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Funnie title go burr-

In this rp, there’s three lovely stars. Two hero’s who have teamed up to fight evil, and a supervillain ready to take over the world. The only problem is, the hero’s are only 10. And the villain? Fully grown. What’s gonna happen you may ask? Pfft watch and see!

Will there be funny moments? Most likely! Angst? DEFINITELY-

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Uhhhhh kinda since my character is 10. We wanna get kids who know right from wrong but still have that childish innocence.

yeah, thats how she is. she's the mental age of an adult, but she is still a child.

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(ive been meaning to as well. I think I'll either do a watery shape-shifter, although maybe not, cause she can only digest human flesh… or a splitter who can make multiple of herself. or…. maybe…. Amaturesu, an air elemental..)