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A princess marries a prince (can be lgbtq) to save her struggling kingdom. Problem is, she married a seemingly horrible prince, one everyone in neighboring kingdom has come to fear. But she’s doesn’t care. His prosperity, and the prosperity the marriage would bring is detrimental for her own kingdoms success. Will she learn to love him? Will he learn to accept that she’s not afraid of him? Maybe he’ll find her feistiness cute? I don’t know!
Spur of the moment idea but I hope the plot takes off from there…:3
No smut
Be kind
Decent paragraphs no one liners
Let me know if your losing motivation or are leaving for long periods of time
I’d like to be the princess character…but can be swayed…
we can do lgbtq+ couples if you’d prefer
Have fun?
(Possibly bring in mythology? Maybe a twist on Hades and Persephone? Just a thought…)


Name -
Age -
Appearance (add links if needed)
Personality -
History -
Likes -
Dislikes -
Other -


(Ofc! Take your time if you need it, I’ll most likely fill mine out by tomorrow morning, sorry for the long wait)

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Name - Malachi Darce Leeros
Age - 24
Sexuality/pronouns - Bisexual (He/Him)
Appearance - Malachi stands at six foot one, but his mesomorphic build always makes him appear bigger. He has a warm ivory skin tone that looks a bit tan under certain lighting. His dark brown hair is parted to the right and is in a curtain hairstyle. The color of his almond-shaped eyes are also a shade of dark brown, but they always look black. The strands of hair that shape his round-shaped face are an off white; how they came to be this way, no one knows for sure. On the low right side of his neck, there is a scar he had gotten when he was a child.
Personality - Most know of him being aggressive and callous, which is true, for the most part. From time to time, he does act out on this, yet he mostly just has a habit of showing signs and yelling. Typically he threatens officials and noblemen who he sees being full of themselves. To those he hates, he is very ruthless and apathetic. The methods he'll use on others come off as a tyrannical and even morbid. Putting pressure or playing with others amuses him. Although he is around others a lot, he is a pretty closed off person. If anyone ever asks if he's fine, he starts to get agitated. He is better at talking about strategies rather than his own feelings, but he is really good at listening to others regardless of what is being spoken about. Malachi has an odd sense of compassion, he cares about others, especially his people, and strives to make everything better for everyone. He will not stop till a problem is solved and everyone, that he cares for, is okay. He is a really caring person, he just has his own way of doing it.
History - Malachi is the only surviving child of King Jerome. When he was born, his mother passed away due to childbirth complications. For the most part, he was raised by his older siblings, mostly his sister, and a retired general who became his tutor. As a child, Malachi was known to be very kind and always had a beam on his face. He spent a lot of time training and learning or reading. Sometimes he even watched in on his father and brother working with officials or other rulers. His brother was to be wed, but was sadly killed on the morning of. Just a month later, his sister died before giving birth. At seventeen, he started taking on His Majesty's responsibilities due to his father starting to fall ill. The kingdom became more successful and the lives of the citizens improved. From then on, he started focusing on work and nothing but work, that is till he found out he was getting married.
Likes - Working, walking around the castle, books, horseback riding, seeing others happy
Dislikes - Being cold, loud and arrogant people, wasting time, small spaces
Other - He has a habit of falling asleep in places that isn't his bed chamber like in his desk and the library.

(Here he is! Sorry that look a long time. Let me know if anything needs to be changed. :D)


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Name - Abrose (Rose) Nightingale
Age - 22
Sexuality/pronouns - pan he/him
Appearance (add links if needed) Abrose stands around 5'6 ish. He has unaturally bright red hair, paired with striking green eyes and fairly pale skin, spotted all over with freckles and darker patches of skin. Some say he embodies a summers day or a warm hearth just on appearances alone. His usual attire consists of flowy cotton blouses that allow him to move and some sort of tighter fitting trouser.
Personality - Abrose is the third son to Queen Loreigh of the southern kingdom. He's usually a very carefree and living individual. He adores being outside, especially during the kingdom's Summer's. Along with his brothers, he help the kingdom as much as he can while alsogkeeping up with his studies. He very much willing to self sacrifice to the good of his kingdom, often going down to the villages surrounding the kingdom and assisting in anything he can, whether it's with financial issues or food. He doesn't often care much for his own personal life, figuring he'd have time for all of that later after his people are taken care of.
History - Queen Loreigh's dear husband fell ill some years ago when Abrose was only 16 and has not recovered since. She has taken over rulership until his recovery, also pushing her kids into the court, despite her want for them to have a decent childhood. The king has passed away since and now Abrose's eldest brother rules along side his mother. The kingdom, in such greif for their suddenly departed king had fell into hardship and has barely recovered since then, despite the evident help Loreigh and Abrose's brothers had given them.
Likes - Abrose adores anything sweet though he does restrain himself. He loves animals and the summer time. He loves warmth and, despite not having much other than from his own family, he adores affection
Dislikes - winter's, the cold, seeing anyone suffer, being told he's childish
Other - nope


