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@Larcenist-Arsonist here we are! I have,,, nothing else to add beyond this lmao. Do you wanna get character sheets or do you need to brainstorm, or? Bc I know who I'm using, but I might add a third depending on what you wanna do

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hi,, hello here are the template sheet things


Normal Clothing:
Hero Clothing:

Alignment: [good, neutral, evil, lawful, neutral, chaotic yknow]

Brief Backstory:

Theme Song?:

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Name: Kiki Boyd
Nicknames/Aliases: Bizi (sounds like busy and goes with her bee aesthetic), BUZZWORD (stylized in all caps)
Age: 17
Gender/Pronouns: female, she/her
Sexuality: biggest lesbian you've ever seen

Appearance: Kiki is of,,, below average height–standing at about 5'0 and a half. She's barely 100 pounds and could easily be thrown across a room if prompted. She has dark brown skin with warm undertones and plenty of acne on her face and shoulders. Her hair is course and coily, but she pulls it up into a very neat bun/ponytail on the top of her head. There are two accent pieces that are braided to frame her face. Kiki is of very small build with hardly a chest and hardly an ass. Her eyes are almond shaped and one is dark brown, the other a lighter brown. She wears lots of mascara to make her eyelashes look longer and plucks her eyebrows to be thin with a soft arch. She has a wide, braces-filled smile that looks slightly-pained even though she's having fun. Her lips are fairly large and always cracked.
Normal Clothing: Kiki loves funky clothes kind of space/NASA/90s inspired. She likes wearing white, yellow, and silver a lot. Most of her everyday clothes comprise of a white or yellow jacket over a space/NASA tshirt with some jeans and then white or gray high-tops. She also wears gold, aviator-style eyeglasses because she's blind without them.
Hero Clothing: She wears a yellow, gray and white suit that's very well fitting and allows her plenty of movement. Her gloves and boots are white with yellow stripes down them and contain plenty of receptors that are able to manipulate soundwaves with either a wave or programmed sequence into the touchpad on the wrist. She's unmasked, but her round-ish goggles prevent computers from decoding her face.

Personality: Kiki is a very smart person, her intelligence getting her a 6 out of 10 on Maren's danger scale. Kiki uses her intelligence to her advantage by researching and trying to figure out a good way to help people. She's very upbeat and positive, always finding at least some sort of light in a situation. She isn't like,,, annoying positive though. She's very much "damn it this sucks so bad but I can make it better give me a second–" and then she fixes something and makes it better. Kiki is very resourceful and logical, always finding a way to use her powers or others in a tough situation. She's also very much a dork who loves space and star wars and star trek. Give her any time of day and she'll ramble for hours.
Alignment: chaotic good

Powers/Abilities: She doesn't have any sort of supernatural abilities, but Kiki is incredibly smart. She's studies acoustics and frequencies all of her life, giving her an innate knowledge on how they work and how they affect humans. She uses her smarts and engineering skills to build boots and gloves that produce and manipulate frequencies to cause non-lethal damage to foes. She's definitely more of a support for other heroes.
Brief Backstory: Kiki was born to a good middle class family who loves her. Unlike most heroes, Kiki doesn't have any big traumatic incident that shaped her life. She lives with her parents, her paternal grandparents, and her two younger brothers. Throughout her younger years, Kiki always showed that she was excelling in all her subjects, but particularly physics. Because of this, Kiki's parents put her into an advanced private school during her elementary and middle school years. It was only a K-8 school, so she went to a different school for high–Midtown High School for Science and Technology.

It was here when Kiki first met a boy by the name of Peter Parker. They quickly became friends and Kiki, by association, became friends with Ned and Michelle. In her chemistry class, Kiki met Maren Montoya and they were assigned to be lab partners. Kiki and Maren became very close, but in another class, Peter and Kiki became close in a different way. On a fieldtrip to Oscorp, Peter was bitten and told Kiki about it, but then later Peter began to show supernatural signs. Kiki and Peter worked together, but while trying to tune Peter's suit, Kiki made a discovery in soundwaves. Peter was recruited by Tony Stark as a hero intern of sorts, and he told Kiki about everything. Kiki was his partner in crime, the man behind the chair before Ned. However, SHIELD found out about Kiki's relation to Peter and they said that they would either wipe her mind or they could recruit her as well. Her high intellect earned her a very good position as a SHIELD intern, even able to work out on the field with agents.

