forum New Eden Mental Hospital, Cutting Edge Care for the Mentally Afflicted (OPEN!! PLEASE JOIN! o/o VERY DARK enter at your own risk. Probably 17+)
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Immediate trigger warning for all sorts of mental health stigmas, bullying, abuse, complete lack of understanding or empathy to those with mental disorders, annnnd everything that comes along with that package.

Very stolen from @rat-in-a-cage who originally had this lovely idea I just had to make my own :) Thanks for letting me steal!

Insane asylums, ye old days. Not a place you would like to be. Filled with everyone from the actually mentally disturbed, to those simply unwanted by their families, all looking for a tiny bit of peace.
Yet they got none. Treatment often included such joys as electrotherapy, lobotomies, and other things which amounted to nothing more than torture. Danger is a tiring constant, from doctors, other patients, and the miserable conditions.
But what do you do when you find yourself there, with nowhere else to turn?

…Hi xD
So hear me out, I'm actually sort of interested in an rp where our characters aren't friends? At least, not initially. For example, doctor/patient thing. If no one wants to do that, that's chill, but if anybody has a morally apathetic doctor character they'd like to play, I think an rp where the conflict and adversaries are player controlled would be pretty cool.

First come first serve, but you do have to ask before joining
If our character eventually become friends, that's cool with me! I just would like some adverse interactions, at least in the beginning.
I may ask for a writing example if we haven't rp'd before or if I don't know you
May contain some VERY dark themes and more mature content. We can, and might, take this to the pms, depending on how dark it gets
Building on that, I would LOVE someone who's really not afraid to pull punches, and make this story dark and decently intense. Be mean to my character, you're not going to offend me :)
Do not be rude please
If you have any complaints, do not hesitate to bring them to me!
I may change or update these at any time
Please be active. If you can't keep going, just let me know, it's no problem
This doesn't mean you have to reply immediately, or super quickly! Just let me know if you can't continue :)
Please have good grammar. Thank-you. Occasional slip ups are fine, of course. Also, having decent paragraphing is appreciated. For longer replies, an extra line, like this:

Is appreciated to keep things easier to read.
Swearing is fine, and allowed, just don't go too overboard
No god modding
Please keep your replies a little longer. Doesn't have to be more than 3 lines, but wherever you can, try to stay above 1.

Character template will be posted if I get any interest.

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I don’t know too much about historical insane asylums unfortunately, so if you’d prefer someone more in the loop that’s fine too.


Hey! :D Welcome aboard ^^
And no worries, tbh, I have a small amount of knowledge. I don't think anyone's going to sue us because of an rp xD
Are you cool with potentially being the 'bad guy?' If not, no worries :) Just want to make sure we're on the same page with what we want ^^
Also, I don't think we've rp'd before, can I see a writing sample?

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I’m fine playing antagonistic characters. And I can totally get you a sample!

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Ire stepped forward into the view of thousands of judges, wrapped in chains, beaten and bruised. Ever since his powers had been taken away, he’d been just as much a helpless mortal as the rest of them. But that didn’t mean he didn’t still have a few tricks up his sleeve.

He could be very convincing if he wanted to. Ire was a master of persuasion, and even beheld by the Eye of Jupiter and it’s stupid council, he could still find a way out of this mess.

“I hereby give my expert testimony in utter conquest of my senses and sanity. In the events that brought me here, I was quite unaware of my surroundings, with possession of my sanity vanquished.” a lie, but Ire was a convincing enough Speaker that this could work, should, had to, or else he risked certain death.

As a Speaker, he could be most utterly convincing; there wasn’t a creature from here to Ivie 2 that could resist his charms. Ire was a skilled one, too, possibly the most skilled. But with the accident, his powers had weakened considerably. He still had some ability to convince, however, it was what had gotten him into this mess.


Awesome, sounds good! :D I'll grab a character sheet for us ^^ Feel free to make your character however you'd like ^^ In case I didn't say before, I'd prefer my guy to be the patient, but tbh, we can, and probably will end up having multiple characters ^^

Character's name:
Character's age:
Worker or Patients?
Physical Description:
Brief Backstory:

I'll get my dude up soon as I can ^^

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Character's name: Dr. Perseus Angell
Character's age: 27
Gender: Cis man, he/him
Worker or Patients: Worker
Personality: Perseus is an angry man with a grudge against the world. He tends to take it out on other people, but he’s also a mess of a man and constantly self-deprecates. Perseus has a soft side, which is currently limited to barely tolerating someone’s existence, and he constantly shoves his feelings of guilt and regret away from himself. He’s a bit of an asshole, but with the possibility to change.
Physical Description: Perseus is tall, and well-built with layers of muscle underneath lightly padded skin. Broad shouldered, with a permanent frown, Perseus is handsome but unpleasant looking at the same time, probably due to his constant sour expression and general demeanor. His skin tone is pale and desaturated from days of working with little light. He wears glasses that frame his hard blue eyes. He has brown hair that reaches his shoulders, generally tied back in a man’s ponytail.
Brief Backstory: Perseus lived a very comfortable life. His father was a businessman and his mother was a woman very lax in her parenting. The both generally let him get away with anything, so he became a very selfish person. He studied to become a doctor, but suffered from severe burnout and fell into a temporary depression. He then sought work at the local insane asylum. He only got worse from there, experimenting on and mistreating the patients and lower-ranking staff alike and basically just being generally dickish to those around him.
Other: idk man he’s just a bit of a jerk if I’m being honest.


Character's name: Arlath, no known last name
Character's age: 48
Gender: Male
Worker or Patient? Patient
Personality: Arlath is quiet, kind-hearted, and very depressed, with a lot of PTSD. He looks out for the other patients, especially those younger than or weaker than him. He will stand up to the workers on their behalf, but deep down, he believes he deserves to be here, and generally won't fight back for himself. He's friendly and calming, but constantly low-energy, and often times just can't summon the ability to care.
Physical Description: Once very physically strong, (as in,more muscle than most could ever hope to achieve), he's lost most of that due to simple neglect. He didn't get out very much, and that was before being put in an insane asylum. Still decently strong, he's got a sturdy body-type makes him seem more in shape than he is. He's around 6', heavily scarred, missing his right eye, with white, very short hair cut in a strip down the center of his skull. His remaining eye is pale gold.
Brief Backstory: He doesn't talk about what happened to him prior to coming to the asylum, but as far as anyone knows, he just stumbled into the town, no one knew him, and he ended up in the hospital. He hasn't been there the longest, maybe a month or two, but he already knows most everyone in the asylum by name. Any questions about his past will be firmly not answered.
Other: Anyone who talks to him long enough will get the sense that he used to be VERY social, and he's definitely an extrovert. He's just a lot more quiet now, a lot more likely to assume people would rather he not be there.


Yes why yes you can! ^^ i'll be bringing in another later one, so feel free :)
Thank-you! :D He my baby <3 probably my most developed character tbh

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(Honestly I might introduce another character later but for now we should probably just start, idk.)


Hey!! I'll admit, I'm looking for a doctor/patient kinda thing. If you're okay with that, I'd be happy to see a sample of your rp/wrtiting and invite you aboard! Also as long as you read everything and you're over 17 ^^ I know I'm being a little picky here, but I want an rp that I'm going to be able to stick with and not get bored with.


We can do the doctor and patient thing. Just after I called dibs, I read through everything. I'll be honest, I am 17, not over 17. I may not be super active, but I'll be able to send at least one reply a day.