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Yes- I’m quoting a song- don’t judge me T^T

The crash was something Kanoa’s parents, and himself, didn’t expect. Everyone survived…well…except for Kanoa, who was the one driving. He tragically died by a large piece of glass being lodged into his throat and chest. The poor boy thought he was gone, but apparently, his parents didn’t accept the fate. With their large sums of money, and determination, they managed to buy the latest model of a project scientists have been working on for years.

Kanoa’s parents managed to revive their only son…by ai. They shoved his body into a robot, and managed to save all his memories…everything into a hard drive. And in minutes, Kanoa was back. His soul mingling with the ai caused the perfect specimen.

The robot in question worked like a normal human being. Sleeping was his way of recharging, eating food was a way of regaining some energy. He could shower, run, play…everything and more. Though, despite how his parents acted, Kanoa knew he did in fact die. And now…he was no longer human. Though, for the sake of his already insane parents, he managed to keep his want for freedom to himself. Living his life as if the crash never happened. Well…at least he tried.

This takes place YEARS into the future. Technology is very advanced and there was now a way to basically bring back loved ones through ai. And it was a plus if you had their restless souls to mingle with the wires. Creepy, I know. But hey. It was now socially acceptable for rich people who lost a loved one to buy their loved one and bring them back. Though, this was still very rare to see robo children and people running around. Even if they were waterproof and whatnot, most people refused to let their family members out of the radius of their yard. If they did, they were supervised by the barcode at the back of their neck.

Only around 2% of the entire population had been converted to this robotic system. Yet, they all seemed to live just fine.

Your character is a technician who meets Kanoa and who is one of the select few who disagree with this new lifestyle. Yet, they were assigned to keep Kanoa in tip top shape. Almost like a nanny. When Kanoa’s parents are at work, you are there to watch this poor restless boy struggle to keep his sanity. And yet, you don’t have the heart to yell at his crazy parents about their wrong deeds. I mean…they’re grieving…sure. But…this…?

andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)’s rules.

Don’t think there’s gonna be much nsfw. But ‘risky’ scenarios will go to pms.

Write at least a paragraph. Details please.

Be active. One post a day at the minimum. It’s ok if you can’t. Just let me know. I’m pretty chill.

No hatred out of character. Be nice.

Trigger warning there will probably be mentions of gore, abuse, and all sorts of sensitive topics. If you’re sensitive to anything like that please do not join or stalk.

I’ll get Kanoa here soon! Just ask if you wanna join.

@Eli-the-transboi group

Here’s Kanoa.

He was tall. Standing at 6’2. He covers his barcode with a black choker. Mainly to have some privacy. He was born with albinism, but they managed to fix his eyes and some of his hair so he wasn’t as insecure. His eyebrows and eyelashes were no longer white, so he now feels a little better about himself.
(His character is still under development. But once I get a good thought of how he’ll be, I’ll make him more in detail. Until then, this is him! Mah baby!)