They reached the end of the hall and walked out into the office. It was a large circular room, all warm-coloured wood and soft fabrics. While left to the door the wall held shelf after shelf of books, the right side held various colourful posters, trophies and trinkets, all part of Elyasia's collection.

Dorota walked straight towards the desk. It was crowded with documents and files, but seemed organised anyway. Dorota sat down and, leaning back in her chair, started scanning the bodyguard's file. Adrian Lee. Without looking up she pointed at an armchair on the other side of the desk for Adrian to sit.

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For a second his eyes stayed on the envelope. All of the contents inside, he's read them till he can see the papers in his mind. In fact, Antony knows more about Adrian than he knows about himself.

A small sigh left him as he adjusted his watch. Gazing over at the door, he waited till she headed off first then began to follow. Already he could feel the excitement dissipating with each step he took. So far so good, but it's too early to say anything still.

He followed after her while staying three steps behind. In fact, sometimes he'd pause for a second to maintain the distance. The hallway wasn't too long, there wasn't much for him to take note of aside from the security cameras.

Antony closed the door behind him then stayed put. From what he could tell, nothing in this office would be of use for him. Even now he could assume that going through it would be useless. On the other hand, the office is bigger and much warmer than Saschs's back at the NSS.

In the corner of his eye, he watched as Dorota motioned for him to sit down. He walked over, but unbuttoned the bottom button of his suit jacket, and then sat down in the armchair. Sitting up straight, his back didn't touch the chair. His gaze lowered to the floor as he let his hands rest on his lap.


Dorota watched carefully, as Adrian took his seat.
"You know, Adrian," she started, slapping the file down onto her desk loudly, "you don't have to be so rigid all the time. In fact most of the time it'll just be me and you, meaning you'll have to relax a little. Don't get sloppy though. Or distracted. Just, relaxed."

She crossed her legs under the desk and kept reading the file. "So, tell me a little bit about what you were doing before." She was hoping she could glean some information about his political leanings. Maybe, at some distant point, she could trust him completely. Once she'd broken him in, at least.

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The sound of the file hitting the desk made him tilt his head in curiosity. Using his index finger, he wrote what she said on his knee. "Noted." Antony fixed his posture, making it a bit less firm yet not completely relaxed. Guess he'll have to work on it more. Next he, gradually, reclined back into the chair but was still upright.

Ah, backstory. His handler was very precise on answering questions. Memorizing everything isn't too much for him. Despite his lips parting, he did not respond right away. Instead, he took apart her words then took note of her gaze.

"I was a guard for the International United Council, specifically for the head chair of the security council Carmine Barone of Alesar. For security reasons I cannot delineate further," He said, "Although after I was transferred to work for the son of the Pietrov Group for a couple of weeks."


"That all sounds very interesting," she mused, nodding slowly as she read further down the file. He seemed experienced, that was for sure. Alesar was far from here, and she couldn't decide if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Had he been deliberately moved from here during the troubles? Or would he be distanced from anything local because of his travels?
Besides, these were all very high end jobs he'd gotten; she wondered–
"How exactly did you come by all these jobs?"

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Antony let his gaze wander around the office. His head slowly nodded in response. A soft hum resonated from his throat. The story appeared to be good in theory, it sounds alright out loud. He was only advised to tie up the loose ends if there were any.

Seems like Dorota is only focused on questions relating to what's on paper. With what he's saying and what's on the file, it's meant to lead to more queries. Curiosity is a useful match after all.

"Connections and hard work, I suppose," He answered, "My father was good friends with Mister Duval during their college days. Also I practically took any assignment Duval threw my way, including protecting his own children."


She took in the information, weighed it mentally, turned it this way and that. Was he almost too quick to answer, or was she just being paranoid?

Paranoid, she decided. Of course he was very competent, or else she wouldn't have hired him.
"Right. And how did you first start in security?"

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"Security was always important to me, especially given everything that is going on," Antony said, "After finishing my enlistment, I wanted a job that dealt with similar topics: security, protection, and a bit of action." He paused for a moment to chuckle as he cracked his wrist. "So I applied for a position as a bodyguard and here I am."

When he glimpsed across the desk, the look in her eyes piqued his interest. His eyes squinted for a second before he cleared his throat, focusing his attention on adjusting his tie. "Do not worry, I believe looking after others is what I was made to do. I'll do my best to serve and protect you."