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So I have a billion ideas and no one to do them with. Help

WARNING: I tend to be Very dark with my RPs, so I'd prefer people 16+ only, who are willing to roleplay dark and potentially mature content
I reserve the right to turn you down


Greetings! I require no sample from you, as I've seen your RP style before.

Before I post any of my ideas, I need to know a few things:

  1. Triggers?
  2. Mature scenes, yes or no? (By which I mean sex, not like, blood)
  3. You okay with LGBTQ characters? Because most of mine are LGBTQ in some way or another


By the way: answering "no" to either of the second two questions won't make me drop you; it just changes which of my RP ideas I post for you to choose from


Hey, sorry for the delay. I was awol.

  1. Triggers? Not really. Only cannibalism/eating blood, explicit sex scenes, and pedophilia/necrophilia make me uncomfortable.
  2. Mature scenes, yes or no? I don't mind lots of references to sex and/or rape, innuendos, or sexually suggestive actions/comments by characters, but for I prefer not to do any actual sex scenes if that's okay. They're fine if we like RP right up to them and then just sort of timeskip over them. But tbh I do like a lot of dark themes. I have a ton of characters that have been raped, a ton that have been male prostitutes, some that have been abused and, erm, "groomed" in the past, etc. So mature, dark themes of that nature don't bother me.
  3. You okay with LGBTQ characters? I mean I'm not gonna tell you that you can't use any. It's totally up to you. I do have a big pref for MxF if we do any ships, and most of my characters are pretty much straight, but I mean if you want an LGBTQ character I'm not gonna tell you you can't have one. (Regardless of what we decide, can my character be a male?)


  1. Got it! I will steer clear of those (not that I really had any prompts where any of those was part of it? but still). I personally don't have any triggers, by the way
  2. Alright, that makes sense. I too have characters like that, which is kinda half the reason I asked
  3. Hmm Okay. A lot of my prompts are either MxM or MxF, and I too prefer being a male character, so uh. I guess we'll see what happens with that

Yeah of course! I'm not really a super picky person, and from what I've seen you've got a good RP style


Hey before I post my giant list of prompts, do you have any preferred genres? Fantasy, sci fi, superhero/superpowers, etc. Most prompts will include romance, but usually only not as the main theme


Well, I mean, I did say most are straight.

most is not all


I love romance as a subplot, so feel free to include it. I like dark sci-fi dark superhero/superpowers, and crime.


Oop okay–

Alright! Ok. Most of my prompts are fantasy, so there will be some mixed in there, but I do have some superhero/sci fi. I'll get those up at some point today!


M'kay here we go– I've done my best to label what sort of pairing the RP would be, along with genre

.1. Sci-fi/Pirate, MxM

"Worthless boy, you've lost five clients this week!" His master yelled, slapping him. He stumbled and shrank back. "You do not deny the men anything. As long as they have paid, they have their way with you. Understand?" The boy gulped and nodded quickly. His master shoved him outside. "You're sleeping outside." the man said, slamming the brothel door behind him. The boy shivered, dressed only in boxers.
"Quite unfortunate." He jumped and turned, seeing a well-dressed man approaching. "Do you enjoy working as a sex slave?" The boy blinked, unsure of how to respond. He stepped closer and touched the boy's face gently. "I could give you a better life. Full of adventure."
The boy's eyes widened when he recognized the man from wanted poster. He was the pirate captain.

You'd be the pirate captain, I'd be the boy, as I already have a character for this lmao

.2. Fantasy? (Could be adapted for sci-fi), any pairing (my character is male)

Evander Weylyn's people have no idea what their young king did to defend them when their country was on the verge of defeat. They have no idea how much the young man lost, the monster that he became to keep them safe. They have no idea what he sacrificed for Aven, their country, how he gave up his soul, body, and mind for them.

And he intends to keep it that way.

Someone new has arrived in the palace. Someone who doesn't know not to ask, someone who doesn't know that he doesn't want to talk about it. Someone who keeps asking questions about everything; every little thing, every little strange detail.

Evander is so tired of fighting himself. He is so tired of deflecting questions and hiding how deep the breakage is. How fractured his soul has become. And so when this new person arrives, he isn't sure what to do.

