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"Walking on a dream,
How can I explain,
Talking to myself,
Will I see again?"

In a world where once two soulmates meet their vision goes from shades of black and grey, to bright vivid colors. Two characters stumble across each other by both getting jobs at the same cafe, though when they slowly begin to see color instead of the cold, grey world, they think there must be a mistake, or that their soulmate is in fact, someone else that works there, or even a regular, daily, costumer, not each other.
(I got the inspo of this from various POV tiktoks— so I take no credit with making the plot of this roleplay when involving the seeing color thing.)

"We are always running for the thrill of it, thrill of it
Always pushing up the hill, searching for the thrill of it
On and on and on we are calling out, out again
Never looking down, I'm just in awe of what's in front of me"

Character A has been working at the Earthopian cafe, a cafe that thrives on being environmentally friendly in the state of Arizona, where climate change is proving many effects on the land, though the lack of water and destruction of farms, due to the ongoing water crisis and drought.

Is it real now?
Two people become one
I can feel it
Two people become one"

Character B is a new worker at the Earthopian cafe, and the roleplay starts in their first day of the job.

"Thought I'd never see
The love you found in me
Now it's changing all the time
Living in a rhythm where the minute's working overtime"

the rules are pretty simple:

  • no being an ass, your character can be, but not you
  • literally Andrew's rules and thats pretty much it.

Character Sheet:

Clothing style outside of work:

"Don't stop, just keep going on
I'm your shoulder, lean upon
So come on, deliver from inside
All we got is tonight, that is right 'til first light"

I must ask that If you want to join and we have no past roleplays together, that you submit a writing sample at least one paragraph long, the maximum for the sample is three paragraphs.


Name: Winifred Uliza Chen
Age: 19
Sex: female
Pronouns: she/they
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: this
Clothing style outside of work: these
Backstory: Winifred spent her childhood raised in the foster, then adoptive home of her hippie like parents, who raised her to be liberated, not on purpose but because she simply was raised by them and that was the way they thought and were opinionated. She was forced into foster care after her American father, beat her asian mother half to death, all while calling her slurs and profanities associated with asians, CPS came and took Winifred, who was then ten, away from her parents.
Likes: Boots, Overalls, and hot chocolate
Dislikes: yelling, violence, physical aggression and the color orange (no explanation for this, she just doesnt like it)

  • Winifred is now, currently in contact with her birth mother, Otaliah, and even enjoys her presence as she knows her birth fathers aggression was not her mother's fault.
  • She has a six year old sister, whom her parents adopted from Fiji and if you were to tell Winifred that she was not actually related to Adelina, her sister, she would fight you.
  • Sometimes, through the agreement of her parents, Otaliah, Winifred's birth mother, comes over to her house in which she shares with her family, to enjoy dinner with Winifred and her family.

this is the mood board I made for her :)

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(I love! Her and Paisley are such opposites, this is going to be hilarious)

Name: Paisley Foster
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Flowering bisexual
Appearance: Paisley has a younger complexion with blueish-green eyes and light brown hair that falls slightly past her shoulders. She's 5'4", lightly muscled, and small shouldered. She wears light makeup, mainly around her eyes. Her ears are pierces, and she wears little cute studs. Reference image:
Clothing style outside of work: Boho chic. Lots of flowery patterns, jean shorts, cropped tops Reference image:
Likes: Flowers, tea, books, sun
Dislikes: Moving around all the time (but she never told her parents)
Backstory: Paisley has moved all around during her childhood. She was born in Florida, moved up to Georgia for 5 or so years, then up into both of the Carolinas (each for 2 years). She moved to Maryland for another 5 years, New York for 5 more, and now, deciding to separate herself from her parents and start her own adventure, Paisley made a move cross-country to Arizona. She needed to find a job to support herself, and the Earthopian cafe was hiring.
Other: She never has made any lasting friends because of how often she moves, but she maintains a happy, bubbly outward appearance


Winifred had her uniform on, light green hat over her pulled up hair, the messy ponytail coming out the back of the hat, her white T-shirt that said "save the earth" on it and had the Earthopian cafe logo beneath the letters, which was a picture of the Earth, but the colors were instead dark grey and pale grey. Around herself was her work apron, with was light green and light blue, the strings tied tightly around her waist to ensure her it didn't fall off during work. Her light colored mom jean's were cuffed at the bottom and her light blue checkered slip on vans were on her below average sized feet.

