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So. This is not gonna be your typical fandom RP, where it’s either OCxOC or OCxCanon Character. I have two or three MCU OCs that I want to use. However. Two of these OCs are going to be in a relationship with each other eventually (though not at the beginning of the RP), so this is not necessarily going to be a romance RP. It can be, if you like, I’m perfectly alright with you pairing your OC(s) with a canon character, or even if you want me to use another of my OCs to pair with yours, that’s fine too. Basically, I want a fun RP with the occasional angst, instead of my normal “tons of angst with a little fluff every now and again”. Basically my two OC’s are my comfort couple and I wanna use them in an RP lmao. So. Your character(s) will be friends with my two, and if you want a romance between either your oc and a canon, or your oc and another of my ocs, that’s fine and dandy, we can do that. I’m just saying that Alex and Jason, the two I’ve been referencing, are going to be with each other, so no shipping with them lol.
Also this is an AU lmao, for a few different reasons. One being Jason and his origins require a slight tweaking of the Marvel timeline, the other being I want one of those (admittedly cliche) AU’s where basically, nothing after Age of Ultron happened and it’s just the Avengers plus Bucky and maybe a few others living in the Tower/the compound as one big happy family. Which means, hey, all your favorite characters are alive again!
I hope that all makes sense? Basically, I just want a fun, laid-back RP with some dirty jokes and stupid puns, and lots of the Avengers being a family :D

You can have anywhere from 1 to 4 OCs, however many you feel you can handle. Also. I don’t care if they’re a little bit cliche; both Alex and Jason were originally created when I was like, 12 or 13, and as a result are a little, well…cliche, in some ways. They aren’t the same as they were originally, but they do carry some bits of that still lmao. Just no Mary Sues/Gary Stues, I’ll boot your ass outta this RP faster than you can say “I am inevitable”

Anyway so Rules:

  • Andrew’s rules apply
  • I reserve the right to say no
  • I know I said laid-back and fun, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be darker material that’s not appropriate for young’uns. For this reason, 16+ only please (also because my characters and Tony all make a lot of dirty jokes, and I don’t wanna feel guilty about that lmao)
  • Also, there will probably be some homophobia (both internalized and just…homophobia lmao) and maybe transphobia if that comes up, so please be aware of that :)
  • Any smut will likely either be skipped or go to PMs
  • Have fun!! I want this to be fun, where we both actively participate and throw out new ideas and scenarios and fall in (platonic?) love with each others characters (not in a book-boyfriend way lmao, please don’t do that to my characters)
  • That said, I want like, four sentences per character per reply, please, in order to keep this from devolving into a bunch of one-liners getting tossed back and forth

I’ll post a template when someone joins! Let me know if you have any questions :)
Also please no pinterest or tumblr links, as I cannot view them

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This is from a fantasy RP and just for a little context, Kay just lost a battle with a witch and is pissed:

The pain went away, but the tears continued to flow. She looked at the witch, daggers and venom shooting from those steely silvers. The assassin slowly came to her feet, pulling her soaked hood over her equally sopping head. The hood was for comfort, not protection. She bared her teeth at the witch. All he wanted to do, was make the crook pay for harming and humiliating her, but she was still weak.

"Go on without me," She muttered, turning away from her party. "I'll meet up with you soon."

Armed with seven knives -the eighth forgotten from her brawl with the witch- her bow and arrows, and a burning rage equivalent to Lizzy's magical fire, Kay set off into the forest, not bothering to look back.

"If anyone, and I mean anyone, follows me…" Kay shouted back to her campaign. "I will not hesitate to stab or shoot."

And then the assassin disappeared into the evergreen forest.


Legal Name:
Preferred Name: (note: you can combine these two categories into just “Name” if the two don’t differ, or if you just don’t want to fill out both lmao) (I’ve included this because of Jason, and you’ll see why)
Age, biological: (note: please keep (at least biological) age between like, 16 and 25ish, please. Just makes it easier to have friendships develop between characters if they’re closer in age)
Age, chronological:
Scars/Tattoos/Unusual Features:
Short description of Personality:
History: (can be as long or short as you like; you can even leave it blank if you really want to)
Theme Song: (opt.)
Love Interest: (also opt. Let me know if you want to pair your character with an OC of mine and, if so, what gender you would prefer said OC to be) (or a canon character is fine too, I really don’t care :)

