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Finn stood atop of a rooftop, looking over the city. He was scanning for him. The man who was deciding to destroy this city. Finn couldn’t let that happen. He was going to do all he could to stop this villain. Besides…the city counted on him. Even if no one knew it was him. He had disguised himself. Made himself look older while also hiding his identity. No one knew what he could do…who he was. And he liked it that way.

The boy sighs as he continues looking around. Then, his watch goes off. “Dang it-“ he muttered under his breath. The workers at the orphanage would be looking for him soon. He had to get back.

Finn sighed as he turned back to where he came. He honestly felt disappointed. A childish feeling of anger and annoyance washes over him. Why did he have to hide this? Oh…he remembered why…because last time he tried to prove it…they never believed him. They even went, ‘Nice magic trick’ when he tried to prove it. So eventually…he gave up.

Finn pauses as he hears something. Then, he goes still.

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Crouching on top of a building next to a late night garden party that was just getting started, Carson cocked his gun and took aim at the back of someone's head. It wasn't an important assassination, simply a means to an end.

The man had owed him money. Nothing big, just a few thousand. It was like giving away pennies. But Carson couldn't let him get away with it, that sent the wrong message.

He pulled the trigger and a reverberating sound of gunfire filled the air. The man dropped, a stream of blood dripping from the point of entry as Carson stood up and stepped back, the darkness enshrouding him. He pocketed the gun and pulled off his pair of gloves lightly dusted with gunpowder replacing them with an identical white pair as police sirens started in the distance.

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Finn gasped and rushed to the scene, jumping in front of Carson. “Found you.” He rasped out. The boys neck was slightly swollen from where his thyroid gland was, and his voice was raspy and pretty quiet.

Finn glares at Carson. “How dare you?!” He snarls. “Taking an innocent life! What is wrong with you?!” He steps forward and a pair of handcuffs appear in his hand.

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Carson's eyes opened in surprise. He had forgotten about this man. usually he didn't show up unless it was earlier in the day. Carson crouched down so that he was eye to eye with the tiny man. He knew that his hight was unusual, but this one was shorter than usual.

"What is this going to?" he asked as the darkness grabbed it from Finn's hands and held it slightly out of reach. "Intimidate me?" he let out a small chuckle and stood back up. Adjusted his suit coat and turned around. This mini man didn't need to try so hard, consequences didn't apply to him.

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Finn snarls and appears in front of him. “Surrender before something bad happens.” He threatens, grabbing Carson by the collar. “I’m not scared of you.”

Honestly…he kinda was. But he’d never admit that…he couldn’t. He wanted to stay strong. Or at least…strong looking.

Finn glares at Carson, his violent eyes gleaming in the light.

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Carson turned back around to face him as Finn grabbed his collar, standing in tiptoes to do so. He looked down at him. "you have exactly five seconds to let go, or vary bad things will start happening to you." he said cooly. the shadows around them starting to form more solid shapes as the night grew darker.


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Finn glares, silently slipping handcuffs onto the man’s wrists. Finns heart was going crazy though. He could hear it in his ears. And somehow, this made his pain worse. He cringes as he keeps the man in his grasp.

His grip was incredibly strong. Almost unbreakable. But if you knew how to correctly get out of it, you possibly could.

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Carson raised an eyebrow as a tiny shadow slipped into lock and the cuffs fell from his wrists. he looked at Finn. something was off about him, not just that his heart was beating so hard that Carson could feel it through his clenched fists.

He looked over at one of the shadows and it floated over and reached out to removed Finn's mask.

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Finn squeaked and reaches for his mask, covering his face. His appearance quickly shifted from someone who looked 20, to someone who looked 10. The boy growls. “Give it back!” His voice even sounded higher pitched, but it still was raspy.

“Jerk!” He snapped. “Give it back!”

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Carson stepped back and smiled. this was a child! He took the mask from the shadow and looked at.

"clever designs." he said "did you make it?"

he handed it back to the kid, taking note of the bump on his neck.

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Finn snatches it back and pulls it on. “Screw you.” He changed again. So the mask must have been enchanted.

“And it’s none of your business.” He narrows his eyes.

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"So yes?" Carson asked.

"it doesn't matter. anyway. go home. it's past your bed time. this doesn't concern you." Carson walked away, jumping off of the edge of the other side of the building. The shadows carrying him to the bottom.

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Finn scoffs, then flinches as he remembers the staff. He sighs heavily and takes his mask off, trudging back to the orphanage. He’s then met with a very angry looking woman. He sighs heavily. “Hi, Mrs. John…”

The woman scowls. “You shouldn’t even be going out! Why do you keep doing this?! You need to stop those silly fantasies of you thinking you’re that mystery hero! Shame on you! Now get to your room, Fiona. Right now!”

Finn crosses his arms. “It’s Finn. Not Fiona.”

The woman glares at him. “Don’t talk back. Go. To. bed.

Finn rolls his eyes and stomps over to his bed.

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Carson watched from a distance as Finn walked home. Taking notes mentally. Finn lived in an orphanage, he was the “hero” that had been messing with things for Carson for a while, and that no one believed him.

That would be helpful. Carson pulled out his phone and called his secretary.


“Yes sir?”

“I’m adopting a kid. I’ll send you the address of the orphanage I want him from.”


Carson hung up and started on his way back to his building. Tomorrow he was going to buy a kid. It felt wrong, what did he know about raising a kid?