.3. Superhero, any pairing (my character is non-binary)

"You think it pleases me to hurt anyone?" the villain looks absolutely shattered. "I hate it! But the world has made it very clear that that's what I must do. And if I'm already a monster, then…it may as well be me."
"You don't have to be. Monstrous is an adjective, not a noun." The hero took a careful step closer, eyes fixed on the villain. Amazed that someone so fragile could have caused so much harm.
"You're sweet." The villain mumbled. "I wish you wouldn't be."

.4. Historical-ish fantasy, most likely MxM? I'm the Mouthpiece, but I might switch the original character out for a different one, so pairing is negotioable

“How are you today?” the king asked.

“The gods are quite well, sire.” the mouthpiece of the gods replied calmly.

“No, I…I wasn’t asking about the gods. I mean you.” the king studied the mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece blinked slowly. “I do not understand, sire.”

“I’m glad that the gods are well, but…what about you?”

“I am as the gods, sire. There is no difference.”

The Mouthpiece of the Gods is an honorable thing to be, a post chosen for only one in a generation. They are the mortal host of the Gods, their mind inextricably linked with the Gods. They serve as the Gods’ mouthpiece, speaking for the Gods to mortals, or from mortals to the Gods. The Mouthpiece has no name, has no identity outside of being a vessel for the divine. The Mouthpiece is only important for what they carry, what they communicate. Not for who they are. They are bound by a series of strict rules, and indeed, cannot really think for themselves outside of what the Gods feel or wish.

The current Mouthpiece is masculine, and still rather young. He is like any other Mouthpiece. But the king? Ah, the king is different. He speaks to the Mouthpiece sometimes in a strange way. As if the Mouthpiece were any other person. He expects the Mouthpiece to behave like a normal person, to express opinions and thoughts and feelings that are…not from the Gods. It is blasphemy, and the Mouthpiece…the Mouthpiece is confused, and at the same time…the Mouthpiece craves these conversations, these things that are not meant for the Gods that the Mouthpiece hosts, but instead for the Mouthpiece himself.

Little by little, the king begins to draw out the real Mouthpiece, to create a Mouthpiece divided into two parts: the real, human man, and the Mouthpiece. The human part of him begins to fall in love, even as the Gods begin to rumble with anger at this blasphemy towards them, towards the vessel consecrated as theirs alone.

Then, disaster.

.5. Superhero, MxM

The hero shows up at the villain's doorstep one night. They're shivering, bleeding, scared. There's also a slightly dazed look in their eyes– they were drugged. They look like they were assaulted. They look up at the villain, swaying slightly as they're close to passing out, they mumble, "…didn't know where else to go…" Then collapse into the villain's arms.

.6. Fantasy or sci-fi (could be adapted), any pairing (my character is male again)

Prince Callum Shay spends half the year as a monster. He spends half the year with no idea of who he is or what he is. A monster, a killing thing that destroys and murders and lays waste to the kingdom he tries to rule. The half of the year where he isn't a monster? He is only a man from sunset to sunrise, and in the day is still the monster. He was cursed nearly 20 years ago, never to age until the curse is broken, or until it runs it's course. He has 20 years to break the curse, or he shall be a monster forever.

It has been 19. This is his last cycle as a man. His last chance to break the curse. The witch that cast it told him that to break it, he must fall in love, and that love must be reciprocated. The person cannot be from the castle So every year for 19 years, his servants have brought someone new to the castle in hopes of him falling for them. Every year, it has failed. His health has worsened with each passing year, the curse taking its toll on his body.

This is his last chance, and he knows it.

A was taken by a man they don't recognize and brought to the castle. There, they meet a handsome prince. It all seems like something from a fairytale. But the prince is hiding something, and they are determined to find out what.

aaannd that's all for now lmao
I'd kinda prefer either 1 or 5, but it's up to you which of these you'd like :) (absolutely no pressure to choose 1 or 5, I'm good to do any of these that you want) (I already have a character for like…all of these, by the way)


:D low-key I stole both of those from Pinterest and then adapted them lmao but hhh I don't actually know which one I'd prefer


Hmmm… Well, say we were to go with #5, would you be the villain or the hero? The "plot" we go with could sorta be that there's an even worse villain that's a threat to both of them (and the person who did this to the hero), and they have to work together to stop him/her. We could do something totally different, too; that's just what occurred to me.

