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Do I have too many roleplays?
Am I on an weird mood and want even more then the 20+ I currently have an need to respond to?
Am I making another one?

Feel free to ask, I might need a writing sample. It's gonna be gay, and I'll post a template once someone joins


((Oh my god, I am going to stalk, I love this idea. I fricken would love to join, but I know that you have a ton of rp's to respond to, and we are doing one already so…))

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(okay, I did not expect this much attention to this, oh geez–)

@WoodlandCryptid sure, I just need a sample of your average roleplay response. Don't worry about complexity, just something workable and realistic

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Miren slipped past the panicked people and stood over the body, taking note of the stab wounds. "Would you like me to take a look at it?" He asked, as if he wasn't already observing it. "I may not be of the police, but I am a detective."
Currently, he looked like some sort of nymph, in his dress of metallic blue with scattered water lilies embroidered on it, not any sort of detective.

Here's a response from a recent rp.

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  • Eyes:
  • Hair:
  • Face:
  • Body:
  • Height:
  • General weight:
  • Typical Cloths:
  • Work clothes:
  • relaxing cloths (if applicable):
  • Distinguishing Marks:


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Rad sauce, but uhhh,,, what's the roleplay about? Like I saw the title and found it intriguing,,, but I don't know what it's about.

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Oh, no I can not. I completly missed the little error. Can you move it to google drive, that's always a surefire way of being able to see it

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Ah yes!!! I actually saw part of that on tumblr a while ago!

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Absolutely! Would it be okay for you to post your character first? So I could base mine off him?

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(oh my God how did I not see you coming–)

Name: Corbin Kemp
Nicknames: Cory
Age: 27
Gender: male
Sexuality: bi-curious
Race: human

- Eyes: a soft pale gold, flecks of green in them. Lemon shaped
- Hair: long, a deep black usually tied in a loose ponytail. Reaches his thighs
- Face: a bit angular, high cheekbones and punted chin. Still, friendly, with a soft blush and gentle smile
- Body: thin, with almost elongated features. Long legs and arms.
- Height: Tall, about 6'7"
- General weight: about 240 lbs
- Typical Cloths: loose, flowing white robes with no shoes
- Work clothes: fitted pants and shirt, a deep red color
- relaxing cloths (if applicable): n/a
- Distinguishing Marks: tattoo on neck of wings

Personality: Corbin is a very curious man- he enjoys learning about new things, and loves to explore different concepts. He is a very open, energetic person He enjoys solitude, but he doesn't mind being with only one or two other people, depending on who they are.
Background: Corbin was the only heir to his father's throne. He had siblings, but his elder brother died shortly after birth and his younger sister was stillborn do to his mothers weak constitution. Do to this, Corbin had always been safe guarded throughout his childhood, so much so he had never left his home before. He had a happy life, being drawn to the strategic and diplomatic side of being a king since his formative years. While having never seen conflict himself, he had been taught of the various wars that had occurred in the past with the neighboring kingdoms, and he had hoped to be able to finally bring the tensions to a close with logic instead of bloodshed. This all changed soon enough, though. He was crowned king after the night his father was assassinated in front of him, the old king's head rolling to rest at his blood covered feet. After that, Corbin changed, ready to fight to avenge his father. The cycle would end.
Likes: quiet, warmth, reading, and exploring
Dislikes: complete isolation, things he isn't able to understand
Strengths: He's very intelligent, and a diplomat at heart
Weaknesses: Despite being trained from a young age, Corbin has never had much proficiency in weapons or fighting
Fears: pain, being trapped, cages, assassins
Pets: n/a
Powers: (if you wanna) He's able to sense death when inevitable (Not combat, but more along the lines of terminal illness).
Other: His first name means "little crow" in French/Middle English, last name means "champion, warrior" in Middle English