(here's an intro!)
"P-Prince Malachi? Darling are you positive? You do know he's not exactly…" Queen Loreigh tilted her head back and forth, at a possibility for words. "Not very well received by many. I have no boubt he's a good rulership, seeing his kingdom has flourished but he's not exactly partner material if you know what I mean." She turned down a hallway as they strode towards the music room.
Abrose laughed softly and shook his head, his firey red hair catching the light of the windows lining the hallway. "Mother, it doesn't matter if he is or isn't. I'm not doing this because I'm interested in the king of darkness. I'm interested in saving the kingdom. And if this brooding Prince cares about his own kingdom, surely he can care about another in need. He sighed softly and stopped, gently taking his mother's hands in his own. "I'll be fine mother. The ball is tonight. I only hope to make a treaty through a partnership. That doesn't mean marriage. At least not yet." He blushed softly at the though but his it by moving into a walk again.
"My flower, all I want is for you to be happy. I just don't know if Prince Malachi is the person who can do that for you."

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"You ungrateful bastards!" Malachi shouted before he slammed the letter onto the table. The sound of his hand against it boomed causing all the other men in the room to jump in their seats. Some looked down at the floor while others did their best to avoid making eye contact. The servants that were in the room turned into statues as their eyes widened with surprise.

Soon after, silence filled the entire room. All that anyone could hear was His Highness's heavy breathing. Malachi ran his fingers through his hair as he began to pace from one side of the room to the other. His jaw clenched while every single part of his body became stiff. He was having such a fantastic morning only for it to be ruined by his father's advisors with such atrocious news. At first he was so dumbfounded after hearing all the details, it was just so interesting how they went behind his back and planned all of this out; even all the palace staff knew! What to do, oh spirits, what to do?

One the far end of the left side of the table sat General Maeda. While he is not an official advisor, the old general holds a lot, if not more, respect just like the others sitting there at the table. "Your Highness, you know that someday you'd have to do this," Maeda pointed out as he stood up from his seat, "Prince Abrose's kingdom has not been doing well, which you know very well, and it would be a great opportunity for you. Besides, the people would love to see you with someone after all."

Stopping in his tracks, the prince turned to face General Maeda and everyone else in the room. The corners of his lips curved up, but everyone knew that it wasn't good. Malachi picked up the letter opener that laid next to the paper and proceeded to throw it into the wall. So many words swirled around his head to the point he felt as if his head was on the verge of exploding. And yet, he found himself taking a deep breath then walking over to the door.

"If you'll excuse me, I have to look at the list of who's attending the ball and get ready," He grumbled while staring straight ahead, "Meeting adjourned."


"there is no way in Hell I'm letting my little brother anywhere near that man!" Shire yelled from his seat at the throne, narrowing his eyes at his court, daring anyone to challenge him. He truly felt bad about yelling but he right now he couldn't bother calming his nerves.
"Your highness, the invitation was already put through. He's most likely on the list of guests." A servant squeaked, raising her eyes to Shires then immediately looking away.
Shire sat back and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Then un-invite him. Say a last minute sickness has bedridden the prince or something." He glared up as Abrose strode into the room, having finished his music lessons for the day.
"Shire you called me? Is something wrong?" He glanced around at the court, concern washing over him. "What's this about?"
Shire sighed softly and waved for everyone to leave, muttering a small apology for his suddenly rage.
Abrose approached the dias, slowly climbing it until he reached the throne. He perched himself on the arm of the throne and waited for his brother to respond.
"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"
Abrose breathed a laugh and waved to the room. "Because you'd do this. Make it bigger than it is."
Shire took Abrose's hand in his own "you can't go. Not to Malachi. We can find another way to help-"
"How? We've already tried other nobles. The neighboring kingdom's would only suffer because of our misfortune. No one wants that. Prince Malachi has a prosperous enough kingdom that, with an alliance, could truly help us." He squeezed Shire's hand gently.
"He's dangerous,"
"He has a big bark and no bite." Abrose corrected with another small laugh.
Shire shook his head "oh no, he can bite."
Abrose lost his smile and gently pulled his hand away. "I'm going Shire. Not even an order from my brother can stop me."
Shire sighed softly "I know…does mother and Lili know?"
Abrose tilted his head back and forth "mother does. Lili doesn't…she's not going to be happy…"
"She's not the only one." He glanced up at Abrose and wrapped him in a hug. "I swear he lays a finger on you I'm bringing an amarda."
"Shire we barely have an army. What Armada are you going to bring?"
"myself, a sword, and my rage."
"Then Prince Malachi should be horrified. But I doubt he'd hurt a potential Ally."
Shire shrugged "don't care. My little brother is my worry now."
Abrose sighed dramatically "you make us sound like I'm marrying him."

