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Nicandros had pissed off fate one too many times, and she had enough of him. The Fae man had entangled himself in a terrible and horrible fiasco. Owing money to anyone can be a dangerous situation. But when you find yourself in a position with a rare and valued orb, and promised to deliver to not one, not two, but five different powerful creatures, and deliver to none of them, one will find themselves in a very sticky situation. Nicandros finds himself in a back alley surrounded by these five creatures and their entourage, seemingly invisible to the outside world with a magical barrier around them. However, that wasn't the case. A scrawny boy, who barely looked 17, stumbled across this mess and finds himself in a while world of trouble and something he never believed could be possible.

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Slow burn romance
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Graham chuckled a little bit, "I can certainly understand that. But I wouldn't take it from you, after all, wouldn't that be rude? I have more than enough for myself, so why horde? Especially if you enjoy it this much, or anywhere near as much as I do, which I must admit is quite a lot." He said with a smile, acting a lot less like his normal, sort of snobby self. "But about the boys, I do agree that perhaps it isn't the best idea to have them caught, at least with my hand in it. I can see how that would be traumatizing, and earn me another enemy. Which at the moment, is the last thing I need. Because currently, I have you, Storm, and practically every civilian and hero in the city." His smile turned into a frown as he thought about what he had said, "Oh wow, I didn't realize how many people in this city actually hated me. . . Oh well, I hate most of them back, so I guess the feeling is mutual." He took another sip of his apple juice, a smile on his face once again, "I'm glad you enjoy it, I had been workshopping it for a while, kind of just using it as a hobby, but when I destroyed your bike I decided that it was time to that bike to good use. Have you figured out all the features yet? I added some with your specific powers in mind, but I'm going to tell you how to find them, that's for you to do yourself." He smiled with the satisfaction of his hard work and started to think about something else he could possibly invent. Maybe a bike similar to the one he made for Asher?

Then he heard Asher's voice bring him back to reality. He looked over at the other boy and sensed that perhaps he was feeling guilty or something of that nature. "You don't need to feel guilty for what you've done to me. It isn't your fault that I decided to use my powers for evil. Well, I'm not using them for evil, I'm using them for I think is right, if that makes sense. I'm having my own sort of fun and playing jokes or whatever against the people who control this city. I'm doing my own thing, and so are you. You shouldn't feel guilty for doing what you believe is right, as you can see the other hero's don't. They think that we're the bad guys, that we're scum, and if in their eyes that's true, then in their world and in their conscience it's true." He stopped and took another sip of his juice, "Does that make sense? If you're doing what you believe is right, then you're not doing the wrong thing. At least, in your mindset, you aren't doing anything. So, if you truly believe that I am a villain, then you shouldn't feel bad for beating me up or whatever." He said with a sigh, "Although I will probably sound like a masochist or whatever, I don't exactly mind the beatings or whatever, I've sort of gotten used to the pain and the threats. I don't know how many times you've threatened to either drown me or freeze me, and of course, there are the other heroes who have actually attempted it, so I think you're fine." Then, when he fell silent, he realized how weird that must of sound, "Wait, no no, I mean, well, in my opinion, you're not as bad as the other heroes here, so if anything you can stay the others can leave." Then, he sort of got an idea, "If it makes it any easier, perhaps I could possibly try being not as bad of a bad guy? I mean, although my body is somewhat used to the beatings, I can't go on like this forever." His eyes lit up as the idea he had been trying to grasp at finally formed in his mind, "What if we tried to take down Storm together! After I heal up of course."