Theme Song?: god why did i include this field i dont know any songs
Aesthetic?: yellows and grays, moderny space stuff, mechanical bees
Other?: uhhh maybe if i think of it askdjf


Name: Maren Montoya
Nicknames/Aliases: Montoya, Mare, Shepherd
Age: 17
Gender/Pronouns: trans female, she/her
Sexuality: also a huge fucking lesbian

Appearance: Maren is of slightly below average height, standing at 5'3" with a short and strong build. She's jacked to say the least, with shoulders and biceps of a god and thighs that could crush a skull. Her skin is softly tanned, her neck and shoulders with moles, and her forearms are covered with a few scars. She has shaggy chocolate brown hair that hits at about her shoulders with messy curtain bangs. She has dark brown eyes with long eyelashes. She has a mischievous smile with smaller teeth and thin lips with a scar from her left nostril to the bow of her lips.
Normal Clothing: She has an odd style of gymbro-punk? lots of jogging pants, loose crop tops, sports bras, and zip-up hoodies, but she also pairs it with chains and spiked chokers and rings and piercings. She loves comfy casual wear with some punk accessories. Her favorite shoes are her scuffed platform combat boots that give her four inches.
Hero Clothing: All black, masked, very simple. She wears black jogging pants, tall black socks, black sneakers, a black turtleneck, a black zip-up hoodie, black gloves with knuckledusters, a full-face black mask without any sort of hole (the material is breathable and one-way, allowing her to see), and a black beanie.

Personality: Maren is a fairly laid-back individual, but she does have a few "triggers" that get her angry fast. These include injustice, hit and runs, and insulting her family. She is fairly sarcastic and kind be kind of provocative, but she's really casual around everyone. She hardly takes anyone seriously or with respect. Maren also doesn't really have issues invading other people's space. She also doesn't have any issues straight up "claiming" other people's stuff. She puts her feet on tables and sips out of other people's water bottles and plays with other people's toys. She's independent and has her very own strict sense of justice that she takes into action. She's kind of competitive, but she's not a sore loser.
Alignment: chaotic neutral

Powers/Abilities: Due to a talisman inherited by her aunt, Maren has the ability to sense danger and gage people from a 1-10 on how dangerous they are–1 being an infant and 10 being like,,, Ultron or Thanos. She also has heightened strength and speed, but nothing too extreme.
Brief Backstory: Maren grew up with her single dad in a semi-dangerous neighborhood. She grew up very tough and rumble. Her mother's sister, her aunt Federica, gifted Maren a bronze necklace for her fifteenth birthday before Federica disappeared from the face of the earth. As soon as she put the necklace on, it felt like she could hear and see everything. Every person she looked at glowed a different color, babies being blues while Loki in New York a dark red. She managed to break these down to a scale–1-10. Around her neighborhood, Maren began to notice more and more danger afoot to the point where she couldn't sleep because she felt so paranoid. Maren eventually took solving this into her own hands and began low-grade vigilante work.

Maren attends Midtown School for Science and Technology, where she met Kiki Boyd and also beat up Flash Thompson in the band room. She has a reputation for being angry and easily aggravated, but really, Maren doesn't like bullies. By becoming Kiki's partner in chemistry class, she quickly realized her feelings for the other girl. They started dating when they were sixteen and are coming up on their one year anniversary. She's no Avenger, but she's certainly a hero of her neighborhood.

Theme Song?: no song,, head empty
Aesthetic?: bruised knuckles, rundown neighborhoods, streetside basketball courts at night,
Other?: she worked at Claire's for a while, but she got fired. She stole a piercing gun and does all of her own piercings. She enjoys playing basketball with her friends from the neighborhood.


Name: Alexander Martin Swanson
Nicknames/Aliases: Alex
Age: Biologically, 21. Chronologically, about 120?
Gender/Pronouns: Cis man, he/him
Sexuality: Gay (but very closeted and fighting a lot of internalized homophobia)

Appearance: Alex is 6'3" tall, with a more rectangular body shape, and well-muscled. He has warm, sandy brown hair, that is in desperate need of a good trim. It is slightly wavy, with soft waves to it that grow more pronounced when his hair is wet or damp. His hair naturally parts on the right, and he usually just lets it do whatever, rather than bothering to style it every morning. He has bright green eyes and slightly thicker than average lashes. Usually clean-shaven, but occasionally will sport a bit of stubble along his jawline, especially if he forgets/doesn't bother to shave for a few days. He is white, with a light tan and a faint spatter of freckles across his cheeks, forearms, and shoulders. He has four bullet scars on his torso from being shot, along with other, smaller scars from various fights or conflicts he has been involved in. On his back, he has tattoos stretching from the top of his shoulders all the way down to his waist, which are of a pair of bird's wings, and colored like an American Kestrel. His left arm has some nerve damage, and as a result almost constantly twitches and tremors, just a little bit. It grows more pronounced when he's stressed or upset. Sort of needs reading glasses, but generally refuses to wear them or "loses" them.
Normal Clothing: Honestly, whatever is more comfortable for him is what he tends to wear. Does dress a little bit 1920's sometimes, with a tendency to grab button-ups and slacks. Even when he tries to "dress down", his first instinct is still usually to reach for a pair of slacks over a pair of jeans, and his clothes tend to be rather neutral in coloring, and free of much patterning, words, logos, or graphic designs of any nature. Wears leather gloves when he drives, out of habit, and carries a handkerchief (also out of habit). Wears a wristwatch with a leather strap, though the watch portion of it no longer works (100 years in the ice will do that). When wearing a button-up and slacks, he will sometimes wear suspenders as well.
Hero Clothing:

Personality: Alex is usually a pretty laid-back person, who doesn't have a super quick or fiery temper. He is rather protective, though, especially of people he's close to. He is intelligent, and likes to read, though his depth of knowledge is currently rather lacking, due to his having missed out on 100 years of history. Does his best to learn and listen before making any judgements about things. Carries a lot of guilt and shame and internalized homophobia, due to his upbringing/time period that he grew up in. Struggles a lot to reconcile who he believes he is supposed to be (straight, interested in women) with who he is (gay), and has a hard time seeing himself as someone worth loving, due to that. Has spent so long pushing that portion of himself down that he just seems uninterested in romance (that is a lie. It is sometimes painfully obvious when he's pining after someone, but he would never ever make a move due to the whole internalized homophobia thing).
Alignment: Neutral Good

Powers/Abilities: Supersoldier serum, and a pair of bulletproof wings. Normally, the wings are tattoos that lay on his back, but he can "activate" them in a blink, and they turn into full-size wings
Brief Backstory: (did i just copy-paste this from the old RP, yes I did–) Alex was born in 1900 to Maryse and Grant Swanson; his older brother was Jack Swanson, who was older by about two years. When he was a kid and teen, he was pretty skinny and nowhere near as tall as he is now. At some point, he volunteered for a program the US was doing to try and get more soldiers, since the US was gearing up to enter WW1. Jack, Alex’s older brother, was able to get in without any trouble, but Alex, scrawny and small, wasn’t able to, so he signed up for a volunteer program, wanting to get overseas with his brother. The program turned out to be some sort of forerunner to the Super-Soldier Initiative, mimicking work that had been stolen from a middle-aged German scientist, who went by the name Abraham Erskine. This work, still in its preliminaries, didn’t typically work out very well, but for whatever reason, it mostly worked on Alex. It did not fix his eyesight, but it made him taller and stronger, so the US deemed him a success and shipped him out. Once overseas, he was captured by the earliest version of HYDRA, who brainwashed him and turned him into an early variant of the Winter Soldier. This continued for nearly a year until he was recaptured by the US. His memories eventually returned, and he returned to service. Then, one day, as he was guarding the rear of a retreat, he fell into an icy river and froze. He was found 99 years later, and when the dog tags identified him as an American, his still-frozen body was shipped back to the United States; specifically to SHIELD. SHIELD unfroze him, and has been helping him get back on his feet for the past year or so.

Theme Song?:

Name: CAE-11 / Jason Rogers
Nicknames/Aliases: Jay (from Alex, once they're dating). Also Bluejay, for the same reason (play on his blue eyes and name). Sergeant America (from Bucky)
Age: 19
Gender/Pronouns: Cis man, he/him
Sexuality: Bi

Appearance: Jason stands at 6' tall, perhaps a touch over. He has a very similar body shape to Steve, with broad shoulders but a more tapered waist, and defined muscles. He has pale blonde hair, that is cut a bit shorter than most people would cut their hair to. At first, his hair was that length because of SHIELD regulations; now it's also just the length that he prefers, and he keeps it at that length rather than let it grow out. He has very pale blue eyes, similar in tone to ice, or that blue of a glacier in the sun. He is white, and pale, without a tan or freckles to break up that paleness. He is missing some fingers on his left hand; specifically, his entire pinky finger, two thirds of his ring finger, and a third of his middle finger. Has a small tattoo on the right side of his chest with his experiment number (CAE-11), and has no belly-button. Has an assortment of scars littered across his skin. The tips of his fingers are slightly paler than the rest of his body, in an almost frost-like pattern.
Normal Clothing: Jason tends to stick to basics, like jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies. He also tends to go for things without patterns or overly bright colors, so that he won't stick out in a crowd. Doesn't wear jewelry. His style is pretty boring, to be honest. He will dress up if necessary, but generally sticks to the basics. Occasionally will throw on a tank top/muscle top if he's planning on sparring or working out, but doesn't often wear just those unless it's hot out and he wants to cool down.
Hero Clothing: His SHIELD uniform, generally

Personality: Jason gives off the aura of being collected and having it together, but in truth, he's just barely holding the reigns together sometimes. He has a lot of deeply held trauma and anger due to the way he was raised, and has never had a good outlet or positive parental figure to help him. As a result, he has become the king of repression, stuffing all his feelings as deep down as possible so that he doesn't have to deal with them. This unfortunately means that he also has a very short temper and seems easily irritated, and can come off as prickly and defensive, and oftentimes as emotionless. When he does get overwhelmed, he is usually able to hold it together in front of people and will only break down behind closed doors. Even then, he is a master of doing so silently. Someone standing on the other side of the door would never hear a thing. Struggles to see himself as a real person, sometimes (not in a depersonalization way, but in a "raised by people who constantly treated him and thought of him as not a person" kind of way).
Alignment: True Neutral