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Stepping out into the hallway, he took a moment to collect himself. A wave of dizziness overcame after he took a deep breath. How absurd this whole thing is, it's something he shouldn't be getting too heated up over. On the other hand, all those old men and his father, of all people, went behind his back and planned a whole event in hopes of some sort of deal or proposal. That is defiantly something he is allowed to get angry about.

Malachi snapped his fingers and in seconds, a servant rushed over handing a list of guests for the ball. His eyes did not have to go far down to find Prince Abrose's name. Next to his name was a check-mark, which prompted him to shake his head with disappointment. Why the hell would someone take such a preposterous invitation?

The door to the advisor room creaked, he heard someone's footsteps as they started to come closer towards him. They were heavy, yet there was a delay between one foot and the other, as if they had some sort of limp. Without a doubt, it was General Maeda, the only man that is brave enough to talk to him after having an outburst. The prince didn't bother looking back, he started walking ahead in hopes the older man would just give up.

"Your Highness, you shouldn't be acting so childish over this. All of it does not mean you have to marry him, really it's only about saving their kingdom from facing despair. Really, you just need to form an alliance and give them aid, that's all," Maeda reassured, trying his best to catch up with the prince.

Malachi stopped in his tracks, then slowly turned around. The paper was becoming crumpled as he made a fist. "Childish? Me, childish? The ones that are childish are you, the advisors, my father, and the prince who accepted the invitation," He sneered, "And it isn't simple, you all are alluding to a marriage anyways. If he really wants to save his people, he should do it himself or face despair!"

"Now it appears that you are alluding to taking part in that despair. I heard you sent a delegate to check on their kingdom's condition a few weeks ago. Is that true? Were you planning something then?" General Maeda watched as the prince put his hands on his hips while glancing away from him. The general couldn't help but roll his eyes. "This isn't like you at all, my prince. I know well of how you have your own troubles, but you always are working hard to make sure the people are safe and sound. Shouldn't this apply to Prince Abrose's people too?"

"He's desperate and he has two older brothers and a mother who could all do this themselves. Even though I have a lot of power, I am only one person and yet here we are. Leave my people out of this and leave his out too," Malachi sighed. He gave a simple head bow then proceeded to continue walking away.

"Prince Abrose is desperate, but he is only desperate for the sake of his people. He cares for his citizens as much as you do. When you were young, you told me that you'd do anything for you people, and if you were in a similar case, you'd do this too," Maeda pointed out.

Once again, he stopped. Malachi rubbed the bridge of his nose, letting out an exhausted sigh. In the corner of his eyes, he noticed a painting of him from when he was seventeen. The memories of him saying those words floated around him for a second. "Oh heavens….", He mumbled as he turned down into the hallway.


Abrose ducked as another book was thrown from across the room, then a small statue, then another book, followed a string of colorful cursing from his older sister. "Why didn't you tell us?! Especially me!" She yelled as Abrose slowly stood, hair tousled as he stepped out from his hiding blace behind the chaise lounge in his sisters room.
"Like I said to Shire, because you both react absurdly." He said calmly, stepping aside as another book sailed his way.
"We're not absurd Abrose. We're protective." Lili snarled, pacing the room, either to calm her nerves or to search for something that would injure her younger brother so that'd he'd be forced to stay. The young woman had come back from a hunt with the other guards, having always loved being out on the woods instead of int he court. He tunic and leather pants still had stains of dirt but her features remained strikingly beautiful. He fair skin and brown waved all resembling their late father. Even In rage she was still radiant.
"We'll find another way." She decided. "You're not going to grovel at that man's feet until he gives in. Especially not if that comes with a sacrifice from you." Abrose sighed deeply and shook his head "Li, what are going to do hm? I'm open to literally anything that'll help but winter's coming. We won't fair well without help."
"Then we house people here like we've done for years. We open the rest of the castle to anyone in need. What's ours is theirs."
"And when that runs out? Neither of us not them will have anything. We need help." He argued, already heading towards the door. "I'm going. I'll find a way to go, whether through the front door or sneaking out a window, I'm going to that ball."
Lili let out an annoyed growl before following close behind. "Heavens above what am I going to do with my idiot brothers?"she muttered as she followed Abrose to his bedroom.
"Help me choose an outfit and calm Shire down?" Abrose suggested with a sweet smile, latching onto Lili's arm and gazing up at her with wide eyes.
She sighed dramatically and shook him off with a laugh, nudging her way into his room. "I have to do everything don't i?"

