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Hello! Now, before you get into anything I need you to know that ..I'm horrible at being active. I still need to respond to other things and I can tend to get really busy with life…that said, if you still want to do this with me then that's great.

I have a bro named sutechi Asato. He has been kidnapped when he was 8 years old, and tortured, starved, beaten and then trained into a deadly weapon. He did this for years until he was around 18-19 and then some heros finally showed up to save him, only he escaped before they could find him. He's now….integrating somehow into normal life.

That's where you come in, your character (preferably female) could help him integrate into life, or meet him several years later. Whatever happens, let's discuss it! I like talking about a plot instead of jumping in with no idea.

Heads up! This will contain:
Mentions of torture, physical and mental.
Serious topics.
Self harm.

Now, I'm hopping to get someone that can write more then a few sentences as no one wants to respond to he said she said.


He turned to look at her, hesitating on what he should say, what he possibly could say to her…he didn't want her to look at him in disgust, or in rage. Though he knew…if he told her what he was…she very well might.
He took a deep breath, before finally speaking "I…I've done things I'm not proud of."

Like that! I understand if things happen, and you get tired and just new a simple response. I just would hope you could put some effort into it a little bit. Thank you for reading this very long desc. Lol have a great day!!!!

@False-andrew flash_on

Name: Yekaterina (Katherine) Ivleeva
Nickname: Katya
Age: 23
Gender: Female

Likes: Large/strange creatures, good food, excersise, mythology, rock 'n roll, alt, grunge, metal
Dislikes: Being bored, complaining, cooking her own meals, some other things
Hobbies: Reading, making music as a part of a half-decent band as the drummer/backup vocalist, running marathons, volunteering at exotic animal rescues
Trauma Habits: Triple checks her locks and windows every time she leaves or enters her house, never takes an apartment above ground level, always carries a gun, taser and pepper spray in her side bag, tends to stick to really crowded areas so she can disappear quickly if need be if she thinks she's being followed, she always leaves a lamp on in her room at night
Normal Habits: Tends to wave her hands more violently when happy or excited (she already moves her hands around a lot though), asks people to repeat something several times even if she understood them the first time (it's a weird processing thing though, not rude), always eats her meals in sections, i.e. starts with the smallest items first before eating the bigger items
Personality: Very loud and sociable, tends to be a little bit grating or annoying with how verbal she is, but she always means well. She's basically like a golden retriever in a lot of ways: always gets along well with strangers and people she knows, can get a little skittish if left unattended, has a tendancy to start tearing up cushions if left alone for too long. But it's surprisingly easy to say something wrong and have her shut down for hours, due to her family history. She can never hold a stable romantic relationship and even her platonic relationships struggle at times. She's very reckless, always getting some new injury or other, though that's mainly due to the fact that she's an adrenaline junky - and due to her upbringing.
Bio(backstory): Will reveal as time goes on. Suffice to say, her family sucked and so did the people she normally hung out with as a kid.
Fears: Being left behind/forgotten, falling for someone she can't have/someone who won't love her back, the dark
Power: (?)
Strengths: People, herself
Weaknesses: People, herself, the dark

Height: 7'4"
Weight: 213 lbs.
Hair Color: Fire red at the roots, gradient to acid green at the tips, with purple highlights
Hair Style-

Eye Color: Electric blue
Skin Color: Pale, what you'd expect from someone with mostly Slavic blood
Body Type: Very slim but muscled legs and arms, long fingers, narrow shoulders, no chest but has a very pronounced butt.
Identifying Marks: Whenever she wears a sports bra (which is really common), it reveals way too many scars on her back, chest and abdomen. There's a pretty bad burn scar stretching from her left earlobe to the corner of her mouth and ending right under her jaw, a divot in her right eyebrow, and a distinct groove in her scalp where hair doesn't grow. Her knuckles and hands are very scarred as well, as though she spent a lot of time hitting things when she was younger. When she wears shorts, quite a few more scars can be seen.