Powers/Abilities: Supersoldier, and cryokinesis
Brief Backstory: (here’s where I bend/break the timeline for my own convenience–) So. Steve Rogers’ body was found earlier than it currently was in canon, but wasn’t immediately defrosted since they weren’t sure how best to go about it. Instead, they sampled blood from him and used it along with blood from another, anonymous donor to create clones. All clones prior to Jason died before the age of five, but Jason lived and survived, and was trained since preschool to be the “perfect” SHIELD agent and spy, and was deployed into the field as early as 13 years old. While a kid, he was often mistreated and abused by the agents and scientists in charge of him, and the punishments and training that they implemented often bordered on almost torture, especially with how young he was. To this day, being locked in a room makes his hands shake. There was some sexual abuse that happened over the years, but luckily that was seen as a line not to be crossed, and the perpetrator was fired as soon as it was discovered. However, Jason never received any counseling or assistance for what he had gone through, as the adults around him viewed him more as a weapon or creature than as a real human boy. On a mission when he was 15, he was captured and tortured, and that’s when he lost the fingers on his left hand, too. When Steve was finally defrosted, SHIELD at first kept Jason’s existence a secret, unsure about how Steve would react. Steve found out when Jason was 14, roughly a year before Jason lost his fingers. The two were very awkward together, since Jason had grown out of ever wanting a father, and Steve had no idea how to approach this half-grown young man that was apparently his son. Even now, three years later, their relationship is still tentative and unsure around each other. Steve makes awkward attempts at parenting, that Jason shrugs off or gets angry about, and it usually devolves into an argument. Jason is not out to Steve, since the few times Jason has hinted at his sexuality, Steve has been vaguely homophobic and leery about the idea of his son being anything but straight. (Obviously this will change! I’m not keeping Steve as a homophobe, it just adds ~drama~ and I’m a sucker for drama lmao)

Theme Song?:


(here we goo~)
(not the best starter I've ever done, my apologies)

Fury had contacted the Avengers and had let them know that a SHIELD intern was being transferred to them, as he felt she could learn more from that group than from SHIELD, especially with Peter working with Tony, along with Jason's presence. Having people her own age around would be beneficial, rather than being surrounded by people who all tended to be at least five years older, sometimes even more than that. Plus, he wanted to see if being around Tony would help push her intelligence, as the billionaire genius would be a good sounding board for her to bounce ideas off of, if he was willing to. He had said he was willing to, and so she was being transferred to the tower.

Jason had been placed in charge of her reception to the tower, seeing as how he was the closest in age to her of everyone who was regularly at the tower. The 19 year old was, therefore, waiting in the reception room, leaning his shoulder against the wall with his phone in his hand. He seemed, at first glance, like any bored young man. Standing, not paying attention, gaze on the cell phone held in his right hand. His left hand, with its damaged fingers, was stuffed in the pocket of his blue jeans, and his t-shirt was a loose thing. It didn't hide his muscles, but was nowhere near tight enough to draw any undue attention. Despite, however, the stance, he was paying more attention to his surroundings than to his phone. Partially because he was keeping an eye out for Kiki, but also because he could hardly ever fully relax in public. A childhood spent training as an agent meant that he never relaxed, never fully let his guard down, and always felt on the edge of a fight.

His backstory was a rather classified thing, and there was no way Kiki would have any idea he was anything but normal. She would likely find out some details eventually; the physical similarities between himself and Steve were too obvious, especially when in the same room, for someone as smart as her not to notice it. Much as he hated it, he looked like Steve. Moved like him too sometimes. The two had more in common than Jason often cared to admit, his view of Captain America soured by a childhood spent desperate for affection.

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(hi bestie hehe)

Kiki is having the absolute most stressful-slash-exciting-slash-horrific day of her life. She woke up to a failed alarm and a frantic cup of over-sweetened coffee from her mother. She went to school for only a half day, eating her lunch with her friends and girlfriend, before she was excused to her job–well, her unpaid internship. Kiki calls it her job. It's sort of a job. Except the part where she doesn't get paid anything and is only called into important rooms to clean up spilled Monster Energy Drink.

In her favorite biophysics class, she had knocked over their model and Peter nearly had an aneurysm–but that was only after he dove to the floor to prevent it from shattering into a hundred million thousand pieces on the ground. Kiki had apologized frantically, already sweating bullets, but luckily Peter shrugged it off. They laughed about it later. In her stupid english class, she botched a pronunciation of a so-called simple word in front of everyone, but it's Shakespeare of all things! What's Kiki supposed to do? Read it correctly? Nobody reads it correctly. There's a reason their school is called a school for science and technology. Hamlet has no place within Midtown walls.