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While the hallway to the advisor room was silent, the hallway leading towards other parts of the palace were not. Earlier in the day, Malachi thought it was only because it was just a regular day. Though now he can notice how servants and staff members were moving around rather quickly than usual.

Thankfully everyone was busy enough to not question him. Every time he walked by someone, they would stop to bow then waited for him to pass. He kept his focus straightforward but eventually went back to looking at the guest list.

Nothing really caught his attention, yet it surprised him a bit to see his niece and nephew on the list. It was also interesting to see all of the check marks too. A lot of the people on the list, mostly nobleman and ambassadors, were attending.

"Excuse me, Your Highness! Your Highness!" He heard a man shouting from behind him. Instantly, he gazed up and started looking around for whoever it was calling for him. At this point he was close to the inner ward of the palace. Suddenly, his eyes laid on a man with jet black hair and eyes, waving at him. If it was any other person, he would've started frowning, but it was only Sir Edwin Moon, a good friend of his and General Maeda's son-in-law.

Beckoning for the man to come over, he tried to put on a calm expression. Once Edwin was at his side, he started to amble again. "I am assuming you are here because of the ball. Was the journey over here difficult?"

"Not at all, we just arrived a few moments ago. Prince Ezra and Princess Csilla are with His Majesty at the moment, they are really excited for tonight," Edwin nodded eagerly with a beam. "They think that you are going to propose, but my wife and I were unsure of how to respond."

Malachi chuckled, "Oh those two children….I am not even sure myself. I only expect some sort of treaty to come out of it."

"Really? It sounded like a proposal to me, or at least that's what I was told," His friend said, "Your Highness, if I may, I say you should perhaps do it."

He rolled his eyes as the door to the castle gardens opened. The two stepped out and were now strolling along the cobblestone path. "I am aware that I am passed the age my parents married and that everything is on me now, but to marry a prince from a struggling kingdom? As a last resort? How foolish."

"But Prince Abrose did not decline the invitation, that's quite interesting considering all your other attempts to wed a royal member from an ally nation. Although everyone needs…."

"Although everyone needs me, they fear me to a certain extent. King Bryon married off his daughter Ada right around the time I send a letter to their kingdom. Everyone needs me, they need my support and strength. I have good, great, relations with everyone, yet they are aware of what I can do, but Prince Abrose is willing to come here. Is that what you were suggesting?"

Edwin stopped walking, he closed his eyes while taking a deep breath. "Yes…..", He sighed, "But this is an opportunity for you, not just as a royal, but as a person. You do not wish to be alone forever do you?"

Malachi was taken aback for a second. He had no idea what to say to his friend. What a peculiar question that is making him so quiet.

A servant approached them then proceeded to bow. "Your Highness, we have to do a quick fitting for your attire for the evening event," She stated.

For a second, he gazed back at Edwin who's eyes were glistening with curiosity. He gave a nod to the servant before motioning her to go to the door. She nodded then proceeded over.

"No I do not, but I believe that Prince Abrose would be scared to call me his husband for the rest of his life. And I am scared of ending up like my brother or worse," He admitted. Giving Edwin a pat on the shoulder, he watched as his friend gave him a reassuring grin. Malachi only gave him a half-grin before turning and leaving.