It was early, she had spent the last hour opening the cafe and getting it ready all alone, something she prefered to do, she found the opening of the cafe, when she was alone. serene and calming.
She checked her watch, 9:30 AM it read, the cafe didn't open until about 10:15, so she still had time, and the new girl was supposed to start with her today, Winifred was assigned to training her, the schedule said her name was Paisley and that she was starting her first shirt, at 10.

Winifred went around the small lobby, with its small, round tables and stools, cleaning off the tops, even though the closing shift the night before already had the lobby practically spotless, she felt uncomfortable just standing around and playing on her phone like some of her co-workers.

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"Yes, oh yes, that's the perfect skirt!"

"You're sure? You really think so?" Paisley asked, looking down at the skirt she was wearing. From her perspective, it looked a murky grey. She smoothed the material hesitantly. It fit her nicely, but the color… that's what Jasmine was here for. One of the only friends she had made that stayed through the years. While she still lived in Maryland and Paisley was all the way in Arizona now, they were still close. Well, as close as Paisley could be with anyone.

"Yes! That shade of blue is absolutely stunning," Jasmine insisted over the FaceTime call. "Twirl for me again." Paisley did as she'd been commanded, and Jasmine whooped. "Yes! Oh, Pais, you look so cute! Dressed like that, you're definitely going to find your soulmate."

Paisley grinned and knelt down to look her friend in the eye – over the screen that is. Jasmine and Noah had met a few months ago, and they'd realized within the first few weeks of seeing each other that they began to see the world in more than black and white. Jasmine could now see colors, and Paisley, while she was happy for her friend, was immensely jealous. She longed to see colors. It was a vital part of what she intended to do later in life. She wanted to be a fashion designer. But for now, she'd been hired at an eco-friendly cafe, today was her first day, and it was currently–

"Jas! I'm going to be late for work! Thanks for the help. I'll talk to you later?"

"Of course, pumpkin! Bye!"

Once Jasmine had hung up, Paisley rushed around, throwing her wallet, keys, phone, a water bottle, and her nametag into a mini backpack, and hurried off. She made it through the door to the Earthopian cafe at 9:56 and sighed with relief.


Winifred was patiently waiting behind the counter, in which she watched Paisley rush in.
"Hello!" She said happily, glad she wouldnt have to report to their manager that the girl was late on her first day.

"Im Winifred, I don't know if Freddie told you, but I'm going to be the one training you until you get comfortable enough with everything" Winifred said kindly, exiting from behind the counter, she found that she was taller than Paisley, though she was taller than almost all her co-workers, except the manager Freddie, who was almost 6'5 and built like a plank.

She gave Paisley a once over then continued to walk around and check everything for cleanliness.
"So basically, if you want, you can just follow me around today, get the jist, or I can start teaching you everything, little by little, either option is fine with me" she said, wiping a stray smear of black lipstick from under her lower lip.

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"Hi," the young girl gasped. "I'm Paisley." She took in Winifred with her blueish-green eyes. Not that she knew on her own what color they were. Jasmine had told her. "It's nice to meet you!"

She nervously tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear. A ponytail tie was on her wrist in case she needed it. Unsure if Winifred could see colors or not, she felt scrutinized by the girl's once-over before she started talking again. "Um, I'll just follow you, if that's okay," she suggested once Winifred was finished. "Learn things one at a time."


"okay" Winifred said with a smile, turning around to face Paisley.
"I must ask, do you see colors?" She asked her "I know on the resume you have to state if you can or not, but I always ask people because im kind of nosy" she said with a smile and then a laugh.

"If it make's you feel more comfortable, I can't see color yes and if you can, don't tell me how great it is, or that I'll love it. I hate when people do that" she deadpanned, then smiled at Paisley lightly.