His usual smirk of self-satisfaction reappeared on his face as he waited for Asher's response, Maybe I just solved this problem, actually no I solved two, and if this works three, and if all of this comes together possibly four, and you know what? What if I solved all of the problems in the world? What if I just solved world hunger!?!!? He shook his head a little bit, thinking about the last one, No, that might be pushing it a little bit, but if it works, who knows! Then he looked down at the plate of food, realizing that he hadn't eaten too much of it, "Oh, uhm, you don't need to worry about that, when I finish, I'll clean up after myself, or at least I'll try too. I don't really eat too much, to begin with, so I don't want you to have to wait for me once everything is done. That wouldn't be fair to you, to have to wait on me hand and foot, especially since I'm not in the hospital, and you're not being paid for any of this." As he studied the boy's body language and words, he got the feeling that he wasn't alright, and was still thinking of himself in the wrong. So with all the strength he had, he pushed himself off the bed and walked over to him. Wincing in pain, and biting his lip to keep the grunts of pain to himself, "Asher, please don't feel bad about what has happened, or what you did. You were trying to protect yourself, and your identity and that's alright. I scared you, and I really should have left you alone. Please don't think that you aren't the hero, to most of the people in this city, you are on of the top tier heroes, and you should continue to think of yourself in that way, at least in my opinion, you should."


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Nicandros has always found himself in sticky situations, even as a child. Stealing muffins off the counter and denying it was him, even though the evidence was on his fingers, stealing his sister's dolls and hiding them from her. But over the many years in his life, his harmless child schemes have grown into much more dangerous ones. Think of the black market but for the faerie folk. Nicandros is good at finding things. And creatures have paid him very good money at finding very special things for them. However, sometimes Nicandros likes those things a little more than the money. Sometimes the original buyer even ends up mysteriously gone or dead. Or sometimes, Nicandros is way over his head and has gone completely mad, like now. He knew he had tested Fate one too many times, and they were fed up with him. In this particular situation, he would prefer to blame it on Fate instead of himself. In truth, he was partially correct. Fate had a hand in this. Fate planted the idea, to each and every one of them, but it was on Nicandros to take it too far. Now Fate sat by with their scissors and waited for the chance to snip his thread. Nicandros had been approached by five different, very powerful creatures, to find an orb that held powers that anyone could dream of possessing, and bring it to them. Each had offered a very reasonable price. Nicandros demanded a small amount of the payment upfront, to ensure they wouldn't back out. And he did so for each of the five. Nicandros found the orb and decided he wanted to keep it to himself. He thought he could escape Fate. he thought he could run and he would be safe. He was wrong. That was how he found himself in a back alleyway, surrounded by these five otherworldly creatures, and a barrier shut around them, to keep humans out, and Nicandros in.

"I'm sure we can figure this out, guys. Yes, I may have spent most of it, but I promise I can pay you all back. Just let me go and I'll go work really really hard for it."

"You think you can replace a priceless artifact, one of its kind? You're fooling yourself. You have gone too far Nicandros. had over the orb." Titus the Serpent king demanded.

"If you think you're getting that orb, Titus, you're sorely mistaken. You can sliver back into your hole where you belong." Braxton sneered. He was like the mafia, but for the fae kind.

"Let's not get heated here. I'm sure we can all come to an agreement. Let's all take some deep breaths. We're all friends here right? You guys want the orb and I want to live. We should be able to figure this out." Nicandros was stalling. He didn't know how he would get out of this. He didn't know what to do. And he always knew what to do. He always had an exit plan. But this time, he was stuck.

Far away Fate was watching. Their scissors getting closer and closer to cutting his thread. They cackled, for finally, they could rid of him. But no, something stopped Fate from cutting his thread. What? How could that be?


Abner wasn't expecting to be pushed into some creature, well he wasn't even sure if he could call it that, it was more of a monster, although he had no clue what to call it. Maybe a thing would be a better name for it? It looked like an orc, but a lot more hideous to be considered one, but that wasn't the issue, the issue was how did they get in there, how could they get out, and most importantly how could they get out without being killed. Not being seeing was out of the question since the thing had turned to face him, a snarl on their face. Damnit.. The small human thought, quivering as the grotesque being slowly reached out to grab him. The human whimpered a little bit, before passing out cold in the thing's arms.