Name: Alexander Martin Swanson
Age, biological: 19
Age, chronological: 121
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Birthdate: March 14, 1900
Looks: Alex is 6’3”, with a rectangular body shape. He is well-muscled, but in a slim way, not a massive and brawny way. He has sandy brown hair, which is a little shaggy and in need of a trim, that hangs into his face slightly unless he combs it back. It curls just a tiny bit at the end, but is mostly straight. He has bright green eyes. He is white, with a light tan and a faint smattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose and his cheekbones. There are four bullet scars on his torso from being shot. On his back are tattoos that look like this, except colored like this.
Scars/Tattoos/Unusual Features: The wing tattoos, as described above, and the bullet scars. Also some scarring on his wrists and the rest of his body. His left arm has some nerve damage, and constantly twitches or spasms faintly.
Powers: The tattoos on his back will slide out into full-size, bullet-proof wings, that he can use to fly or shield himself with. Also a very early variant of the Super-Soldier serum, which is a little faulty, because he requires reading glasses, and also doesn’t quite have the same perfect physique like Steve and Bucky do.
Short description of Personality: Alex is usually a pretty laid-back, calm person, but doesn’t hesitate to fight for those he loves and cares for. He’s kind, and tends to make stupid jokes sometimes. Also likes to tease, but will back off if asked to (unless the person is Jason, in which case…it depends lmao). Likes to read, especially to catch up on everything he’s missed in the past hundred or so years since he went under. Does his best to be patient, and can usually succeed, but not always.
History: Alex was born in 1900 to Maryse and Grant Swanson; his older brother was Jack Swanson, who was older by about two years. When he was a kid and teen, he was pretty skinny and nowhere near as tall as he is now. At some point, he volunteered for a program the US was doing to try and get more soldiers, since the US was gearing up to enter WW1. Jack, Alex’s older brother, was able to get in without any trouble, but Alex, scrawny and small, wasn’t able to, so he signed up for a volunteer program, wanting to get overseas with his brother. The program turned out to be some sort of forerunner to the Super-Soldier Initiative, mimicking work that had been stolen from a middle-aged German scientist, who went by the name Abraham Erskine. This work, still in its preliminaries, didn’t typically work out very well, but for whatever reason, it mostly worked on Alex. It did not fix his eyesight, but it made him taller and stronger, so the US deemed him a success and shipped him out. Once overseas, he was captured by the earliest version of HYDRA, who brainwashed him and turned him into an early variant of the Winter Soldier. This continued for nearly a year until he was recaptured by the US. His memories eventually returned, and he returned to service. Then, one day, as he was guarding the rear of a retreat, he fell into an icy river and froze. He was found 99 years later, and when the dog tags identified him as an American, his still-frozen body was shipped back to the United States; specifically to SHIELD. SHIELD unfroze him, and has been helping him get back on his feet for the past year or so.
Theme Song: “Superheroes” by The Script, “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten, “You Are My Sunshine” by Johnny Cash (haha also:
Love Interest: Jason Rogers
Other: Has a good singing voice, and likes to sing a lot. Is always forgetting where he put his reading glasses, and also doesn’t like admitting that he needs them.

Legal Name: CAE-11
Preferred Name: Jason Rogers
Age, biological: 17
Age, chronological: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Birthdate: Unknown, uses January 2, 2003, but isn’t sure
Looks: Jason is 6’ tall, with an inverted triangle body shape. He is white and rather pale, without a tan or freckles. He has crystal blue eyes, and pale blonde hair that is cut in a pretty normal cut, rather short, but long enough to style just a little if he wants to.
Scars/Tattoos/Unusual Features: Small tattoo on the right side of his chest with his experiment number (CAE-11) on it. Has no bellybutton (I promise I’ll explain lmao). Missing the middle, ring, and pinky fingers on his left hand (has about two thirds of the middle, one third of the ring, and none of the pinky; the remnants are basically useless anyways though). Also various other scars, especially on his legs and arms, and some on his torso.
Powers: Ice, and super-soldier
Short description of Personality: Jason is quieter than Alex much of the time, but is good at listening when someone wants to talk, and is usually as kind as he can be. Definitely doesn’t have as much patience as Alex does, though, especially not for people he doesn’t like or doesn’t get along with. He can be bitter sometimes, but does his best not to verbally express it too much.
History: (cracks knuckles here’s where shit gets weird–) So. Steve Rogers’ body was found in 2000, instead of whenever it was actually found in the MCU, but wasn’t yet defrosted since they weren’t sure how best to go about it. Instead, they sampled blood from him and used it along with blood from another, anonymous donor to create clones. All clones prior to Jason died before the age of five, but Jason lived and survived, and was trained since preschool to be the “perfect” SHIELD agent and spy, and was deployed into the field as early as 13 years old. On a mission when he was 15, he was captured and tortured, and that’s when he lost the fingers on his left hand, too. When Steve was finally defrosted, SHIELD at first kept Jason’s existence a secret, unsure about how Steve would react. Steve found out when Jason was 14, roughly a year before Jason lost his fingers. The two were very awkward together, since Jason had grown out of ever wanting a father, and Steve had no idea how to approach this half-grown young man that was apparently his son. Even now, three years later, their relationship is still tentative and unsure around each other. Steve makes awkward attempts at parenting, that Jason shrugs off or gets angry about, and it usually devolves into an argument. Jason is not out to Steve, since the few times Jason has hinted at his sexuality, Steve has been vaguely homophobic and leery about the idea of his son being anything but straight. (Obviously this will change! I’m not keeping Steve as a homophobe, it just adds ~drama~ and I’m a sucker for drama lmao)
Theme Song: “Little Lion Man” by Mumford and Sons, “Get Home” by Bastille, “Believer” by Imagine Dragons (also
Love Interest: Alexander Swanson

