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mxf or mxm is what I generally do, so if you'd prefer mxf that's fine!

I love all of those too lmao uhhhhh ig like, nobility in general??? and magic. slowburn!!


Umm, maybe I can kinda take a plot I had with someone else and twist it to fit here. Character A's family was slaughtered by Character B's family and only A escaped. Over the years, resistance has formed that A leads but no one outside of the resistance has ever seen A. B is the heir to the throne once the usurper king dies. Since no one knows who A is, they decide to take matters into their own hands and infiltrate the palace under a guise of a family member of some nobility that is secretly part of the resistance. Said noble family has no idea who A actually is. A is there to kill the king and his family just as the usurper did to A's family. Problem is, A starts getting close to B and finds they actually like them. B isn't anything like their father. We can throw in magic if we want too. I kinda like the plot where the usurper king hates magic and vows to execute all magic users, thus adding hatred and fear among the common folk. Or we can do without magic.