The human wasn't one to cause issues or get himself in trouble, but for some reason, this time he succeeded, running into some people he hadn't seen for a few weeks, people that he had been avoiding as much as possible. They were his ex's closest friends and for some reason -probably as payback because he broke up with Silas- they decided to take it upon themselves to take Abner's life living hell. Which meant, just doing petty stuff and harmless pranks on him like what they did normally whenever they saw Abner on campus. Like trying to beat him up whenever they saw him off campus like they were about to try now. Abner had just gotten off his shift at the nearby coffee shop and began to walk towards his dorm a few blocks away. But when they saw him, and Abner realized that they did, the boy nearly took off running. But he wasn't quick enough for them, and one of them, grabbed him by his collar, pulling him into a nearby alleyway and threw him down onto the ground as the other entered behind the two. He couldn't hear a word that they were saying as they began to push him around, until, he bumped into something that wasn't them, and that's how Abner found himself now coming to in some creature's arms.

The smaller boy glanced up warily, his head was pounding and he could barely see straight, but something was telling him, that he wasn't alright, and that he was in big big trouble. Abner moved to rub his had, but for some reason, it was stuck to his side. "W-what's going on?" He moaned, before looking around and nearly passing out again. What kind of convention have I walked into? T-that has to be it, this has to be some sort of weird roleplay community and I just made the mistake of walking in on them. That makes sense, and I mean, I guess their costumes are really on point for whatever they're acting as? He thought as he felt the arms holding him in place tighten. "Hey boss, look what I got!" A gruff voice above Abner said, directed to another one of those creatures. "It's a human, we could make so much off him." A shudder went down the human's spine, and he began to panic, Okay, so maybe they're just overly committed?

Between the ringing from his ears, and the pounding from his headache, he could barely make out what the others were saying, not about him, but about some other man, who was in the center of the ring. They seemed to be threatening him, due to the sound of their voices and the way the man was cornered, something was going on, and well, Abner was wishing that he hadn't become involved with it. At first, no one knew that he was there, besides the thing that was holding him still and the other thing that they were talking too, but soon a few more realized that he was there, and more of the other things began to talk about it, starting a bit of a quiet buzz besides the loud voices of the leaders of the groups who were yelling at each other and the man in the center.


Nicandros was just as confused as the next when a small human was pushed in. One of Alandra's brutes had caught him, then pushed him away as if he had burned him. Some ugly thing from Titus' entourage was the next to grab him. For a moment they all just stared at him and pondered. There was no possible way. There was no way. The human should not have been able to enter the barrier. No human for that fact should be able to break any barrier the faerie folk cast unless they themselves let the human through. And yet here he was, in the midst of this mess.

Fate brought their scissors away from his thread. What a strange turn of events. Fate certainly had planned for this to happen. This was the work of another being. Fate would certainly have to have a talk with them, for Fate wanted Nicandros dead. he was causing too much trouble for Fate. But for now, they would sit back and wait for another opportunity. For they knew Nicandros would find his way out of this yet again.

"Hey boss, I bet we could sell him for a large sum. You know how much humans sell for, especially pretty little things like this one." The ugly creature broke the silence.

"No way, we got him first," said the first brute.

"And you let him go so he's mine now."

"He's seen too much. It would be better to put him down. Too much trouble to keep him silent."

And all of a sudden their focus was not him anymore but the mere human thing. It would be so easy to slip away. Let them argue it out over the human, he had something much more precious to him, the orb. Except Nicandros was not a heartless fae. He didn't believe in the slavery of humans, it wasn't how he was raised. It wasn't something he believed was morally right. No one deserved to be a slave. It was a horrible thing. He decided he wasn't going to leave the boy with them.

Nicandros pulled out a small round crystal, that, at first sight, looked very similar to said orb everyone was currently after. He tossed the orb to the ugly thing holding the boy, yelling "catch!" The human was let go of as the creature caught the crystal. Nicandros grabbed the boy and set off a smoke bomb. Sometimes he truly did love human inventions. With the distraction, the barrier around them fell and Nicandros took off running with the boy in hand.