"well I for one think it's a wonderful idea Rose. His highness could you use a fire like you in his cold heart." One of the villages women whispered. A few had come to help prepare Abrose. He had insisted that they could be doing something more fun or productive instead of helping him dress but they all dismissed his pleas and instead ignored him when he tried to nudge them out. He didn't mind honestly, he loved being with his people, despite them coming from different backgrounds.
"Thank you Sydna, I'm glad at least someone thinks this worth it." He replied, giving a teasing glared at his sister, who glared back but smiled as she chose out a white and black laced corset to go over a silk blouse. She paired it with black pants and a crimson over skirt with a slit in the front so it allowed him to walk without tripping over himself.
"My brother is there for a treaty not a marriage proposal." She said sternly, heading to the dorm with the rest of the women to let him dress.
"Maybe, maybe not." He called after her, holding a towel over himself, waiting for her to leave before slipping on the blouse and corset With the help of the other women. He waited for them to leave as well before pulling on the pants and sash, lacing the back as well. He ran a hand through his hair and lined his eyes with a bit of charcoal just so the green would pop more. Just because he was going there on official business didn't mean that he could look good and enjoy himself. He took a deep breath, found a long over coat and slipped the invitation into his pocket.
"nothing to worry about, he's just a man. With a reputation of being horrifying but a man nonetheless." He told himself, pulling on a smile and walking out to meet Lili and Shire at the carriage that's take him to Malachi's kingdom

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In Malachi's bed chamber, it was quiet. The court ladies had everything laid out and ready for him when he arrived. As per usual, they helped take off his day outfit then let him step behind the dressing divider. He put on the typical undershirt and a pair of black trousers used for these kind of events then sat down in front of the vanity.

A knock came from the door as the court ladies started to work on his hair. Malachi let out a long exhale through his nostrils as he was looking through a book. "Come in," He yawned as he turned to another page.

Edwin, once again, walked in with a smile. In his hand was a small black box, probably a ring box. He closed the door behind him then sat the box on the vanity. Malachi glanced at it for a second then went back to reading. "So Maeda and the rest of them lied, it's a treaty and a marriage proposal, should've known…," The prince sighed, "Do you really think it will be beneficial to us both? To everyone?"

His friend held his hands in front of him while giving a shrug. "Maeda, the advisors, the council, your family, and even the citizens think it would be. They want to see you happy for once, for the rest of your life. They don't want you to be alone the day you become king."

The prince raised his hand making the two servants back away. For a second, he looked into the mirror making sure that his hair was styled neatly. His fingers moved along the ivory strands before he turned to face his friend. "I've been doing this for years now. The people in this kingdom, and many others are perfectly fine. All I have to do for Abrose's is make a treaty, give them supplies every now and then, and we're good. I don't have to propose."

"But what about you? You've always talked about raising children with someone, the smile on your face was always so bright when you did. Having someone you can love is a wonderful thing; they lean on you and you get to lean on them. Think about what your moth-"

Right as he heard his friend almost say the word "mother", Malachi abruptly stood up from his chair. The book fell to the floor and the ring box slid a bit forward. One servant, who was preparing his uniform coat, froze while the other already was. Edwin's eyes widened, he immediately bowed. The prince took a deep breath and let go of his fist. Snapping his fingers, the servant came over and started to put the horizon blue coat on.

"Eddie, I appreciate your concern, but you don't have to get so teary-eyed over it. If this is my chance to, I am sure his siblings wouldn't like it," He pointed out, "I believe I met the brother once, I heard he thinks of me as a madman. I guess I will be one then." Once the coat was finally on, he took another glimpse at the box. Hesitantly, Malachi took the ring from inside it and put in an under-pocket. The second servant came over with the people's medal, a medal with the country's coat of arms engraved in the flower-like shape. Malachi motioned for Edwin to put it on him.

Edwin let out a sigh as he put his gloves on. He couldn't help but laugh a little as he stuck the pin on the top of the ribbon on the coat. As he was adjusting it and making sure it was placed over Malachi's heart, he said, "Your Highness, I've never seen such a man with high power working days on end to make sure his citizens slept safely at night. If proposing to Prince Abrose makes you a madman, then perhaps your actions make you the most mad of them all."

The two of them laughed for a while. Malachi wasn't sure that he really was a madman, he only does what he has to. And it seemed like at this point, he had no other choice. Edwin made his way to the door and opened it for the servants who had to leave. "I'll see you at the ball then," His friend smiled. The prince grinned just a bit, then gave him a nod.

"Till then."


