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Jackie hissed as she dodged another blow from the goliath of a man in front of her. Her teeth were bared in a fierce snarl, her fuzzy ears laying down flat against her skull.

Landing in a crouch, she yowls as she pounces towards the man, bringing the blade of her bastard sword whipping towards his head.

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(Lol. Well, he may look like a man, but he definitely isn’t one, lmao!)

De’Tearion replied to his opponent’s hiss with a chorus of harsh chirps and clicks, his dimly glowing blue eyes glaring. His greatsword slammed hard into the dirt, but he quickly raised it back up, holding it one-handed. He definitely wasn’t as fast as he would’ve liked, a consequence of his rustiness with battle, but it was currently a lesser concern of his. He assumed a defensive stance, his insectile legs spread wide underneath his long, black robe and his sword held horizontally in front of him.

When she pounced, De’Tearion teleported behind her, a cloud of black smoke left in his place. With silent grace, De’Tearion swung his sword forward, slashing at her back.

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Hearing the whistle of the blade through the air, Jackie realized that she wouldn't be able to dodge. So with a growl and a short, one syllable exclamation, the light glinting off of their weapons turning blindingly bright as it was drawn into the aegis that she was creating and placing behind her.

The giant bastard of a sword hit the shield and stopped, giving Jackie the time to turn as she drops to the ground. She feints, her sword going towards the man's knees before she twists the blade up, towards his head.

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De’Tearion shrieked as the light reflected off of the iron blade of his sword, blinding him. His sword hit the shield at a weird angle and fell from his hand. Without noticing his sword, he instinctively coiled, a thin crust forming on his arms where the light was closest.

He only vaguely sensed the incoming attack and he stumbled away, collapsing to the dirt in a disoriented heap. His arms from the elbow down morphed from human to insectile, pale skin becoming brown exoskeletal armor, and five long fingers becoming two large claws. The crust remained, a yellowish tan against his brown arms. He held his arms up defensively, a clicking growl echoing from his throat.

(What material is Jackie’s sword? Steel? Iron? Something else?)

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(One vertical half of the blade is made of steel, the other half is spirit metal.)

The flat of Jackie's sword batters aside the man's arms, and the tip of her sword flicks up to the man's throat.

"Checkmate." she grins.

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(Ooh, cool)

De’Tearion flinched when she hit his arms, more crust forming where the steel bit of the blade hit him. He stayed very still when the tip of the blade rested against his throat, blue eyes glaring as his skin started to smoke and sizzle in that spot.

“Not yet,”De’Tearion replied carefully, his voice heavily accented by chirps and clicks.

Then, with little warning, his leg snapped upward in a powerful kick at her abdomen.

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(Thank you! If you'd like to know the sword's full abilities, just ask. I'd be happy to share.)

Jackie growls as she barely dodges the kick, aiming a sharp blow with her sword towards the man's shins.

"Just give up." she hisses at him.

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(You’re welcome. Thumbs-up)

De’Tearion yelped as her sword hit him. Luckily, he moved his legs enough so that the sword didn’t go fully through the exoskeletal plating on his legs. A fierce growl erupted from his throat, and De’Tearion glared, seething but defeated.

“Damn you and that shield of yours,”De’Tearion hissed back, his way of surrendering.

He didn’t move for a moment, then shakily sat up, his head starting to pound with a harsh headache. He lifted his robe to assess the damaged armor plate.

His entire leg, excluding his long segmented foot, was covered with overlapping, dark brown exoskeletal plates, though only his lower leg was currently visible. The second plate below his knee had a deep gouge in it, and was starting to rot around the gash.

De’Tearion sighed, shaking his head. He was tempted of scratching the woman’s shin as payback, but it would be dishonorable of him to do so after their fight. So, instead, he focused on his leg, taking a few deep breaths beforehand. He then morphed his hands back to human, grabbed a firm hold of the plate with practiced ease, and ripped it off.

A shriek of pain accompanied the loud crack from the plate, and a noticeable gap was left in his armor, showing soft, pale flesh that was, thankfully, unharmed. He crushed the ruined plate, tossing the crumbling remnants away.

After a moment to let the pain subside, De’Tearion slowly stood and turned to face the woman. He inspected her cautiously, but his hostility had mostly faded.

“Your name?”he asked.

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Jackie laughs. "You might have won if you'd used that sword a bit better."

She watches as the man tears off his own chitin plating, slightly intrigued.

"My nane is Jackie Lumine." she replies. "And you?"

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De’Tearion huffed, not bothering to reply.

He was aware that she was watching, mostly from the way her heartbeat sounded in his ears. Though, despite the appealing music of her heart, he ignored the woman until he stood up.

De’Tearion nodded in greeted when she said her name.

“You fight well, Jackie Lumine,”he commented, his voice becoming distorted by chirps as he said her name for the first time.

“My full name be Ákle-Ikli De’Tearion, yet you may simply call me De’Tearion.”