Abner whimpered a little bit, listening to what the others were saying, trying to get out of the creature's arms. But the grip of the creature only tightened as the others began to fight about him. "U-uhm, I don't think t-that." He stammered a little bit, as some of the other creatures began to grab at him. He began to panic more and more as they began to speak of selling him, and then nearly screamed as they mentioned killing him. He began to struggle more and more.

But after a few more moments, Abner was dropped, before being dragged behind someone. He didn't really care as to who it was, as long as they would let him go back home, he'd follow him. He began to run along with them, until they were several blocks away. He glanced around, unsure of where he was. I don't recognize this part of town… "Where am I?" He said, looking up at the other creature, now recognizing it to be the person who was in midst of the circle before. "A-and who are you." He said, quietly, as he began to pant a little bit.


"Don't talk, just run if you want to live. Otherwise, I'll leave you here and let them find you. Which they will be looking for you now." Nicandrks used glamour to conceal the features that gave him away. His pointy ears, the unnatural glowing eyes, his beauty. One human already knew of their existence now, and he'd prefer not to add to it.

Nicandros had a safe house nearby, as he did in his business. It was safer to have places to go to lay low when he caused an uproar. He had almost made it to his safe house too when he was found by the others. A little more time and he would've safe. None of this would have happened and that human would've been safe from his kind. It was too late now. Though perhaps if the human stayed out of their sight for while, they would forget about him. Though that could take years.

Checking to make sure no other humans were around, other than the one in his clutches, he waved his hand, causing a door to appear. He turned the knob and pushed the human in first, following the boy inside. He closed the door and sealed the barrier around them. They would be fine for now. Long enough for him to figure out a plan. He switched the lights on. He did keep his glamour on. He didn't want to scare the boy more than he already was.


When Abner heard that he began to run again, keeping up with the other man. But although he was out of breath and on the verge of passing out again, his mind was racing trying to figure out this entire situation. Okay, so somehow I found the demon mafia or something, they want to sell me to keep me quiet, and now Im on the run. But if they did catch me -which I don't want to happen to begin with- they probably wouldn't kill me, after all, I have nothing to do with this other guy, I'm just a barista trying to get back home.

But he knew that his fate was sealed when he was pushed into a building, although he wasn't sure how he got in there, seconds before there was no door, and now for some reason, there was one? It almost felt as though his world was turned upside down and that maybe, Yeah, you know what, this is al a dream, maybe one of Silas' friends knocked me out, and I'm just having some weird sort of dream. But when the boy nearly crashed into one of the walls of what seemed to be an apartment, he realized that this wasn't a dream, and now he would probably be killed if found by those things.

When the other man entered, Abner turned to face him, his arms crossed out of anger, "Who are you, why were they after you, why did they want to sell me -after all that sort of thing's illegal-, why are they after us, and is my life in danger?" The human said, as he studied the taller man's face, Didn't he look different a little bit earlier?


Nicandros looked own at the little human, amused. The boy was trying to look angry and tough, but really he looked like a little puppy. "I suppose it can't hurt to tell you. They'll try to kill you no matter how much you know." Nicandros walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge, hoping something was edible in there. No food, but there was some beer, which he gladly grabbed. He popped a can and took a sip from it.

"It doesn't matter why they're after me. They just are. That sort of thing happens. And they want to sell you because humans are a hefty price in my world. Especially for one that looks as pleasing as you do. And now that you've seen us, you can't be allowed back to your world. We can't risk our world being leaked when tried so hard to keep it secret. Which is more for your safety than ours."

Nicandros when through the pantry, looking through the dew items he had to eat. "are you hungry? Because I am famished. It looks like I've got some pasta, pancake mix, rice, some twinkies."


Abner grew angrier and angrier when the other man seemed to be laughing at him, "It's not funny, I'm serious, I know have to worry about either being or sold into slavery thanks to you." He said as he turned towards the door, about to walk out. "Wait, I can't go home…" He sighed, turning back around, taking his glasses off to clean them, "So what am I supposed to do? Just stay here?"