"who knows, maybe my baby brother can woo the prince." Shire mused though still not entirely happy about his brother going to the ball.
"Ah, yes maybe. But I doubt Simon like him would allow someone like me to affect him so. Abrose teased, mostly a jab at himself. "So what's he like?" He asked, glancing out the carriage window. He hadn't managed to convince his brother of staying back, despite his many attempts and reassurances that hed be fine without him. Shire and Abrose finally came to an agreement that Shire would ride with Abrose, not enter the castle with him.
Shire sighed softly "honestly? He's an amazing ruler. Truly an inspiration to anyone."
Abrose tilted his head curiously "really? Then what's changed, surly if his Kingdome is doing so well then he has no reason to be so miserable."
Shire shrugged "I'm not sure the details but I think something happened in the family that…changed him."
Abrose frowned slightly and nodded "that must be hard. I guess focussing on your kingdom would be a good way to distract yourself from the pain. I do hope that pain hasn't taken over his life."
Shire nodded as they slowly approached the villages surrounding their kingdom. "I do to, maybe this ball with push him to have some fun, loosen up a bit."
Abrose laughed, covering his mouth his hand "careful brother, we wouldnt want to offend our dear prince."
Shire rolled his eyes playfully and slapped Abrose's arm "oh hush, if anything you're the one who's going to offend him."
"Most likely, but I'd make it evident It meant no harm, but you'd just walk away saying nothing and probably Making it worse.

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The ball had already started a while ago. Guests, mostly from the kingdom, were arriving and already enjoying themselves. It was only a quarter to eight, but the prince already found himself a glass of wine as he was lingering around the upper level in the ballroom. The ballroom was much different from what other kingdoms had, his mother, and a famous architect, redesigned it so that there could be more room for guests.

As per custom, he was not allowed to walk in till all the guests were there. Malachi did not want to spend another hour or so in his room, it was too dark and dreary for him. Everyone in the palace would be running around, either to the ball room or to him, and who knows if there others are lingering in the shadows. It was nice being up above everyone, watching down on them all in their elegant ball attire. He even saw Edwin in an outfit that matched his wife's silver dress, shining as they waltzed together. Then there was his niece and nephew, who were off to the side talking to each other and the official from their country. Everything looked great, so far so good.

"This reminds me of Sohan's ball, remember? Do you think you're ready for this?" He heard a voice ask him. His shoulders jumped up as he got startled for a second. Out of instinct, he used his free hand to get his dagger out. When he realized that it was only General Maeda, he let out a sigh while rolling his eyes. Letting his hand drop to his side, he waited for his heart to slow down its pace before speaking.

"I'm not sure if I am or will ever be," Malachi vacillated while staring down at his drink. Watching as the drink swirled around, he shook his head before taking another sip. "My brother was much different, he already was so head over heels for his soon-to-be bride and he knew everything that was going on. He wanted to get married, but we all know what happened."

The general rubbed the bridge of his nose as he turned to look down below. In the corner of his eye, he noticed how the prince was rigid and standing as still as a statue. "Your Highness, you are not going to end up like your brother. I believe all will be well with you and Prince Abrose."

"Will it? I believe his family and people do find me to be….difficult and scary. What is that prince even like?"

"From what I know, he is a very vibrant fellow. Very jovial yet is concerned of others. All in all, a good person I suppose. In a way, Prince Abrose is like you, but his personality also clashes with yours too."

"Do you think that marrying him would be a good idea?" He questioned. Pulling his eyes off of the event from below them, he turned to face the general. His side leaned against the gold-painted railing.

"Well, I believe you already know my answer. The people of our lovely Atrovia are a bit worried about you, so is everyone else. You are the last Leeros heir as of now, if you die without a spouse and family, this kingdom is bound to be in the same condition as Abrose's. Unless there is another way, which seems unlikely," Maeda said, "Save one kingdom or watch the two fall. It is your call, Your Highness."

Malachi looked away for a second as he took another sip. Oh spirits, why must everything be so hard for him? A servant walked over to the two men, then whispered something to the general. He did not bother glimpsing over, instead he kept his focus on the people below them. The sound of violins filled the silence of their conversation.

General Maeda couldn't ignore the state of the prince's appearance. The young royal appeared to be the same as always, stoic and calm, yet he seemed to be a bit worried. His breathing looked a bit quicker than usual while his eyes were constantly glancing all over the place. "You are not going to have another panic spell, are you?" The old general took out a handkerchief then lightly dabbed the side of the prince's face.

Taking a step away, the prince gave him a odd look for a moment. His head slightly dipped down as apology. "No, I was only thinking for a moment," He stated, "What did the servant tell you?"

"Almost everyone is here or their carriages have passed through the capital's walls. They believe the saw Prince Abrose's carriage on its way, so we have a few moments before having to head down."