Legal Name: Epsilon
Age, biological: 24
Age, chronological: 24
Gender: Man
Sexuality: Chaotic pan
Birthdate: Unknown
Looks: Epsilon stands at 5’11”, and has a rectangular body shape, all angles and lines, nothing soft in the lines of his body. He has pale skin, even paler than Jason’s, with no freckles or any hint of a tan. His hair is a perfect paper white, too, and is about average in terms of length, perhaps a bit longer, but still rather short. His eyes are a brilliant gold with shards of silver, and are set into a serious face that doesn’t look like it has ever smiled. There is a small metal plate on the back of his neck, with a USB port in it, which he usually keeps covered with high collars or hoods, doing his best to keep it hidden.
Scars/Tattoos/Unusual Features: The metal plate and USB port, obviously. Has some scars on his torso as well, mostly whip marks, with two bullet scars.
Powers: Epsilon’s strongest power is his telepathy/mind control; he can read minds and also control or alter them, and does so at will, without regard for privacy or the other person’s wishes. He can also create force-fields, and has telekinesis. He is stronger than the average human, though nowhere near as strong as a Super-Soldier.
Short description of Personality: Epsilon is…not a good person, is perhaps the easiest way to describe him. He was created as a weapon, and embodies that in his behavior, with his end goal just destruction. But he isn’t stupid about it; he knows exactly how to destablize someone so that they, in turn, cause the destruction and destabilization of everything around them. He likes to destroy people for fun, finding it fascinating how the average person’s mind can self-destruct and tear itself apart, and he enjoys helping said minds along with his abilities and soft words designed to damage. Some part of him does know that what he does is wrong, but he doesn’t know what else to do, and so continues with the same patterns of destruction that he has wrought his entire life.
History: Epsilon was a clone created by the Russian government to be a weapon and spy. He was trained by them for years, he and his siblings, though his siblings are long dead now, with only Epsilon surviving into adulthood. He speaks seven languages, can blend in to nearly any country he chooses to visit, and can be single-minded when he has a goal in mind. He was, in short, the perfect weapon. He could be sent into countries and they would topple within days of his arrival, without anyone ever knowing Russia was involved. When he was 18, however, he rebelled against Russia’s control and ran off before they could catch him, and he has been wandering the world ever since, wreaking havoc wherever he goes. The Avengers have tried to bring him in before, but each time he has slipped through their fingers and gotten away before they could get to him.
Theme Song: “Demons” by Imagine Dragons. “Redemption” by Besomorph, Coopex, and RIELL. “Skeletons” by MAD FVN. “Odds Are” by The FifthGuys, Thatsimo, and RIELL. “Vendetta” by UNSECRET and Krigare. (and I oop–
Love Interest: Probably one of your characters if that’s alright? I’m going to give him a redemption arc lmao