He mumbled a few curses under his breath as he waited for the man to respond, "And that's sort of unfair, to me, I just walk into something on accident, and then those things decide "Hey, there's this human, let's sell him! How the fuck is that okay? I'm going to be stuck with some guy I don't even know, thanks to you…" He grumbled before sitting down on one of the chairs, pulling out his phone. Maybe Damian can just help me out? Maybe there's something that he can do? But his phone wouldn't even turn on, it seemed like all the power had been drained out of it. Damnit…

"Uhm, no thank you." Abe said, shaking his head a little bit, "I'll just wake up from this bad dream any minute now and all of this will be over."


Nicandros pulled out the pasta and a jar of sauce. "Now that is the question, what to do with you. Going home will most likely mean your death. But staying with me isn't much better than that. Not a lot of people like me." He started boiling some noodles on the stove. After setting a timer, he turned back to the human. "Once I figure out what to do with you, I'll let you know. Until then, you're stuck with me. Lucky you, I don't plan on selling you. I can keep you safe the best I can. Hopefully, we'll find someplace for you to lie low for a few years and they'll finally forget about you."

Nicandros poured a glass of water and set it on the table in front of the human. "I'll save you a bowl then because I can promise you this is not a dream, this is reality. And the reality is that your world is not the only one to exist and you're filling yourselves if you think you are. There are plenty you humans you don't know." Nicandros took a seat across from him as he waited on the pasta to finish boiling. "While we're here, I think we should get to know one another. Since it seems we're going to be stuck with one another for a little while."


"And just going out will have me sold or something?" He said with a sigh, shaking his head a little bit, "And if you get caught or something, we'll both be killed, huh?" At least I'm not going to be sold into this sort of crazy world or something. I'll just get to be stuck here. "Wait, why can't I go back to my own world, I mean, you wouldn't be able to find me if I just leave, right?" He said with a sigh, shrugging a little bit.

"Uhm, as I said, I'm not really interested in eating, I just well, I'm kind of too stressed to eat?" He said with a grumble, shaking his head a little bit. "And sure, I know that there are alternate realities, I just never thought that I would get involved with them. I just thought that one day I would study them, but not like this. I don't want to have to worry about my safety because of you and that thing that was holding me, t-that was just nasty…" Abe said with a shudder, "And uhm, I guess we could do that?"


"Humans each have their own smell to them, and fae are excellent trackers, especially the shifters. I promise it would not be hard for them to find you." Nicandros finished his beer and tossed it in the trash can. He studied the human, watching the small boy. He was right to be scared. His world was not something to play around with.

"It's not exactly an alternate reality. My world coexists with yours, we just know how to find ourselves from you. We both share this planet. But my world has different entrances I suppose. There are places on earth that only the faerie folk can find. And my kind fits in well enough with yours with the use of glamour. Some of us prefer to be with humans. Some of us even want to expose the fae and coexist with humans. That will never happen. The courts would never allow that. It's a bit hard to explain. It's very complex." Nicandros tried his best. He wasn't the best at explaining how these things worked. That wasn't his forte. He was just good at finding things and pissing people off.

"I'm Nicandros. But you may call me Nic if that's easier." He offered his hand, unsure if the little human would take it.


"O-oh, so I'm just stuck here?" The boy said quietly, looking up at the other man, his grey eyes seeming to darken at that thought. So this is it, I'm not going home, at all… I just have to try to survive in a world that wants to enslave or kill me? Great, just great. . . The human thought, looking up at the other man.

"Oh, uhm well then, that's weird then, I'm sort of surprised that we haven…we have discovered your kind then. You're the mermaids and things than the stuff that people talk about, but no one is ever able to explain it. I-I, wait, I just this is so weird. I mean, this whole situation is weird, but knowing that you can coexist with us is crazy. I don't know…."

"I'm Abner, but if you'd prefer you can just call me Abe or something." The human said with a shrug, "But uhm, nice to meet you Nic?" He said taking the man's hand and shaking it a little bit.


Nicandros shook his hand, careful not to squeeze. He didn't want to break the small thing's hand. "The pleasure is all mine. Not that you'll see it this way, but technically you did save my life. I would've died back there if it hadn't been for your little intervention. So thank you."