Despite the day's nervous pitfalls, Kiki's determined to make it a good day. SHIELD transferred her (thank god), but they decided to transfer her directly to the Avenger's Tower (holy shit). Fury himself–well, more like a pre-recorded message–had told Kiki her new assignment and if she wasn't sitting down when she got it, she would have fallen right over. She would be working beneath Tony Stark. She had already screamed to Peter about it over their texts, most of the messages just being variants of ASDKFAJSDKLFAJS.

She readjusts her backpack and steps off the bus. There are about seven armored guards waiting at the bus stop and once Kiki moves past that absurdity of that sight, the nerves fully hit her. Stretching far, far above her is the craning tower. Her neck pops as she tries to take it all in. "Woah," she whispers, slowly beginning to walk to the entry. The guards don't address her, which she's very thankful for. They must already know she's the new intern. Inside the buliding is cold and causes goosebumps to rise on Kiki's arms for a multitude of reasonings. There's a blond man leaning against the wall. The guards seem to direct her towards him. "Hi–uh, I'm Kiki Boyd, the new intern here," she introduces.


Jason pushed off the wall, and flashed a quick smile, tucking his phone in his pocket and holding out his hand to shake hers. His fingers were slightly colder than most people's would have been, the chill of his abilities lingering just below his skin. "Jason." he introduced, studying her for a moment. She was short, about a foot shorter than he was. Physically, she definitely wasn't a threat. But then again, she was here because of her brain, not because of her physicality. His gaze flicked to her backpack, then back to her. She would most likely not have anything dangerous in there. Or, if she did, it wouldn't be stuff she would use to threaten any of them. "I'm the most direct SHIELD link in the tower. If you have any questions that are SHIELD related, you should direct them to me."

He headed over towards one of the doors, pulling an ID card from his pocket and swiping it over a small card reader that was on the wall next to the door. The scanner chirped and flashed green, and there was a loud clunking sound as the door unlocked. He opened it, holding it with one hand as he turned back to her. "Follow me. We'll need to get you an ID card to open some of the doors. Safety protocol and everything. Once you have your ID, we'll head upstairs and I can show you around, introduce you to some of the others. Thor isn't on-planet right now, but everyone else should be here."

His left hand was still tucked in his pocket, hiding those missing fingers for now. He was so young to have those gone, and it only ever raised questions when people saw them. The scarring on the remaining stumps wasn't pretty, and made it clear that this had not been a sterile, medically necessary amputation. And it had not been. It had been a horrific, bloody thing, and it still haunted him some nights.

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Kiki shakes the man's hand and tries not to instantly pull back saying jesus christ man are you a corpse? because that is rude and she does not want to piss off the man about to introduce her to the Avengers. So, she smiles through the pain and eventually draws her hand back, wiping her palm on the side of her grayish jeans to warm it up. Earlier she had been terrified if she was wearing something too casual for her first day as a Big Time Intern at a Big Time Place, but upon seeing Jason in loose and comfortable clothes, her worries melt away.

"Cool–" she says and immediately cringes. "I- uh. Yeah. Take me to where I need to be." Kiki has no idea where she's supposed to be. Because this is SHIELD and everything is classified in some way or another, she doesn't even know what her job is supposed to be. At her last place, she had been basically a glorified servant who ran coffees and answered a few phones and was sometimes called over to double check some painfully simple work. At least here she'll probably be able to flaunt her skills.

The girl follows Jason through a locked door and into a very long and semi-intimidating hallway. She wonders what the upper floors will look like. Do the Avengers live here or, like, some apartment in Brooklyn? Lots of questions and too little time so Kiki keeps her mouth shut and struggles to keep up with Jason. It's not her fault he has giraffe legs and she was cursed to be five feet tall.


He led her down the hallway and into a room, swiping his ID again to unlock the side room so he could bring her inside. There were a few tech guys sitting on their computers, and they all glanced up as Jason and Kiki entered the room. He led her over to one of the sections. "Murph, I need an ID for her." he said, then turned to Kiki. "Kiki, this is Murph, one of our tech guys. Murph, this is Kiki. She's a new intern with SHIELD, and she needs clearance for the tower."

Murph's workspace was decorated with various stickers and little figurines of movie characters, and a small pride flag poked out of their pen jar. They had close-cropped, bleach blonde hair, and a wide, slightly gap-toothed smile that they gave easily. Their glasses were rectangular, and their skin was an olive tone. "Nice to meet you, Kiki." they greeted, tapping a few buttons on their keyboard. "Do you already have any form of ID badge from SHIELD, or are we going to need to print you a new one? If you already have one, then I'll need it so I can scan it and update it. If you don't, then that's fine, we'll just have to go over some additional information and it will take just a little bit longer."