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Legal Name: Sheaenna Aloe Garner, or just Shea
Age, biological: 21
Age, chronological: 21
Gender: Female, AFAB
Sexuality: Unsure, but definitely not straight
Birthdate: October 12, 1998
Looks: Shea has chestnut hair that goes a little past her shoulders and violet eyes. She has small lips, a pointed upturned nose, and medium sized eyebrows. She's 5'9" and is very muscled for a woman. Her hair is usually down and messy and she sometimes ties it up into a messy bun. Her facial expression 90% of the time is a shit-eating grin. She's white with a light tan.
Scars/Tattoos/Unusual Features: Shea has a 3/4 inch wide scar stretching from her hairline to her jaw on the left side of her face, going through her eye and eyebrow. Because of this, she can't move the muscles on the left side of her face. Shea also has a messy tattoo on her back saying in an ancient language "behold the shadow, empress of fear" which she hates but she can't get rid of it no matter how much she tries.
Powers: Shea has the ability to control Fear. She can make people feel it or she can take it away. Her powers are like a rabid caged animal within her, always trying to break free and attack anyone around her, because of this, Shea has a lot of control and never uses her powers to the full extent. She can make people's hearts race (sometimes giving them a stroke), make people hallucinate, and can crack into people's heads to see what they fear the most.
Short description of Personality: Shea is a chaotic crackhead that flies by her own rules. She hates any sort of authority telling her what to do and will most likely do the opposite just to annoy them. Shea is an adrenaline junkie and loves a good thrill, making her impulsive and reckless at times. Shea's awesome for a good time, but terrible for deep conversations. As soon as things get emotional, Shea likes to disappear and such.
History: Shea was born to Alla and Erick Garner. They were two ordinary humans with an ordinary life with a son and a daughter. Everything was great, that is until Erick decided to get involved with the wrong gang. Erick's actions resulted in an attack on their home, killing Alla, his son, and himself. Shea was taken into the foster system when she was six, jumping from house to house and developing skills that regular kids shouldn't know, like: pinpoint knife throwing, hand-to-hand combat, vehicle stealing, somehow blowing everything she touches up, and pickpocketing. Shea got into lots of trouble with the law and eventually was taken into custody at a Juvenile Detention Center when she was 14. It was there that SHIELD reached out and recruited her for her skillset. They needed a criminal to think like one. Shea slowly came around, learning how to be somewhat good and not break the law as much. Shea moved up the ranks in SHIELD, going from just another employee to one of Fury's most trusted agents. Shea trained day and night with Natasha Romanov and Clint Barton, becoming somewhat of a little sister to them. One day, Shea did a little too much snooping around and discovered that SHIELD was corrupt with HYDRA. Learning that she couldn't trust anyone, Shea conducted her own investigation to find the source. Brock Rumlow found out about Shea's little investigation and abducted her, taking the teenager to a secret HYDRA base for questioning and torture. Shea was 16. HYRDA scientists split her skull open, experimenting on her brain in an attempt to make their own Super Soldier. However, instead of escalating her senses, speed, and strength, HYDRA accidentally hit her amygdala, making it predatory and controlling. They decided that they would have to work with that. HYDRA sewed Shea's head back together - which is where she got her signature scar. HYDRA tried to control her fear-manipulating abilities, but they failed. Finally, after years of torture and experimentation, Shea was discovered by Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson and taken back to the safety of SHIELD. She still runs missions, only for Fury though.
Theme Song: Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC, It's My Life - Bon Jovi, and a bunch of others I won't mention XD
Love Interest: Probably not a canon character, but she's fine to be paired with one of yours :D
Other: She loves to ride her motorcycle at night and she wears a motorcycle helmet with a reflective purple visor to hide her identity while superheroing. Doesn't get along with Captain America at. all. Gets along pretty well with Tony, Natasha, Bucky and Clint. Everyone else is kinda neutral to her.

Legal Name: Paisley Adams-Bucket
Age, biological: 23
Age, chronological: 23
Gender: Female, AFAB
Sexuality: Panromantic Asexual
Birthdate: November 14th, 1997
Looks: Paisley has a tanned middle eastern complexion, large lips, big dark brown eyes, and a round nose. She has long dark hair that's always tied up into a high ponytail with two pieces framing her face. She's about 5'7" and is fairly muscled.
Scars/Tattoos/Unusual Features: When Paisley uses her powers, her eyes turn into reflective orbs and her hair turns silver.
Powers: Paisley has mirror powers. (It sounds stupid but it's cool I promise) Paisley can control shards of glass, using them to create shields or use them as daggers. Her soul has a direct link to the Mirror Realm so she can willingly flip between the Mortal and Mirror realms. She can turn any surface into a mirror and can reflect people's thoughts and visions in pools of water.
Short description of Personality: Paisley is very calm and usually a mediator in a fight. She prefers to use her powers for defensive reasons rather than offensive. She's very stoic and silent, takes her time to look before she leaps. Paisley is very logical and observant, an extreme realist in most situations.
History: Paisley was born to two very powerful wizards so her soul was already filled with sorcery before she even began to train to be one. One day, when she was very young, a demon, a minion of Dormammu, destroyed her home, killing her parents and her four siblings in the process. Paisley ran and ran as fast as she could from Queens to Brooklyn, collapsing in front of the Sanctum Sanctorum. Doctor Strange found her and nursed her back to health, eventually taking her under his wing as an apprentice.
Theme Song: Shakedown - The Score, Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkle, Silence - Khalid & Marshmello
Love Interest: Same thing as Shea, probably not a canon character but one of yours is fine :D
Other: Gets along with the more peaceful Avengers, doesn't hate anyone really.

