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So I was trying to find a rp to join, and I found this

Deleted user Sep 12
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Okay, so basically, the plot is this. Your character is a world-renowned hunter, famous across all continents for being able to snag any >sort of game. When on a hunting trip to the mostly unexplored Amazons to catch whatever is there and bring it home to show off, >their ship gets stranded, on an island called Ship-Trap. You know the story. The Most Dangerous Game, perhaps? But with a twist. >Your character, instead of being repulsed by what is there, a Cossack General who hunts humans for sport, they are intrigued. And so >they stay, and they join the game, join the hunt.

Yes I read The Most Dangerous Game recently, sue me. Yes I'm rewriting it to be gay. Hell yeah. I missed the Entire Point of the story >and I am glad to have. Anyways, let's goooo this should be fun.

OMG I am in love! If the user had not like stopped existing, I would have loved to join. I love this short story (and def saw some possible romance in it)

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Oh hey that was me! That classic lit whore! Anyways do you wanna do this with me because I'm bored, trans, and a big old homo?