Shutting his eyes, the prince took a deep exhale letting his shoulders drop. There was only one more sip left in his glass. Finishing it, he handed it to a court lady then proceeded to fix his uniform collar. "Splendid," He whispered, "I believe I am ready now." His lips curved up into a tiny smile as reassurance.


"are you ready?" Shire asked, pointing to castle as they breached one last arch in the closest village. Abrose scooted up in his seat to get a closer look put the window. He looked at the castle looming ahead, warmth radiating from the windows and balconies. He smiled softly as the carriage came closer and closer to the front entrance.
"Well, if I don't come away from this without a treaty I'll at least have a wonderful time." Abrose said, genuinely excited.
Shire laughed softly despite his growing nervousness for his brother. "You're sure you won't need me, I can stay close if you want."
Abrose shook his head, his smile softening "no dear brother. I'll catch a carriage back later don't worry." He reassured, practically jumping in his seat as the carriage slowed.
He carefully stepped out of the carriage as it finally stopped. He took a moment to take in the castle before turning back to his beloved brother and hugging him through the carriage window.
"Go, Rose. Have fun." He winked and waved as the carriage started moving again.
Abrose took a deep breath and followed the rest of the lagging guests who had come a bit late before him. He slowed a bit as he entered the foyer as well as the ballroom, taking in the beautiful room as well as the kaleidescope of people inside. He bowed to a few guests and smiled bit mostly kept quiet, taking in the beauty of it all.
He honestly didn't know if he had passed the prince at any point but the music and festivities taking more and more if his attention as the night began.

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Standing outside the grand entrance were a few advisors along with Malachi. After scanning the document a few times, he gave them a nod and the men disappeared into the ballroom. For awhile, he stood outside of it by himself. Part of him wanted to not go inside and yet, he found himself walking in once the doors opened.

A smile swept across his face as guests looked at him. He walked up to a few, chatting with them for a bit before ambling to someone else. Usually at these events, he did not like having a grand entrance, he preferred to meet with each of the guests then thank them all later on in the evening.

When he ambled to Edwin, he gave a quick head bow. He tried to match the beam on his friend's face. "Are you having a wonderful time?" He asked while taking another step closer.

"Of course, everything is just wonderful as always. Angelina loves it too, though she went to talk to Sir Aiza's daughter just a moment ago," Edwin nodded, "How about you? Are you going to go through with the deal and proposal?"

Gazing down at his shoes for a moment, the prince curled back his lips. He took out the jade ring from his under-jacket pocket and gazed at it. "I could see it as a way to strengthen the two kingdoms' relationship. Besides, it would be beneficial for his people as much as mine," He stated, "I still think he'd be scared of me if he said yes."

"And how you would know?" His friend wondered. Though the prince didn't notice, Edwin glimpsed behind him to see Prince Abrose from a distance. "Have you even met with him yet?"

"No, not yet," He responded while putting the ring away. "While I do not know, I can still infere that he would." Stopping himself from talking once he noticed that Edwin wasn't really paying attention to him. His eyes followed in the same direction of his friend to see someone with red hair. "Could that be him?"

Edwin shrugged, "I believe so. A little bird told me that his hair had a strange red hue to it, besides he looks like Prince Shire too. He isn't talking to anyone, maybe you should."

Not saying anything else, he immediately turned to give the ambassador friend a bow before leaving. The faster he gets this treaty signed, the faster that this ball would eventually be over; that's all that went through his head.

"Prince Abrose," Malachi called out once he was only a few steps away, "I am so glad you could make it. It is a pleasure to meet you."


Abrose had been wandering around for a bit, making small talk with a few of the guests and enjoying the wine and food. He had mostly stayed by the orchestra, absolutely loving the sound of the violins and cellos.
He scanned the ballroom, looking for any indication that The Prince was here. He saw a few who he thought could be the Prince but none carried the natural confidence that Abrose thought Malachi would have.
He spun around when he heard his name, his eyes widening as he saw who was approaching.
He dropped into a low curtsy, his red sash brushing the ground before he straightened, meeting the prince's eyes and holding his gaze. He smiled and bowed his head, "please, I'm not one for formalities, call me Abrose." He said, taking his time I have you to thank, your highness, for accepting my request."
He flicked his gaze around atthe ballroom, already starting to see a few heads turn towards them. "I must admit, I didn't expect you to make a personal introduction." He mused, taking a sip of wine and slightly swaying to the Waltz that had started.
"But nonetheless I'm glad to have finally met the prince so many have told me about."

