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(OG Title) When Two Dorks Become Neighbors
I'll come up with a better title later.

EDIT: Hey, if you want to do this as well, you can totally either take the idea (I'd love it if you tagged me!), or just PM me if you want to do it with me specifically!

Two kids, a boy and girl, move to adjoining houses. For the longest time, they don't know the other exists. That is, until one night. One late night, when both kids should be sleeping, crying could be heard. The boy thinks he's going crazy, wandering around his room, before eventually coming to the window. Pushing it open, he sees the girl sitting there, crying.

I dunno. I was scrolling through random writing prompts, and I came up with something.

Rules & Other fun stuff

  • Please be active. I say this, and I mean this. Please don't join and then disappear for three months. Please be active on this at least once a week.
  • Swearing is alright. Just don't go over-board.
  • Please let me know if you have any triggers. I'll probably ask what they are, just in case. This might take a turn for the darker side, later on.
  • I can, and probably will ask for a writing sample. Exceptions will be people I've already roleplayed with. I also have the right to deny you if I know there's been any problems in the past.
  • This doesn't have to be a romance. It can be a platonic, friend relationship (which would actually be preferred). I'd actually like to see the two hang out, and grow close. Maybe they have crushes on other people, or something. Maybe they promise not to date each other. I don't really care how it happens. I really just want a lot of roof-top talks, and hanging out. All that lovely stuff :P They could also be two guys, or two gals, if we're not doing romance. I'd definitely prefer MxF if we are doing it, though.
  • I want the two to do all kinds of stupid best friend stuff together. Prank each other, annoy each other. They're friends. It can have angst, but I also want light-hearted, fluffy friend stuff!
  • Have fun! If you're getting stressed out on this (which I'm hoping would never be the case) just let me know if you need a break!

That's all I got for you! If you have any questions before officially joining, just let me know!


Graham smiled a little bit, "I don't know, I guess it's just a bit of a guilty pleasure, I'm supposed to be evil, dark, or whatever, utilizing the powers of the different elements for my own use, while when I get back home, I drink apple juice in unhealthy amounts. It's kind of funny, at least in my opinion." He said, laughing as well with Asher. The boy's laughter was honestly contagious, and he couldn't help laughing with him. Then he started thinking, Is it a bit sketch that I'm staying with this other boy in his home? I mean, I have work tomorrow. Hmph, that's funny, I don't work besides cleaning up after those "children", but other than that, not too much, at least anymore, but I at least need to check my stocks. Wait, does that count as work? I mean, I'm somewhat getting paid for that. . . Wait, oh he's finished talking, okay, from what he said, and the look on his face, let's see if I can somewhat successfully continue the conversation. "I think that you'll catch them on your own time." he said with a smile, "And once you do, you'll be back in the limelight, and everyone will love you and all that stuff too." He said with a smile, then blush when he felt Asher's eyes on him, _Why in the world is he looking at me like that? I swear, if I got kidnapped by a real psychopath, I'm in trouble. Then the blush on his cheeks grew more when Asher complimented his hair, "T-thank you." He mumbled, for once at a loss for words, "I think you have pretty eyes." He added, not wanting it to be weird and not give the boy a compliment back. "W-wait, you think I'm a good person? Me? A good person?" He started to laugh loudly, then realized that Asher wasn't laughing at all, "Oh, you weren't joking, awkward. . ." He mumbled, looking down at the bed, "But, uhm, I'm really not a good person at all, to me arson is a hobby, not a crime. To me death isn't that big of a deal. I've become so numb to the things that a good person would cry over. I am simply not a good person at all, and I don't want you to lie to yourself, and think that I am." He said with a shrug as if it was that simple, "Don't be upset please, I just don't want you to live a lie or anything." He said with sigh, then smiled a bit, after hearing Asher's response to the bike, "If you want, once I can actually help you with it, I could show you some, if you'd like to me to ruin the surprise or something."

"I uhm. . ." He mumbled his cheeks pink now that he realized what had slipped out of his mouth, "Yeah, uhm I don't have a filter, at all." He said sheepishly, "But, uhm about the working together thing, I don't want you to think that this is permanent or anything, we'll be catching Storm, turning her in and such, and I'll be back to my own private life, I have to take care of my friends. . .Oh god, they are in my house right now. . ."By the time I get back there it could be gone or something. Oh shiitake mushrooms. He thought, then turned back , "You know what, let's not worry about that right now. I'm sorry, but uhm, let's see here, make you the envy of all the heroes, get rid of that annoying Storm, and let me be once more? Does that sound about right?" He said with shrug, then looking closer at the other boy quickly added something, "Mind you, I'm not going to be a sidekick or anything, I will be working with you, not for you, and not exactly helping you either. We both have the same goal, so we will work together to accomplish it. Does that make sense? And once we're done, I'll go back to being a villain, and you a hero. Or maybe I'll just settle down or something, I like inventing things, that's how I utilize my elements, so maybe I could start just inventing to help mankind." Seeing the happy look on Asher's face he burst out laughing, "That's a joke, I would never do anything like that. I'd probably be using them to destroy mankind, or overtake it or something." He smiled a bit, his grin growing more and more as he spoke, "Then, once my inventions become powerful, think about it, robots, anything dangerous, AI's, who knows maybe I'll create some animatronics too that'll force mankind into submission! Then I will be the ruler of alllllllllllllll!!!" Then seeing the nervous/ angry look on Asher's face sheepishly smiled and looked down at the tray of food, "Or, maybe I'll just be the next Elon Musk."