#1 is still a big option though because I love both too much. :')


Oh I'd be the hero, I've already got a character in mind for that (and also a reason he got hurt? So) but a bigger villain is definitely an interesting idea!

lol same


Indecisive hiss

Okay. #5. I'm going to vote #5. If we ever want to, we could always do another PRP with #1 later down the road, but I think #5 could be cool. Is there any certain personality-pairing you're in the mood for? Like any particular dynamic between the two characters?


Alrighty! And yeah, we can definitely do another one with 1 if/when you'd like to :) Uhm…I'm a massive sucker for height differences, but that's not really a personality thing. So…not really? Although I will say that your villain should probably be, like…not mean? Idk what I mean by that. But…like I don't want them to fall for each other because your character is emotionally/physically manipulative or abusive, because my character has already been through that enough. Like, your villain can be as conniving as you like, but I'd just prefer that, in terms of how the two interact, if your character was genuine? Am I making sense?


I think templates would be helpful, even if they're just kind of brief. My characters usually develop better throughout the RP, but I like to have a basic skeleton of an idea to help me envision them better. :3



Age (I'm thinking between 20 and 25):

Name: Cassian "Cas" Grey
Age: 20, almost 21
Gender: Male
Alias?: Sketch
Powers: ability to make drawings come to life
Looks: Cassian is a bit on the short side, at only 5'4". He is thin, with a good amount of muscle for someone his height. His skin is a light olive color, that tans rather easily. His hair is dark brown, nearly black, and is cut short. It tends to stick up a bit no matter what he does to it. His back and arms are a little scarred from various fights. His eyes are a hazel green, and sometimes appear to be more brown or grey than green. His normal clothing is just casual, a t shirt and jeans. His suit, for fighting and such, is just a dark blue one with light body armor, along with different drawing tools hidden throughout it.
Other: hero. Gay.


I like him.

Name: Dov (often mispronounce Dove, but it's actually just Dov. Like… dawv, kinda? He hates his name and usually goes by his middle name) Magnus Baird
Age: 23
Gender: Cis male
Alias: I can't think of anything for the life of me so I'm gonna pick something random, like Hazard
Powers: He can transfer kinetic energy from external sources and use it to his advantage. For example, if he is punched, he still feels the pain, but he can transfer the kinetic energy into himself to make his own punches stronger. He can also transfer energy into small objects and turn them into explosives, kinda like Gambit from Marvel Comics, or kind of blast the energy (I think like Bishop from Marvel but I could be wrong). Both of these are much harder for him, though, and more draining than simply using the energy to strengthen his melee attacks, so he doesn't do it as often. Overusing his powers can cause him fatigue and or cause him to faint. Absorbing too much energy without releasing it can do the same.
Looks: He stands at a good 6'3" with broad shoulders that taper to a much narrower waist. Well-muscled. Fair skin; he will sunburn easily and he's not happy about it. His hair is an ash-brown color with a slight curl to it, but since he doesn't think curly hair is very intimidating, he tries to keep it cut short or lets it grow out so he can pull it back into a very short man-ponytail. It's currently the latter. His facial features are overall masculine; he has a sharp jawline, an oval/heart shaped face, and dark grey-blue eyes. He has a lot of scars on his body, prominently on his chest, back, arms, and legs, but they're all old and he doesn't mind them. His teeth are very straight and white. He sometimes has some short stubble lining his jaw. His day-to-day clothing varies, anything from sweat-pants and hoodies to full blown suits. Depends on his mood. His villain suit is jet-black, fitted but not too tight, sleeveless. It has a hood and a mask that covers the lower half of his face. He wears fingerless black gloves and combat boots.
Other: Very agile strong boy. Great at hand-to-hand. Villain. He says he's asexual, but he has been known to lie. ;)


:O I'm glad you lomf him!

Nah, that's plenty enough detail for me. It was perfect, actually! All I needed to help project the idea in my head into something I can work with now. :3