Jason stepped back a little bit to give Kiki space to answer. Murph was probably the least intimidating person that Kiki would be interacting with in the tower; the techie was a bit taller than her, but looked like a soft, friendly person. To be fair, that was exactly what they were. He and Murph got along surprisingly well, as they had a lot of shared interests, but he knew that he frustrated Murph sometimes. The other person only knew the bare bones of his history, as they didn't have the clearance for any details. But what frustrated them was more how closed-off he could be. It was difficult to let people in, and he had a tendency to hold people at arm's length, which was absolutely the opposite of who Murph was.

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"Hi–" Kiki says, perhaps a little too enthusiastically as she quickly shakes their hand. "I, uh–Nice bobble heads." She actually has two of the exact same ones sitting up on the windowsill of her room. They're from her favorite stupid little sci-fi TV show her and her dad have been addicted to ever since she was in grade school.

At the question, Kiki is elated that she has the proper material to satisfy Murph's request. "Yes–" She says, slinging her backpack around to dig around in. She opens six out of the seven possible pockets before finding the small stack of cards held together by a binder clip. She has to sort through her school ID, old driver's permit, a few fast food rewards cards, and a Starbucks gift card before finally finding her SHIELD ID. Yikes– she forgot how bad the photo had been. She had just had a bad breakout and her hair didn't want to cooperate, not to mention the lights were too bright. She's pasty, red, squinting, and frizzy in the photo and she wishes she could break the card in half and eat it so nobody ever has to see it again.

"It's an old picture–" she says quickly, flipping the card upside down so she doesn't have to look at it. She hands it off to Murph. "Is it possible to uh. Get a better picture? If not that's totally cool." It's not totally cool and Kiki just about dies inside every time she has to look at the stupid picture. It's almost worse than her freshman year photo and Kiki is not about to open up that repressed memory.


Murh took it, flipping it to look at the photo and giving Kiki a pitying look. "Aw, of course we can get you a better picture." they replied with an easy, but not unkind laugh. "You ready to take it now, though? We can't just pull one from your social media, you understand. It has to be taken on our equipment." they gestured over to one wall of the room. "We have that set up for photos if you're alright with taking it today. Otherwise, retaking the photo will have to wait for some other day." they typed in Kiki's ID code, pulling up her SHIELD profile and getting to work on updating her clearance. "Now, it looks like we'll also need to scan your fingerprints today, too. That way if you ever forget your ID, you can use your prints to unlock the doors. We'll need to scan all ten fingers, of course. Or, if you're missing some like blondie over here, as many as you've got." they gestured to Jason for a moment, then went back to typing.

Jason was quiet, leaning back a bit and letting Murph work. At the comment about his fingers, he exhaled, eyes narrowing a little bit. Kiki would have found out soon, it was unavoidable, but perhaps this was not the best way to reveal it. His hand was not the prettiest sight, and he was so young to have that kind of injury. It always raised a lot of questions that typically proved a bit tricky to answer.

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"Thank you," Kiki says quickly, a weight lifted off her shoulders. New job, new her. "And uh–" She isn't in her favorite clothes and she should've washed her hair two days prior. She's already nervous and doesn't want to make anyone wait any longer than they have to. She turns to the small little photo studio. It reminds her of the passport and photo center in the local supermarket. "Yeah, I can take the picture now."

When she was working at her last position, they didn't even have the time to take her fingerprints. Everything was on the ID Card and Kiki left it at home more times than she'd like to admit. "Sounds good," Kiki says, zipping up her backpack and setting it down to her side. She looks to Jason, interest piqued. However, his hands are in his pockets and Kiki knows better than to pry. She'll see them eventually–she's slightly curious to know exactly how many he's missing.

"Where do you want me?" She asks, striding over to the studio and standing in front of the navy colored screen. She quickly takes out her phone to check her reflection in the darkened screen. Her hair is up into a poufed pony tail; she at least had the mind to slightly gel it back. Her skin has seen better days, but it's also seen much worse, so she'll take what she can get.


"There's an X on the floor, just stand on that." Murph replied, getting to their feet and coming over to take the photo. They walked with a bit of a limp, and when they stood still, put most of their weight on one leg. Standing, it was easy to see that they were of about average height, at 5'5", with more of a pear shape to their body. "Look at the camera for me. You can smile if you want, it's your choice. Some people do, some people don't." once Kiki was ready, they took the photo. "Alright, it's going to display on that screen below the camera, let me know if that photo is alright with you. If not, we can try again."

Jason continued to wait quietly, keeping an eye on everything that was going on. Murph was a little bit older than he was, at 22 years old, but they were one of his few friends. They had limped for as long as he had known them, which was nearly three years now, since he was 16 and Murph was a new tech intern.