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"I, um, I don't see colors yet," Paisley answered. "My friend can, though. She told me this skirt is… blue?" She looked down and toyed with the hem for a moment before looking back up at Winifred. "Yes. Blue."

"I know, right," Paisley agreed a bit too quickly. She felt her cheeks heat up. "Sorry, um… I mean, I feel happy for the people who have already found their soulmate, but…"


"it makes you a bit jealous?" Winifred filled in hopefully, sensing that Paisley, much like herself, longed to find their soulmate and see colors. "It's normal to be jealous I think" she added, tugging gently on Paisley's wrist, leading her behind the counter before letting go.

She smiled at Paisley before a large burst of color filled her vision, causing her to double over and grab the edge of the counter to avoid falling over, but the color was gone just as quickly as it had come, leaving Winifred longing to see it, while also feeling glad it was gone.

She quickly straingthened up and exhaled, smoothing her apron down in a facade to cover up her short, yet noticable whatever that was she thought to herself.

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"Yes," Paisley sighed with relief, happy that Winifred understood her. A bit of heat rose to her cheeks as Winifred took her wrist, but she grinned and followed.

She jolted in surprise at Winifred's sudden change in behavior, and she reached out to gently put a hand on their back and reach an arm around her for support. "Oh, God! Winifred, are you okay?" she asked worriedly.

Paisley quickly backed away when they straightened, however, suddenly embarrassed by how almost intimate her touch had been. No, she thought quickly. I was only concerned about her. That's all.


WInifred nodded quickly.
Should I tell her about the color? She wondered, then decided against it.
"Yes, yes, im fine" she said with a intake of inhalation
"just lost my balance is all" she said quickly, flashing a smile at Paisley to reassure her.

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Paisley studied Winifred as she fixed herself. "Are you sure?" she asked quietly. She didn't want to overstep her boundaries, but the girl had worried her. And it didn't look like she had only lost her balance…

Shaking her head, Paisley pushed the thoughts from her mind. She wasn't here for this. She was here for a job. To make money so she could fund living on her own out here. "Um, are we going to get started then?"


"yes!" Winifred said excitedly, thankful to get started.
She clapped her hands together.
She began walking around slowly, hoping Paisley would take the initiative to follow her.
"This is where we make the coffee obviously" Winifred said, gesturing to the three coffee makers set next to each other.

She walked over to the stirring are, opening all three of the mini fridges hidden under the counter.
"In these fridges, there are all the liquids we keep, and—" she said, shutting the doors and gesturing to the many sets of stirring spoons on top of the counter.
"This is the stirring station, you use the stirring spoons to stir in what you pour into the coffee" she explained, her hands on her hips.

"We have three main drinks" she stated "iced coffee, hot coffee and smoothies, I don't know if smoothies count as a drink but you know its whatever" she said with a small laugh, smiling at Paisley as she walked backwards to the counter in the far back.

She pointed another mini fridge, this one slightly bigger than the ones under the stirring stations. "This fridge contains all the frozen fruit and ingredients we offer in our smoothies" She continued, winking lightly.

She stood up straight, pointing to the blender on the counter and the various cups, lids and metal straws set around it.
"The bags of ice are almost always in the fridge with the frozen fruit, if you run out, there's always extra of everything in the walk in freezer" she said, pointing to a large metal door at the back of the store.

She turned back to the counter which contained the blender.
"This is the smoothie station by the way" she said, smiling.

"And that's everything I can think of for right now, but I'll end up showing you the ropes when we actually open and have customers come in" she explained with a small grin.

She looked up at the clock hanging on the wall and saw that it was 10:11.
"Freddie, our manager is going to be working with us, but he let me know previously that he was going to back off this shift, in order to see my training skills and to see if I can properly train you and stuff" she said.

"But Freddie is always late, so he won't be here until after we open to be honest." She said with a smile at the mention of her old friend.

She pointed to a back door at the back of the store.
"That door is employees only, you can use it for smoke breaks" She said.