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"Just an observation. Constructive criticism, if you will." Jackie grins. Something about her tone seems a bit rude, but it was hard to pinpoint what, exactly.

"Just Jackie, please." she smiles. Not a kind smile, or a necessarilly polite one. Coming from this short cat-eared girl, though, it was almost endearing.

"Would you mind if I simply called you 'Akle?'"

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De’Tearion snorted, his expression turning to stone. There was something strange about the way his demeanor changed though, like he had been practicing it for a very, very long time.

“Very well,”he said in polite acknowledgment. He wasn’t sure how to react to her smile, but he was intrigued by her ears. He’d never seen feline ears on a person before.

He rose a disdainful eyebrow.

“If you insist on calling me by my name, instead of my family name, then it be Ákle-Ikli. I dislike having my name shortened,”he stated, his stern tone leaving no room for argument.

(So, to help visualization, how tall is Jackie? De’Tearion, because of his feet, has a height range of 5’6”-7’6”, but he typically stands at 6’3”)

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(Um. . . standing up straight, she's 4'8".)
(By the way, I've noticed little shields next to some people's names, including yours. What's the deal with that?)

One of Jackie's ears twitches as she considers De'Tearion's expression, then laughs. "Well, if we're going to be ignoring well meant advice, don't expect me to be kind."

She notes De'Tearion's gaze and sighs, ears twitching in irritation.. "If you expect to be able to pet me like a common house cat, I'll gut you."

She glares, seeing his disdain.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."

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(Oof, lol! De’Tearion is massive compared to her, lmao!)
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De’Tearion sighed and looked at Jackie.

“I am aware that my skills are lacking. It has been a few decades since I was last in battle,”he hissed.

A confused look crossed his face.

“Why would I wish to ‘pet’ you? I have only glimpsed a cat, never touched one. They tend to avoid me. And, you are no mere cat,”he asked.

His eyes narrowed at her.

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(I did some research on height comparisons, just for the hell of it. If De’Tearion is standing at his shortest height [5’6”], then Jackie is about shoulder height. At his preferred 6’3”, she’s about diaphragm/lower chest height. At his tallest [7’6”], she’s barely at his waist. Damn, lmao!)

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(Lol, yeah.)
(Oh, cool!)
(Oop- this is going to be fun, watching someone that has to use a stepladder to reach the top shelves be an absolute bitch to someone that can kick her like a football.)

"You sound like you're making excuses. Are you a man, or shall I turn you into a woman?" Jackie growls, unsheathing a dagger.

"Most people seem to forget I'm not a cat when they see the ears and tail." she huffs.

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(Yeah, lmao!)

De’Tearion huffed, then narrowed his eyes in bewilderment. He glanced at the dagger, replaying her words in his head, and suddenly burst into a fit of raucous, chirping laughter.

“You greatly underestimate how difficult that task will be! And, that be without mentioning my inevitable desire to kill and eat you if you try!”he replied, still laughing.

De’Tearion shrugged,”I have never been like most folk.”

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(Well, De'Tearion has a better sense of humour than I thought he would.)

"You can most certainly try to kill me, you overgrown water beetle." Jackie replies arrogantly. "And not too difficult, considering how you started to corrode when the steel of my blade merely tapped you."

"Well good for you." she replies.

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(Lol. He’s being completely honest though, snickers)

De’Tearion snorted,”I am a Forestfolk, woman. I prefer trees, though I mind rain not.”

He chirped at the next comment.

“‘Tis corrosion not, ‘tis burns. It also causes my shell to decay specifically around the wound. Yet, you will still have a difficult time. I am no human,”he replied.

He sighed in annoyance.

“Have you anything else to say, before your presence becomes entirely unbearable?”he hissed, a hint of bitterness in his tone.

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(Spicing things up a bit.)

"Fine. Overgrown cockroach." Jackie snaps.

Jackie blurs and vanishes, a gale force wind following. The dagger is now in a highly sensitive place. "Not too difficult. I'm nowhere close to human myself."

"I live to be entirely unbearable, Akle-Ikli." she smirks.

"And of course, by the rules we agreed on, I own you now."

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(Is the dagger made of steel? Just checking, since it’s always an important detail with De’Tearion)

De’Tearion rose an eyebrow in mild confusion.

“I know not of that creature,”he mentioned.

De’Tearion didn’t budge when the wind blew, simply adjusting his feet slightly to keep himself steady. He gazed down at her, chirping irritably. He wasn’t fond of having a dagger in his crotch at all, but a plate of exoskeletal armor was already there to give him some form of protection.

“Jackie, if you wish to continue having two hands, I suggest you move away,”he growled, black mist starting to swirl around the fingers of his left hand. He grew increasingly tense the longer Jackie’s dagger lingered.

De’Tearion huffed, a flash of feral anger appearing in his eyes. It disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, being replaced by his typical stony expression.

“You are a fool of a woman to believe you hold any power over me. I bow to no one,”he hissed.