When he was sat back down, he pouted a little bit, wanting to actually take care of himself and not have to sit back down again, That's what I've been doing for the past 2 hours, I want to try to walk or somethiiiiiinnnnnnggggg. He mentally whined, and started to come up with a list of grievancs to give Asher, his normal bravado and snooty self in full rear. Then, when he saw the guitar, his jaw dropped, No wonder he was so sad that he had lost his guitar, now I really feel bad for him. Waittt, should I? I made him a new motorbike to make up for the old one, then doesn't that make things even? Never mind, this'll be one of my late-night exstestential questions that I keep myself up with. "Oh, I uhm, I wouldn't want to mess anything up or something. I'm really good at that, whenever I touch something, it somehow always finds a way to break." He said with a sheepish smile, "Excpet my inventions, those somehow last being around me, Drew, and Clark, surprisingly." He looked down to see the slightly disappointed look on the other boy's face and sighed, "Why don't you play something for me? That'd be nice."

(I hope that was alright)


((Apologies it took so long to get back to you aha.))
((Would we want a quick template? And if so, do you have a preference on which character you'd play?))


((Preferably I'd like to play the 'female' role, but I'm alright with either. We can also switch genders around, if you'd prefer one over another :P))
((I'm gonna go ahead and grab a template, if you're cool with that?))


((I have a boio that I really like and for some reason kind of just want to character develop him, so could I possibly use him for this roleplay?))


"Why am I here to begin with?"

Name: Brennon Rush Haslam

Nickname(s?): Bren/Bran

Gender: Male

Sexuality: "Uhm, I'm straight." " Mainly . . ."

DOB: October 12

Star sign: "I'm a Libra, can't you tell?"

"N-no, I don't want to talk about this. I-I don't want to talk to you about anything."


Personality: "Personality-wise, well uhm I'm me." . . . "Oh, is that not a good enough answer, well uhm rude, but okay. I'm kind of just that person who's kind of always there. I mean in a good way, I'm there for my friends and stuff, and I like to hang out with them, even though I don't really talk much." Indifferent shrug "Well, uhm, I guess in layman's terms, I'm just that one quiet friend, I'll listen to your problems and try to help you out, but I never really have too much to say to begin with. Also, I normally pay for people's food and stuff, even if they have money and stuff. As I said, I'm just that one friend. But, I guess I do have my moments, and by moments I mean times when I get so fed up with my friends that I screech at them. Does that count for something?

"Uh, I swear, I need some alone time, not bother me and try to get me out of the house time!"

"Well, had you listened to me in the first place we wouldn't be in this situation now would we? Now, do you still want your GoGurt?" ((Him practically momming his friends))

History: ((Being the dumb person I am, I'll share his history in the rp, then add it onto this))

"I like having my space, just like any sane person would. Not saying that I am sane, but you know . . ."

Likes: "Uhm, does being alone count as a hobby?"
Dislikes: "Everyone, the world, lifeeeeee"

Favorite color: "I don't like that many colors." . . ."Okay fine, yellow, like a mustard yellow, not a shade lighter, or a shade darker."

Favorite food and drink: "I think my favorite food would be a vegetarian chicken sandwich. I'm not even a vegetarian, but I really like that one food. And uhm drink, I think it would be water, after apple juice, don't judge."
Favorite instrument: ". . ."

Hobbies: "I like to read, a lot."

"Nope nope nope nopity nope nope."

Favorite song: Dancing In the Moonlight

-Outrunning Karma by Alec Benjamin
-Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by the Platters
-I Hate Shakespeare from Something Rotten
-Gold by Imagine Dragons
-((Really random, but since he pretty much hangs around three year olds)) Veggie Tale Remix by Shama Mremra

Favorite lyrics/lyrics that most describe him: ". . ." Probably just instrumental.

"I'm giving up on you, it's been twenty minutes and you still haven't been able to turn on the damn stove."

Other: "Uhm, I'm left handed, if that's cool, or counts as something you need to know."

Author's note: I didn't have too much on him, so it's chill.

"Uhm, okay then. . ."


((I like him ^^ Here's my girl!))

Name: Chasity Jeanette (CJ) Hollow
Age: 15
Personality: She's majorly shy. CJ is very familiar with being overshadowed, especially by her older sister. She prefers to go unnoticed anyways, enjoying time alone. If you're given the chance to get to know her, she'll be pretty playful and fun. Most of the time she comes off as anxious, tired, or annoyed. Though normally she's a pretty happy person.
Appearance: Naturally she's got a light blonde hair color. She's got side swept bangs, and straight hair that hits right below her shoulder blades (think a long bob, kinda style). She's got a smaller, and rounder face, giving her a younger baby-face look. She has deep green colored eyes, that might be confused for grey. She's got a naturally golden tan skin tone, working best with warmer colors. She's 6'1'', and roughly 140 pounds. She's got more of a pear shaped figure.
Interests: Volleyball, drawing, origami
Other: Her birthday is in late May, closer to the warmer summer days. Her sister's name is Harmony, and they both have a slight South African accent, after living there for four years.

((What do you think? I know it's not as detailed as yours :P))


((I do have a question though. How does my boio find out about her though? I'm kind of lost on that right now, I'm probably just being tired and dumb, but did I miss something. At this point are they friends?))