forum Looking to start a historical RP!!! (OxO)
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@ElderGodSeeba petsbing bing 🐸

Its is sorta an ad asking for someone who's interested in starting a historical RP!! preferably a experienced writer, i might as for a snippet if i don't know you already. I dont really have any details on the RP yet, i like to brainstorm the plot with the person im writing with, so get ready for that!!

  • looking for experienced writer, but im open to anyone!
  • this is one on one
  • i dont have a period picked out yet, so im always looking for suggestions!!

Okie dokie have fun byeeeee

@ElderGodSeeba petsbing bing 🐸

(Sure!! do you have a discord or something? We can RP on here but i like to plan on other sites so i can get notifications. Also, can i ask for a writing snippet :D?)

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(Sorry, I dont have a discord. Would using DMs be okay? Here's a writing snippet)

The emperor made his way towards the door. His hand wrapped around the handle. Smiling at Will, he gave the detective a nod. Then he glanced over at Edvin. The captain exhaled through his nose then motioned for him to go. "My apologies for having to leave so soon, gentlemen. You two were the only ones that I could trust with this. I know that you will succeed," He grinned. "I will be back." With the door clicking, he stepped out then closed the door behind him.

Edvin turned around, focusing back on the map. He knew that Frederick was going to have tea with his wife to keep up the illusion of everything being fine. If he had sent out another team or something, she would pick up on the fact that something is going on. That's why him and Detective Erbosol are here. The emperor will probably tell his beloved wife that the two guests are simply visiting before venturing off.

A seed of doubt was planted in his mind. If this beast of a man is on the run, going town to town killing people, there is a small chance that they will catch this person. It just seems impossible. The wounds and wiping out a whole town before anyone would catch him…Part of him doesn't want to believe that this is happening.

There was a lot that Edvin was unsure about. The case, perpetrator, people, working with Detective Erbosol, he didn't know how he felt about it all. Already, he is surprised that Frederick has gone through lengths to figure it out on his own before calling for external help. Not to mention how much faith his cousin has for the detective. All he could hope for was that Erbosol is really the man that Frederick is optimistic about. Of course, Frederick is optimistic about everything.