The timer went off and Nicandros stood, draining the water from the noodles. "I can promise you that you won't be stuck here forever. Give it time and they will forget about you eventually, though I don't think you will ever get to go back home, to be on the safe side. When you are int eh clear, I would suggest moving far away, maybe somewhere no one really knows about, and making your new home there. That would be the safest option."

After making his bowl, he sat back down at the table. "There's a bedroom in the back you can take. The bathroom is the first door on the right. I don't have any clothes that will fit you right now, but if you want something different to sleep in you can borrow one of my shirts. We'll get you some new clothes soon."


"Of course, yes, I-your welcome?" Abner said with a shrug, pulling his hand away from the other's. "So I saved your life, but made mine hell, how nice." He grumbled, with a pout, sort of glaring at the other man. "Wait, so if I can't ever go back home, and I'm not allowed to leave this world what am I supposed to do, and where can I go? From what you just said, if I step foot out of this house, there is a high chance that I'll be caught almost immediately, and I can tell you don't want me to stay here, so what can I even do?"

Abner was just in a terrible mood now, he was realizing that almost any of his freedom and choices he could make were gone, because for some reason he was pushed into another world and he was trapped there. All he wanted was to just go home and take a warm bath and be left alone, rather than have to deal with this. But he was stuck, and upset about it.

"Alright, that sounds good I guess, uhm, I don't know. I don't know you, and I don't know if I really want to spend the night in some stranger's house. Maybe this is all some sort of sick prank, maybe you're just one of Silas' friends, you do look a lot like Reuben." The boy mused as he studied Nicandros' face. "I, if this isn't, I guess I'll just borrow one of your shirts, if that's okay?"


Nicandros decided that this human talked too much. Then again if their places were reversed perhaps… no. the human just talked too much. "We're not staying here, this is just a safe house. We'll lie low for a couple of days then leave. And if you think I'm dragging you to my world your crazy. Humans are easier to blend in with."

He no idea what the human was talking about. He didn't even want to know who this Silas or Reuben was. He just wanted some peace and quiet and a bottle of vodka. "Take your pick, There's some in the bedroom closet. Make yourself comfortable."

What was Nicandros going to do? What kind of game was Fate playing here? Of all things to happen, why this? He didn't want to be responsible for this human. But he wasn't just going to let something happen to him. it wasn't his fault this happened. The poor boy just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. he put his dish in the sink and washed that and the pans he used for diner. He placed the extra in the fridge, maybe Abner would want to eat some later when he came down from his shock.


Abner stood, starting to walk in the direction Nic had pointed towards, mumbling a few curses under his breath as he walked. "Alright, I guess I'll just have to trust you on this then?" The boy said, now the stress and exhaustion from the situation beginning to show on his face. "I'll just go to that room you were talking about." He mumbled as he turned down the hall. He had no plans of coming out later for the food the other man had made, or even coming out at all. He just wanted to go back home, to cuddle up in his bed and just forget about this bad dream. Abner grabbed the first sweatshirt he saw, heading down towards what he guessed the bathroom, washing up as best as he could before changing into the shirt. From there, the man just headed towards the bedroom, making sure to lock the door behind him before he climbed into the bed. Making sure that Nik couldn't hear him, he began to cry quietly, just wishing that he could go home.


(aw poor bby)

Nicandros waited until the human was gone before moving over to the couch. Put the TV on some silly human movie and lowered the volume so he wouldn't disturb Abner. He poured himself a glass of whiskey, seeming to have finished off his bottle of vodka last time he was there. He sat on the couch and sipped his drink. He didn't really pay attention to the movie. He was thinking. What was he going to do? He was out of his mind thinking that he could pull this off. Poor kid had to be dragged through his shit. He pulled out the orb and studied it. On the outside, it didn't look like anything special. But any fae would be able to hear its calling. Even now it got louder in Nicandros' ears. Snapping out of it, he placed the orb back in his jacket. Better to leave it out of sight.