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Malachi brushed off his coat, fixing the medal that laid over his heart. His eyes flickered over to Prince Abrose while he kept smiling.

"Personally I am one for taking action and making my own introduction when it comes to important matters, hopefully that is not a problem with you," The prince said. Feeling eyes on them, he turned to glance over his shoulder at the other guests. Glancing back at Abrose, he went back to grinning while observing him. "My pleasure, I'm very honored that you reached out to me."

It seemed like what he had heard about Prince Abrose was true. He did have to admit that the other prince did have a kind aura to him. Odd how he can see the resemble between the older brother and him. To him, it was safe to assume that the prince was a much more kind-hearted person than him.

"I am glad to meet you as well, I've heard much about you too. I hope you've been told good things, yes?" He chuckled. As he laughed a little, he noticed some of the officials in the corner of his eye. Taking a wine glass from a servant, he shot a glare at them.

"Well, forgive for asking Abrose, but would you like to discuss about possible solutions and a treaty right now?"


Abrose shook his head "no, not at all. I admire the boldness. Heaven knows i'd just wander around and probably never find you without asking around." He laughed softly, a bit embarrassed to admit he wouldn't recognize the prince in a crowd.

Prince Malachi didn't seem so bad, at least in passing. Abrose didn't really see what everyone had been saying about him. He seemed extremely polite and welcoming, no hint of arrogance or cold heartedness his brother had mentioned. Maybe they were wrong.

He tilted his head back and forth in contemplation. "Not necessarily, no." He shrugged "but I'll make that assessment for myself. I'm sure it's all just a misunderstanding. And if not, you have your reasons to be how you are, despite what everyone else may say." He said carefully, a small smile tracing his features as he saw Malachi laughing, seemingly enjoying himself

"No need to ask for forgiveness my dear Prince. And if course." He glanced around at the guests now just watching them, wondering what the two would do next. He glanced away uncomfortably "here, or is there a room where less people are present. I wouldn't want to worry anyone here."

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Malachi managed to let another laugh leave from his lips. "If you were confused, these should be a dead giveaway," He chuckled, running his finger underneath one of his ivory-colored hair strands. "It's alright, I didn't find you till a friend of mine pointed you out. Although, now that I realize, you stand out from others." Never had anyone had no idea where he was, everyone could pick him out easier than a needle in a haystack. Or at least, that's what he assumed.

The ring felt like it was burning through his coat. He started to bite the inside of his lip as he listened to Prince Abrose. A shame how all he could do was chuckle lightly and nod. That is till he heard the other prince's last line.

It was as if everyone in the ballroom was staring at them. He wasn't sure what they were all thinking right now. They probably have never seen him laugh around anyone without cursing them, those fools. How strange the strings are still playing in the background too.

Burying any sign of frustration, he kept forcing a wide grin. With his free hand, he motioned for a servant to come over. He leaned towards them, whispered something while pointing over to where he was at the beginning, then had some of the advisors follow the servant.

Malachi turned to the face the grand staircase. "Follow me, Abrose. I promise it will not be a much of a walk," He said, while watching as the same servant from before came back to them. "Elijah here will be following us and also in the room with us too. No worries, he has done these meetings before so if you need anything just ask." He handed the wine glass to someone then began to walk towards the staircase.


He nodded slightly, suddenly nervous. He hadn't expected the treaty to be discussed so soon. He wasn't even sure if he knew all the procedures that went into making a treaty. He'd seen Shire make plenty and learned the basics but he wasn't totally confident in his treaty making skills. Especially if there were any loop holes or advantages the other party could make without his knowledge until it was too late. He was sure Malachi wouldn't do that but there was still some chance that Abrose really wasn't willing to take.
He thanked a servant as the offered to take his empty wine glass and made his way up the grand staircase, his sash flowing behind him as he went higher.
His brothers words came back to him as he slowly followed Malachi through the halls, taking in the gorgeous decorations and scenery the windows looking out onto the villages offered. He had described Malachi as reserved and temperamental. While Abrose could see the reserved side of Malachi, his warm yet tight smiles and ahort, straight to he point conversations made it evident that he too wasn't as comfortable in such a public place, Abrose couldn't see the rest of the character traits everyone else had told him about.
He glanced over at the servant trailing behind them, thinking it a bit odd he was accompanying them but he assumed it was more for security than any other reason.
"Your home is beautiful. And your people all so welcoming and kind." He noted with a small smile, trying to loosen some of the tension that had fallen between them