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Kiki quickly settles into position and looks into the camera, definitely trying not to think if she has salad in her teeth from her lunch. Murph comes over with a slight limp. Kiki isn't quite surprised–after all, Murph is a SHIELD agent just like her (technically). The Agents are no stranger to getting right into the field. The only reason Kiki hasn't had a chance to test out her inventions is because she's never gotten the chance. Nobody at her last facility wanted to sit down and listen to some high schooler ramble about theoretical weaponized physical acoustics. Well, it's not so theoretical anymore. Kiki's been up into the early hours of the morning designing and building gauntlets and boots. Her dad was kind enough to pull both of their old cars from the garage to give her the room to work.

The photo is taken when Kiki's slightly zoned out. She has to violently ignore the flash of panic that surges through her and looks over to the monitor. Well, at least it doesn't look terrible. It actually looks exponentially better than her original ID picture. It's still no homecoming picture that Maren's dad insisted on hiring a professional photographer for. "Yeah, that looks fine!" Kiki says, overjoyed that she can finally get rid of that godforsaken SHIELD ID for a new one.


Murph flashed her a quick smile, nodding. "Perfect. Come back over here, then, so we can scan your prints into the system." they went back over to their chair, sitting down and tapping a few buttons. The new photo displayed on the screen, and Murph pulled a small pad out. "So, for your prints, what you're going to do is roll your fingers, one at a time, over this pad. You're going to go from one side of your finger to the other, twice, so that the system can get an accurate scan of your fingerprints." they explained while getting the computer ready to take the prints. "And if any get messed up, no worries, we'll just rescan them." they seemed like a pleasant person, easy-going and helpful. Their own ID hung from a lanyard around their neck, and they hummed faintly as they continued updating Kiki's information within the system.

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Kiki listens to his instructions raptly, determined to not zone out this time. Carefully, she starts with her left hand and runs through the procedure with all five of her fingers before moving to her right. The amount of focus she's putting into this surprises even her. It has to be the first day jitters. While she had been a clumsy mess earlier in the day, she's flipped the script now and is purposeful with all of her movements.

The girl is thankful that it's someone like Murph helping her run through all of this. The Tower is already shaping up to be a much better experience than the Facility she had transferred from. The Tower is also much closer to her home in Brooklyn. No more being forced to go to the unholy Staten Island for her stupid internship. Now she gets to go to the Avenger's home to do her stupid internship. Maybe one day she might be able to take her younger brothers to meet Falcon like they had begged. She had told them no promises. She didn't even know if she'd get to meet The Falcon.

Kiki's done with her fingerprints soon, luckily not having to face the embarrassment of redoing any of them. She looks to Jason, still lingering in the back of the room, and then to Murph across the table from her.


Murph continued clicking away on the computer as they got Kiki's ID set up. "Alriiiiight." they said, drawing the word out for a long moment. "All done." they clicked one last button, and a machine plugged into the wall chugged into gear, making a loud noise. "It's printing your new ID tag right now, just give it a few minutes." they looked over at Kiki with a quick, easy smile. "Anything else, while you two are waiting?" their gaze flicked over to Jason, who had been standing and waiting quietly.

Jason shook his head a little bit. "There is nothing else I need." he responded. "So I believe all that's left is to wait for Kiki's new ID to print out." he looked over at Kiki to see if she could think of anything else that needed to be done.

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Kiki's heart leaps in her chest as the machine begins to print her machine. A smile comes to her face, one that she temporarily tries to hide behind her hand. This is her new job. Her new life. The thing that's going to springboard her future and pay for her bills and her family and get her grandma into a good rest home where she won't have to deal with the constant stress of the city. "I, uh, don't think that there's anything else I need." Kiki smiles. "Thank you, Murph. I appreciate it."

The machine finishes its rumbling as it spits out a new ID. The colors are slightly different than her old ID, but the logo and information is still the same. Her picture is much better, thank god. She looks over to Jason, the man at least a foot taller than her.


"You're quite welcome." Murph replied to Kiki with a quick, easy smile. They looked over at Jason, raising their eyebrows. "We still on for game night tomorrow? Or are you going to be busy with this one for the next few days?" they gestured lightly to Kiki, stretching in their seat. Once it finished printing, they looked over at Kiki. "You can grab your ID, if you'd like. There's nothing else that I need to do to it."

Jason nodded a little at the question. "We should be, I don't believe I shall be too busy. I'll let you know if anything changes." he and Murph had a tradition that, every other week or so, they would get together and play games together. Usually video games, as Murph had a good gaming set-up, but sometimes they would opt for board games instead. Murph enjoyed playing DnD with some of their other friends, and had invited Jason to join, but he didn't have the patience for it. Nor did he usually have the time, as he was often busy with SHIELD or with the Avengers. He exhaled, looking over at Kiki. "Ready to continue with your tour?" he questioned.

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Kiki smiles when she's gestured to and then follows the order and snatches up her new ID. It's warm, slightly, and Kiki's going to find an extra-cool lanyard to clip it on. No more binder clips in the bottom of her backpack. The seemingly traditional game night between Murph and Jason sounds like a fun one. It's good to know that Jason isn't some man of stone that walks around everywhere with some RBF and crossed arms. He and Murph being friends makes the man seem much more… human.

