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So, open to plot ideas. MlM preferably. I could go for fantasy rn, but if not, any ideas I am open to :D (I am just super bored)


Uhhh not especially lol, I usually do modern semi-fantasy (so basically modern day with some fantasy elements, moreso in characters than setting)
I could show you some of my characters if you'd like? Could help decide something


(Copy pasted from elsewhere obviously I can't type that fast lol)

Alrighty! Here's some of my characters ^^

Nathaniel Windsor (male, he/him, angel, homosexual)
I can vary his age for just about anything lol, can be a child for found family (I do love found family), teenager for school aus or also found family or romance or something idk, or adult for… romance probably? They're all good for different things (all three are seen below, first image with 21 and 8, and second image with 16)
As for romance he tends to prefer guys who are taller than him (not difficult since he's 5'4) and who can make him feel safe

Finn and Teagan Hemming (twin males, he/him, werewolves, bisexual)
Finn (left) and Teagan (right) are both idiots and I love them. They fight pretty much constantly, as people and wolves (hence the scars) but they do still care a lot about each other. Finn was attacked and bitten at a young age, and inevitably turned Teagan shortly after.

Lumine (Lumi) Lemongrass (demiboy, he/they, neko, homosexual)
Lumi is just a little guy πŸ₯Ί except catboy. They act a lot like a cat most of the time, being standoffish with people he doesn't really know and demanding of attention once he likes someone. Depending on the age we roleplay they would either be on the streets or in a very cheap apartment.

Faerynn (Rynn) Verdine (nonbinary, they/them, unicorn satyr, abrosexual)
Rynn doesn't know what gender is but they will politely decline. They're typically scared of people, but they're also very naive and gullible. They lost their family when they were young and have wandered ever since

Nich Brooks (male, he/him, kitsune? Fox neko?, pansexual)
Nich grew up in an active war zone and lost his lower legs to a landmine when he was a kid. Even so, he's a pretty fun guy to be around and he's very resourceful and helpful, always looking for something interesting to do or someone to assist.

Aiki and Eiji Akaume (Aiki (right): Demiboy, he/they, foxboy, homosexual. Eiji (left): Male, he/him, foxboy, pansexual)
They're kind of similar to Finn and Teagan tbh but they're still fun and I like them πŸ‘

Finn Carmelo (yes, another Finn) (trans male, he/him, human, bisexual)
Finn is very friendly and a bit nervous by nature. He's definitely a people pleaser aha. Typically he's some kind of healer/mage role but I'm flexible. He's usually about 19 years old and is the only one of my characters to have a good relationship with his parents.
(Picrew, not my art. The others are my art.)


Adfghk ty! I've been drawing since I was like 2-4 so idk lol, I guess I just kept doing it until I figured it out

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Well good job, honestly I have a few that are similar, but by the looks your characters are more on the sub side, right? So I can figure up a few that I can use.


Nathaniel is just a little guy but he's perfectly capable of keeping someone in line (he's stronger than he looks) so whoever you like is fine lol

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Carter Lee James (Lee), male he/him demisexual/romantic stuck at 17. 5'7". Vampire, he street races, illegally, and generally doesn't care. He has major anxiety and can work himself up over little things. He smokes, more often than not has a cigarette in his mouth, mostly unlit. He has dirty blonde hair and normally blue-green eyes. but they turn red sometimes. He has an average build, not very strong naturally. um.. yeah. is that good?


I like him! If Carter's 17 I'll probably have Nathaniel be 16 and 5'0 :)

So he'd most closely resemble this image