Are they good?


(they're neat! Only thing I'm unsure about is Paisley's origin story? Doctor Strange didn't become a sorcerer until 2017-18 (don't remember which), and the RP does indeed take place in roughly 2021, so the math isn't quite adding up? Unless you wanna push back when Doctor Strange happened, just like how I pushed back when Steve's body was first found, which would be fine)
(And do you want a love interest for one or both of them, or no preference?)

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(Oh yeah XD I was going off the comics, but yeah if we could push Doctor Strange back a couple years that would be great. And they could have a love interest, just dont want it to happen right off the bat y'know.)


(oh, the vast majority of my Marvel is MCU based haha. We can push it back, yeah! Alright! I'll get up some characters at some point, then. Any questions, or shall we get started? Also I'm only starting with Jason, and then will introduce Alex later)


(actually wait: I was thinking we could start with one or both of your characters being brought to the tower to live, and Jason is the one to give them a tour or something? Does that work for you, or do you have any different ideas?)


Jason was waiting in the main room of the tower for someone named Sheaenna, the newest "Avenger". She wasn't really an Avenger, but she would be staying here in the tower. He had been warned that she didn't like Steve, and so he didn't plan on saying anything about being related to Steve. It didn't matter, in any case. He and Steve hardly acted like family, in any case. It wasn't like she'd be able to tell they were even related, based on their interactions with each other. He cracked his knuckles faintly as he waited, blond hair a little bit messy. From the back, he looked more similar to his father than he cared to admit, save that he looked like a washed-out version of Steve's colors. Where Steve's hair was gold, Jason's was a paler blond, closer to straw than anything else. Where Steve's eyes were a brilliant blue with hints of green, Jason's were the pale blue of crystal. Where Steve had a tan, Jason was still pale, his fingers paler still from the ice powers that lay in his veins. The damaged fingers on his left hand twitched faintly, and he sighed a little.

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Shea had absolutely no idea of what to expect when she walked through those glass doors. She recalled being slightly intimidated - though she would never let it show - at the giant 'A' hanging hundreds of feet above her. She was going to be living with the Avengers. It was so different compared to her former residence at SHIELD. Nick Fury had been fairly kind to Shea, showing her the ropes of SHIELD himself when she was little, but then he disappeared. Nat and Clint were good to her, but they moved on from SHIELD to the Avengers when she was a girl. Bucky and Sam were the ones who found her not too long ago, but they didn't stick around. Nobody really did. Shea lightly brushed the star-shaped charm on her necklace. It was a gift from her parents from fifty something years ago. Shea had just turned 21, the 15th birthday she had celebrated without her family. The SHIELD Agent that accompanied her the the home of the Avengers bid her farewell and disappeared. Shea nodded and gave the Agent a half-wave. Her violet eyes searched the room, eventually landing on a pale guy with blonde hair. She adjusted her grip on her black duffel bag and fixed the twisted strap to her backpack.

"Hey!" She called, making her way over to him. "You Jason?"


Jason stood, looking over with a quick smile. "Yeah, I am. And you're Shea?" He held out his hand to shake hers, still with that light, easy smile. "I'm going to be showing you around the tower, letting you know what's expected, if that sounds alright to you? I could just show you to your rooms and leave you there, but that's just not as fun." He laughed softly, running his other hand through his hair. He wasn't quite sure why she didn't get along with Steve, but didn't want to ask.

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Shea looked down at the hand Jason had extended and raised an eyebrow. She hesitantly grasped his hand with her own, giving it a firm shake. Solid grip, she thought to herself. Nice face, kind demeanor, cool smile… Suspicious. "Yeah, I'm Shea." She withdrew her hand, not-so-subtly wiping it on her black leggings. Her signature smirk fell into place, the right corner of her mouth just slightly raised and her eyebrows ever so slightly furrowed. "Yeah, and a tour sounds cool."