"Yes!" She says just a little too enthusiastically as she stands and rezips her backpack. In hindsight, she probably shouldn't have brought the whole thing, but she came straight from school. She's missing out on her molecular physics and mandatory gym class for this. Oh well, nothing she won't be able to catch up on. For being exactly five feet tall and with a frustratingly flat build, Kiki has quite the amount of stamina for someone her size. Even now she's able to outrun most of the football boys. She owes it to being a cross country nerd in middle school. And, well, it's Midtown. Their football team is hardly the best. "I, uh, let's get going."


Jason nodded a little, giving Murph a small wave. "See you later, Murph." he said, heading towards the door.

"Bye guys. Good luck, Kiki." Murph said, waving to them as they left the room.

Jason held the door for Kiki, then led her back over to the elevator. "We aren't going through every single floor. There are far too many and, quite frankly, most of them are just offices for Stark Tech. It's the upper levels that you and I are more concerned with." he led the way into the elevator, punching in a number and waiting. "I'll show you to the main living space first, then to some of the auxiliary levels. We have a gym area, for working out or sparring in, there's various different work areas for your projects, there's some living areas, too, for those that choose to live in the tower or at least haev quarters here…" he trailed off, realizing he was going a touch fast and Kiki might have questions. "Any questions, before I continue?"

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"Okay, cool," she starts. It only makes sense. Kiki will probably only see the floors and rooms she's supposed to be on. Work in a few labs with the Tony Stark and the Bruce Banner, maybe be lucky enough to see the Black Widow or maybe even Thor of all people when pacing through the halls. She'll just do what she does best in those sorts of situations, keep her head down and mouth shut and then explode about being in close proximity with someone that cool when she's alone.

She finds herself rocking on her feet as she stares into her warped reflection in the elevator wall. The contrast between Jason's calmness and Kiki's repressed jitters is amusing. Upper levels?–like The Top? Not only is that the place she sees fancy helicopters and jets take off and land, but it's also the place she catches all of the flying heroes lifting off from. Holy shit. This is the best job ever. "Uh…" She drawls. "So, um, other than Mister Stark and Doctor Banner, who else can I count on working with?"


Jason listened as she spoke, keeping an eye on her and nodding faintly. "Probably Stark and Banner will be the main people you'll be working with. You'll see me around a lot, since I'll be your main point of contact with SHIELD now. You'll see, uhm…probably Bucky, Peter, Thor usually, but he might be off-planet right now, I'm not sure. Clint should be here at least sometimes, Nat should be around sometimes too. They sometimes have missions and such to go on with SHIELD, and Clint has…other places he often spends his downtime at. Oh, and Steve. You'll probably see him around too." his expression hardly changed as he said Steve's name, but there was still a twitch. He doubted Kiki would notice, and even if she did, he doubted she would say anything about it.

His relationship with Steve was…complicated, to say the least. When he was younger, all he had wanted was a parent who loved him. Someone to care about him, and naturally his imagination had latched onto Steve for that, never thinking he would ever truly meet the man. Then, when Steve had been unfrozen, and when the two had met for the first time…he hadn't known how to react, and neither had Steve. It hadn't gone too well.

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Kiki doesn't have time to wonder who the hell Bucky, Nat, and Clint are, she's too busy internally dying. She's going to meet Thor. She's going to meet Steve Rogers.
"Peter, I know Peter," Kiki says quietly as she contains her excitement. "Peter Parker, right? Spiderman–" She slaps a hand over her mouth as soon as the hero's name leaves her mouth. Her eyes go wide as she looks at Jason through the reflection of the elevator doors. How slow can one elevator be? "Shit–shit– I mean, uh, shit– I don't know a Peter actually. Never known a Peter in my life." She just broke superhero rule number one: don't reveal any secret identity. First day on the new job and she immediately blew it. She's going to have to get Peter a very large gift basket, something with lots of chocolate bars.

It's suddenly very warm inside the elevator. Kiki pulls at the neck of her turtleneck, her arms uncomfortable in the sleeves of her metallic jacket. Luckily, the bell dings and the doors open and she takes a few quick steps to get herself out of the small metal box.


Jason laughed a little. "I know who Peter is." he replied, looking over at her with an eyebrow raised faintly. "Though it's interesting that you do." he let the silence linger for just a moment, though he was more amused than truly concerned. He followed her out of the elevator, pulling his ID card out again and swiping it over the door, pushing it open. "This is the main living quarters. The kitchen is over there, sitting area is over here." he gestured towards the kitchen with his left hand, momentarily forgetting she had not seen it yet, the mangled, missing fingers. But ah well. If she asked, he would answer, but if she did not, he was not going to volunteer the information. Not yet. "When Tony or the Avengers host events, this is often where the events are held."